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05-06-2010, 16:01
Hi I tried smoking meth for the first time 2 days ago i only got $50 worth and shared with one other then the next day we did $100 worth but it seemed like a diff batch because we saw things and felt it for 12 hours after we smoked our last bowl any way i noticed later that morn that i had a cold sore on each side of my mouth one side has what looks like a white bubble with a hole. 3 or 4 canker sores on the inside of my bottom lip my taste buds are 3xs normal size and i have white ones all ovr and a few places where it seems like there is a hole. sores on both sides of my tounge and it ate a hole in the gums on one of my teeth i think it may fall out. These were my first times ever and i brushed my teeth both days why did this happen did i catch and std from sharing a pipe?? it also burns when i smoke a cig drink any thing or try to eat.....day after keep getting bad taste and smell in mouth even after brushing ovr and ovr again

05-06-2010, 16:25
i didnt bite my tounge at all the side of my lips yes but not my tounge its the next day and my taste buds are back to normal size but still hurt i cut the white ones off with nail clippers helped sooooo much but i was tweeking out in front of the mirror for 3 hours last night

05-06-2010, 17:40
i didnt bite my tounge at all the side of my lips yes but not my tounge its the next day and my taste buds are back to normal size but still hurt i cut the white ones off with nail clippers helped sooooo much but i was tweeking out in front of the mirror for 3 hours last night

Yum. Meth sounds great... :\

05-06-2010, 18:08
^ Meth is great if you want to stay up for 24 hours and that's about all it's good for IME.

05-06-2010, 19:34
Your tongue sores are from sucking at your teeth and rubbing your tongue up against them most likely.

Drink more water next time, and brush your teeth often. Chew gum to promote salivation.

05-06-2010, 22:02
there wont be a next time i smashed my pipe with a full bowl still loaded and deleted my dealers number im in so much pain and im going to loose one of my beautiful teeth its crazy i only did it 2 times and this shit happend and i brush my teeth every day!! its getting better my tooth isnt but at least i can swallow now the shakes come and go i got some adderal to take the edge off

05-06-2010, 22:19
Meth is the nastiest shit ever.. dont get me wrong I have taken my fair share of drugs

but whoever would want to smoke something that causes you to pick your skin off, go crazy, cut off taste buds with a nail clipper, and look like a corpse is a fucking moron IMO and IME

please do yourself a favor and dont ever touch that shit again before u get hooked and die.

Me and my friends do lotsa drugs... but lately 90% of my town is all gacked out on meth and we just look at them like the scum of the earth

I have sympathy for those who have gotten addicted and cant get off... but I have a hard time feeling sorry for those who chose to try it anyway even after seeing what it does to people

05-06-2010, 22:28
damn this is like a crazy anti drug ad. Unless your meth had something horrible in it, your tooth is falling out from something else. Did it hurt cutting off taste buds??

05-06-2010, 22:54
Ideally you could take magnesium supplements to help prevent the bruxism.

I wouldn't do more meth for a while if you did it two days in a row.

05-06-2010, 23:14

05-06-2010, 23:52
Meth is the only drug I can picture someone cutting their own taste buds off, with nailclippers, on...

PS Had you used the nailclippers previously?

06-06-2010, 00:57
Maybe the dealer cut with battery acid?!

06-06-2010, 01:24
i smoked meth for 3 years and never did i get such reactions never any of those symptoms, your dealer is jumping on it with something that caused it. I am shocked by your story. how did it burn? what colour was it? was the pipe new or old? allways use a brand new pipe if your going too smoke, dont ever share pipes. I havnt touched it in 1.5 years and wont ever again, trust me you dont need the shit anyway

06-06-2010, 02:15
Meth+Mirror+NailClippers=Doing seemingly necessary really fucked up shit to yourself for hours...
I have done worse, but I certainly wouldn't share my story about it....
Please don't do it any more. I would go to the ER if you don't have any insurance, they can give you info on any resources in your area that can provide free/cheap assistance with your tooth problem, before it actually falls out. Certainly can't hurt to try.

Sweet P
06-06-2010, 03:16
There could be several reasons for the sores... dehydration (meth is known for reducing your appetite and thirst), biting/chewing on your tongue and lips (again, meth and most other stimulants including MDMA are known for this), or contaminants in the drug. If the meth had an unusually strong taste, or was an odd colour or consistency, it could quite possibly be contaminated. Avoid using more meth and keep your fluids up, and the sores should begin to heal within a few days.

