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03-01-2002, 06:33
CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE (Hook, Moonshine, Giant, LA/UK) 2:00-3:00AM
Recognized as "America's top trance DJ" by Muzik magazine and named one of DJ Magazine's
acclaimed "Top 100" DJs in 2001, Christopher Lawrence is recognized worldwide as one of the United States top DJs and producers. Having graced the covers America's Mixer and XLR8R magazines, Christopher has revolutionized American dance music and earned global popularity with his scorching brand of powerful progressive and sleek techno trance.The official resident of LA's legendary superclub Giant, Christopher was the only American DJ invited to headline both Ministry of Sound and Gatecrasher's inaugural US
tours. Christopher has also become one of the most prolific and popular American DJs as he headlines at the world's top clubs and events throughout Great Britain, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada, South America, Peru and Australia. Described by Muzik magazine as the "American Progressive House Pioneer", Christopher became the first US artist to be signed to Scotland's
cutting edge Hook Recordings in 1996.
With a discography
including 'Navigator', 'Interceptor', 'Renegade', 'Rush Hour' and 'Cruise Control' to his credit, Christopher has taken the US and European charts by storm as well as earning numerous accolades including his massive track 'Shredder' being named Muzik magazines "Vital Release" of the month. In 2000, 'Rush Hour' not only became his biggest tune to date, but also the fastest seller in the history of Intergroove US. In 2000, Christopher's popularity continued to soar following the release of "Empire", the first mixed CD in his 'Trilogy'series for America's legendary Moonshine Music. In January 2001, Christopher continued to smash records when his newest CD 'United States of Trance' on Moonshine debuted in the US Top Ten Dance Charts alongside Moby, Fatboy Slim, and Paul Oakenfold. In the rapidly rising world of dance culture, there are DJs who are leaders and those who are followers. Christopher Lawrence is a leader. It will be an honor to have this man back with us for his 1st Columns appearance since 'Da Shining" in 1998. 'Nuff said!
Q-BERT (Thud Rumble, San Francisco, CA) 1:00-2:00AM
1st New England appearance in over a yr!Q-bert has attracted attention since 1985 when audiences realized his skills on the turntables were beyond comprehension. Through years of creating, practice, and dedication, he developed the art of using the turntable as a musical instrument by inventing styles and creating unique systems of
skratching. History established that Qbert, formerly a member of the legendary Invisibl Skratch Piklz (ISP), heralded a new era in the
DJ/turntablist community, and helped raise the art to its new form.After claiming the titles of the Disco Mixing Club (DMC) 1991 USA Champion
and the 1992-1994 DMC World Champion, he was asked by the DMC founders to judge the 1995 DMC Championships instead of competing. In June 1998, Q-bert received the DMC DJ Hall of Fame award for outstanding contributions to the competition and the industry. Q-bert has been featured in numerous local and national publications including Details, XXL, Spin, Jazziz, Urb, and the Bay Area Magazine (BAM), as well as international magazines and newspapers. His
album "Wave Twisters" captured audiences worldwide. This album delivers Qbert's solo improvisations, along with songs created through breaking all types of instruments into intricate symbols. Consider by many to be the top turntablist in the world, we are pleased to present this unstoppable force in the industry!
FEELGOOD (www.djfeelgood.com, Balitmore) 3:00-4:00AM
Special makeup set for his abscence due to weather at Happy Holidays!Cd Release Party for "Djmixed.com/dj_feelgood" on Moonshine
