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A mafioso approached me with a scheme to help promote methamphetamine pills. He would arrange for large white blocks of meth encased in fillers and binders to start showing up in areas where people would find them. Then, I would give a public lecture on the pharmacology, etc. of methamphetamine pills -- technical, but with a positive spin, of course -- and also describe how little rectangular tablets, with a logo of course, could be carved manually from the block. I would get paid handsomely if sales took off. I was very nervous. Giving the lecture itself wouldn't be illegal, but if it was found out that I was getting commision from the Mafia, I could be accused of trafficking. One lawyer I consulted said I wouldn't be liable for such charges -- I was just giving information publically and wasn't involved in handling the drugs in any way -- but I wasn't so sure. Regardless, the money was tempting and I agreed.

The lecture took place in an open space outdoors, in an industrial area. Many teenage boys were around and they had happened upon the strategically-placed blocks of meth. The lecture grabbed the attention of the crowd and worked just like the mafioso had predicted. Carving speed pills from the blocks became the hot new thing overnight. People were posting about the pills on TikTok, demonstrating how to carve them and raving about their benefits.

As sales of the pills had increased, one of the mafioso's henchmen tried to stealthily hand me my first commission in public. I refused to take it. I was feeling acutely paranoid, and insisted we meet somewhere more private for any such transactions.

My brother and mother found out about my public lecture. I was worried about what they would think about it, but they were very supportive. Speed pills, it turns out, were "grandma's medicine", as my brother put it. They were apparently the only thing that had helped my grandmother when she was dying of cancer, and my family was proud that I was fighting the good fight against the suppression of such a miracle drug. I felt a bit better about what I was doing after that.
Wild dreams, among them a short segment of bluelight dream

One of you guys commented that Bill Maher looks like an orca and got retorted in a funny way, then explained your comparison very vividly. There was also some third person doing a nice quip and i think i was about to "heart" all of these posts starting with the explanation.
I haven't been on here in months and I need to get this thread moving again. Here are some of my more interesting ones lately:

- There were transluscent tubes of fire shooting about 20 feet into the air from rain gutters. Then, thousands of diamonds came together and formed a cyclone in the parking lot.

- I tried to help my cousin on one of his Coast Guard missions by sliding down a steep wooded area on a childrens' type plastic sled.

- I was shopping at Walmart and they had a small wedge of blue cheese on the shelf for $32.85, which I thought was way too high.

- There were Navy SEALS training on a nearby beach, and it was really cool to see them in action. At one point, they actually stormed the cottage that I was staying in as part of their training.

Sweet Dreams!!!
There's a bunch of white lawn chairs arranged in a semi-circle, and an old school friend and I are preparing ourselves. We sit down. Some sort of presentation was given. Then we're 30,000ft up in the sky and falling without parachutes - it was implied this setup was our choice; suicide. The clouds are zooming past, it's peaceful, except I'm annoyed by my friends music choice that he is playing. So I drift my chair away in disgust, and now I'm falling away in peace.

Disappointingly, I wake up lol.
I was in the parking lot of an unknown apartment complex. Across the street was a loud group of guys doing an interview for a local radio station.

I was showing one of them how I could make my knees muscles spasm on command. While I was talking I began to pee my pants. I ran up the stairs to pee in a box with a lock on it. (Apparently this was normal in the dream ) as I returned to the interview I heard a lot of laughter behind me.

One of the funny guys from the radio morning show was peeing into a lock box and it was overflowing. There was a lady on the balcony to the right across the street yelling at us saying " oh hell naw! You is wrong for that " he yelled back " it's just overflowing the p box "!!!

I burst out laughing from everything going on. I laughed so hard I had to lay on the ground.

*I woke up needing to pee and my knee muscle spasming. * -the dream world is fucking nuts.
- I was being attacked by a tall stick figure man at some kind of psych ward. Later I was home and listening to my parents argue. I wanted to buy beer but it was late at night and the stores were closed. I ended up at my aunt & uncle's house, where my mom gave me part of a spine in a gift bag. Apparently the stick figure dude had removed it from my back earlier.

- At a combination arcade/store/movie theater/mall, a beautiful young blond woman took me by the hand and asked me to join her for the movie. In the mens' room, some guy gave me a 2.5mg Ativan to calm my nerves.

- I worked at a furniture store where there were no customers and the salespeople stood around silently like they were in a trance. The cafeteria had a food court with some pretty cool breakfast and fast food stands.

- At supermarket, had to pick up spiny poisonous fish like fugu. Rode with my mom and felt claustrophobic cuz she parked under low, thick trees and brush. Later in my cousin's bathroom, started peeing all over. (Thankfully I woke up dry!)

