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17-01-2005, 18:46
I know I've seen similar threads, but I was just curious to see how these ranked among the bluelighters. Put em in the order of how much you like them and then a little brief description of why.%)

18-01-2005, 15:02
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18-01-2005, 18:11
Xanax - Shorter life span, faster kick in
Valium - Longest Life Span, Moderate kick in time, acts as a mild muscle relaxer as well
Klonopin - Long Life span, 1-2 Hour to fully kick

Dont get caught in a Benzo addiction if you didnt already know. Great drugs, awesome short term value. But thats it.

Spooky Mulder
18-01-2005, 19:35
klonopin - Seems to cause loss of inhibitions the most for me. Seems to also mess me up the most out of the three.

Xanax - Hits pretty quick, love using them for sleep, but not as fun for me as the k-pins.

Valium - The longest, and the most mellow. Valium never really messes me up as bad as the first two, but I'll take them whenever I can.

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19-01-2005, 05:23
Xanax - Maybe because I haven't gotten my hands that much, but they are my favorite. I get the highest and sleep like a baby.
Klonopin - Pretty much don't do much for me unless I am boozing since I have been popping them for a while. But they are great to get you a sleep after doing coke all night.
Valium - They never did much for me, but I'll take them if someone offers.

19-01-2005, 06:27
Valium - The only benzo I can actually "feel" - in the right situation, can give me euphoria followed by itself.. plus the muscle relaxation is nice. And, it lasts, and you're not going to go out of control from munching Valiums..

Klonopins - similar to above, but not quite as good.

Xanax - I can't "feel" these things - When I take 3 or 4mg, I find myself doing wierd things and calling everyone I know for example, without really "feeling" a discernable effect - Im heavily under the influence but I dont realize it. Can be a bad scene.

Valium also seems to hit the quickest. 20mg valium is nice, if taken early enough in the day.. but good luck getting up the next day after eating em ;)

19-01-2005, 06:45
klonopins- best 'buzz' , seems to be the strongest and longest one, make me feel more 'drunk'deffinitly more motor loss.

xanax-no real 'buzz' but a deffinite mood lifter and very calming but a lil short

valiums-makes me really mellow, and makes me a lil 'slow', more so than the k-pins.

all extremely good with weed.

19-01-2005, 06:57
wow and there hasnt been 1 in the same order yet- pretty awesome

19-01-2005, 06:59
I take that back actually, but still...

19-01-2005, 09:15
xanax is the best in my opinion. awesome for drinking with and feel really euphoric and happy feeling.

klonopin - nice for getting fucked up but usually have a bad hangover from it the last day.

valium havent used it that much but just went to sleep when i did it.

19-01-2005, 13:58
I have anexiety and therefore I feel the relief as a big part of the "high".

I'd say valium gives me the most, even though its weak, but its definately the best for me. Its the most complete block of anexiety in a good dose and never makes me fall asleep.

Klonopin is nice, my personal favourite to get off on, even though I don't use it anymore.

Xananx is just to sedating for me to take it regualarly, its good value for money though. I can not understand the hype, rohypnol is the best power-benzo.


naked lunch
19-01-2005, 16:22
Valium is the only one out of the three that I find actually gets me high.
Xanax either tends to make me fall asleep or make me very confused and is probably the least recreational for me. Great for some instant relief of anxiety durring opiate withdrawl though.

Klonopin ranks inbetween the two.

19-01-2005, 19:10
Xanax is my favorite...kicks in quick, though it doesn't last long. I just like the relaxed feeling that it provides me with over the other two..
Klonopin is a close second, taking a bit longer to kick in, and making me sleep longer...
Valium I don't like much for recreation. It's 'okay', but gives me one hell of a hangover the next day whereas the others only do in large quantities.

20-01-2005, 06:22

20-01-2005, 17:20
I don't like benzos at all, but if i did, i would do K-pin all day.