Feelgood's ability to drop kick-ass House music conveniently allows him to crossover between the lines of raves and with clubs with ease and it is this talent that has enables him to consistently rake in the praise and admiration from fans and fellow Djs. His last big appearance for us @ "Meant To Be" showed him to be one of the best performers on the night. In addition for his
hectic touring schedule, Feelgood has expanded into production and remixing, including six new tracks for his own label, Charm City Records. "Can You Feel It?" his first release on Moonshine and a subsequent remix for Cirrus
showcase his party-time, funky house. His latest mix cd on the djmixed.com series further proves why your hands should be in the air the minute this man takes control of the dance floor and your soul.
FREAKY FLOW & MC FLIPSIDE (Moonshine,Modrobes, djfreakyflow.com, mcflipside.com Toronto, Canada) 12:00-1:00AM
Toronto's jungle scratchmaster will be gracing his 1st Columns event since the last outing of freshness @ Fresh Start! He was possibly the most well reviewed artist of the evening so it's only appropriate that he come back to us again for the next round! With a current album deal at Moonshine, a touring schedule that's taken him all over North America, Japan, and even
Hong Kong, this well respected artist is gonna turn the main room into basswave of positive energy you can ride on all night. Cutting edge track selection and an energetic style help make Flow rock the crowd every time! Flip's MCing is on point as well. His radio show "Trippin" let's his voice be known to 600,000 people a week, so it's no wonder the man knows how to work a crowd. His most known work to date would appear on "Obscene Underground Vol 1" which has moved over 20,000 copies since its release. Get ready to scream rewind!
MIKE MYERS (Local 13, 611 Rec. PA) 11:00-12:00AM
Philly's #1 trance dj comes to NE for a rare appearance this evening. This guy also rocked the crowd @ Fresh Start. A New Beginning was an intimate chance for him to kick the crowd in gear as well. Playing all over the country now to an exponentially growing fanbass, Mike spends his time contributing his efforts at 611 while busily working in the studio on his first release hopefully to be out by the end of 2002. His contribution to the 4X Harder series has pushed him into new markets and it would appear nothing
is gonna stop Mike from reaching his goals! Now shut up and dance!
KNOWLEDGE (Columns of Knowledge, Spiritual Emporium, K:cid:X Tracks, CT)
Your host for 7 yrs and counting will be bringing his special blend of techno laden ethereal sounds and progressive blends to the dance floor for the usual educating and entertaining. Look for more cds giveaways on the night, as this dj's schedule continues to get busier and busier in '02. Keep your eyes out for Columns of Knowledge Records 1st release before the yr is up!
MO7S (F-500/SATELLITE/feelingsound) 10:00-11:00PM
DJing for seven years, MO7S has pioneered the sound he calls BASS by weaving his craft though the breakbeat and four beat structure. During his hour, he will show us why he is one of New Englands best. Whether it be his uncanny scratching ability, his stage prescence, or his record selection, MO7S is always gonna deliver. Listen to the speaker. Listen to the bass. Experience it for yourself.
TARI (Satellite Boston, Ritual Rec. Boston, MA) 5:00-6:00AM
Playing out since 1994 this often overlooked feature of the NE underground is gonna tear the house apart with his own special blend of what he likes to refer to as "the real house sound". Classic NE events have always had a great closing house set to send everyone home smiling. Tari misses those days and his goal on 2/23/02 is to bring it back. As co owner of Ritual Recordings and as resident for both "Clutch" and "Breath" in Boston he holds down the fort. And now as mgr of Satellite, the top record store in the Boston area he has the selection of thousands of records to select from for this very special