10-06-2010, 21:30
it was a brand new pipe and tasted and looked the same as the last batch my friends dad is who makes it so i dont think he would give us any thing that was cut with battery acid but who knows im on day 5 i think since the last time i used and my tounge is finally back to normal still have a whole in my gums and on the side of my lip but its getting better little by little

10-06-2010, 21:45
I hate meth..Tried it twice..Second time I smoked it all night out of a pipe and geeked on it hardcore..Next day roof of my mouth and cheeks had sores and were raw..I am pretty sure they were burns from the heat of the shit going in my mouth cuz I kept lighting the pipe trying to get a hit and sucking hot air by end of the night...Worst drug ever.

15-09-2010, 05:34
I have a fair amount of experience with meth and the meth you're describing was what we called space cheese. If you're seeing shit and you haven't been up for 4 days then there is something wrong with your meth. Most likely the person cooking it up made a mistake. It sounds like your meth contained derivitives that are ususally extracted. Your meth was impure. Most of the derivatives are very bad for you, MDMA for example is a derivative of Meth. Of course it coud have been cut with a cheaper drug like pcp. You don't want to fuck with pcp. My cousin had a friend who used to do it and ended up skinning his family. Sick bastard.

I don't suggest doing meth, it will rot your teeth and leech nutrients from your body. The smaller you are, the more likely you'll have something serious happen. If you are hell bent on using it, the max I would stay up is 24 hours after that your muscles start killing you and I don't see the point, second drink lots of water, many people become dehydrated because the meth is increasing your body temperature and burning through your excess water capacity quickly, Third eat something, even if it's small and you don't want to, you'll feel tons better especially near the end of your high, fourth snort rather than smoke, I know, I thought snorting was nasty too and it has it's down sides but it doesn't make you as euphoric and so is less addictive, plus you'll be amped not just high. Smokers usually don't get much done because of the euphoria, if you snort it you might actually acomplish something.

Lastly you should probably stick to bud, because you don't sound like the type of person who should do meth. Cutting your taste buds off with nail clippers is insane. but don't do them both together or your heart could give out.

15-09-2010, 06:41
i was on meth for two years straight i think u got super dehydrated and thats what caused the soars etc... meth is the worst drug ever on your body i have been off of it for almost six years now and had to have 4 root conals done and two teethe pulled lucky for me i had insurance to fix everything i still have nerve probs in my feet bc the shit messes with your nerves my feet stay cold all the time. i have seen people do it for the first time and have horrific reactions just like u i also think u smoked way to much with it being your first time it doesnt take much really!! seeing shit is normal sometimes after only one day plz dont do it anymore not only will it ruin your life i have seen beautifull people turn into disgusting tootheless hookers literally for the shit!! i am sure u will b okay just give it a few days like i said it is terrible on the body

15-09-2010, 06:48
speaking of pcp, I have never seen anyone discuss it here......must not be too popular, eh?

23-10-2016, 02:05
Every time I smoke even if I stay hydrated or weather over 12 hours or 7 days I always get ulcers and painful little lumps on my tounge and through out the inside of my mouth, also infection and dead white skin from chewing me cheeks, grinding my teeth and scratching my tounge around.

I know that It's caused from a range of things such as lack of hydration, saliva , cotton mouth , infections , run down from lack of sleep and food / Hyderation and chemical burns

BUT THE WORST ONE I GET IS SORES FROM CHEMICAL BURNS WHEN INHAILING THE DRUG WHILST SMOKING IT... The chemicals are so strong they burn all through out my mouth and taste very potent. I know and understand the after care to heal the sores and side effects in my mouth when smoking it.

BUT DOSE ANYONE KNOW - how to limit or prevent my mouth from the chemical burns when smoking the drug, such as certain ways of smoking ? Or a filter ? Or something ? Is there any solution for this problem ? So when I do smoke ( not that I should it's a disgusting drug) I don't end up with these chemical burns on my tounge and mouth?!

Please let me know ASAP !

29-04-2017, 06:14
It happen to me too and I stop ! What did you do to fix it ?

29-04-2017, 07:50
coleinc (http://www.bluelight.org/vb/members/156472-coleinc)- you should see a doctor if it persists. Doctors are not the police, they are not going to arrest you for doing drugs.

