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I was somewhere in Los Angeles I think, perhaps the Hollywood hills. It wasn't really made clear this was the case by anything within the scenery itself, other than being in some hilly area with homes and such, but it was communicated to me that is where I was.

I don't even remember what the narrative of the dream was, I was with people, we were doing something, but then completely out of left field.. the Chinese. Chinese soldiers are just appearing through the garden gates and shrubbery, shooting the odd person who resisted and just advancing through the area.

Wish I could remember more about the dream, but it was quite odd when the Chinese appeared, I was sort of shocked myself within the dream.
I'm travelling along the coastline somewhere, by car and also that sort of just 'flying around third-person' vibe. I double back, skittering across the ocean, across some raft-bridge thing. Now I'm close to the coastline and sitting in one of those inflatable doughnut things, and I'm being pulled at high-speed across the water. It is implied my brother is doing this, from some plane perhaps though I never really saw that part.

We reach the end of the beach, and double-back, going at high-speed again. There's people in the water and all the usual activity at a beach. As I'm being pulled along, I look to my right and see a person in the water, and then I see a great white shark breach the surface with its jaws facing me. There seems to be the odd shark or two, as well as dolphins, under the surface and within the general vicinity even as I move at high-speed. At some point the doughnut is pulled up the beach and then along a dirt path, running parallel to the beach, still at the high-speed. I feel quite relieved.

I'm now inside a house or hut, and I meet my brother. We're now reviewing video footage and discussing the events.

The next part is fucked. As we're reviewing the footage, looking at a young boy (the first person I saw when the shark breached) it becomes clear that sharks have actually attacked people. Watching the footage of the boy, it's dawns on me that his foot is missing and somehow sewn up like some primitive medieval surgery. Also the edge of his face is missing. There are several more clips of people. In one of them a women is being dragged at high-speed like I was, it was implied they were trying to save her (she is clearly alive); she has this eagle claw grasping the top of her head like she's some sort of keychain (lol) and the back of her head is basically a giant open wound, and as she fritters across the water and turns, the back of her head is exposed it all just sort of disintegrates like a sand castle, her brains and bone melting away into the water. The visual detail of this as it happened was really quite precise and horrific to say the least. There were one or two other clips just like this, with that sort horrific visual detail.

Not entirely sure what brought that dream on to be honest lol. Gnarly shit, but at least my imagination is still clearly active and detailed haha.