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27-04-2000, 00:24
I've had some very bright, knowledgable people tell me it is. And some very bright, knowledgable people tell me it isn't. So, um. WHICH IS IT?! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
I am leaning towards believing it IS hallucinagenic, in strong doses. I've had some pills which dancesafe.org says are MDMA only, and they had some definite visuals. They tended to bewhat I consider my very best pills, actually.
Note that when I say 'visuals', they were very mild visuals, and very unlike LSD. No 'textures', no shifting around like my acid trips, but more like bright colors and sometimes shapes.. like the shapes you see when you look at something very bright and then squeeze your eyes shut tight.
People say this is MDA. But I don't think I've yet had a pill that was MDA. Wish I COULD try that stuff sometime. The shit sounds delicious. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
So anyway, let the debate begin coz I want to the bottom of this trippy pill mystery.
~*~ Ashke ~*~

Mr. Sticky
27-04-2000, 00:31
How 'bout: it's an empathogen with hallucinagenic qualities?

27-04-2000, 00:33
That would be a great answer, cept for how our bible http://www.erowid.org seems to concur with the MDA theory.. And other people have claimed this too.
But dammit, E makes things pretty! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif Haha, always the scientific one, me.
~*~ Ashke ~*~
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27-04-2000, 00:33
Nice sticky.. I like it.

Bigßad TeaRDoP
27-04-2000, 00:35
I wouldnt call MDMA an hollucinagenic altho i have had some intence visuals from it.(i chewed 9 pillz.
P lease
L et
U s
R ave

27-04-2000, 00:39
I personally think it has hallucenogenic properties. Not major.. but there. Coupled with the fact that you se resemblences in things that dont resemble each other (seing people you knows faces on other people, etc) coupled with some I wiggles and crossing and dialated pupils... Add that to the enhanced perception.. and yes I think it can have some hall. properties.. franky I love it... visuals are da best http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

27-04-2000, 03:25
if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
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27-04-2000, 03:32
For those that have never rolled during the day. To me it seems that things just "look" better on MDMA. I can't really call that a "visual" I've only tripped a few times(not really my cup of tea) i have never had anything close to that kind of experence when i am rolling.

27-04-2000, 03:34
I have ate plenty of rolls in my day, and with every single pill I have taken(that wasn't bunk) I have got some hallucinations. When I took my first pill, I got made visuals. Nothing close to acid, but I was in a dark room and I was watching these dark green/bright blue geometric patterns float around me. It was quite a sight...

27-04-2000, 03:37
WOW ecstacii, i've had the eye wiggles before but nothing ever like that. And i've been rollin for about 3 years. And i once took 12 beans in a night.

27-04-2000, 04:00
Derivatives of MDMA are hallucinagenic.
Like: MDA, and MDEA

27-04-2000, 04:03
I don't remember what site it was, but I erad somewhere in all the cast info about mdma on the web that it isn't supposed be hallucinagenic. However, I've had friends who went "ice fishing" in the kitchen one night on what dancesafe tested as a pure mdma pill. I know it sounds crazy, but they swear too it. I myself have seen halos on lights, brighter colors, and of course tracers, but thats it. I think it might all have to do with you state of mind and what you expect or "make" yourself see.

27-04-2000, 04:04
man...i'm sorry about all the typos...my typing is going down the tube lately...cast was supposed to say vast and some other minor typos in my previous reply.

27-04-2000, 05:45
I start to have visuals depending on how may pills I have taken. The more I eat, the more I see.
To me is seems I see stuff because my eyes ar sooo dilated that I can't focus on anything. I see eyeglasses on people who don't wear glasses all the time!!!

27-04-2000, 05:53
i think lights look prettier the same way gatorade tastes better the same way you feel better about yourself.. i honestly think it's in your mind.. seratonin does wonders don't it? =] i never did understand what people meant by 'visuals' because i never see things when i roll they just look nice.
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Nympho on E
27-04-2000, 06:05
I'm not a chem. major but i know this---------> Anything that makes me see FLYING PEACH ICE-TEA SNAPPLE BOTTLES is a hallucinagen. That shit was just flying everywhere in my room, trippy!

