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U.K. - Why coronavirus is making people hoard illegal drugs


Bluelight Crew
Jan 22, 2011
It's stockpiling, but not as you know it. Why coronavirus is making people hoard illegal drugs
Emma Reynolds
April 7th, 2020
London (CNN) -- It's not just toilet roll that people are panic buying. Some illegal drug users are reportedly stockpiling their substance of choice as restrictions intended to stop the spread of coronavirus disrupt the international supply chain.

And the consequences could be devastating, with experts concerned that people will adopt riskier habits, substitute unfamiliar drugs or enter withdrawal, which can be dangerous if unmanaged. Since heavy users often have other health problems, this could mean increased strain on services that are already near breaking point.

UK drug policy and crime experts told CNN they were worried over a growing number of reports of shortages and escalating prices for drugs, as international borders close and supply lines are cut off.

"There are reports coming through of people stockpiling their favorite drug or their drug of choice, and of course, that just creates a shortage, which has inevitably led to price increases," Ian Hamilton, senior lecturer in addiction and mental health at the University of York, told CNN. He said he expected to see heroin "disappearing very, very quickly" in the UK.

Steve Rolles, senior policy analyst at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, told CNN there was "anecdotal evidence of price rises... and that doesn't seem surprising."
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Jun 7, 2018
That's pro.

Here in Toronto, we're all degenerates it seems as the latest hoarding here has been of booze. Like supermarkets with bare shelves the day after they fully stocked. This shit doesn't even happen on NYE and that's a pretty bad scene in the local liquor shops as is.


Moderator: CD
Apr 13, 2013
I was hoarding before the pandemic, these people are late for the train, it left hours ago :whistle:
Fuck man I hope theirs still some good suit left when I get paid my guy is honest with me though he makes sure I get the best he has to offer I've brought off him hundreds of times and only once have I got some weak stuff...