Thread: Tramadol MEGATHREAD and ESSENTIAL&SIMPLE information about it.

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    The PI states seizures as a rare ADR, so 1:1000, but it also states that it's usually with high doses or in combination with drugs that lower the seizure threshold

    I don't think you should worry too much with your dosage and you don't seem to be seizure prone given that you took it before
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    The voice of reason! Thanks for your answer, common sense told me this already but as i stated when you look up information about this drug, every other sentence the seizure issue is mentioned.

    I dont drink or smoke weed or such ...just happend to run into this substance a few years back and using it of and on ever since. It is working very good with me and i am in no need for a high that is more strong/ obvious since i am a family man.

    But the last thing i can use is haveing some epileptic attack 'out of nowhere' while im among the fam

    In some of these african countries they must have seizures all the times. One can only guess what doses they take there, having seen some clips on youtube.
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