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11-08-2005, 17:42
I've probably taken the grand sum of maybe 5 trips in my 10yrs of rec drug use...never really liked it and never really had any memorable visual effects, only a lot of confusion, laughter and basic [email protected]

A few weeks ago i tried 2c-b. This was the first thing i had taken in a 4mth sebaticle from any popping. Was taken at home after a night out clubbing (only had a few drinks).

tablet was quite small and thin, orangey browney beige speckled and tasted of vitimin c tablets.

took half at about 7am and another half about 2hrs later (as recommended...not because i thought the first half was a dud).

didn't really start to notice anything (except a general feeling of contentment and non-drowsiness) until about 10am when contentment raised to a fairly blissfull feeling, nothing rushy mind you, just happy and talkative and very content with my friends around me all having a mix (love spinning tunes on days-after). Visuals krept up on me quite subtly, first noticing a gentle "breathing/pulsing/intertwining" of any patterns like wallpaper or textured surfaces....the sky and clouds were fascinating, especially the clouds...everything just gained a dimension and a new sorta time frame, as if seen in time-lapse and with a soft lense, but without any kind of confusion or paranoia (which i always seemed to get with acid)....really helped that it was a glorious warm sunny winter day and we all just lounged on the balcony and in the backyard with sunnies on sipping beers. A little later i also started to lose straight line perspective, no straight lines or angles, they sort of became wavey and organic....it gave man-made structures and aesthetics a very natural, soft, warm, as i said, organic feel. The thing i like about it though, was that once it reached this level, it just stayed there, totally consistant, plateaued and fully under my control for the rest of the afternoon and evening (still feeling same affects at 8pm that night). During the course of the day i also did a pill in halves, and each time i felt the rush of the pill quite seperately to the 2c-b feeling, it just stayed as it was, unaffected by the chemical addition...and when i came down off the pill, it was just back to that feeling of contentment and pleasing visuals, almost like a safety net. Eventually i drifted off to sleep on the couch watching a dvd at about 11pm, woke up a little later, took myself off to bed, out like a light and slept like a baby (very deep sleep, no dreaming). Felt standard seratonin depletion the next day from the pill i'd had in a mongst the trip, but quite mild.

All in all i really enjoyed the experience.......the clean, subtle come-on.....the contented, controlled mind-set....the ability to look as far into the visuals as you really wanted without losing any conscious perspective, and to be able to smoothly pull out of the visual and concentrate on a task at hand...the consistancy of the feeling and its underpinning of any other substances taken, without noticeable erratic/unfamiliar effects from a combination, then that nice comfy landing back down to the contented, controlled mind set again.

Of course, be prepared for 1 dose of this stuff to keep you up and floating for a good 12-18hrs in addition to the night you've had before consumption.....but hey, if you really want to have a long, comfy come-down day, with some really pleasent complementary visuals, then i highly recommend 2c-b.

Cheshire Cat ^..^
11-08-2005, 19:08
Very similar to my 2ct7 experience:


12-08-2005, 00:20
I found a single dose of 2cb to last no longer than 4 to 6 hours. Are you sure it was 2cb?

Mean Girl
12-08-2005, 01:13
^^ I agree, that is a remarkably long 2cb experience.

12-08-2005, 01:53
PiHKAL # 20: 2CB (http://www.erowid.org/library/books_online/pihkal/pihkal020.shtml)

DOSAGE: 12 - 24 mg.

DURATION: 4 - 8 h.

12-08-2005, 03:16
Orange/brown small pill tasting like vitamin C, sounds very similar to the triangles i.e LSD

12-08-2005, 03:33
Originally posted by Cheshire Cat ^..^
Very similar to my 2ct7 experience:


hmmmmm.......funny you say that.....my other flatmate (who has taken both quite a few times) said that the feelings i described at the time sounded much more like 2ct7. Word from the source has always been very reliable though......i will investigate further and get back to y'all....

...forgot to mention ....a couple of lads popped 1 of these each (in one hit) with me at 7am, then got onto a bus to canberra for 4 hrs at 9am.....that must have been a fun "trip" huh hehehhehe

12-08-2005, 04:00
Have read a few threads about BTs....for the life of me i just can't remember the press.....can confirm this later on this evening though.

