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Oct 3, 2014
United States
I was giving this guy a ride to the town where I went to college, and we hung out for a while after I dropped him off. However, we eventually parted company and agreed to meet up later. While I was there, I'm not sure exactly what I wound up doing. However, I ended up essentially ditching this guy (not something I would do in real life). The guy I was with simply listened and didn't really say much and just kind of going along with what he was saying, and as a result, I had noticed the interactions with him were very different than what I was accustomed to. But somehow I had a good feeling about it. I was feeling like it was different in a good way for some strange reason, but eventually, it wasn't as I ended up leaving without the guy. Then, I was driving off from there.

There was kind of a Christmas scene, and I began to drive off from the town. Without the guy. As I drove down the road, I went down a large hill. However, I had to get the brakes redone/looked at. So, I stopped at this garage. The guy seemed to charge me an unusually low amount for this (e.g. $55). And I was quite surprised by this. While the car was in the shop, I was there as well and began to develop telekinesis. Despite the fact that I realize most here aren't likely to believe this, I have done this a few times in real life with receipts and slips of paper. There was another time where I was able to concentrate and stop a spider from moving forward up a wall. For a few minutes (actually a significant amount of time) when I was doing this, the spider looked as though it was attempting to scale a wall that was impossible to climb.

And when I "let it go", it walked up the wall like normal. I can't do this sort of thing consistently, but I have on several occasions where I verified that there were no air currents. Again, whether or not you believe me is up to you. As with anyone else, I only know my own observations. In this dream, I was able to exhibit this ability to a profound degree. I was able to move large objects with my mind. I moved a refrigerator for instance. Also, I moved beyond the waiting room of this garage and into a kitchen space, which was where this refrigerator was. And eventually, I was able to not only move this refrigerator, but I was able to turn it into letters on the wall like a sticker rather than it being in solid form. This surprised me, as I did not intend to do this. While I was in the room, I was there with some family members, who I wanted to ensure were out of the way when I was doing this as I did not have confidence that I had full control over the stuff I was moving around.