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  3. Welcome to DRUG STUDIES - an open discussion on what we're about
  4. (Recruiting) [AUS] Under the Influence: Do you work in AOD related fields?
  5. Why do you use marijuana? Tell Dr Grinspoon & the world!
  6. (Writing-up) Naltrexone and Adrenergic Agents to Reduce Heroin Use in Heroin Addicts (TX, Russia)
  7. (Writing-up) Reducing Cocaine/Heroin Abuse With SR-Amphetamine and Buprenorphine (Detroit)
  8. What makes you complete an online survey for research?
  9. (Recruiting) DopeStats
  10. Bluelight researchers: introduce yourselves!
  11. Cannabis therapy online
  12. Offsite Studies & Where can YOU, as a member, offer yourself for a study?
  13. [AUS] Attitudes towards Ecstasy
  14. (Recruiting) Cancer Anxiety Study with Psilocybin in Baltimore
  15. (Writing-up) [US] [San Francisco] Nonmedical prescription drug sellers
  16. (Writing-up) A Survey of Drugs and Spirituality
  17. (Writing-up) [AUS] [NSW & Qld] Brief intervention for adult ecstasy users
  18. (Writing-up) Online cannabis treatment
  19. (Published) Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Study
  20. (Writing-up) Beckley Foundation International Drugs Survey
  21. Researchers please read - A short guide to research with online forums
  22. (Recruiting) UK & NZ / Looking for legal highs users for a French TV documentary
  23. (Assignment) Calling experienced psychonauts in the UK
  24. (Writing-up) [USA] Medical Research Study for the Opiate Dependent
  25. (Writing-up) [AUS] drug use and spiritual experiences
  26. (Writing-up) [UK] Survey: Dance drugs/Rave Culture
  27. (Writing-up) Online Survey: "Attitudes to drug consumption" (cannabis, ketamine, MDMA)
  28. (Writing-up) Opinions wanted on US Safe Injection Facilities
  29. (Writing-up) MAPS - MDMA–Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  30. PLEASE HELP ASAP! Suboxone Drug Test
  31. (Writing-up) ISCD survey for polydrug users
  32. (Writing-up) Legal and illegal drug use survey
  33. (Writing-up) Quality of Life, Mood and Recreational drugs
  34. (Writing-up) Patterns of Cannabis Use
  35. Any one know of any good new legal highs
  36. (Writing-up) [AUS] Anonymous online survey for ecstasy and other stimulant drug users
  37. (Recruiting) [US] Hopkins Bayview - multiple studies
  38. Socio-economics project survey (anonymous)
  39. (Recruiting) [AUS] [Melbourne] Study of opiate dependence now recruiting in Melbourne/Victoria
  40. e-cigs/liquids and false marijuana positives
  41. Amphetamine and Urinary PH hypothesis/question...CHECK if you know anything of this!
  42. essay about drugs....need some user info
  43. (Writing-up) Research Paper, looking to compile cannabis studies
  44. The internet and Collaborative research - time we proved something!
  45. (Writing-up) UK MXE/Methoxetamine legal high study
  46. Studies on the efficiency of antidepressants
  47. (Assignment) Anonymous Drug War Racism Survey
  48. (Recruiting) Legal Highs Survey - Switzerland
  49. (Assignment) writing essay on raves being spiritual gatherings... need users to relate!
  50. (Assignment) Psilocybin and mystical type expierences having sustained spiritual signifigance