- I flew a tiny one-seater plane/copter over the beach and flipped it around mid-air.

- My dad had a pint of Bacardi clear liquor stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet. It was supposed to be a milder version of rum or something similar.

- I was roaming the halls of the house where I grew up in the middle of the night. I grabbed my lyric notebook and wrote, "The walls are screaming silently...". I passed my dad in the hallway but he didn't seem to acknowledge me. (He passed away several years ago in real life.)

Sweet Dreams!!!
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First night no weed

I dreamed of a guy who met an entity and borrowed the entiry's vacuum zap to vacuum-zap away his own head and started pulling stuff out from his body and putting his heart on the line with a broken voice ("i have so much shit inside, deep down i am difficult to love" etc)
I'm looking at a photocopier that is processing some genetic material underneath the glass surface, and on the wall their is a live chart that is reflecting some sort of copying or transcription of the genetic information. I get a bad feeling and back off a bit, and shit goes south. This black goo comes out of the photocopier and starts to move towards me, much like the 'venom' goo in that Spiderman film. I leave the room and shut the door. It comes under the door, and grabs some person in the hallway. They're now infected.

I'm inside an office or building of some sort, now trying to warn people to get out and to high ground. Finding elevators and working my way up towards to the roof. Near the top of the building I'm in a room with people working at their computers and I'm trying to explain what is happening, and we get interrupted by the happenings in the office building adjacent out of the window. Someone is infected in that building, and they're at their window looking pale being comforted by someone. Then they suddenly change, turning towards, and bite the person who was helping them.

I try to convince people to come with me inside this vault of the office, which houses some sort of AI core (this has appeared in other dreams). There's a gap in the dream sequence here. Now I'm in a more residential building, scavenging items from a fridge and some stashed money, and heading up to the roof with one person to reach a helicopter. Another break in the dream sequence. Now looking down from above I hear some military voice warning residents to leave and then they set off a nuke on whatever area it is I'm looking at.

Wondering whether that out of date Vitamin D pill I took yesterday was manufactured by the Umbrella corporation :rockon:
Greetings fellow dreamers! There are months of dreams that I need to post, but in the meantime I wanted to mention one that has been recurring for the past 5 years since my dad passed away (right in front of me, no less).

In the dream, he looks healthy and young and has no idea that he has died. When I try to politely suggest to him that he might be mistaken, he becomes very defensive and acts as though I'm the one being delusional in some way.

If my mom or another close relative is nearby, I will try to speak with them off to the side, but they always avoid the topic and provide me with very cryptic answers.

I wake up feeling very unnerved and confused. What does this mean?

Sweet Dreams!!!
Sorry to hear about your father.

I mean, the obvious thing to suggest would be that perhaps that you still have a degree of pain about that death experience and are trying to internally resolve it. It's difficult for an outsider to project meaning on to things that are made for you, by you. And I always tend to feel hesitant about trying as I fear I might send the person into a bad head space or something.

Reading your dream, from inside my own life experience, it reads (as if it were to me) that my father didn't acknowledge my own internal state very much, that trying to reach out and have dialogue with him results in him getting defensive and trying to project it back on to me - note the 'polite' implying a degree of hesitancy and insecurity, something that fathers should help their children to grow through. I then look for support from external figures, but this is to no avail as their answers do not resolve the fact that my primary caregiver is blocking both mine and his own bonding/healing/life. The cryptic answers could be like a Zen koan.. designed to force you to see that only you can answer the question, that you are what you need to be already (and don't need to wait for the fatherly help that will never come).

This could be completely meaningless of course. Your life and story is your own. I tend not to focus too much on the visual symbolism when interpreting my dreams, but the underlying emotional feeling. If you sit back, hold that dream in your head, and wait.. sometimes another feeling or impression with pop into your head to connect the dots.
Here are some memorable dreams from the past 2 months:

- Mick Jagger was in my house and afraid of a large dog I kept in one of the rooms.

- I left a convenience store and some guy accused me of scratching up a police vehicle with a 3-pronged hand rake outside.

- I was on a bandstand down by the local beach singing "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

- (This one really disturbed me.) A female friend of mine was hanging out with some guy who was a war veteran. He had PTSD, and he like to take out his aggression by stomping on small birds!

- My dad started freaking out from a bad trip after taking LSD in pill form.

- I travelled back in time and played baseball with Charlie Chaplin and some ballplayer from the 1800s.

- My parents ate a bunch of root from a datura plant and I was afraid that they were going to be poisoned.

- People were trying to shoot some large glowing orb out of the sky.

- I ordered a 7&7 at some bar. The guy served it to me in a thimble and charged me $21.

