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11-01-2004, 21:00
I just finished watching The Ring (http://www.ring-themovie.com/), an American remake of a Japanese ghost story (http://www.theblackmoon.com/Deadmoon/ring.html) "updated for the digital age."

The story "Ring" (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1932234004/qid=1073846522/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-0163882-0572054?v=glance&s=books) was originally penned by Koji Suzuki--for all of you that prefer the book to the movie stalwarts.

Give it a look see (http://ringworld.somrux.com/index.htm) and tell me what you think.


11-01-2004, 23:01

The remake was quite impressive, though IMO not quite as good as the original. Some elements were missing from the jap plot (the grandfather, and the ending which involves him), and the kid that plays the character that was Yoshi in the original was crappy. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised. It had an edge.

11-01-2004, 23:17
This movie was a cinematic work of art. Not only did Naomi Watts finally get her chance to showcase her extremely riveting technique, she made one of the first truly (commercially) scary flicks to have been made in a long time.

She is a GREAT actress. GO see 21 Grams.

12-01-2004, 02:25
I'm sorry. I did a search for this and that post did not come up.

Here is a link for a copy of Ringu. (http://video.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?userid=2X71GQDA2U&ean=678149039528&FRM=0)

12-01-2004, 03:12
Originally posted by TiberCross
This movie was a cinematic work of art. Not only did Naomi Watts finally get her chance to showcase her extremely riveting technique, she made one of the first truly (commercially) scary flicks to have been made in a long time.

She is a GREAT actress. GO see 21 Grams.

actually, her acting was so much more supple in Mulholland drive

12-01-2004, 03:48
yes Mulholland Drive was excellent.

in 21 grams she was bursting at the seams

12-01-2004, 05:47
yes i was going to link to the older thread too...
but it was never transfered over to this forum for some reason and when this came up in another similar situation we decided just to restart the threads with new fresh posts instead of dredging up the older versions.
so post or repost away.

16-04-2004, 23:51
the japanese version had me shrieking in terror and madness . Havent seen the one with naomi watts....but several ppl have told me the jap version is scarier. Did sadako come out of the well and straight through your television sets too???

17-04-2004, 03:44
this is another movie where the concept frightened me more than the viseral experience of the movie
thinking of the experiences manifesting themselves in real life is what does my head in. the pychological thriller vs. the jump out and scare you /well animated ghosts and gobblins films

18-04-2004, 03:31
while i love any movie that will make me jump and make my heart race, i much prefer psychological thrillers to the 'boo! i scared you!' movies. i loved 'the ring'

i have heard that 'ringu' was much, much scarier and more fucked up than 'the ring' and it's on my list of movies to rent in the near future.

18-04-2004, 20:09
Originally posted by xena

i have heard that 'ringu' was much, much scarier and more fucked up than 'the ring' and it's on my list of movies to rent in the near future.

yup! thats the one i watched! :) my sister couldnt take a shower for a week after watching it...hahahhaa. It is GOOD

20-04-2004, 00:54
I saw The Ring first, Ringu a few months later. Maybe because I knew the storyline already but I did not find Ringu to be scarier. Especially the video the kids watch - the one in The Ring was much creepier to me.

20-04-2004, 01:58
One thing that lost The Ring some sting for me was during the famous TV scene there is a cut to Naomi driving to the apartment which splits the event. Whereas Ringu's TV scene is continuous as far as I recall. There was something about the cutting in The Ring I didn't quite like. Though it was very good. I liked the sped up jerk bit that knocks Noah over.

Get this for kick-ass.... there will be a sequel to the remake. No wait.... the director is Hideo Nakata.

20-04-2004, 02:02
What fucked me up was Sadako's eyes...freakier than anything in the remake. ;)

21-04-2004, 02:13
like i said for me it wasnt the imagery but the storyline

and as neutral shock said now, and last thread... remake sequel
links again since the thread will be pruned soon


21-04-2004, 02:54
I'm getting scared all over again just reading this thread. But for me, I thought the Japanese version had the scarier parts. Especially the coming out of the TV. The way her head moved as if her neck was broken from falling down the well. The way she had no fingernails, because she'd scratched them all out aginst the well walls. Aaaarghh!!

*looks around the room nervously*

26-04-2004, 13:19
SADAKO...........damn! the jap version wins, hands down in the fright dept. That creepy still video....the sing-song tone of that briny poem about the sea .......eeek those chewed down nails....and that BLACK EYE!!!!! (try watching the whole scene when sadako comes out of the tv without closing your eyes....i guarantee your blood will turn to ice! i did it! )

27-04-2004, 12:54
Ringu 2 is pretty good as well. It's obviously not as polished as the original, but there are still a few bits to get you nervous.

As for the remake -

1) Don't use a little girl that's nowhere near as scary as Sadako.
2) NEVER let her speak!!! It ruined the whole illusion. Sadako is meant to be an embodiment of pure evil. Giving her a cheesy American little girl voice ruins it.

30-04-2004, 08:30
i was pleasantly surprised by this movie. i really enjoyed it. it started off slow...but once it got going, that was it. pretty twisted and scary. but a good scary without the gory scarey stuff that makes movies cheesy.