27-04-2000, 06:53
well, everything that i have ever read has stated that if you trip off of "E" it is MDA and not mdma. remember, just cause dance says thier pill is MDMA doesnt mean the on you got is, even if its from the same area. i would trust erowid and go with no, it is not a hallucinogen.
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27-04-2000, 06:59
I agree with X_calibur. E'n during in the daytime is great. I did it at a 12 hour concert. All the colours were really sharp. I strongly recomend you try it.

27-04-2000, 10:53
NO NO NO....it's jsut what we "think" is actually MDMA is cut with hallucinogenic stuff...i swear i have never had any visuals on MDMA...if people do have visuals, they are imagined not cuased by MDMA. this is my firm belief.

27-04-2000, 10:54
Sometimes when I eat like 3 pills or more in a night I get some very mild 'visuals'..
Like when u look at someones face you can see that the eyes are missing or a fish swims outh of the eye etc.
I even saw my friends sister walking in the kitchen once.
But this never happends if I donät take 3pills or more.
I think it's abit strange.. And I know that It's not MDA.
Me and a friend had a MDA pill once at a rave, must say that was alot of fun.. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
nothing like acid, but then I can't stand acid!
MDA ROCKS ANYWAY http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

27-04-2000, 13:21
Your looking at this the wrong way...
Hallucinating/Tripping is not just about the changes in the way you see things, its also about the way it changes the way your mind sees things.
From this point of view, MDMA is most definitely a halluciogenic.

27-04-2000, 13:43
Well said Jase... thats what I was trying to say above but could not find the right words. MDMA effects different minds differently. It causes perceptual changes (as well as physical changes in the eyes and their movement). In some people thos perceptual changes alos effect how we percieve images. Hence, I would say yes it is a hallucenogen.

27-04-2000, 13:56
o geez, I know I don't post all that often, so I really don't wanna sound like some insane lune and wreck my name on the board,
BUT, you guys, I swear 3 of the times I rolled last year, (all 3 Houston clovers) I had MAD visuals and so did my b/f. Too make things worse, twice, we saw the same thing. Now the pills weren't tested by Dancesafe, but we surmised they had to be laced with something. Visuals included a 3-foot black waiter at night with a drink tray standing over by the pool, my friends skin was entirely tatooed, so that it almost looked like a wetsuit, and the worst--my b/f's penis looked like it was fitted with a studded condom--
ok, there I said it. That was jus too weird to admit.
But..the other times while rollin, I've only had light visuals...like the shapes, shadows and tracers. I dunno, but I'd love to score some of those good ole clovers again...very happy/lovey pill

Drug Dustbin
27-04-2000, 14:10
Let's take a pharmacological look to this question...
The classical hallucinogens produces their behavioral effect via
5-HT2 agonist mechanism. There is a significant correlation between
5-HT2 receptor affinity and human hallucinogenic potency.
The R-isomer of MDMA has slight affinity to these receptors, but
the affinity seems to be so weak, that the bare R-MDMA doesn't produce
significant effects in humans. The S-isomer, which acts
presynaptically releasing 5-HT, is the more active form of MDMA.
This shows that MDMA can have slight hallucinogenic effects, but
the serotonin releasing effects seems to be the main activity.
hmm..I can't explain well, because my english is so poor... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif

Gen X
27-04-2000, 15:35
There are two things that I *always* see on a strong dose, so I'd say it produces mild visuals:
1. glasses on people
2. yellowish paint stripes on people's faces (like glow in the dark)
This only happens in dim light and at a distance. Many people I know get the same effects.

