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☮ Social ☮ PD Social Talk Thread: If 2020 Was the Dumpster, Can 2021 Be the Fire?

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cosmic charlie

Bluelight Crew
Oct 24, 2007

@Cosmic Charlie you hit in the right attitude for a little time in your posts. You got to the point and said you don' need her., it was good while it lasted. And that is true. Yet as humans we don't stay there. lol Man you know me, I feel it is not completelyover. It is never that clean. Well maybe sometimes. lol We never know what is going to happen in the next. And the only thing that gets us through is faith. It is a nice set up. So stay well my man. I do have to say I saw those bags of dope and my stomach dropped. I have not shot up since 1990 but that picture affected me. Where do you all get your money for these toys? My first thought was I want some bags of dope. lol Anyway our lives are soap operas so roll with it.

It is true, none of you will leave this planet until you explore Love in ways that you want. So it does happen when we least expect it. So you might go years single but it has to happen. I did not get married till 40 and every girl up to my wife either confused me or was a psycho. Marriage is difficult too, Even married I could go upstairs to my bed and wish someone would love for me. lol :D I am not sure where the future holds but I will let it unfold. The most important thing is to Love yourself. Because when it comes to others Love is not enough. Being a couple is a business deal. Because I think anything we think about a lot could be a contender to be the key to unlock it in us. It is not "out there". It is within. That term Love is not enough is spot on. Confidence is like a magnet too. We see a lot of people leaning on others for the things that should come from within then. I mean we all have a little of that but I am sure we all know some real codependent people.

Reminds me of Norm on an episode on Cheers. He was at the bar and was listening to someone having woman problems. So he says "women, you can't live with them........(long pause) pass the beernuts".

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas. :) I really have to catch up. I see the forum has been busy.

Well your right we are back together sort of but only as friends with benfits for the time being, im fine with that. She is such a good lover i woukd really miss that juicy booty of hers. Like her ass is so fat it makes me weak in the knees whdn i see her in panties... I love women so much they are just about the best thing ever id say. Started talking to a few new ones on dating apps will see where that goes im really digging this one called Bumble where the girls reach out first after you like their picture. They told me i have one of the popular profiles in my area like 5 or 6 message me over past couple days and i got some more likes but cant see who it is cuz i use free version. Im also using Tinder and OkCupid i put some feelers out there heavy. Obviously im gonna narrow things down based on how the conversation flows and pick one and if we hit it off i will cut out my lady friend im fooling with now. But i have to get up in that few more times first, lol.

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Io, Saturnalia !!

Happy holidays to you all ;)
I hope everyone at least had a decent dinner.

Really appreciate you guys. Haven't been too active lately, but PD-sphere is a place of light dear to my heart.
Merry Chrism! Happy Chrysler!

Did way too many drugs last night (5? Caffeine, d8, alprazolam, phenibut, o-dsmt... and booze, 6!? Jesus...) and stayed up till 2am watching It's Always Sunny so somehow I gotta get across town in 30 minutes for some time with in-laws.

Merry Christmas PD Fam ❤️


Love all you so much and hope you have a Happy Holidays, we made it thru this tough year and will many more ahead of it. Enjoy this time with your loved ones, its precious.
Little bit disappointed me and some friends were trying to have a sober christmas dinner for my one friend struggling with alcoholism but he snuck off at some point and came back belligerently shit faced. Got him into bed but it's sad to see :(

Going to head back home have a campfire and christen my new tripping spot that I built over the last year with some 2C-E

Haven’t been loving myself much of late. Been drinking way too much. This whole Covid thing is really starting to grind on me and the idea of another lock down and the resulting loss of business has been overwhelming.

I feel that, man. Covid has fucked a lot of people in the head. Earlier this year I descended into some BAD drug abuse and overdosed on GHB and alcohol and ended up in the ER... relapsed on opiates... been spending most of the year trying to come off stuff. It's really rough. But we'll make it! ♥️
I'm hopeful but for us, 2020 is just moving into 2021. I think I've shut down psychologically. Old depression coping mechanism....works though.

All the best for the new year to all you lovely people. Hopefully it treats each of you better than the last, whether that was good or bad. <3
I've been writing my dissertation guys, I've been procrastinating (my second name, sadly) way too much, still over two weeks of this insane pace left, RIP. I will manage a respectable result most likely but these things generally require a lot of time for pondering over and rephrasing, but it being a little unpolished won't hurt me that much I think. I also re-introduced stimulants for the occasion, where 3-FPM appears surprisingly useful, much more so than 2-FMA which just makes me feel awful, I see it as a final farewell stint to the so called 'functional' ones.

I just fucked up by feeling very depressed for about three weeks and not doing much useful, it comes and goes, and I'm screwed every time.

Happy holidays to everyone =D
Good luck Buzz!

Man I left my work computer at my mom's house like a dumbass, and now I am trying to get into my old work computer. It's taking so long, and even then I won't have ANY of my files from this year. My mom sent the computer on Saturday, I didn't want to ask her for overnight but I said "I work Monday and the faster the better". Well, she shipped it standard ground. And the tracking number STILL says that it exists in the system but there is no data on it. And she told me she'd pay for extra insurance but the declared value is only $300, and that thing is worth probably at least a grand. Pretty nervous about it. And it's making work really hard to do.
Holy crap im the first post talking all this juicy booty stuff that is hilarious. Im doing good today guys 4th day no Dope and i blocked my connects number im gonna try and stick this out. Going back on Bupe has been ruff im only taking 2mgs daily which ia low for me. Thankfully i got my insurance back so i will set up appointment in January and get script again. Tell them i need 16mgs but only take half it so i can stockpile it up again thank god i did that i havent filled a bottle since May and i still have few weeks left and it just so happens i got approved in time, good stuff.

Hope all is well with you guys im off to work in few hours they have me on scedule 6 days this week cuz my Boss ia on Vacation so i really have to shine. Thankfully ive done amazing job of keeping my drug use outta the work place. I learned my lesson after what happened up in the city last year its all for a reason tho. I have nice house now on the shore and beautiful new girlfriend life is just swell. Deleted all the dating apps and im just focused on her i want ua to have healthy relationship.
Been rather apathetic lately. Fun holidays though, and I went shooting with my in-laws yesterday, sighted in the iron sights which suck on my rifle. First time shooting it, not dissatisfied. Meant to get in some handgun practice but we ran out of time.
next time i see some homegrown cubensis in stocked i will pick myself up some feel like a 4-5 gram trip to change things up.
Lol, with all the gold tops and blue meanies you've got around there? ;) Gotta make friends with some landscapers—they're always finding them!
i ate through my gold top stash went through a entire ounce of dried can't really wait till the season starts again. We have some huge spots in this town. But where i am moving next year is a mecca of shrooms and the last time i ever walked around that university was crazy shrooms growing all the way til late june just in plain sight. But i want some shrooms now and its the dead of summer. Should of bought me some pot plants from the store though so many people got lucky this year with the angulospora psilocybes widespread all across the country in them. My last shroom trip was acutally what got me to think about returning to study and that was back sometime around early june. Was mircodosing them aswell to recover from the heavy mdma abuse i did back in the middle of the year.
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