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EADD Forum Guidelines

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Oct 20, 2006
Posting Guidelines for
European & African Drug Discussion (EADD)

Unlike other drug discussion forums on Bluelight, the European & African Drug Discussion forum actively allows and encourages both drug discussion and social threads. This means that we have a balance of drug-related threads and social threads.

You should feel free to discuss and request information on any drug or harm reduction practice. Although EADD encourages discussion about any and all drugs, you may however find that some of the Focus Forums are more suitable - particularly for pharmaceuticals and less common substances where you may receive a more thorough response in the Other Drugs forum.

We particularly welcome information on regional drug trends, pill reports and harm reduction techniques.

In brief, we ask that you do not post or request sources, that you stay on topic in drug threads, don't engage in flaming, use the report function, use the search engine and EADD's Essential Reading thread, don't incriminate yourself or others, don't use other people's real names, don't abuse staff members, and finally... observe good forum practice!​


  • DO NOT post or private message another member in any way that could be construed as giving or requesting a source for drugs.

    The requesting or advertising classic illicit drugs is fairly, here are some examples of sourcing in regards to research chemicals and over the counter pharmaceuticals, whether that be from a high street or online store.

    Has anyone tried the new Sonata XL 2 mg. pellets which Strap-on Shorty's site are selling as a substitute for Etizolam? What did you think of them?
    Naming a specific vendor is sourcing, irrespective of the legal status of the product.

    Has anyone tried the new Sonata XL 2 mg. pellets? What did you think of them?
    Naming specific brand names which are used by only a single active vendor, is still sourcing.

    I bought some pellets with a big musical-sounding name from an online distributor that sounds like sandals for somebody who is not very tall. Are they any good?
    Being sly and evasive doesn't make it O.K. In fact, it makes you look as though you are up to no good, and you know it. On the other hand, it might very well simply go whoosh so far over people's heads that nobody has a clue what you are even on about. Either way, it's not clever.

    Not sourcing:
    Has anyone tried bromphenzolam (C17H15N4BrS), also known by a variety of vendor-specific brand names, which is being touted as an etizolam replacement?
    As long as there is more than one distributor of the product, you haven't actually named anyone; since Strap-on Shorty thinks you're talking about Test Tube Heaven, and vice versa.

    All of the above may be subject to revision in the light of forthcoming changes to the law in the UK and other countries.

    Such threads will be judged on a case-by-case basis, and will be closed as soon as either a satisfactory answer is given, or it becomes apparent that no such answer will be forthcoming. If you have something valuable to add to a thread that has already been closed, contact a mod by PM, and we'll see what we can do.

    We allow reasonable discussion of prices of small quantities of drugs, within context. Small amounts, unless otherwise stated, being defined as no more than you could reasonably afford to lose. Bulk pricing is not allowed.

  • DO NOT ask someone to private message or email you information about sources. This includes online or offline suppliers of illegal AND legal drugs, so research chemicals/salvia/pharmaceuticals etc. all fall under this rule. This is a board-wide rule (please familiarise yourself with the Bluelight User Agreement) and not specific to this forum. Any posts containing sources or requests for sources will be deleted immediately, without warning. Anyone overtly or covertly dealing on Bluelight may have their account deleted or suspended indefinitely.

  • Discussing sources for harm reduction products is allowed in this forum, providing the product does not have recreational value. Harm reduction products include: things people use in an attempt to minimize negative effects (5-HTP), determine the dosage they are about to consume (scales, syringes), estimate the contents of the drug (EZ-Test kits), consume the drug more safely (clean needles) and emergency related items (Narcon). Although sources for these products are allowed, it is your responsibility to ensure that the site you are linking to does not sell substances that would be otherwise regarded as legal or illegal drugs.


  • Eadd is a community. Each of us has a responsibility towards that community. We intend to treat you as adults. All we ask in return is that you act like adults.

    If somebody says something "in public" that you think is slightly offensive, your first line of recourse should be to call them out on it right there. Maybe they just made an honest mistake, misjudged how you would react, and will apologise and you can virtually hug and make up. Alternatively, they may be unreasonable and/or unwilling to make amends, maybe it wasn't an honest mistake and they knew how you would react, in this case staff will step and take action.

    If somebody says something "in public" that you find really offensive, report it by clicking the little warning triangle icon in the top right hand corner of the post. This will alert the moderation team, who will study the post in question and maybe remove or edit it.

    Remember, as a Harm Reduction forum we should be striving to be as inclusive as possible and when personal arguments, personality clashes, and general headbutting spill over into threads it becomes a problem for the whole forum. It reflects badly on EADD and is surely immensely off-putting for newer members or those who are perhaps visiting for the first time looking for information on any given topic. EADD has always been a vibrant forum with members who are free to voice their opinion in any way they see fit. There are limits to what is acceptable though - let's all be keeping it civil please, folks.

  • Try to be respectful. We all have cranky days, we wouldn't be using an ecstasy information site if we didn't, but please try to put any attitude away before you post. All members have the right to possess (and express) their opinion without fear of judgement - as you would expect them to respect yours.

  • If you find that you can't communicate constructively with someone, take a step back, make a cup of tea and remind yourself that you're on a website that discusses drug use... and that you probably have more in common with that person than 90% of the population.