RHEYMUND (Mammal Music, Columns of Knowledge, NH) 9:00-10:00PM
Our techno and house specialist will be kicking things off tonight with a special welcoming set he's cooking up to warm you all as you enter So Fresh and So Clean. With appearances in NY, MA, NH, CT and elsewhere it's no wonder Rheymund gives the crowd a good time every time.
EMMA FELINE (Twice As Nice UK) 2:00-3:00AM
She is undoubtedly the 2 Steps leading lady DJ and Producer! Her residencies in She plays for top promoters and clubs throughout the UK. Italy,
Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, France, Spain, Cyprus and America have all been hit by the Feline. Not unfamiliar with "leading the way" she was one of the first DJ's to play 2-Step at Glastonbury Festival 2000. Her mixing is
quick and precise working up a "frenzy" on the dance floor. Last year she showed her talents as a producer by releasing two EP's and she turned
out a plethora of jumpin' remixes. Emma receives a great deal of media attention and became recently a finalist for the Cosmopolitan Magazine Women of Achievement Awards. We are truly excited and honored to have this lady in the house tonight!
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN (Discomania, Balance Record Pool,
Fifth Floor, CHICAGO) 3:00-4:00AM
1st time in NE! With a career in trance that has spanned nearly a decade in the Midwest he's primed to introduce NE to his techy and flowing soundscapes. He's held residencies at many of Chicago's best talent-driven venues, including Karma, Club 950 and Fifth Floor/Rednofive, and his contributions to the trance and progressive house scenes earned him a nomination for
"Chicago's Best Club DJ" in 2000 on Citysearch.com His debut mixed-CD for Discomania/Sunrise Recordings, "Elevation," is still moving mad units in the midwest so hear
what the they've been buying!
SOBI-ONE (Spirtual Emporium, CT) 1:00-2:00AM
With his 1st record on the way, and a passion for music that goes beyond saying, Sobi is one of CT's truely powerful weapons in the advancement of the underground. When he takes on a pair of decks, he transformers from the laidback reserved employee of Spiritual Emporium into a man driven to give you the goods, whether its grinding techno peppered with more progressive
classics, booty, or housy flavors, Sobi comes prepared to pound every time.
Our fellow space traveller. Give it up for Sobi-One!
DIRTY 'OL FRANK (Volume, Luna Sea, RI) 5:00-6:00AM
Double Cd release pty for "Defintion of Flava Pt 3" Well of course since Frank's in the house you can expect some FREE SHIT! That's right, as always Volume's most generous member comes prepared to distribute the brand new mix he's been hard at work on. In addition he will
be preparing the perfect closing set for this event to wake that ass up for the ride home. Progressive and UK hardhouse the way you like it. Get ready to get down and Dirty!
MYTH-I-S (Cousins, Trancedomain.com, LI NY) 4:00-5:00AM
This hard edged driving aggressive trance dj brings the NY edge to the back room for us. Constantly playing the NY/NJ area this rare NE appearance fresh off his Trancedomain.com tour which reached Panama City, FL in Nov will be
showing you why he's the king of the online broadcasts for the NY area!
SAINT THOMAS (Shy, VR, Universal Trance, MA) 11:00-12:00AM
With his new cd "Ex Amino", Thomas is showing NE his passion for his universal trance sound. Flowing but not cheesy, his smooth mixes and
dedication is always on point. We enjoyed him so much at "A New Beginning" we had to bring him back. Come find out why!
Space Monk-E (Where House Massive, NJ) 12:00-1:00AM
Cd release pty for Mission One-The Launch! From his old days of hardcore and chicago hardhouse, Space Monk-E has grown and his musically aggressive origins come through when he plays his stomping hard trance now! A constant fav in NJ/PA/NYC markets, we're pleased to give him his 1st ever MA appearance!
TECHPHONICS (Dawnpatrol, L8 Cru, Barefoot) 10:00-11:00PM
