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The Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCP Thread - Mad Manic Meo 3nity

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Bluelight Crew
Mar 12, 2007

Welcome to the Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCP Thread - Part 3

Formula : 1-{1-(3-Methoxyphenyl)-cyclohexyl}-piperidine



Do not exceed the recommended dosage range! If you read this thread you will realize the numerous demonstrations of psychotic delirium, amnesia, mania, various kinds of misbehavior and other serious consequences of abuse.
Preferably use this substance orally (it seems to be effective and reliable that way, and your dosage will match those you read about better - and is imo for these reasons safer), slowly work your way up to about 10 mg, and only after considerable experience / expertise proceed to maybe 15 mg, with SMALL STEPS.

Your previous experience with other drugs does not give you any protection against the sudden increase in manic / psychosis-like risk above certain dosages. Do not think you can treat it like MXE or ketamine. And most certainly never eyeball it!

If you have corrections / additions to this warning post about it in the thread.

Wikipedia said:
3-Methoxyphencyclidine (3-MeO-PCP) is a dissociative anesthetic drug with hallucinogenic and sedative effects that has been sold as a research chemical. It is around the same potency as phencyclidine, but has slightly different effects due to its altered binding profile at various targets, particularly being somewhat more potent as an NMDA antagonist while having around the same potency as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor.[1][2][3][4]
The corresponding 4-methoxy derivative 4-MeO-PCP is also known, but is around 10 times less potent by weight than the 3-methoxy isomer, making it around the same potency as ketamine.
3-MeO-PCP hydrochloride is a white crystalline solid with a melting point of 204-205°C [5]
3-MeO-PCP has a Ki of 20 nM for the NMDA receptor, 216 nM for the serotonin transporter and 42 for the sigma1 receptor[6]
On October 18, 2012 the ACMD released a report about methoxetamine, saying that the "harms of methoxetamine are commensurate with Class B of the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971)", despite the fact that the act does not classify drugs based on harm. The report went on to suggest that all analogues of MXE should also become class B drugs and suggested a catch-all clause covering both existing and unresearched arylcyclohexamines, including 3-MeO-PCP.[6]

Link to previous thread

Some of the last posts from the previous thread:

Texture means nothing, 3meopcp can be light and fluffy or crystalline depending on the exact conditions used to precipitate it, you should be getting batches tested at least with color change reagents especially if you are buying from china...

You're right. I have been mandelin testing each batch. Turns green, just like MXE and 4-MeO-PCP does also. As has been said above, 3-MeO-PCP has the lowest threshold dose of the currently popular arylcyclohexylamines, which helps to know when doing your initial dose titrations after the reagent testing takes place upon receiving another batch.

In once instance, a vendor sent me 4-MeO in place of 3-MeO and I was able to determine this not by reagent testing but by dose titration. You can never be sure with Chinese vendors (nor Polish vendors, having read the story about the PCC contaminated 4-MeO a few years back).

The visual and textural differences between my prior batches and this new one was striking enough that I was curious what the story behind it could have been. Perhaps distillation and crystallization technique in the laboratory is all it was.... thankfully the subjective experience is fantastic, without even the faintest 'toxic' feeling component to the experience, upwards of 40mg for me personally. Just beautiful.

A bit off topic, but this 3-MeO and 5-MAPB are the two most interesting RCs I've seen hit the market since I started paying attention 20 years ago. What an age we live in!


Yep, this latest batch of fine salty 3-MeO-PCP seems to be ok + very potent. Unfortunately the devil dust has been now partly responsible for my better half building up an existensial crisis of some sort resulting in acute psychosis today, got checked into a mental hospital. Damn, that purple rain again. Hmm. Please do be safe and take care of yourself, SLEEP and EAT, don't go down further down the spiral. Respect this compound and research it responsibly or you will enter the Black Lodge & Gates of Hell. It's not a nice party, I mean this. Fucking mess. Nevertheless, I love 3-MeO-PCP with all my heart.

Peace. Do your best. <3

here's hoping for her. what's been going through their head, any idea?

Well, we have been sharing the same psychosis of religious nature since we met, I'm Jesus and she is Mary Magdalene, apparently. Our polygamous relationship with 3-MeO-PCP (& MXE) fucked my brain to the point of total recall finally last september ignited by a thoughtless combination of AL-LAD & A-PHP, methylphenidate, hmm... sleep deprivation, you name it, nevermind, I have no mind. Where was I. Psychotic break through the looking glass, duration: fortunately only a couple of hours, thank God but I've been hanging on to this dream ever since. I'd rather not tell all the details but it was a fantastic nightmare of biblical proportions, bipolar abraxas/jesus/mary/limbo/purgatory schizoid shit spiral down to hell and back. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU. I hope she is doing fine now, going to see mrs Confield tomorrow perhaps. God bless all of you. Times is weird. Listen to John Maus.

Let me take you down
Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone
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No one I think is in my tree
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Always know sometimes it's me
But you know I know when it's a dream
I think I know I mean a "Yes"
But it's all wrong
That is I think I disagree.