  • Should this fail, DO NOT use the forum as a vehicle to attack the other member in public or hound them across multiple forums. If you have a problem with another member, please resolve your differences amicably via the use of the private messaging function. A little drama is good for the soul, but it eventually drags the forum down.

  • The board's software also allows you to ignore posts by users that consistently annoy you by adding their username to your ignore list.

  • Offensive and disruptive posts are not limited to simple overt name calling, racism etc.. Passive aggressive, manipulative and attention seeking behaviour causes equally as much drama, we are not a television soap. We're all human and we don't leave our emotions in another room when we come online, however, only so much can be tolerated before it affects the board as a whole. WE ARE NOT EADDENDERS.
    No matter the style of behaviour, if it is repeated, and deemed to have no other intent than to cause hurt and/or disruption then action may be taken.

  • Please do not incriminate yourself or others online. Police and law enforcement agencies have been known to watch this site, so keep your posting of information discreet. There is no need to announce that you have half a kilo of coke under your pillow.

  • Do not discuss large-scale quantities and prices. Doing so puts not only yourself at risk, but also has the potential to draw unwanted attention to the site.

  • Please refrain from posting the real names of other posters. This includes impersonating another member, or using someone else's name as your Bluelight name.

  • 'Protect the innocent' by not posting pictures of other people without their consent.

  • Do not post private messages in the public forums - irrespective of it's content. It's poor form and a breach of another member's privacy. Should you be on the receiving end of an abusive private message, raise the issue with one of the moderators and the issue will be dealt with.

  • Spamming will not be tolerated. In any form.

  • Posts that contain annoying or malicious links (for example: a link that leads to never-ending window pop-ups; mislabelled porn; virals; trojans) are not permitted and will be deleted. Such posts are also likely to result in a warning.

  • Do not post porn or other objectionable material in the middle of someone's thread without using the NSFW (not suitable for work) function tags. Extending other members this courtesy will allow others to use the forum without fear of having their colleagues spotting them ogling a large pair of breasts when they should be working.

    For example: [NSFW][IMG]www.donkeycock.com/cock1.jpg[/IMG][/NSFW]

  • Embedding videos should be kept to a minimum, preferably use the hyperlink function instead. Some threads, specifically the music thread does not allow embeds at all because it slows browsers and makes navigating the forum frustrating for those with slower broadband or phone networks. Be considerate, yeah.

  • Posts and threads that are created to blatantly plug a product/site are not tolerated and will be deleted. This forum is not an advertising resource.

  • Links to torrents and/or copyrighted material are not permitted. Similarly, indirect linking (such as via a torrent forum) is also not permitted.

  • Try to stay on topic as much as possible. In an effort to keep the quality of drug discussion high, any off-topic posts made in a drug-related thread will be deleted without warning.

  • A degree of discretion is applied to social/non-drug discussion threads, but we'd ask that you respect the intentions of the thread's starter.

  • Please use the specially created MEGA-threads that are reserved for the posting of videos, pictures or holding off-topic MSN-like conversations. These threads were created to cut down on the number of superfluous threads that 'drown out' quality discussion. EADD is a high traffic forum and repeated failure to use the MEGA-threads will not only have a negative impact on the ratio of drug discussion to social discussion, but also on the overall quality of the forum.
  • Embedding videos should be kept to a minimum, preferably use the hyperlink function instead. Some threads, specifically the music thread does not allow embeds at all because it slows browsers and makes navigating the forum frustrating for those with slower broadband or phone networks. Be considerate, yeah.

  • Should you feel that a post or thread contravenes the rules or if you're on the receiving end of someone's abuse, please use the report function. Everyone's entitled to respond to an insult, but experience tells us that a response is the exact result that the troll/insult-slinger is looking for. Use the report function and the forum moderators WILL deal with the issue.

  • The more this function is used, the smoother the forum runs. The moderators aren't capable of spotting every little infringement, so don't be afraid of using it.


  • Try to think about whether your new thread is actually worth creating. EADD has evolved into a high-traffic forum, with both social and drug-related discussion happening simultaneously. Keeping the forum focussed means that every member needs to think about whether EADD is the most appropriate place for their thread... yep, there are other forums on Bluelight!

  • Try to give your thread a useful and accurate description - particularly if it's drug-related. Giving your thread a decent title will make future search engine enquiries more effective and promote the distribution of harm reduction information.

  • Try to keep the multiple posts to a minimum - it's frustrating for other users to have to wade through a sea of posts by a single user, particularly if each post contains just a couple of lines. Use the EDIT function to make additions to your post.

  • PLEASE try not to abuse the moderators and administrators. If you are contacted by us and asked to do or, more likely, not to do something... please don't take it personally.

  • If your thread or post is removed from public view, deleted, edited or moved, the moderator who took action against your thread/post will often provide a reason for doing so - either in the thread or via private message. If no reason is provided (or if you disagree with the reason) please do not create a new thread demanding an immediate explanation. Any such thread will be locked or deleted without warning. This also applies to the re-posting of warnings.

  • Should you wish to discuss any moderator action or policy that you feel is incorrect, feel free to contact us. We're only human and capable of mistakes like anyone else. If you're not happy with the response, you can contact the forum's designated Senior Moderators or Administrator. You can find which Admins cover what forums in this thread. Senior Moderator coverage can be found in this thread. Bluelight-wide policy discussions, suggestions and complaints can be started in the Support Forum where direct contact with the entire Bluelight staff can be made.

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