29-04-2017, 09:07
Is this one of those Montana Meth Project commercials?

29-04-2017, 22:08
If your meth is chemically burning your mouth, then the pH is probably super fucked. I had some once that I could tell instantly was fucked up. Touch it and your fingers blistered. Dump it down the sink and all the metal fittings of the drain instantly get rust and corrosion spots. Someone did not correct the pH at the end when they salted it out, and almost guaranteed did not wash the product. If you're doing shit your friends Dad made then you're doing some garbage shake and bake. Don't waste your time.

30-04-2017, 04:33
The commercial, Mexican cartel, corrosive, racemic methamphetamine hcl (ICE) has given me some pretty bad mouth sores every time I snorted it for the last 3 or 4 uses. It makes my teeth feel like razorblades cutting into the inside of my mouth and gums.
Fuck dirty methamphetamine! That shit is CORROSIVE and very hard on the entire body every time you binge on it, I feel sure.

30-04-2017, 05:35
Is this one of those Montana Meth Project commercials?

Serious BS stench coming from OP.
Or jebus there's some nasty trailer meth going around in 2009.
Yeah, I'd quit "meth" too if all the locals sold was battery acid.

30-04-2017, 07:52
I suck on green tea tobacco and papertowels and apply coconut oil triethanolamine stearate sunblock butter cetyl alcohol and 150 mg of quaternary fatty acid chloride and 100 mg of dph or lidocaine

30-04-2017, 09:37
Is this one of those Montana Meth Project commercials?

That's exactly what i was thinking.

Maybe her cold sores are a case of Herpes simplex virus 1 and she picked them up from sharing the pipe. This Herpes simplex virus 1 is quite contagious and 90 percent of people are infected with it but it can lay dormant for years without visible symptoms. As for her tooth falling out that was more than likely already whack.

As for all you guys hating on meth fair enough i get. Getting a meth habit that leads to binges that keep you awake for days on end and destroys you both mentally and physically can be horrendous but plenty of meth users know their own limits and can enjoy meth in a sensible manner. IME controlled use of meth is possible it's just a matter of knowing when to call it a night and stop using meth. Knowing when to call it quits and not redose so you can come down in an acceptable time span and eventually fall asleep is the key difference between a tweeker who enjoys meth and a tweeker who has a meth problem.

30-04-2017, 16:42
Well when you first get HSV-1 you do break out, but she'd have a fever too and other symptoms.

It's possible this caused a flare-up of herpes that she already had and didn't know about though.

Having done some garbage-ass meth though, I think this is bruxism, face-chewing, a little meth psychosis, dry-mouth and dehydration, chemical irritation, and based on the tooth description, a case of pre-existing gross-mouth.

30-04-2017, 19:57
I just ball up some paper towel like a third of one peice between my teeth problem solved every time you unconciously flex your jar to grind your teeth it just pushed into the fiber which is softer then your teeth so doesnt grind it

30-04-2017, 22:18
I don't really grind on meth for some reason, but back in the e (and coke) days I could chew granite to powder (like OP if there's any truth there). Day-afters were pretty nasty with the talking and eating, but there is one benefit:

A couple months prior to one episode I had wisdom teeth pulled by a shady dentist. All my grinding caused the seemed-like half a tooth roots he left behind to work their way out of my gums. Also, the sharp edges on the tooth-bits, poking out for half the night, sliced my tongue so bad I didn't even notice how bad my jaw hurt.

(Not that anyone cares, but my theory re: stim-related bruxism variance, is all about cigarettes. In my happy rich big-city e days, I'd buy manufactured cigarettes and chain smoke on all stmis; now in my burn-out hometown broke meth days, I hand roll maybe three a day. That's been for a few years, and I'm pleasantly surprised I haven't relapsed with all the recent crystal use--haven't had any urge, even).

30-04-2017, 23:29
Idk if this might be useful or not but i inhale pressurized carbondioxide when i feel like my lungs are irritated. I normal 32 oz carbonated water drink a half or quarter so then squeeze it so the waters at the top invert it let the co2 build then turn it over gently unscrew the cap and push the hissing gas buildup into my mouth then once it is almost to where the water is at the top invert it let the gas slowly build and repeat.