20-01-2005, 22:01
Out of the three, Klonopin works the best for anxiety. Xanax is probably the better of the 3 for recreational purposes, and Valium, I don't like Valium too much.

20-01-2005, 22:02
Benzodiazepines aren't really recreational in the first place. I use them mainly for what they were made for. Anxiety and panic attacks.

21-01-2005, 04:47
^ as you see in everyone elses posts, everyone reacts different to these drugs, they can be recreational but as you said use them for what they're meant for anxiety and panic attacks also good for stimulant comedowns.

21-01-2005, 05:28
Xanax - my favorite for gettin relaxed and fucked up.

Ativan - my favorite for going to sleep, puts me out FASTER THEN XANAX but has less recreational value.

Valium - Never really got much from it... 40mg was a nice relaxing buzz but nothing to write home about...

21-01-2005, 19:41
^ you switched the lorazapam with the clonazapam. but if everyone is doing it...

Xanax - one of my favorite's gets me fucked drunk quick, as it is a fast acting benzo for panic attacks

Klonopin - this one i take regularly, even at high doses i just get sloppy(as w/ most benzos) good when doing amph

Valium - like most doesn't really do much, this is the benzo most commonly used for alcohol or benzo wd's

21-01-2005, 20:54
1. Klonopin - longest half life, I can take 20 and still be okay, most fun and easiest to avoid withdrawals with. I love being rxed klonopin. It's the kind of thing i like taking every day.

2. Valium - It's just useful. When you need to crash or sleep or mellow out or whatever. It also has a pretty long half life and is good when it comes to withdrawals. Wouldn't want to be rxed it though.

3. Xanax - What can I say that hasn't already been said? Love/hate relationship. Best euphoria, worst everything else. Unpredictable, easy to black out, terrible results when combined with alcohol, violent and sometimes just plain stupid behavior when I'm on it. I hate its withdrawals the most though. They come on like a lightning bolt and are lethal.

22-01-2005, 02:51
Xanax-Good for anxiety as it works quick. Moderate euphoria which is good.

Valium-Valium gives me a unique "feeling", which I like but it's not as good at eliminating anxiety quickly.

Kolonpin-K-pin hits me hard. Good for when I want a deep sleep for a long time.

23-01-2005, 07:56
Oxycontin :), Valium, Xanax, Klopin


23-01-2005, 08:34
valium is the only one thats actually ever made me feel fucked up

the other 2 really just made me feel less anxious
unless u take xanax and drink, that feels nice :)

28-01-2005, 00:37
anyone else?

28-01-2005, 02:07
Anyway i have to say:

1. Klonopin, hits hard, very anti-anxiety and sedative.
2. Xanax, anxiety-relife but no power-benzo, good for a boring day at work.
3. Valium, doesnt really do it for me, took 80 mg one time and felt almost nothing, maybe bad india gear :\

28-01-2005, 02:28
well, being an IV drug user for years now (mainly heroin + cocaine, but more heroin), I have concluded that I enjoy fast-acting drugs...you know, "rush-drugs"......drugs that creep are OK, because most of the time they last longer which is good, but I like to get hit like a ton of bricks when I consume something....

Therefore, the short-acting benzos are the ones that I personally like (alprazolam, temazepam, halcion, etc....) I think I'd rather have an intense come-on and not a long high, rather than a gradual come-on, with a longer-duration high.......

However, I do enjoy clonazepam and diazepam for days when I just wanna feel relaxed all day long, not so much to get "fucked up.."

seems like benzo are like colors......everyone has a favorite, and no two people are the same......also there is no "ultimate best benzo"....everyone thinks differently....%)

28-01-2005, 02:30
also to Benzorider; So are we to conclude that Indian-manufactured "knockoffs" aren't as good as the brand-name versions???

28-01-2005, 02:34
We sure can itchy :)

Strange thing was that they where perfectly manufactured, blue, rounded edges, firmly pressed, crack in the middle, named "roche" and "10", you couldnt tell them from a pharmacies blister package...

