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Heavy Metal for tripping. Do you think is good or not?

Im mostly electronica - psy/prog trance, ambient and downtempo .. it depends.
Never metal or anything really in that regard.

I once insufflated30 mg of 2ce and instantly regretted it
Once the pain subsided slightly and I could see again I was listening to this really ncie song with a piano and such
I was having the most incredibly beautiful synesthesia - rivaling some of my heaviest candy trips

When suddenly out of nowhere my partners slipknot (or some generic band of similar w/e) came on
If the visuals didnt instantly turn dark and sinister. With my mouth suddenly dry I lept to hit the space bar to pause the music.
The rest of the trips visuals shaded gray lol

This is good too

Something a little faster. Title says enough lol

Saw this at a festival and buddy comes running outta the woods like
"It sounds like a Nintendo game!!!!" and runs off to dance lol

Not something Id usually listen to tripping. Though Ive listened to a lot of tool and such
This band is neat - do a bunch of covers using Brass and Wind Instruments... theyre called Brass Against
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Generic metal is terrible, more than generic pop. I go walk a different path, heavy Metal from classic bands like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath and King Diamond, lovely symphony metal like Nightwish and Epica with female singers with operatic vocals, progressive metal that is melodic so as cerebral and good for psychedelics and finally some folk metal like Mago de Oz that feels like an Irish Pop.

There many flavors of metal, not everything is core shit and scremo that makes no sense. Sadly that's what popular now.
I don’t trip but I love metal 🤷‍♂

My husband loved his pills and trips and his taste in music is shit
Yes it was intensely visual. Despite the pain in the sinuses, which only lasted maybe 30 minutes, the body laod wasnt much worse than oral, Id even say less nausea after I puked when the drip came. But I knew what I was getting into after >`15 oral doses. And having sniffed 2ci and b I figured Id only do it once just to say I had - so why not go big or go home lol

Otherwise I found 2ce boring all but one random experience at 30/35 mg, I cant recall, but I had dosed there before and after and nothing could repeat this day (and buddy weighed ona balance at the university, so it wasnt ebay scale drift lol). This particular time was intensely colourful and psychedelic too. Wonderful time. But for whateever reason the rest were kinda disappointing with the possibility of a headache the next day
Oh you're in the camp that needs a big dose. For me 18mg orally was a +4 the second time I took that dose, everything deconstructed and I was left a dimensionless point of awareness, alone for infinity. It was the most overwhelmingly psaychedelic experience of my life. The first time was also crazy strong. It's super interesting every time but quite daunting. Last time I took it, I took just 12mg, and had a crazy day. I've read about a number of other people taking 30+mg doses, too.
Ohh this is great TripSitterNZ I'm gonna listen to this when i trip on the LSD tommorow. I'm gonna take 3 or 4 hits so im gonna be pretty far out there for awhile and this gonna make it epic. Need to start listening to more trippy electronic music again, great backdrop for the experience :)
i was jamming it on my acid trip the other week some very psychedelic visuals to it will be amazing enjoy.
Metal is great when tripping. I don't listen to things like classic Heavy Metal like Judas Priest or King DIamond (I very much enjoy those bands, just not while tripping.)

Like others have said Tool is great while tripping. ISIS is a great, great band to trip to. Like Tool, a perfect blend of pretty and heavy that really works when under the influence. Neurosis is great if you're not tripping too hard. It can get a little scary if you're on the verge of losing yourself.

Like an earlier poster said, Porcupine Tree is great. Last time i tripped on 4-HO-MET we listened to their album The Sky Moves Sideways, which is admittedly much more Psych Rock than their later prog metal, but it was GREAT.

Palbearer makes great Doom Metal, that like Tool and ISIS, really blends the pretty with the heavy well.

Sabbath is great and some Zeppelin qualifies as Metal in my opinion. I mean, No Quarter is metal, to me.

Godspeed is "Post Rock" but let's be honest, they don't make Rock that heavy.
Old school hip hop is my favorite when I'm in the mood for it, kinda abrasive too in a way, depends on the song, but gets me in an incredible vibe every time.

70s and 80s funky, soul tunes are something I love as well when tripping, really fun, most of the time when I'm tripping I'm walking around moving on the music.

God damn, Sunn O))) brings me back... not listened to them in a while, and never listened to them tripping, but must try it some time. I can imagine a lot of doom metal, maybe not the lyrical kind might be pretty epic... the lyrical stuff might be a bit too sad though. :LOL:

I have listened to other metal on tripping a few times, not often, although I am a fan just other genres typically take my fancy during trips. Usually IME it doesn't even sound like metal anymore depending on how deep the trip. Definitely wayyyy different to sober or on non-psychedelic substances.
Nothing fleshes out the beauty of tripping like a couple of druids making the heaviest drone in the world.

The most true comment I've read on this thread.

I was into Sunn for ages & my mate had just got a decent Sony stereo the same day I had 2 grams of 4-HO-MET land, me & said person both LOVE MET sssooo much, we stuck 75mg down our throat & waited for it to kick in, we went for a walk in the local woods for 30/40 mins & got back to his flat & stuck that album on then rolled a spliff. The impact of that Sunn O)) album on us as we lay flat on the floor & let the sunwoofers do their thing is something I'll never forget.
God damn, Sunn O))) brings me back... not listened to them in a while, and never listened to them tripping, but must try it some time. I can imagine a lot of doom metal, maybe not the lyrical kind might be pretty epic...

Boris - Amplifier Worship (Full Album) is another I highly recommend from personal experience, it has the same effect as the early Sunn O))) albums when tripping. Best done while you are over the come up of the trip & around 1/3rd of the way in, make sure the room is very dark & best is in toal darkness, place yourself flat on the floor & let the music wash over you.

I haven't done any of the serotonergic psychedelics for quite some time, but have done a lot of them in the past.

After many experiences I decided that I didn't really want other people (people I don't even know!) to shape my unfolding experience/consciousness and went in/up there without any music etc.
Doing so I discovered that it was actually much easier for me to achieve a state I was comfortable in. Or in other words, I found distractions unnecessary and unwanted.
Of course, áfter 'flowering' so to say, I would proceed to do or not do whatever it was I felt like. Which might or might not include listening to music. And that might include (staying on topic here hehe) metal. :cool:

And even now while ket is pretty much the only drug I still use thís is still my preferred 'ritual' (or so you will, 'non-ritual').