View Full Version : how do you prevent clenching your jaw?

11-01-2000, 22:28
i've heard there are vitamins you can take to help stop clenching your jaw? really? what?

12-01-2000, 00:55
woah.. there are vitamins that do that??? that'd be great... i chewed all the way thru a soother on new years!

12-01-2000, 01:00
If you find yourself grinding or clenching your jaw, I would try chewing gum.... Get Max Air... it gives you a wicked rush, and he helps from grinding so much....

12-01-2000, 01:14
Yeah Max Air is cool...
Or you remember the trend of soothers well this is where it came from!!! Use a soother but don't bite it! LOL Yeah right... I tried suckers I bite down on them within 10 seconds

12-01-2000, 01:52
hmmm MaxAir? never heard of it, i guess we don't have it around here. but use a pacifier it works good.

12-01-2000, 01:59
Try taking about 500 mg of Magnesium with your preload...it helps. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

12-01-2000, 14:15
well, i've never heard of max air.... gotta try it last fri. i chipped my tooth!!!! saw it fly outta my mouth!! (tiny piece... had to exaggerate)

12-01-2000, 14:26
Try a straw

13-01-2000, 05:27
try a pacifier heh... youll look cute and hav something to chew.. =)

13-01-2000, 05:45
a lot of my friends use pacifiers , and i had never tried them before so i went into wal-mart last week when me and a {girl} friend of mine where rolling,dude i know them people thought we were crazy, i mean two college students going and buying two pacifiers and like four bags of suckers,, you know how you will just spend money without thinking about when ur rolling, because everything sounds like a good idea then we went and bought some good dance and techno music,{not at walmart},but to get back to what i was saying i didn't care for the pacifiers that much becasue it made my mouth feel like it was dried out, and it was so small ,i have to say that i prefer lolly pops, straws, and smoking marlboro light menthols. but thats just what i like you know, everyone is different and that is good cause we all still like X !!!

miss apple
13-01-2000, 07:24
Magnesium is the best thing to prevent jaw clenching. Take 500mg (as manik said) before your roll. you can even take some during as well if it gets too bad.
Magnesium is a mineral that helps prevent cramping of muscles, which is why it can also be good for women for 'monthly' pain.
Don't talk to me about binkys

13-01-2000, 09:23
Take the magnesium like she said but I must admit that in the right mouth a binky can look DAMN sexy. Freud was right.

13-01-2000, 11:53
Thankyou so very much for the advice! My jaw clenches always so hard that it sounds, feels and looks awful...Last time my cheeks were both badly damaged when I had bitten them so hard.
I have always wondered what it is about those dummies in raves, no I know! So thanks 4 that 2. Could somebody also tell me what GURNING means? That word appears very often in magazines like Mixmag and I can only have a clue what it might mean, I couldn´t find it in my dictionary either.
Peace love and respect everyone, let´s be a big family and have some reeeal fun together, shall we?! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

15-01-2000, 21:27
Chew gum....blow pops are good...small glow sticks are good...

15-01-2000, 21:42
The best advice I've ever gotten about clenching was to conciously (sp?) relax your facial muscles. I usually drop my jaw and keep it as opened and relaxed as I can for about 10 seconds. I usually stop clenching about half and hour after my E hits, though, so I don't have a big problem with it. Now, if anyone can tell me how to stop my lip from shivering....
MuCH LuV, KandeKitten

15-01-2000, 21:47
suck on a lollipop or ice. personally i like the ice better.

16-01-2000, 06:57
I 100% of the time at parties have either a binkie and Jolly Ranger Suckers. This helps a hell of a lot. Another thing is to find a really REALLY nice person to massage your jaw muscles. It really helps, cos it relaxes them ALOT. *Give 'em a massage back* Hope the jaw unlocks! But, believe me, I feel your pain. My friend made me sleep with my pacifier one time, because I had lock jaw the next day, and while I slept, my teethe were grinding really bad. Painful!!
*have fun, but be safe*

16-01-2000, 07:01

Neural Shock
17-01-2000, 13:20
Kandekitten is correct. Don't use anything. Just relax your jaw completely. Sit down, stop moving and just allow your jaw to relax completely by letting go of your grip over it. Keep relaxing it, and the clenching will cease. Use the same relaxation idea that you would to let your arms flop down by your side.
If you find it difficult, just relax your whole body slowly form bottom to top while sitting or lying down. Your jaws will stop eventually if you keep these ideas up.
The problem with chewing stuff is that you can get into it too much and you will still have stiff jaws the next day. Plus, at some stage you may not be able to find anything chewable. So your back to square one.
The relaxation method is accumulative. Eventually you won't suffer from jaw problems at all.

