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‘Very promising’: UK’s first full heroin-prescribing scheme extended after reductions in crime and homelessness


Oct 14, 2019
they hit CD too... I’m giving you the reigns @dalpat077 😛

I was just kidding with ya friend, mods are taking care of it
Ah well. You may as well delete your two posts above and then I'll delete this one.

The problem was sorted soon enough it would seem.

Fuck. It was doing my head in. I touch type (proper) at a mean speed on a keyboard. But not so an iPad. Nearly got the fuck out of bed to get to my notebook to see just how far I could take it!

Oh well. This a bit like the morning after the night before back in the day i.e. cleanup operation and damage control! 🤣 The good old days (reading shit on social media that you don't remember posting the night before type of thing i.e. "Fuck. Was that me?" or "Fuck. What a night!" 🤣 ).


Jul 15, 2013
The problem with these schemes are that they are only offered to the most difficult, treatment resistant, thieving, lieing junkies. So the moral of the story is: "To get what you want, just be a cunt".

Ain't that just true of life in general..?

The worst offenders are selected purely to benefit society, rather than to help the individual.
So true. Those of us who live our lives as best we can & don’t make our issues someone else’s problem don’t get any help