Hmm sneaky indians :D

Anyway, Couple of K-Pins wouldnt feel totally wrong right now :)

28-01-2005, 06:04
thats interesting

28-01-2005, 07:15
Originally posted by Benzorider
We sure can itchy :)

Strange thing was that they where perfectly manufactured, blue, rounded edges, firmly pressed, crack in the middle, named "roche" and "10", you couldnt tell them from a pharmacies blister package...

Hmm sneaky indians :D

Anyway, Couple of K-Pins wouldnt feel totally wrong right now :)

hmmmm......that noticeably different huh (in terms of strength)????? like you might even think that it was bunk all together???? that may keep me from acquiring indian-made meds that I have been thinking about getting lately.....:\

28-01-2005, 07:38
i have some pakistani xanax and they work just beautifully

28-01-2005, 10:26
I've never tried klonopin, but I have to put valium ahead of xanax as far as recreational value goes.

Valium gives me a nice relaxed buzz, moderate euphoria, and little loss of motor control. Nice to veg out to a movie with.

Xanax makes me tired, sloppy, and dull. No euphoria. Then I get bored and go to sleep.

29-01-2005, 20:40
Lets see I used each of these hundereds of times.... in order from greatest to least.....

Valium- takes super long to kick in, my whole body feels relaxed, half life of up to 8 days so it lingers in your system.. Klonopin- similiar to valium however it lasts shorter and is more potent..

Xanax- kicks in almost immediately, pretty strong, but can barely feel the lingering effects after about 4-6 hrs...

They are all almost similar except for peak, duration, and half-life, Although benzos dont officially cause Euphoria the calmness of my mind/bod is definetly extremely Euphoric to me

30-01-2005, 21:13
Valium - Gives me the most euphoria and best sleep.

Xanax - I used to love these but for some reason nowadays they don't really do much for me and don't give me that good sleep I used to love. Just make me feel kind of confused.

Klonopin - Never really get high off these, good for anxiety and sleep though. Worst thing about these is a lot of people take more because it doesnt kick in fast and they end up acting crazy and scary all night. I call this stage a klono-coma.

31-01-2005, 00:39
Alprazolam=Very potent, quick acting, short duration (Euphoric)
Diazepam=Long duration, good for muscle pain/problems, good for sleep
Clonazepam=More potent version of diazepam, Equivalent duration

06-02-2005, 17:29

07-02-2005, 01:12
I'd say that alprazolam (Xanax) is clearly the most recreational of the three, though neither of them are actually recreational when administered alone.

Clonazepam is good for controlling anxiety; it lasts for eight to twelve hours and is quite potent, some might even say euphoric. It's very hard on memory and cognitive functioning though,

Diazepam is something that never really seems to affect me with any physical sensation, yet it definitely suppresses anxiety and lasts quite a while. However, it is fairly weak.

For anxiety, I'd recommend clonazepam or another very long acting benzodiazepine. Diazepam is good for anxiety, but not as strong as clonazepam. Xanax is great for panic attacks but its downfall is that it does not last long.

I hope you make the right decision and won't be back here in several months, like myself, talking of how benzodiazepine addiction is so terrible, lunarDISCObanquet.

Cheers. Take care. %)

07-02-2005, 01:46
It's interesting to see everyone's different reactions to benzos (I already knew this, but it's interesting to see people actually report about it)...

Valium is the only one that I actually feel really nice off of, the others just help my anxiety w/ no noticable "high"...of course, I've been physically dependent on benzos for over 7 years now, and I don't see myself being able to get off of them anytime soon...:(

Xanax next
Then Klonopin...
...although realistically, I'd probably choose Klonopin over Xanax, because the crash (short half-life) just kills me...plus Xanax (cold-turkey W/D) is the one I almost died from, so I could be a bit predjudiced... :\

Do yourself a favor though, don't take them everyday...getting hooked on benzos is just about the worst thing you could do to yourself. For real...

