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☮ Social ☮ PD Social Talk Thread: If 2020 Was the Dumpster, Can 2021 Be the Fire?


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Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Are you a good swimmer Xork?
Excellent for your knees, or so I hear.

Yeah I'm a fish, I can swim as easily as I walk. Over the summer for my cabin detox with my friend, we spent many days at a lake and I swam without ever going to shore for 4+ hours sometimes. I love swimming so much. The only real option around here is to go to the downtown YMCA, I used to have a membership but the downtown Y is super crowded and I don't like it, and the one I went to didn't have a pool. And now I canceled my membership anyway. I like walking for exercise, it's very hilly here and my girlfriend and I go on 4-5 mile hikes pretty often, or even just walking around my house is good exercise. When I get my garage cleaned and dried out I want to get an elliptical machine, no impact on the knees and good cardio. I wish I lived right by a lake, though.
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