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Favorite Kratom


Jan 23, 2020
The Land Of Nod
5 years ago, much later then it was discovered that kratom was adulterated with O-desmethyltramadol (from which some people died) I was getting pretty decent high comparable to schedule 2 opioids. That kind of high was really short, but with red thai maeng da that I was using then it was on the same level as 5-10 mg oxycodone. I would even start to itch and get miosis. Other oxycodone type effects were present - feelings of warmth in my body, psychological euphoria, having energy...I even got some nodding effect.

For that kind of effects I had to be opioid free (tolerance reset) but I wasn't new at opioids as I have previously to kratom taken morphine, oxycodone, methadone and tramadol. So it wasn't like somebody "talked me into placebo". My wife, who took kratom before any other opioid likes kratom more than oxycodone. I must say that she took oxycodone in maximum dosage of 20mg and used oxyccdone maybe 10 times in her whole life. She was never dependent on any opioid.

It may be that an individual makeup really makes a difference here. Opioid use history and expectation also play a major role. But I can say that kratom has gotten me where I could get with 10mg oxycodone. But there is a limit with kratom. It can not be compared to even 20mg oxycodone, let alone higher doses (when tolerance is reset). Plus taking kratom for a week makes it (for me) impossible to get that kind of high. But it is still an useful low potency opioid.

"I was getting pretty decent high comparable to schedule 2 opioids."
"It can not be compared to even 20mg oxycodone,"

Uhh... so which is it then? Is it comparable to schedule II opioids or can it NOT be compared to even 20mg of a scheduled II opioid?

Really? Who genuinely feels 5mg of oxycodone? I was once given percocets for an abscess long before I had tried anything other than tramadol and those 5mg of oxycodone were much weaker than 400mg of tramadol. I suppose individual chemistry could be at play but I was just speaking to another user on here who was given 5mg oxycodone and is in pain and doesn't feel shit from the 5mg either.

I received a buzz ONCE back in 2012 from kratom. The high lasted a good 8 hours and reminded me very much of tramadol/hydro. I assume it probably was odesmethyltramadol.

It wasn't until 2016-to present that I tried it again (at least 10 different brands at this point) and even with no to low tolerance, I would say it doesn't feel much like any opioid at all. The extracts come slightly close, but there are 400+ alkaloids in kratom and only 2 of those are actually mu-agonists and several are actually mu-antagonists. I've tried kratom with no tolerance now & have tried it with low dose bupe tolerance and yes there are effects, but they are more adrenergic and caffeine-like rather than opioid-like. And I say that for the reds, greens, whatever color. I've never been able to tell any difference.

Everyone is different I guess but I can't see a heroin user being satisfied with kratom at all.


Jan 16, 2018
East Coast USA
Yeah it doesn’t feel anything like oxy and I do agree it’s more like coffee but it def helped with the withdrawal from oxy . I got off 40-60 mg oxy er using Kratom with little to no discomfort so it’s worth it for that reason .