*Let me remind everyone not to post (embedded!) videos!*
Does anybody know or can elaborate about withdrawal symptoms from 3-meo-pcp, physical or mental? I mean chronic abuse. I had a hard time last fall but can't really say what withdrawal was caused by which drug cause I also have a benzo addiction of some sort. Hmm. Yep, my wife is doing better but she is still in serious psychosis, although she's very lucid at the same time. I hope she comes back and doesnt fall deeper into the spiral, they are pumping her with olanzapine, levozin & diazepam if i'm correct. Does anyone know what medication should be used treating PCP related psychosis?

Thanks & god bless :heart:
i think sometimes antipsychotics can actually exacerbate drug-induced psychosis... take that with a grain of salt, though, i am not a psychiatrist.
Confield ^^
It is disconcerting to see a long time contributor to this thread getting into a dependence.

One thing to remember is to stay outside of the half life between redosing. My assumption is to allow at least one week, or 168 hours, for 50% of any effects on bodily systems to revert to baseline. At one point I created a calendar that displayed cumulative dated dose information. If you don't follow a system it is more difficult for determining if a taper from 3-meO-PCP is required, or if you can jump off cold turkey.

Regarding your wife, in past cases described here, it might take 2 days to a week, or more, for psychosis to resolve.

Perhaps reviewing the experience threads of MXE would uncover some actionable information that would help what you and your wife are facing.

It must be hard to share this. Your ordeals are acutely stressful, no doubt.

Please keep us informed, in the meantime best wishes to you both.
Holy batman & a warm greeting and Hello to my 3-meo-manic brothers and sisters. Mrs Confield has been in the hospital for a week now, her status is stable (insert horse sound here, haha, I'm a funny fuck). She's on the map and knows pretty much 100% what's going on, nevertheless she is still experiencing serious aural and visual hallucinations as well as distortions of smell, taste and touch, synesthesia of some kind. I don't know what to think about the medication she is receiving, antipsychotics and diazepam are calming her down I guess but also exacerbating her experience to some extent, go figure. If I'm correct she has also been receiving zopiclone and temazepam for sleep, hmm. Newsflash: she is also smoking tobacco like crazy, no pun intended.

My status is ~88% ok, I'm trying my best to taper down and keep my feet on the ground & love in my heart. Life is not easy but I'm strong, as long as I have no intent or compulsion to destroy myself, which I don't.


Here's a song for all you crazy diamonds, shining in the sky like Malice in ponderland. John Maus: Maniac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT0LG-oOLkE

Kind regards,

Holy shit. I'm glad she's holding up ok.. Care to give any other details? What was it exactly that sent her off to the hospital? Dosage, situation, etc?

You mentioned you are tapering. I assume this means you have been using daily for a while and feel habituated? Curious about your usage since it seems to be an outlier if I'm understanding correctly. Any info about your situation would be a good contribution, I think.. I wish you both the best of luck. Dealing with an MXE habit myself, but thankfully it hasn't brought me any psychosis..

Be safe out there Confield, and send the missus our warm regards. Keep us updated, yeah?
Hi folks and thank you for the support. First things first, 3-MeO-PCP was not the sole and only contributing factor in the Mindfuck which is my wife's brain's computer saying "NO" and entering a state of drug induced psychotic state of serious kind, but it is a fact that 3-MeO-PCP was an important and strong catalyst here. We had been on a 6 month break from all dissociatives december -> june, approx.

Multiple binges with A-PHP and pentedrone earlier this year, lots of alcohol (mostly beer, rum & coke), boredom, depression and anxiety, lethargy. We both have benzo dependence and history of mental illness. New batch of 3-MeO-PCP arrived in late May or early June, -> a mind opening 2-3 weeks of daily use, "cyclical variety of effect ranging from Bliss to manageable psychosis", like bluelighter Psychonautical wrote last year in the first thread, warning us about laughing in the face of danger and madness:

Psychonautical said:
- - being that 10milligrams can FUCK a person retarded means you don't know what you've done to those receptors you've ignited and yet people continue to persist doing some for constant days on end With a cyclical variety of effect ranging from Bliss to manageable psychosis. You guys are asking for permenant psychosis by pushing this compound as hard as you are. I mean that. I'm also not trying to be a buzz kill. Especially in combination with other compounds. Seriously guys "check yo self before you wreck yo self"
Wouldn't it be nice, to live to a ripe old age, and still be able to trip, without the effects of prolonged drug induced psychosis diminishing the quality of your lives.

Our 3-MeO-PCP doses have been ~5 mg mostly nasally, multiple redoses a day, couple of rectal administrations also & oral. But yes, redosing/overdosing/abuse of 3-MeO-PCP = highway to hell.