30-04-2017, 23:36
Having done some garbage-ass meth though, I think this is bruxism, face-chewing, a little meth psychosis, dry-mouth and dehydration, chemical irritation, and based on the tooth description, a case of pre-existing gross-mouth.

Isn't that just slang for "tweeker"?

02-05-2017, 05:09
Hahahaha exactly! Good point ☝️

02-05-2017, 05:54
Isn't that just slang for "tweeker"?

Hey, I still wear a shirt in public and haven't stolen a single bike or stroller.

11-05-2017, 06:00
Lol your to weak minded for meth . You cut off shit with clippers ? You think your tooth is coming out ? I'm sorry some people can't do this shit they get to weak minded . Meth doesn't even cause sores , you got them bc you got the herpes lol

11-05-2017, 06:47
Lol your to weak minded for meth . some people can't do this shit they get to weak minded . lol

I didn't know you could become a meth jedi. Master madi2x, teach me the ways of meth, so I can lol at BS posts? (I mean OP and the first few replies. But, I did get some weird tongue shit once, but they weren't herpes or ulcers.)

11-05-2017, 07:07
You people are disgusting

11-05-2017, 07:37
You people are disgusting

I don't believe we've met.

11-05-2017, 09:34
What you mean you people?

12-05-2017, 02:21
It's not a BS post, I've experienced nearly the same thing after smoking meth. If you do a high enough dose to get dry mouth, you can have sores after one session. I even cut my painfully inflamed taste buds off with nail clippers the same way.

When I do meth too long and don't water my mouth somehow, I always end up with a sore on the left side of my tongue. It's very painful and makes it hard to eat.

This is caused by dry mouth. Dry mouth makes your mouth sensitive to developing sores.

12-05-2017, 03:16
If you're sticking nail clippers in your mouth, yes indeed you are smoking way too much of something, maybe not meth though.

But I've been there, a serious, weird, all-day long smoking session can dry out your mouth (but not meth itself), and seemed to cause white painless bumps on the sides of my tongue. They went away within 12 hours, and never came back, despite dramatically increased doses many times since.

I don't know what they were, but they didn't need nail clippers, jebus, don't do that! That's like horror movie shit.

12-05-2017, 21:28
1. Meth is terribly corrosive to teeth and gums
2. Your cold sores are because when theres a tonne of dopamine flowing around your immune system becomes very weak + lack of nutrition and sleep = compromised immune system
3. cold sores are caused by a virus, normally takes 2 weeks before the first symptoms of this virus appear
4. meth is often cut with god knows what aand can do damage to tissue

12-05-2017, 22:15
Gotta get bitchy and pedantic in the morning on someone, sorry

1. Meth is terribly corrosive to teeth and gums
Not really, no. Meth mouth is what happens to poor people in America with or without meth, and homeless and addicts anyway. We used to just call them toothless hillbillies.
Meth is not battery acid, people. There'll be more "acid" in a shot of orange juice. But rinse your mouth and stay hydrated anyway.
Cocaine's an anesthetic or it'd burn your nostrils too.

2. Your cold sores are because when theres a tonne of dopamine flowing around your immune system becomes very weak + lack of nutrition and sleep = compromised immune system
Dopamine has nothing to do with it. (There are also two OTHER neurotransmitters involved everyone forgets about, and being all body-wired is probably all the norepinephrine flowing around). But, yeah, stress can fuck your immune system, activate trasnsposons, latent viral infections.

3. cold sores are caused by a virus, normally takes 2 weeks before the first symptoms of this virus appear
Ok, yeah, except you probably already have the virus, since your were a baby; stress can cause a rapid outbreak, not that OP had cold sores.

4. meth is often cut with god knows what aand can do damage to tissue
Cutters could damage tissue. Although so does mouthwash.

It's the lifestyle more than the drug. And OP was dreaming.

15-05-2017, 03:13
I got really bad sores from adderall from absrasion just my tongue against my teeth inthink id do it when inwasnsleeping because id wakeup with horrible mouh pain

12-10-2017, 14:18
Wow. this is insane. I've seen some people tweaked out but I can't believe anyone would cut off their taste buds! my boyfriend gets really scitzo when he does meth and sees things accuses me of poisoning him, cheating, all kinds of shit. As for the sores, I get them on my tongue every time I've done meth and shoot it so its not just from smoking it.