27-04-2000, 17:04
I don't think it is, I've done my share of acid and mushrooms and the visual effects I get from E are very different from the intense hallucinations you recieve from acid or mushrooms.
E can make things look jittery or give you trailers. But it doesn't make the walls flow or the floor or anything for that matter move the way it moves when your doing good on some acid or mushrooms.
Just my opinion.
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27-04-2000, 17:11
I said it up there and I'll repeat it.
Halluciogenic is not just visuals.
Halluciogenic is also the way you think differently
There are some types of shrooms which give you very few visuals, yet you are still very strongly tripping.
I trip alot on Ecstasy and occasionally get some visuals when combined with Pot.
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Mr Superbad
27-04-2000, 18:03
For me it's always been rare if I DON'T have at least one visual hallucunation per roll. I'm mighty pleased about that too - I love 'em because with me they're so unpredictable but also easy to shake if I want to. I remember on my first time I had one, and then how much I liked being able to look away from the hallucination and make it dissapear at will, unlike on a bad acid experience http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif. I've had some long ago that were very visual, which I guess were probably MDA, but the majority of beans I've had have been good MDMA and I know it's 90% certain it'll make me see stuff that just ain't there!
Not a proper hallucinogenic maybe, but hallucinatory certainly.
http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif Mr S

27-04-2000, 18:04
I've had many many instances of absolutely mind-blowing closed-eye visuals using N2O, ecstasy (can't be 100% sure if it was MDMA or MDA or what, but my test kit results have been black), weed and combinations of some or all of the above.
last friday, I experienced some visuals w/ my eyes wide open... I smoked a little weed and had dropped a mitsubishi. I kept seeing my friends' faces liquidize in the air for a moment (think of how the surface of a calm pool of water looks the moment you touch it), then they'd have shiny hard metal or plastic looking helmet-faces which then would ripple back to their actual faces. at one point, I was standing in a very futuristic looking room w/ all kinds of very shiny, very gorgeous metal and plastic things w/ a view of the galaxy http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif then as soon as I knew it, I was back in my gf's bedroom and reeling over what I had just seen... when I'd close my eyes, I would get swept up in all kinds of amazing fractal images and really intricate colour-blocks and line patterns that seemed to swell out of a vortex.
but did I answer your question? nah, not really... honestly, I always see things; eyes closed or open.

Psuper Hero
27-04-2000, 20:13
It's hallucinogenic, I'm pretty damned sure, mainly 'cause I hallucinate like a motherfucker when I'm coming off of a roll, almost always. But you're right, they are NOT like acid visuals, they're usually cute, stupid stuff like funny faces in the woods or dancing snowflakes in car windows, and they only happen on the come-down.
MDA, which I'm pretty sure I HAVE had is damned sweet, but the "hallucinations" only involved haloes on lights and stuff, not real visuals, no CEV's either.
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28-04-2000, 02:59
Yes the answer is yes http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
www.lycauem.org (http://www.lycauem.org) check that out... The Government has MDMA as a halloucitiongetnire ( spck :P ) Seriously it is, my friends have gotten crazy visuals off of XTC http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Much love,
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Easy Ridin
28-04-2000, 16:21
I'm sure that some pills cause neto visuals. I've stood and watched inanimate(sp) objects start to move and dance. All that I had taken were two pills that I'm sure were mainly MDMA. The main trippy thing that happens to me is the day after a party, I keep hearing techno all day. Sometimes peoples voices sound computerized and it's pretty cool. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else? Or maybe I'm crazy? Anyways, everyone have a good day!
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28-04-2000, 17:44
With all the heroin in E, who can know for sure?

28-04-2000, 17:45
Deep.. I see your back in full swing... pretty soon I will have to yell at you to stop cracking me up!

28-04-2000, 22:29
ROFLMAO - deep!