(These only go up to mid-November. I'll have to continue when I have more time...)

Sweet Dreams!!!
Some of the more interesting dreams that I've picked out of my latest journal...

- I was carressing a mannequin arm, making believe that it was my high school girlfriend!

- I saw the Bee Gees in concert, and afterwards they gave me an Italian veggie grinder.

- I went on a date with a young woman who had recently been in a relationship with my 75+ year-old uncle.

- There was some kind of doomsday scenario, with mountains crumbling into black dust and people crawling up to my door badly injured.

- My old corporate job threw a big office party, but I was too busy to attend. I tried to make myself a "take home" plate (egg salad & potato salad w/hot sauce, plus turkey w/all the fixin's), but I just made a mess of it.

- I was playing in a "shock core" metal band, and the guitar player was truly psychotic. He cut me on stage and I couldn't stop bleeding.

Sweet Dreams!!!
Still having the not-weed dreams 5 weeks into sobriety

I think the most interesting one was when my girl got hit and kissed by a flying leper while riding a horse with me during the apocalypse. She started rotting immediately but was taken to a hospital and proficiently saved, with only a giant leg scar to show for it afterward.

Those flying lepers are a big nuisance.

My thoughts in the dream state are frequently almost as clear as in the waking state. I'm not sure if that's good, bad, both or neither.
Still having the not-weed dreams 5 weeks into sobriety
I gave up opioids years ago and no longer miss them, but they still show up in my dreams occasionally.

I always have this recurring one where I find a baggie full of pills, but they turn out to be something like m&m's or Tums. I used to wake up jonesin' my balls off after it, but now it doesn't bother me.

I need to post some highlights from my latest dreams when I get a chance. I've been having internet issues for a while now, so I don't get on here much.
I always have this recurring one where I find a baggie full of pills, but they turn out to be something like m&m's or Tums. I used to wake up jonesin' my balls off after it, but now it doesn't bother me.
I have no desire for cannabis any more and haven't used it as a regular habit in over 10 years, but I still occasionally have a dream where there's baggies of weed and stuff. Mary Jane still trying to advertise herself. Bitch, I ain't interested, get outta here with that shit!
I see this old grand wooden ship docked up somewhere. There is some gigantic creature lurking in the water, I see it's fins protruding above the surface.

I'm walking up a pathway and there's a wall/mound to my left, which has lots of memorial type plaques on it - I can't remember what they said, but I did have some lucidity and did read them. The path spirals gently up to a little clearing at the top, with a bench and the ocean beyond.

I'm with two entities now at the clearing, who were present in another dream I had the other night and one of which I forcibly evicted out of that dream (a classroom). This godzilla type creature emerges from the water and zaps the two entities, who turn a bright colour. The dream shifts, and I'm making an agreement with this godzilla like creature that is now in human form. We shake hands, and it struggles to make the handshake due to its misshapen hand, but there is no animosity.

Now I'm at the edge of a large pond. There's about a dozen kingfishers with their dazzling blue plumage, all about the waters surface. I put my hand to the water and cause many fish to simultaneously leap up out of the water, by my intention.


These two entities seem to be a reoccurring theme at the moment. I noted that when I woke up this morning I felt unusually clear headed and refreshed, very still and peaceful in my mind. Which in itself is such a blessing.. because usually I wake up half feeling like I wish I hadn't.

I think these dreams might be reflecting some inner reconciliation going on within my psyche or something.
I was in a private meeting with Justin Trudeau and a few other white men. Trudeau made an off-colour comment (something like "It's nice to finally be in a meeting with just white men!") and everybody was a bit shocked. Trudeau, meanwhile, seemed to think nothing of it and carried on. After the meeting I really wanted to tell somebody, but was wondering if that might get me in trouble.
I last night I had a dream that I was dressed like a sexy secretary and strutting down a sketchy alley in a pair of Louboutins. I hop into a random car just posted in the cuts. When I get inside, it’s Chito Rana$ (a rapper, for those unfamiliar) and some other fool waiting for me and Chito asks, “so why should we hire you to work with us on our undercover operation?” Random ass dream, don’t really know what that was about lol.
First long vivid dream in a couple weeks:

Was being put on jail (a deep deep hole in the ground). It was a pretty casual experience, no resisting arrest. So I tried to shoot myself in the head, first two shots bounced off my skull (?) and the third one went through but didn't do anything... So, into the hole I go.

I found a window that was loose and wire cutters conveniently, so I escaped. I then sort of just wandered around and eventually got seen. So into the next hole.

This time I got out as well. Same way, different window. And ran further away. Then woke up.