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Feb 22, 2000
Getting to the point ...
For regular members of Bluelight, the Administrators are the ones you should contact regarding issues such as reporting moderator misconduct and abuse, forum suggestions, sensitive matters that you wish to remain private, etc.

Likewise, for Moderators, the Administrators are the ones you should contact about mod replacement/removal, troublesome posters, and general one-on-one discussions about forum business.

List of Administrators:


For issues and questions related to specific forums, please contact the smod(s) who oversee it. If it is admin-specific business, please pm one of the above administrators, or the site Co-Owner (TheLoveBandit).

Unless otherwise specified, forums are covered by all Admins

NOTE: Xorkoth & mal3volent are also covering the position of Senior Moderator in several forums (please see the Senior Moderator assignment thread).
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