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    xanax thread

    so ive got some prescribed xanax 1mg pills, and was wondering recommended dosage for a complete newbie (recreational use), I also take 5mg of ritalin daily, and prozac 50mg daily, I take both in the morning. do these interact with xanax? is it safe?

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    Don't wanna seem to be a richard but can you talk to your doctor about this or is it a case of self medication?
    Just asking as there are soooo many factors involved here.
    Thanks and bless

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    First, remember that Benzos (including Xanax) will give you delusions of sobriety even if you are so trashed you can?t stand up. Some people have a problem with redosing benzos and forgetting they?ve done so.

    That being said, i would start with between .75 and 1 mg. Don?t combine with alcohol and definitely not with opis.. Keep it low to start and you?ll get a lot more out of the experiences. You may be underwhelmed

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    I'd start with 1mg for a newbie. It is very easy to overdo it on benzo's. Don't do any driving while under the influence...or mix with alcohol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twohandjones View Post
    I also take 5mg of ritalin daily,... I take both in the morning.
    5mg is that a dose or a typo twohandjones? That's so low I am guessing it's not for AD(H)D, more like a wake me up thing.

    0.25mg Alprazolam (Xanax) is a normal start dose for non tolerant's. Very noticeable ime.

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    Start w one, or half to see how they affect you.

    Holdback made a valid point re having delusions of sobriety while being fucked off your gourd.

    That doesn't happen to me, I'm aware of how messed up I am. My husband, on the other hand is not aware. He wants to call everyone, including his mother while he's slurring and obnoxious, while I'm trying to wrestle the phone out of his hand.

    Or he wants to go out in public! It's bad. After being frustrated by this stuff for a long time, I realized he doesn't realize how wrecked he is. Be mindful of that.

    Start slow. Do it when you're able to stay home and have no pressing responsibilities. You can always add more.

    And yes, blacking out and redosing. That's another very real aspect of benzo use. You'll come back to reality and your bottle will be missing alot of pills, that you have no recollection of taking.

    Or, you wake up in jail and have no idea how, why, etc. It's not fun to pay a fine or do time in jail for something you did while blacked out.

    Be careful. Realize benzos are powerful. I had my Dr stop writing me #90 1mg Xanax with 2 refills a month. I had him change it to #30 a month.

    I realized that I was doing risky things, blacking out, etc. Before I ended up hurting or killing someone else or myself, I grabbed the reins. Im on Subutex, and benzos are a no-no. I take them occasionally.

    Good luck OP.

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    OP! Please allow me to welcome you warmly to our community. Prepare yourself my friend, as I'm about to load you up on information.

    We do not advise people on "recreational" usage. That is, if someone is not in a dangerous situation and are just trying to get intoxicated, it's not our thing. However, what you have in your possession is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Alprazolam (Xanax) is arguably the most hard-hitting and "abusable" Benzodiazepine that is commonly prescribed considering drugs like Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) and Temazepam (Restoril) are rarely seen these days.

    I absolutely am against you starting this process with recreational use in mind. If you are just getting your prescription and you're already thinking about misusing it, well, it's an omen. The thing with Benzodiazepines is that when taken by themselves, have a very high Lethal Dose 50%. Conservatively, about 300mg/kg is required to kill a rat.

    You are not taking any other Central Nervous System Depressants right? You didn't mention any, so I'm going off of that assumption. My inbox is loaded with messages regarding folks who are trying to get off Benzo's. Some of the words and phrases used to describe the process: Hell. Nightmare. Fantasizing about suicide. Like being torn apart in all directions. Would rather go through labor twice in a row (my favorite description).

    Benzodiazepines are not meant to be taken for longer than 2 weeks. In certain circumstances, this is extended to 4 weeks. It's one of the biggest crimes committed by the medical establishment in my opinion. It is not a secret. It is not hard to find. The guidelines are so clear. Most scrupulous doctors will only prescribe chronic Benzo's for neurological conditions like Epilepsy. You are not supposed to take these pills every day on a schedule unless it is only for this acute period.

    If you start taking these every day, you're gonna be walking down the same path to dependence that everyone else does. For the record, I believe you should not have begun treatment with 1mg. It would be more rational to start with 0.5mg and then increase if needed, which makes me further worry about your prescriber. Is the intent that you're going to be taking this drug every day for the foreseeable future?

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    Thanks for all your replies. I didnt realise the amount of danger associated with xanax, i knew they were somewhat dangerous but not to this extent. Appreciate the honesty on here, its refreshing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emkee_reinvented View Post
    5mg is that a dose or a typo twohandjones? That's so low I am guessing it's not for AD(H)D, more like a wake me up thing.

    0.25mg Alprazolam (Xanax) is a normal start dose for non tolerant's. Very noticeable ime.
    Yes its for ADHD, and i realise the dose is small, but my doctor recommends it so..

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    Probably .5-1mg. .25 didn't do anything when I first started taking it with no tolerance. Just make sure you don't make a habit out of it. Benzos suck to quit as I think anyone here will attest to.

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    just want to say that if you've been prescribed Xanax for panic/anxiety attacks they will actually cause more anxiety and panic getting off them. ive been on them for years and they are a very hard drug to get off if you start self medicating you're in trouble

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    hesitant to post 'advice' ...


    first realize that xanax is not always even 'recreational' ... For some it's sleepy and mildly dysphoric/boring...

    1mg should give a naive tolerance fairly strong effects. 2mg is pretty much the limit for a newbie, and you probably will fall asleep and not remember stuff /blackout. Not good.

    Some people dose a very small amount with alchohol (like 0.25 or 1/4 of a mg) But that is terrible advice. Never mix w/ alcohol... Some ppl take a very small amount if they are slightly increasing or using an 'upper' like ritalin to reduce sides but not dull the energy. Also bad advice, always follow Dr. prescription.

    warning - be aware of danger of reckless re-dosing, and that your judgment on redosing can be bad once you've taken 1mg or more.

    Save it for the Anxiety attacks. Works good for that and helps you sleep. Regular dosing of xanax becomes a negative quickly. Save it for emergencies.

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    I would advise on talking with your Dr to get you on the Controlled Release Xanax instead of the regular ones.
    The regular or Instant Release Xanax are much more addicting than the Controlled Released ones because they enter the blood stream very quickly and wears out very quickly and you can be tolerant to them really fast causing more addiction and more dangerous withdrawals.

    Just ask for Xanax XR. That's what there called and the lowest dosage form is 0.5mg.
    Please note, that once taken, you will not get the full 0.5mg instantly right away. It should total up to this amount/dose in a period of time.

    This form of Xanax will also cause less sleepiness and does also help with anxiety caused by depression.
    With these, I can function a lot better during the day. I had been on this Xanax XR for years for my depression associated with anxiety.

    Now, with that said, these can be addicting as well, but to a lesser degree than the regular (IR) Xanax because the full dose will not enter the blood stream so quickly.

    Good luck and hope this makes sense.

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    At fist i started with Alprazolam few times per week for sleep. After 2 months i was using it every night.. Avoid using it more then once per week id say

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    Another suggestion to the OP, is try requesting a long acting Benzo like Valium. Still addictive but not as drastically like Xanax.
    Or, like posted, try Xanax XR, its a delayed form of Xanax which does not enter the blood stream so quickly to cause dangerous addiction.

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    Careful with Xanax. It works for me very well at 2-3mg. However other users that have taken half a pill have completely gone onto zonk mode. Slept for days. Access your own tolerance and stick to it. Increasing is a mistake (can speak from my own experience). You don?t feel xanax. You just notice the mental effect it has when you?re in that interview and have massive confidence and no worries. All the best

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