Doesn't at all sound like the more intense, uncomfortable, nausiating reactions felt by some consumers.....more like the so called "weak batch"....never the less, the experience for me was pleasurably subtle, no drawbacks what so ever and i can remember the whole day like i was completely straight....i thoroughly enjoyed it.

.....ummmm, can anybody link me to a pick of the triangles????

TIA :)

13-08-2005, 03:37
Just search the forum for the terms "bermuda triangle", there's about 10 threads within reach.

BT :)

13-08-2005, 04:21
Hmm, I've done 2c-b a couple times and that doesn't sound much like it at all. Especially onset-time vs duration. All wrong. :/

For what it's worth, from what I've seen (Melbourne) RC's generally come as powders, not pills with images pressed into them. Not to say that they aren't around in pill form. But generally the people that have these things like to keep them pure. Easy to over dose on the RC's, and putting things into pills to look like "E's" is just asking for people to eat too much.

13-08-2005, 07:27
hmm, you definately should know if it was LSD or 2C-B, they both have very unique effects. For starters, 2C-B is a stimulant in a similar way methamphetamine is, LSD is not.

Cowboy Mac
14-08-2005, 09:52
thwackkk: unless you reagent tested it how can you be sure it was 2C-B. It could have been a host of other RC's or possibly LSD. If you test it and it doesn't react then it may well be LSD, and certainly wouldn't be 2C-B.

14-08-2005, 16:47
NB: This is not a bermuda triangle thread, until it's proven that these pills ARE bermudas. No point going off on random speculations.

BigTrancer :)

16-08-2005, 10:37
not sure if what u had was 2cb.... but I have had a incredible experience on this stuff before........ there was a few other things involved... weed, and Dmt towards the comedown.... but over all it was one of my most memerable and pleasing experiences............(this was at a doof on the north coast)..... the time duration u mention is very strange..dosnt quite fit with 2cb...

19-08-2005, 10:08
Hi folks.....well, they are a "triangle" of some kind. Press is of a small triangle, approx half the pill diameter. Having seen some pics of other BMs they look a littledifferent ie lighter in colour and the triangle is much smaller.

Took a halfer last weekend and it didn't do much at all.

Thanx :)

22-08-2005, 07:51
hmm... whenever Ive had 2-cb its been in powder form.... the dose was only ur licked finger dipped into the shit basically.......... didnt need much at all...

22-08-2005, 08:44
^ These drugs really should be measured much more carefully, I'm worried that this kind of practise and the lack of safety precautions with research chemicals is becoming the norm rather than the exception. The popularity of research chemicals seemingly travels at a much faster rate than the harm reduction information.

BigTrancer :)

23-08-2005, 03:57
I agree that if you dont own a accuarate mg scale then you should not be doseing people with these powerfull chemicals

smokin' joe
23-08-2005, 14:11
vit C tasting is pretty in line with all the reports of BTs in the past. Nobody ever came up with an idea of exactly what was in these things, if my memory is right. :?

23-08-2005, 14:47
smokin' joe: at least one batch of 'Bermuda Triangles' is known to have contained LSD as determined by a gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy test.

27-08-2005, 15:21
The dose I had was measured by all means........ just saying that the dose needed was tiny... just a small amount that u only needed to use ur finger to get the dose 'if that makes sense' what Im trying to say it was a measured amount, that was only visibly small...........that makes more sense.

27-08-2005, 20:03
I think I can understand what your saying. The dose was measured, but being an RC it was an extremely small amount, and so to get it into your mouth you used your finger.

In terms of the intial post, it seems pretty likely to me that it was a bermuda triangle. They were damn fine acid I might add too. But they weren't any RC - or rather, the 3 different types of bermudas I was lucky enough to sample weren't. Just varying strengths of acid. At first I had thought they were 2c-b aswell as this is what many people had been saying. But if they were, then I reckon people would have gotten into some real trouble with them, which didnt seem to be the case, not in terms of an RC overdose anyhow. I knew of numerous people who had consumed many of them (5+) in one night, and im quite sure if the substance had been an RC they would have reached an overdose level (considering the pills could be felt from doses as little as a quarter of a pill from the strongest batch). And ofcourse the fact that they got labtested to be lsd.

28-08-2005, 04:56
^Yeah I agree, indeed. Although there is no way to tell what the other batches of bermudas were, I knew some people who were eating ridiculous amounts of these over the years.