This up and coming Dj has been an integral part of Maine's underground and outlaw scene with his creative events and club nights. His distinct style blends many forms of house and techno with a smooth yet aggressive technique that would make even your grandmother dance. Maine reprezent!
PHRITZ (Digital Entrapment, www.djphritz.com, (http://www.djphritz.com,) NY) 9:00-10:00PM
You better slap on your seat belt for this Hard Trance DJ because DJ Phritz is intense. DJ Phritz controls everything when he performs, the world is his. With numerous events in the works as well this kid stands poised to dominate
in the future.
CIRCUIT BREAKER (Hard to Swallow, PRM, 611, sympty, natas prod, east music,
Philly, PA) 12:00-1:00AM
Record release for - hard to swallow #5 & #6 and cd release for - "live from area one afterparty"! Mad giveaways! This dj/producer is co-owner of hard to swallow records with frankie bones, manager of 611 records vintage vinyl
shop, and a nationaly renowned dj. On this night, the godfather of the philly hardcore scene will drop some underground smart bombs. Wear a helmet!
TODD BUCKLER (Columns of Knowledge mp3.com/Buckler) w/ MC JOSIAH INTALLEKT
(Defender of Fort Dodge, Dawnpatrol ME) 2:00-3:00AM
Appearing all over the east coast: RI, MA, NY, upstate, CT, ME, and beyond, Todd Buckler brings a winning personality and an unstoppable style. Playing his own material now as well as the most cutting edge aggressive d+b, Todd is one the NE's top artists rising through the jungle ranks. You better be ready @ 2AM for this one.
CAEZAR (www.truecrew.com, NY) 3:00-4:00AM
This notorious performer in more ways than one, comes for his 1st Columns set! Rockin the True events and always bringing some great material and a fun flava to the evening, Caezar will be winning you over with one of a kind style. Fast and furious and definitely something to talk about.
LIQUID X (Y2K, Capital City Funk Rec., EA Music Concord, NH) 1:00-2:00AM
CD release pty for "Phantom" on Capital City Funk
After taking 8 months off, he's so damn eager to show you what he has been up to. Get ready to hear this kid to bring some harsh vengance to the dance floor with a mixture of jungle/hardcore.
WARCHILD (Ruffneck Playaz Crew, All Indians No Chiefs, Neverending Echo, MA)
When not defiling little children, Warchild spends his time running a pack of wild dogs in the city of Boston. As a large contributor to the downfall of society he is sure to terrorize you, sodomize you, and just plain brutalize
the shit out you with a proper education on the various forms of gabber!
MEGRIM (www.truecrew.com, Shy, MA) 11:00-12:00AM
Having just acquirred an enormous record collective of Hardware original hardcore vinyl from the early 90's, as well as keeping up with the contemporary releases, Megrim is a hardcore connoisseur. He takes great pleasure in rendering his victims into submission and commanding their full attention. All right no more Mr F*cking Nice Guy!
VOX (Trancedomain.com, NY) 4:00-5:00AM
This up and coming talent has been featured on www.trancedomain.com (http://www.trancedomain.com) with her new cd "Assimilate". Spinning the perpetual dark step tonight in a special closing set of her own creation! Red hot female talent ready to
devour you completely!
LEGACY (Just So, CT) 9:00-10:00PM
Spinning hip-hop for 4 years now and having entered the 4th Annual Battle of Boston dj competition in 2000, this kid is kickin' off our blown dome with rugged raw turntablism! Great cutter and scratcher for old school hip hop and
underground tracks. He's spun a ton of universities and now he's ready. If you missed him @ his appearance @ Just Dance, How the Grinch Rocked Christmas, or Elements come see what the buzz is about!
LOTUS (www.djlotus.com, Columns of Knowledge, MA) 1:30-2:30AM
Boston deeper side of things in the Columns crew takes prime position in our lounge spinning his best in intelligent deep house filtered with intelligent minimalistic techno.