Mrs Confield entered full throttle into the void, an existential trip starting about two weeks ago, involving poly drug use with LSD, heavy blazing of cannabis, ecstasy and speed + daily white lines of 3-MeO-PCP. I also consumed "cautious" amounts of speed & ecstasy but not to the same extent, also I don't smoke tobacco or weed myself. We both have self destructive tendencies, duh, but we try to cope with ourselves and our inner selves as well as this earthly burden we sometimes call life or Hell, but Heaven can also be a place on earth. All of this + lack of sleep & food -> Mrs went through the looking glass into the Twilight Zone about 10 days ago and is still tripping quite hard in the hospital but she is receiving help and care and the effects seem to be wearing off. All in good time, I truly hope her mind & body & SOUL stay strong.

Please do take care of yourself, dear maniacs and take care of each others. This is a mad world we live in but we CAN be reasonable people & NOT make the decision to say "fuck it" and dive too deep.
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Got some of this the other day. First dissociative I've researched in a while, probably about 7 or 8 months. Lots of previous experience with MXE. I had two experiences with this stuff a year or two ago, one 6 mg IV dose and a 10 mg oral dose. Both were unique in their clarity and euphoria. I have a fond memory of an incredible long-lasting acoustic jam session with a buddy.

So I sampled my new stuff last night, 10mg in a gel capsule orally, and I have to say I am again very impressed. The peace of mind with this compared to MXE is insane. Or, sane, rather. On a dose like this I can still pretty easily interact normally, while being pleasantly dissociated. Although I didn't really push the dosage so, I will definitely heed the warnings against redosing, high dosing, and daily usage.

Is the consensus that this stuff and other arylcyclohexamines build up in your system after prolonged usage, leading to more intense/manic experiences? Certainly something I want to avoid.

PS: to mr Confield, best wishes to you and your wife
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Yes bad depression and suicidal ideation low energy you can feel better in a couple weeks or it can take months drink alot of cranberry juice take lots of niacin
Is the consensus that this stuff and other arylcyclohexamines build up in your system after prolonged usage, leading to more intense/manic experiences? Certainly something I want to avoid.
That would seem to be the case with 3-MeO. Not something I've noticed as much with MXE though. Definitely possible though I'm sure, especially if you tolerance isn't very high.
Hi guys,

I have experience with MXE, K and DXM used at home in a controlled setting.

I have some 3-meo-pcp on the way and I plan to research it soon, early in the evening at 5-10mg to have plenty of time before sunrise.

I heard someone say that it is dangerous to combine it with a benzo, but would it be ok to take a benzo 10 hours later to help with sleep?
one big word of advice: don't expect for any prior experience / tolerance to MXE / K / DXM / etc. to actually have an effect on how intense your 3-MeO-PCP experiences are. i've taken doses of DXM over 2 grams, i've taken MXE over 200mg, and yet 20mg+ of 3-MeO-PCP still sometimes leaves me out of control of myself. it is really a different beast than other dissociatives. excellent in it's own right, but very different.

a benzo 10 hours later should be fine. i've even supposed before that a benzo would help stifle some of the manic properties of 3-MeO-PCP. definitely don't pre-dose with a benzo until you get your feet wet with 3-MeO-PCP by itself, though. just in case.
Thanks for the advice on both fronts.

Yeah I don't plan to go above 10mg my first time, and might start even lower.
one big word of advice: don't expect for any prior experience / tolerance to MXE / K / DXM / etc. to actually have an effect on how intense your 3-MeO-PCP experiences are. i've taken doses of DXM over 2 grams, i've taken MXE over 200mg, and yet 20mg+ of 3-MeO-PCP still sometimes leaves me out of control of myself. it is really a different beast than other dissociatives. excellent in it's own right, but very different.
I've never had this with 3-MeO-PCP and I even went up to like 30 mg at once. It resulted in a very nice state but nothing like how crazy my friends would get after just 20 or even 10 mg. It never seemed that manic to me unless I mixed it with cannabis but I guess YMMV.
Thanks for the advice on both fronts.

Yeah I don't plan to go above 10mg my first time, and might start even lower.

honestly, 10mg is probably fine to start. if i was a perfect harm reduction expert i'd say don't start at 10mg, but 10mg is probably okay. there's a point at the dose-response curve with this stuff, tho, where instead of the curve going straight upward it take a right turn into insanity. 10mg is well below that point. but that point is even a milligram or two past the maximum you can handle and be okay. its very strange. more of a solid line than a gradual blur.
I started with 5mg my first time and I'm actually glad I did.
I would keep doses low if mixing with a benzo, for both substances. I never really lost control, but I could see more of the amnesic/manic qualities becoming really amplified with too many benzos. When pushed into higher doses, this one definitely gives you all full range of dissociative effects you are looking for. 10 mg seems to be a decent standard standard "one time dose" for me, to at least get the disso drunk buzz. That is with previous experience though. But with repeating dosing, any amount of doses will build up and provide a very intense experience! I still have that metallic/chlorine taste in my mouth/sinuses from dosing orally and nasally over the weekend.

Ps Edit: metallic taste is probably from my blasted sinuses and probably one day deviated septim
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