07-02-2005, 04:01
Dunno about you all but I get awfully dry while consuming xanax. Just as some suggest that there are other "colors" of benzos, do others get more or less dry/cotton mouth and symptoms of dehydration with some benzos rather than others?

07-02-2005, 10:53
OK the benzos... good for hiding the pain.

valium- for me, its the weakest, least euphoric
i dont feel high from valium

xanax- for me, i get an intense rush with the confusion thing...
then i pass out, whether i want to or not, cant say i dont like it tho...\

klonopin- clonazepam has been my close buddy for about a year now
i get a very pleasureable rush as im coming up, maybe the first 45 min or so, after that it mellows out and cognitive skills are definately impaired but its pretty unoticable to you at the time, considerable loss of inhibitions. good with pot.... best of those three, i think

but like someother people have said dont get in the habit
cause it sucks when ur daddies pills dissapear

07-02-2005, 14:21
Well I would have to say I have been the most fucked up on clonazepam. Strange days and nights of which I have no recolection except for people telling me stupid and outrageous things i did, stuff I said, etc.

Valium is alright just to chill, and i have done xanax once and it didnt do much for me.

14-03-2005, 02:25

14-03-2005, 08:10
valium is the only benzo that i feel euphoric and high. the rest just knock me out and give me amnesia especially xanax.

Summer of Love
14-03-2005, 14:00
Xanax- best for instant relief, absolutely horrible when trying to taper.

Valium- Little too weak for my tastes, does relax me, but too subtle.

Klonopin- Mild euphoria, great for comedowns and going to sleep, and seems to go best with weed and/or opiates out of the 3.

I'm prescribed klonopin, and am dependant on benzos in general right now. Valium used to be my choice benzo before i was prescribed klonopin, because with no tolerance the 2 basically feel the same to me, but now for me to "get off" in any way using benzos, it takes around 16-20 mg of k-pins, 200 mg valium, or 16-20 mg of xanax. I'm talking about taking each drug on its own, not that entire mix, heh.

Benzos definately arent worth it imo in the long run, but it's hard for me to enjoy a good oxy high now without at least 4-6 mg of klonopin in the mix.

Piper methysticum
14-03-2005, 14:18
Well, I actually like them all for different reasons, most of which have already been mentioned. However, Klonopin is my favorite out of the three.

Xanax - Kicks in very quick, good for Opiate withdrawal, and good if you want to go to sleep fast, especially during the after effects of a strong stimulant. Causes me to forget alot of things more than the others.

Klonopin - Slower onset, but once it gets going, it is extremely strong. It hits me harder than all three of these, and overall is just the best feeling of the three.

Valium - Feels quite good, more like Klonopin but on a lighter scale, gives me a pleasant dreamy feeling that I don't get quite as much with the others.

14-03-2005, 14:22
Ok I'm gonna add in a few more so you can see where I put valium

klonopin - nice buzz long effect
temazepam - quick kick and feels nice in highish doses
xanax - kick and sedating
lorazepam - mellow good for anxiety
valium - does little to nothing unless I take like 100mg and I don't have much of a tollerance.

14-03-2005, 16:21
Valium: Takes 30min to kick in and feels euphoric. Nice mellow body buzz but I can't sleep on them. I like them the most recreationally but aren't as good with anxiety as Xanax.

Xanax: currently prescribed and I have been taking them for anxiety/sleep for the past 7 years. Kicks in strong and fast but no real euphoria. Great for sleep. With a couple of beers, feels okay.

Klonopin: Similar to Valium, with less euphoria. Hard to wake up the next morning after taking a couple.

Ativan: Throw'em in the garbage. I don't feel a thing of them.

Dalmane: Tried in once prior to any other benzo use. Good for sleep. About as recreational as Benedryl, which puts me to sleep, of course.