SIMI (Growroom Rec., MA) 2:30-3:30AM
When not manning Growroom's phone he's behind the tables getting his groove on with some smooth selections from the store. Western MA's quickly rising house hero is back for us after a great closing set @ Positive.
BEN TAYLOR (Greenhouse Effect, Creative Forms, Magnified Rec) 3:30-5:00AM
CD release pty for "Live MIx by Ben Taylor Vol 2"
The man behind the monthly Amplify and a solid member of Greenhouse Dj Collective. Between his club nights @ Fuse and Enhanced on Weds. and his
djing down tempo in MA and NYC, we're pleased to present this western MA flava for his 1st Columns set. Grooving atmospheric d+b to wrap up the lounge proper!
INANNA (Lost Angelz, MA) 10:45-12:00AM
Back with us for the 1st time since last yr's 2AM Project showcase, this beautifully spirited performer will be giving us a perfect 2-step and housy performance to warm up for Emma. With a great NE fanbass and a great style and slickness behind the decks, she will warm your hearts as she does ours!
SPECIAL PETE (Dubcoast.com, Phunky Phresh, MA) 12:00-1:30AM
After an amazing journey @ Heaven for True we thought we'd have this slick cat drop the down tempo and ambient bomb once again for the lounge. Old skool Boston fav and true to his methods this is one man you know will take you out there!
SCOTTY MACK (Stuck On Earth, XLR8, Beat Control NY/NJ) 9:30-10:45PM
Kicking off the lounge with 2-step from south of the GW another diehard true staple of the NYC area community is Scott E Mack. Rockin tons of free parties over the summer as well as the enormously successful event Joy, Scott is
comin on strong. Get upstairs to see what we're excited to have you hear!
In 1997 we began a tradition. "Fresh" was a raw underground event with a diverse lineup, an old skool skate park venue, and an all out night of insane energy. In 1998 we continued that tradtion with "Refresh". Held at the legendary now defunct Sting nightclub, this events was our biggest to date and showcased a plethora of well
distinguished locals and some jaw-dropping
sets from Feelgood, Terry Mullen, and more. In 2000 we united with Soup Prod to bring you "Fresh Start" at the now legendary and notorious Bradley Hotel. We were honored with Soup to present such NE 1st as Freaky Flow, Cajmere, and a special live PA by Nostrum alongside many other great artists. Now in 2002 the tradition continues. Fresh vibe represents the red hot energy of a crowd going wild to amazing music. The people + the lights, the lasers, the love, and the funk behind the Fresh events have been what makes them memorable and enjoyable. For those of you who have been a Fresh event we invite you to come join us for the next chapter. For those newer adventurers we want to take your hand and guide you into our play of words on the catch phrase which represents the fun funk-filled vibe of SO FRESH & SO CLEAN. Peace, Columns family '02!
1592 Main St Springfield MA
INFOLINE: 203-287-8398
WEB: www.columnsofknowledge.com (http://www.columnsofknowledge.com)
TICKETS: Will be $28 in advance until Feb. 8th. more after
TICKET OUTLETS: www.ticketweb.com (http://www.ticketweb.com)
charge tickets by calling 800-965-4827 or 510-704-4448
Spiritual Emporium 860-524-9719
Satellite 617-536-5482
Growroom 413-549-9296
Satellite NYC 212-995-1744
Luna Sea 401-272-5862
G-Spot 518-432-0370
Any and all Bull Moose outlets in NH and ME: www.bullmoose.com (http://www.bullmoose.com)
Music Center 413-214-6108
Joyryde 802-863-9166 or online @ www.joyrydestudios.com (http://www.joyrydestudios.com)
You can even mail order tickets from us up until Feb 2nd for only $25.
Contact our info line or email us @ [email protected] for info.
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03-01-2002, 08:26
you this is gonna be a fuckin ill party fer real.freaky flow is breathtaking live.i cant believe hes gonna be at asylum.i am gonna fuckin rock the dance floor this party!