17-01-2000, 17:20
everyone seems to be talking about clenching their jaw as a bad thing. i just rolled for my first time this past weekend, and i loved it. anyway, clenching my jaw was one of my most enjoyable experiences. i felt so incredibly happy and thankful that i was with my friends and that i was comfy and that i could clench my jaw as much as i wanted. is this normal? is it that it feels good, but is bad for your teeth? thanks

17-01-2000, 17:27
ok people explaining time!!!!!!! first off whats PLUR?...second what r soothers, and what r those other thing Max Airs or whatever???? ehhh? help me out here...i know alot of shit, but i guess, either its called somehting else here...or im just livin in a hole somewhere that has no soothers and Max Airs or whatever they were callled!!!! help they sound like something i need!! but i dont got it!! help a PArt*E Kid in need here!! also!! everybody go to my website!! its badass you Part*E Kids will Love it (http://www.homestead.com/beane4xtc/mainlinks.html)
Kisses to all
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17-01-2000, 17:39
I have a terrible jaw clenching problem too. Even with a binky I still chew the hell out of my cheeks, they are all bloody the next day and I have big buts for several days after.

17-01-2000, 17:40
I meant cuts above. LOL

18-01-2000, 23:47
what are max airs? never heard of them.. so i was just wondering..i suggest...ice.. blow pop lollipops..they're good cause after the lollipop..you got the gum..my problem is that even when i have gum..i can't chew on it..i just suck on it..massages are definately good..becareful with the tiny glowsticks you can put in your mouth.. if you're not careful you can bite on it and break it in your mouth..i suggest the regular size glowsticks with the hooks or something..that you can chew on..and yeah.. just some thoughts..one love~ <3 plur~

19-01-2000, 01:28
Ok... Max Air is a type of gum that sorta feels like inhaling vicks... you should be able to get it at any convenienc store... I absolutely hate it... but i had some when i was rolling this weekend & really enjoyed it.... i'd never chew it normally though!

19-01-2000, 15:49
Is Max Air available in Philly cause I've never heard of it. One time, I was rollin' my face off and the next morning when I woke off, I had chewed off the side of my tounge. Obviously, it was real gross. Don't worry, it has healed but everytime I roll, I must be prepared with sucking candies or a pacifier.

19-01-2000, 20:24
i agree with the newroller. its a good thing, it makes the roll seem more intense!!

XTC Girly
20-01-2000, 23:31
hey whats up.. i kinda like it when my jaw quenches.. i use binkis (pacifires).. like i crave to chew on it when i am rollin.. what we do is put them on neclaces and put cool beads on them to make them look more pretty! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/redface.gif) i also chew gum.. dentyne ice is good. also those very small glo sticks for the mouth.. i always have those and keep on moving it around in my mouth to keep it occupied.. but i always end up breaking it, but don't worry, the stuff inside the glo stick isn't toxic but it tastes kinda bad...

fat tony
07-08-2000, 11:01
*pmub* teehee http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

07-08-2000, 14:13
Hell yeah! Fuck magnesium and gum! Suck on a pacifier! It rules! I only roll at raves so I fit in great :-)

07-08-2000, 14:36
pls pls pls do learn the relaxation method. it does werk, n it trains yer jaw not to do it again subconsciously over time. it looks better than pacifiers, is less traumatic if u happen not to have candy or gum to chew on, n more convenient than bolting out of a party to find/buy those pacifiers/candy/gum...

07-08-2000, 17:45
GhOst, I agree.
BeanE4XTC, PLUR stands for PeaceLoveUnityRespect
Be Safe

Critter Bee
07-08-2000, 21:41
I've never eally had a problem with clenching jaw. Don't get me wrong, I clench like a mother f*cker, but I don't consider it an annoyance. The first couple times I rolled I almost bit through my tongue cause no one told me to be careful about that. Now I just chew gum, and that seems to deter harming anything in my mouth that I want to keep in one piece.
But that's just me, I guess.

07-08-2000, 23:43
No you bring the pacifier to the rave! It doesn't look out of place, everyone has one, besides, I mean I clench my jaw, never bit my tongue, but my teeth hurt the next day, if I think about relaxing my jaw I can usualy stop it from doing that, but you know what? Pacifiers are fun to suck on, they are very relaxing :-)

08-08-2000, 03:23
use a football mouthpiece you can form it to your teeth and for those of you notorious for chewing your binkies in half there is much more area to cover on the mouthpiece chew it apart all night long just dont choke on the pieces
why do you think we're here, to drink the applesauce?

08-08-2000, 09:23
every time i roll and find my self clenching my jaw i just breath out and relax my bottom jaw . . . this works but you've goto keep doin it . . . every time you forget - until you realise - you'll understand what i mean try it, it kinda turns into a game !! LOL
Nuff Sed

08-08-2000, 10:50
pacifier fans out there...
no offence, but i seriously think it doesnt look very gd.
i believe mouths shld be kept free to smile wif...

08-08-2000, 15:29
i suggest the magnesium because I use a binky and tear the inside of my mouth all up with my teeth without even knowing it!!!

Mr. Bungle
09-08-2000, 01:29
I have to agree with Ebola, a football mouth guard works pretty good! You still might have a sore jaw the next day from the chewing, but at least you aren't wrecking your teeth and chewing the hell out of your cheeks. They are VERY inexpensive, just about 97 cents at Wal-Mart

09-08-2000, 13:29
I'm totally thinking:
Jaw massage with tiger balm.

fat tony
10-08-2000, 08:50