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Help! DMT


Feb 23, 2021
And how would one go about accessing this alleged "dark net"? ;)
It's not "alleged" as that would indicate people are claiming a darknet exists yet they'd have zero evidence to back up said claim. Rather, the darknet definitely exists. A good place to start learning about that is by learning about the TOR browser, the TOR network, and what onion routing is and how .onion sites work. Read up on it, perhaps starting with a wikipedia article or using DuckDuckGo to find sites with relevant info. Nothing about it is inherently illegal. Researchers and academics use it all the time, so don't sweat that part of it too much. With some perseverance it will fall into place. The same applies if you decide you'd like to try your hand at DMT extraction (as a moral act of civil disobedience, of course). Good luck.


Oct 29, 2018

I have heard tell that such a place exists but i have never seen it...


May 6, 2019
The Dimension of LSD-25
Pray to your higher self to access any knowledge at any time. If you have faith in your own abilities then this light may very well reach its way to you soon. DMT is life changing stuff so be in a good setting when doing it that you just can just sit back and relax and close your eyes while breakingthrough this 3d matrix we live in.

Namaste friend will be intresting to see how your future dmt travels go. If its meant to be it will one day cross your path by divine luck.

DMT is a holy sacrament. "divine moments of truth" "dead mans trip" these are just some of the tales and and legends surrodening this mythical psychedelic. ENjoy and hold it it in as much as possible and breakthrough to the divine realm.