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Oct 28, 2003
Welcome to Drugs in the Media!

Mod: S.J.B.

In an attempt to keep things civilized, a few guidelines have been written. They're pretty easy to follow, so please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with them:

  • General board rules apply, and can be found in the Bluelight User Agreement. Lively discussion is welcome and encouraged, but name-calling and flaming will not be tolerated. And as always, do not attempt to purchase or sell drugs in any thread. The information will be edited, and your posting privileges may be potentially removed as a result. Don't even try it.

  • Begin new threads with published news items (don't just start a thread with a comment or a question). If you read something in a magazine or newspaper (or watch something) you'd like to discuss here, find a corresponding article on the internet you can post.
  • All news stories must be drug-related and discussion oriented (a "drug" in this context is a substance with recreational value). Random articles that aren't about drugs will be closed or moved to the appropriate forum.

  • The title of the article
  • The author/source
  • Date of publication (If using the numerical format, please follow the US mm/dd/yy format)
  • Partial text of the article
  • Link (please do not post only a link -- they eventually expire and the stories will be lost!).
  • A descriptive title for your thread (the actual story title often works best).
  • When making a new thread, please post the article alone and THEN, in a separate post, any comments you might have.
  • The moderators will edit/reformat posts as necessary.

  • Check to make sure the article you wish to post hasn't already been posted by someone else. When in doubt (or if the article is more than a few days old), use the Search function. Duplicate articles will be closed or merged into existing articles.
  • If your post has been closed, an explanation as to why will be found in a post at the bottom of the thread or at the very top. Contact the moderator if you believe it should not have been closed.
  • Articles about run-of-the-mill "drug busts" belong in Mega-Merged Drug Busts Thread. Please don't post them as separate threads, as they will be moved into the Mega-Merged thread anyway! The Mega-Merged Drug Busts thread is stickied.
  • Forum moderators are responsible for keeping the forum organized and reserve the right to make judgment calls as necessary.
  • If you need to contact the moderators for any reason, please do so through PM.
  • Only post articles that are relatively recent (past year).
  • Video links should be posted in the DiTM Video thread.

Read, discuss, and enjoy!

*[these guidelines were built upon the old ones posted by BlueAdonis]
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May 25, 2004
St. Charles, IL
Article Title
Author Name
Publication source
Date published

This is where the article text goes.

This isn't a format set in stone, but rather an example which includes the necessary information. Please make sure that the article title, author's name, publication source, date published, and the link to the article are included. It's nice if they stand out, when compared to the article text.
Keep in mind that your article may have been posted by someone else, so it's a good idea to scan the first page of DiTM before posting, especially if it is an article from a popular source (front page of Yahoo for example).
Article Link

Edit: Please do not copy and paste the full article. Copy and paste a portion (5 or less paragraphs), which preferably gives the gist of the article. Discussion as to why you have to do this.
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