03-01-2002, 08:33
Freaky Flow w/ MC Flipside?!?!?! Hmmm.... oh yeah there is NO way I am missing this party. Holy shit I am loving this lineup!

03-01-2002, 18:48
Wow, the Asylum is actually getting some damn good line-ups now. So many good parties so little to choose from.

03-01-2002, 18:59
where there is flow, there is maui. i will definatley be here.

03-01-2002, 19:07
werd man, werd

04-01-2002, 05:03
wow, lineup is def unbelievable, money is tight so i might have to sell my body for sex for this one, anyone up uconn way need a ride, email me, don't mind drivin at all

04-01-2002, 07:58
i'm gonna go to this party, but i gotta say, i kinda disagree with putting q-bert in the mainroom at a peak time. i know it makes fiscal sense, but most of his music isn't really danceable. i'm sure he'll put on an amazing show nonetheless. besides that the lineup looks good. i finally checked out a live set of freaky flow's online, i was pretty impressed. it will be good to hear something other than dark/futuristic dnb on a big system. boh

04-01-2002, 18:34

09-01-2002, 19:20
i'm bumpin this to the top. why you say? for the very simple and obvious reason that it's a fuckin ill party and needs to be bumped to the top. thank you, good day.

09-01-2002, 20:18
yes that does deserve a bump......that and i bump parties weekly if i'm promoting for them. :)
-upstate NY promoter for Columns Of Knowledge

09-01-2002, 20:51
What's the point of bumping a post an hour after it's just been bumped?
And what's the point of this post other than me being an ass? =P

09-01-2002, 22:00
that's what we love you for dave. that and...well no, that's about it.
you know i'm jokin ;P props to mistah toprockah himself.

09-01-2002, 22:40

10-01-2002, 05:54
This party sound so hot...I'll be driving up from Long Island with some friends

10-01-2002, 07:01
this is officially the next party I go to after my mini hiatus ;)

10-01-2002, 08:39
Same here. But my hiatus is longer than yours, it's been since Happy Holidays for me.
So do I win anything?
(Note: I don't define bodily harm from Jamal as "winning" anything.)

12-01-2002, 00:18
Dave does that mean your not gonna be goin to Dayville on the 2nd??? Whats a Millenium party without TopCocka...not the same right??
Anyways, MMMMMMMHHMMMMMM Frizzity Freaky Flow. FUCKIN AWESOME. First time I saw him was at scream 3 and seeing as that party sucked he made it all worth the while to go. Can't wait.
Where's my lighta crew at??????

12-01-2002, 01:45
I am really debating on making this party my last one. I am thinking that this will be my last party unless andy c is booked at another party. then i would make an exception. i dunno yet, haven't totally decided. who cares anyway.

12-01-2002, 23:34
QBERT QBERT QBERT....damn i MUST go to this party.

13-01-2002, 01:18
hmm I wanna go to this partee, but it's to early to decide n make plans yet. We will see when it gets closer to the date. I hope to make it tho.

14-01-2002, 21:53
whoa whoa, jamal's last party?? but...but...what about the rumbles? looks like there's going to have to be an alternative place. cause certain people *coughcough* would miss the attacks on them too much to just let them go. it's okay my children, everything will be okay. okay.

15-01-2002, 01:49
when will someone tell jeff that Bullmoose dosen't sell tickets to the asylum... i've ben to 4 locations and they all say the same thing...
"We don't carry tickets to that venue, sorry."

15-01-2002, 03:41
^ how bout you be the hero who does it buddy? ok? there ya go.

15-01-2002, 03:59
yeah i have decided that this will be my last party unless andy c or hype comes around. then i
will go. of course this doesn't include the rinse or energy. just actual parties.

15-01-2002, 04:01
you probably have the right idea jamal. pauly had mentioned to me something about andy c in feb. talk to him about it if u want.

15-01-2002, 06:03
Jeff is trying to get Andy C for March but its all about Andy C's availability. If he was spinning in feb don't you think everyone would already know...I mean come on its Andy C!!!
I'm contemplating making this my last Asylum party. I'm sick of that place. I'm sick of the NE party scene. GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

15-01-2002, 06:05
Jeff is trying to get Andy C for March but its all about Andy C's availability. If he was spinning in feb don't you think everyone would already know...I mean come on its Andy C!!!
I'm contemplating making this my last Asylum party. I'm sick of that place. I'm sick of the NE party scene. GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

17-01-2002, 01:55
***PMuB*** this will be a good party

17-01-2002, 02:08
Yep.. Connell "BTS" Burke is just too much for everyone. Only the dirtiest and darkest sections of the Bronx can handle him.
Connell.. Jamal and I have a friend from the Red Hook section of New York you might want to get ruff with. Beat him if you can, Survive if he lets you!

17-01-2002, 02:36
yahhhh! I am so excited! the forst party i ever went to Freaky Flow and Mc Flip side spun...and it was off the hook! I got to talk to freaky flow for a lil bit and got him to write me a lil note on my ticket stub! So i am mos Def psyched to see him again!!!! Cant wait...Also I am meeting up with Dj scotty Mack there! Its gonna be illa!