28-04-2000, 22:41
i think it might have those properties bc the other day when i was starting to come down i was walking down the hall at a friends house and i SWEAR to god i heard the music they were playin at the party that night so i was like 'oh they must be playing some techno cuz they didnt get to stay'[3 of our crew left and went back to the house] and so then i thought it was coming from upstairs where my bf was so i was all 'wait. no. he must be playing it'
then it hit me!
there was no music! but i swear it was there-like i heard it for a good minute or so and it scared the shit out of me! i was even dancing a little to it! i was truly freaked out after that...
another time when i had a bad roll i ran away from my friends behind a school and i was standing in like really dark place like on a patio type thing near some bushes and i kept thinking my boyfriend was in front of me like looking at me trying to approach me really slow so he wouldnt scare me, so i stood there since he wasnt moving really just thinking MAYBE he doesnt see me he just thinks he does...
and of course...
he wasnt even there.
and i dont know what was in either of these pills...both were mitsubishis.

28-04-2000, 22:59
The last time I was coming down, I was walking home from a rave, and every noise I heard turned into techno music. Leaves moving, cars, and ESPECIALLY the wind. I thought it was really cool. Same thing happens when I'm coming down off of acid. Also my last roll I was in the bathroom rolling pretty hard, and the tiles started to shift and move a little bit. I don't know if this was from the E (which was really clean), or because I always get some visuals when I do other drugs due to my acid experiences (perma tracers, etc).

28-04-2000, 23:50
If I may insert my lovin' spoonful right here (brace yourself):
My experiences have included MDA, MDEA and MDMA, fortunately mostly MDMA. I have found:
1)MDA goes on intensely for HOURS (8-9 hour roll and moderate visuals ie difficulty in recognising people's faces moments after I have just talked to them and superb lighting effects including a weird feeling that the club lights were actually a continually moving fluid organism that i could reach out and touch (although puzzlingly it always flowed through my fingers so I didn't get to take any home with me).
2)MDEA gives me that 'stoned', can't move my legs properly feeling and very vivid visuals when I close my eyes but nothing when they are open. I have spent an unknown length of time in a toilet cubicle talking to people who weren't there when I opened my eyes although I had really caned it that night.
3)MDMA has never given me real visuals and has only felt as powerful as the MDA a couple of times but never lasted more than 5 hours. It does however change your perception of the people around you. The same beerheads who looked like total tossers the week before when I was straight suddenly had 'friendly faces' (and believe me , around here that IS a hallucination) and looked like they could be my best mates if I went over and talked to them.
So, as Jase correctly says MDMA does have hallucinogenic (perception altering) qualities for me but not in the classic way expected by those who only think of hallucinogens in terms of the effects of acid, 2C-B, mushrooms and the like.
My work here is done, be good......

29-04-2000, 03:32

30-04-2000, 08:02
I check up on all of my pills either on here, pillreports.com, dancesafe.org or ecstacy.org and I've come to the conclusion that it is always some kind of an additive. Maybe MDE, or MDA, but something else other than MDMA produces those visuals. I've had pure MDMA before, and it's always limited to a good body roll. Each time I've had visuals, reports have shown the pills to contain something else.
As far as the earlier post stating that you don't generally see imaginary textures on things, I'll have to disagree. At Fable, I had some orange tulips and a white buddah, and everyone I saw had a short thin coat of fur covering their entire body, clothing and all. I also began to see minerature leeches moving around on peoples faces, as well ass walking around be able to see people's blue veins through their skin.
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Master ContROLL
03-05-2000, 19:36
I think this question is infinitely debatable.
All I know is when I go to sleep after rolling, I see the same thing when I close my eyes (without fail).
From the corners of my eyes I can make out that I'm in a huge room with a ton of people dancing with amazing lighting . It’s almost like tunnel vision. I soon notice a girl with long curly hair who’s dancing. She is GOIN OFF Infront of me with glowsticks and blowin me up BIG TIME! It looks unbelievable.
Here’s the kicker. I see the whole thing (the dream) in PURPLE! (its like a black and white picture except in purple) IT IS THE COOLEST THING!!! I actually find myself looking forward to sleeping after rolling.
Before now I assumed it was a dream. But perhaps it’s a hallucination. Because, now that I think about it isn’t like I’m asleep at all. I hear music and feel the energy of the club as though I was there for real. What do you think?