17-01-2002, 02:40
Dave, Tazz is more of a herb since he came into the WWF. Shit, just look who his partner is...Spike Dudley of all people. What a dork. heh.
[ 17 January 2002: Message edited by: MrJaMaL ]

Phreel0ad err
17-01-2002, 16:56
you cant keep me from this party, i already got my tickets and everything. The last Columns of Knowledge party, Happy Hollidays was absolutley crazy. Scary, make sure u get to the front of the line this time.

Phreel0ad err
17-01-2002, 16:58
babygurl, are you talking about Scream 3? I loved that party, even though most of the headliners cancled and rectangle absolutely sucked.

17-01-2002, 17:23
Ya i know i don't wana miss this one i'll prolly get my ticket off ticket web or look for someone up front. -=]

Phreel0ad err
17-01-2002, 17:29
u mean like me?
i ordered my ticket off ticketweb this morning, the people at bull moose are a bunch of whores.

Phreel0ad err
17-01-2002, 18:59
If any of you go to any asylum parties you should look for me right up front, ill be sure to save some spots.
talk to me for more info
AIM: phreel0aderr

18-01-2002, 01:26
phreel0ad err becoming a post whore just like me -=]

Phreel0ad err
18-01-2002, 01:43
you bet i am, i got kicked off the counter-strike forums for it too.

18-01-2002, 02:52
There's a difference between being a post-whore, and just plain annoying.

18-01-2002, 03:06
Top-That was Rude!
Phreeloader-Yah I am talkin bout scream...you know who this is dont you?!

Phreel0ad err
18-01-2002, 03:36
cant say that i do.

18-01-2002, 13:57
Mike Sharpes....It's Eric and Shelly you dumb ass..LMFAO. So are you definately hitting this party? It's going to blow the minds of about 5,000 people. A complete repeat of Happy Holidays. We's is hoping NEWAYZ. Well you can count me in on this one. Honestly i don't think too many people in the northeast will want to miss this one. I mean FF, Q-BERT, Todd Buckler,& Christopher Lawrence in the same venue. It's gonna be OFF DA HOOK!!! Props to Jeff for doing such a great job with everything from booking to the lighting. YAY YAY YAY!!!! THREE CHEERS FOR JEFF!!!!!!

Phreel0ad err
18-01-2002, 14:34
oh hey, i kinda thought it might have been you 2...prob because you are the only ravers i know in Maine. Yea, I am mos def hitting this party, Happy Holidays was my first Asylum party, and i have fallen in love with the place. Hope to see u there.

18-01-2002, 16:28
HAH. coming from my own PAST experience...
babygurl, meet TopRocka. ;) ohhhhh this is gonna be FUN to watch.
PS - anyone ever heard of AIM? it's this thing that lets ya send messages between TWO people...
aren't the advances in modern technology amazing?

18-01-2002, 19:11
hurray for jeff!... (giggles) sorry i gotta be sarcastic too some times, it's fun. jeff dose good job an all but we don't need to start doing the "WAVE" for him special on bluelight... you could always just aim him tell him thanks...
>Always Carein'

18-01-2002, 22:54
(Remembers back when Weez(True Prod/Lost Angelz) used to be a bluelighter...)
[ 18 January 2002: Message edited by: MrJaMaL ]

18-01-2002, 23:30
i personally see no problem with someone giving their own props to jeff. if a person chooses to be nice, a person chooses to be nice. no need to go against that just for the fact of saying that you have jeff's aim name. and for dave's rudeness, it is simply honesty. i like honesty. i like dave.

18-01-2002, 23:39
"Look Mommy, Ravers arguing!!" "Where's the PLUR?"

20-01-2002, 09:10
big ups to MrJamal.. aka Jammy "Plurry" Wammy.
babygurl - can we say.. "HOW RUDE!", you know Stephanie Tanner from the TV Show Full House. You a member of the fan club or something?
Scary - Aren't you the one having personal back and forth convo's in these threads? But you're against someone givin props to someone else?
Now what.. is up.. with that?
Oh, and I'd like to know why someone didn't tell me that consuming mass amounts of Gin would leave me with a burning throat for 2 days. thanks guys.. THANKS!
[ 20 January 2002: Message edited by: TopRocka ]