03-05-2000, 19:47
mdma, isn't that the lotion they put between two ply toilet paper???
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I Smoke Beans
16-08-2000, 16:34
Well since i have never tested I can't say for sure, but from what I hear, MDMA is definitly hallucinogenic.
I always thought the "MDEA" was the hallucinatin shit, but maybe it is. I get confused about all this crap!!
Anyway, whatever DOES make you hallucinate, is actualy the good shit. But everyone says MDMA is good, so that's why i came to the conclusion that IT is what's making you hallucinate. I'm not talking trippin visuals. I'm just talking about the vibrations and the cool stuff like that.

I Smoke Beans
16-08-2000, 16:38
Oh yea, I forgot one thing!
Did you know that MDMA is an Auditory Hallucinogen?
Yes, I had read that somewhere, and then one time i overdosed on some pills that I truly believed to be high doses of MDMA, and I was hearing a ton of voices! So, that confirmed that I was on MDMA i think. (also i was hallucinatin vibrations and stuff)
And also I confirmed that the auditory hallucination are in fact real too.
You all probably already know this. But I heard a lot about MDMA not being hallucinogenic.
But hallucinogenic DOES NOT just mean seeing things. It could mean hearing or smelling things that aren't there also.
And it is a pretty common fact that MDMA is an auditory hallucinogen, but LSD is NOT.
So, mdma and lsd are both hallucinogen's in their own respect.

16-08-2000, 16:54
I believe I read somewhere that large doses of mdma are converted by the body into mda which would explain why I have only seen mild hallucinations on really strong pills.
I will try to find the link tonight when I have more time.
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16-08-2000, 18:10
true..MDA is a metabolite of MDMA...but MDMA itself, is not hallucinogenic.

16-08-2000, 18:20
I haven't heard of one scientific study in which MDMA was proven to be hallucinogenic.
Then again:
1.) Animals are usually being administered this, not people. A chimp can't comment.
2.) When administered in controlled studies, the doses are probably lower than what many people consume at raves.
MDA represents only a tiny fraction of the MDMA metabolites in the body. The primary metabolites are HMA and HMMA, which may be hallucinogenic.

16-08-2000, 20:19
Yes mdmda can definitly be halluconigenic. The first time i rolled i took an off white RN that gave me very lovy feelings and bad ass visuals. They were different than anything id ever seen before when i was tripping much better. Everything was flowing around me in a circular geometrical pattern especially the glowsticks. When i first started to feel the xtc coming on i remember seeing a circular pattern on my friends wall. It was wierd the visuals would come and go. But who knows maybe it was half mda and half mdma but i did feel very lovey and open.

16-08-2000, 21:07
in addition to the mystery as to what the pills we ingest actually contain,
there is the large population of ecstasy users who are unexperienced in other drugs and are unable to qualitatively make a statement comparing the MDMA state to the state induced by other drugs,
and the fact that so many veteran ecstasy users are also poly-drug users, it is hard to separate the effects from ecstasy form those of pot, mushrooms, ketamine, whatever. There are simply too few people that pop a pill, dance, then come down without using one or more illegal substances.
i personally think it is not hallucinogenic to me, not in the way the classic and new psychedelics are. To me, hallicinate means to see something that isn't there, meaning, an open-eyed visual, something i don't get with MDMA.

16-08-2000, 21:07
my first time rollin i had the GOOD green triangles (back in june '99). I remember laying on the floor (i couldnt stand!!) waveing my hand in front of my face and the traces were incredible. i cant say what was in every pill i ever took, but i have seen visuals plenty of times. i love the way lights look on e