30-04-2004, 10:39
I like them both equally. Maybe the original a little more.
While the original has too little dialogue/exposition, the remake had far too much. If I had to choose, I must say I prefer less dialogue in creepy movies.

Sadako's eyes and her movements coming out of the TV were truely creepy in the original. The remake did okay, but her instant (static-like) teleportations seemed more fit for Dragon Ball Z.

I'm intrigued at how the sequel to the remake will go as the director of the original trilogy, Hideo Nakata, will be helming it as well. I still haven't had a chance to catch his other famous horror, "Dark Water".

I thought this was the most plastic & 1 dimensional role Naomi Watts has had. 21 Grams and (especially) Mulholland Drive show off her amazing range.

30-04-2004, 11:22
If u enjoyed the original jap version of The Ring...
Then check out 'The Grudge'
Made by the same people of The Ring....
Quite similar phsycological thriller...Pretty freaky
Another movie that is quite scary is 'The Eye', which is a chinese scary movie...For those who cant understand chinese...im sure there are copies with subtitles...
But might be hard to come by in ur local video store...

Out of all the three Ring movies( Ring 0, The Ring, The Ring 2)
The Ring was probably the best....the second Ring was completely crap..
Ring 0 is quite good

14-05-2004, 16:46
Bawhwhaa the grudge was actually funny. Im sorry astro boi :) We were laughing from the git - go! They used waaay too many of those "creepy child looking at you" scenes. The one when the girl lifts her covers and finds the blackened kid staring right at her is PRICELESS!!! Lol!

15-05-2004, 06:54
The Ring introduced me to the beautiful woman that is Naomi Watts. My oh my, how I'd love to spend an evening with her.

15-05-2004, 21:57
goldenbrown > That's another thing I don't like about the american version, why do the protagonist always have to be a blonde with large breasts? And what's up with the scenes from the well? Why do we have to see her fucking nipples?

It's so typical for american horrormovies, and I think it's really annoying. If I want nice chicks, I know where to find the adultmovies.


16-05-2004, 02:47
nipples make the movie, duh

down with gratutious nudity, really if you need it to sell a movie it isnt worth being sold

17-05-2004, 08:40
I haven't seen the original Ringu unfortunately, but I loved the English remake ... I'm never a fan of any gory, action-based horror movie, but something like this that just creeps you the hell out is its own kind of awesome.

17-05-2004, 11:02
Originally posted by Psykonauten_dk
If I want nice chicks, I know where to find the adultmovies.


Starring Naomi Watts ? Where ? Links please.

Tech Kinetics
16-03-2005, 21:42
Originally posted by astro^boi
Ring 0 is quite good

Ring 0?? Is that a prequel?

16-03-2005, 23:17
don't watch the american remake which really can't compare to the great japanese movie. Watch the japanese version, it is terrifying and much better.

Why do lost american cineasts need to turn great stranger movies into poor imitations...
Do they really believe they are good cineasts when they take other people great ideas as it seems they don't have any, add great money to the production as it seems that's all they add to it, and the remake is not even half as good as the original movie?
Are they thinking for true that the huge money invested could ever compensate their lack of talent & imagination?
Can't they just translate the movie as everybody does everywhere else.
I defecate on these guys.

wow, I feel much better now.

17-03-2005, 00:45
I have a basic problem with the Japanese version. It's in Japanese. The subtitles which must be read, slightly distract from the viewing.... and the resulting 'tension-lag' take away from some of the scariness.

I prefer the US version...but i DID see it first ....so that makes a difference too.

Tech Kinetics
17-03-2005, 00:49
I agree with you there.

Plus, the Japanese to English translation may have extremely bad grammar

17-03-2005, 00:54
Yes, the great subtitle curse...making movies comprehensible while distracting from the imagery and acting.

17-03-2005, 03:09
still better than dubbed, imo.

17-03-2005, 06:24
I'm used to subtitles. LL sleeps and I watch tv on mute with closed captioning ;)

I agree that it takes away from the acting, though.

17-03-2005, 18:22
one of the stoopedest movies i ever saw in my life

i cant BELIEVE they made a sequal. 9 year olds everywhere are quaking in their booties.

Tech Kinetics
10-04-2005, 05:57
OK, I finally saw a bootleg version of Ringu, since my local video store does not carry this version of the film.

And before I continue, I will issue a fan of the film Warning............

OK, first off.........
The American version has sooo much better thought and production going into the special effects and music.
Story wise it is about the same except the videotape for Ringu was only 2 seconds long. And the japanese words vibrating on screen to remind you of codes from the movie Matrix seemed very corny for a horror flick.

The next thing is how people classify this as a horror or thriller film.
Speaking from a horror enthusiast such as myself, I think that this film shouldn't even touch the horror shelves of video stores
Reason: People in the movie died scared stupid

Steven Spielburg's Poltergeist is definitely scarier than Japanese Ringu!
And if you want to raise it up a notch..........Disney's Something Wicked This Way Comes is probably more scarier than the Ringu Trilogy.

On the plus side, I liked what they did with her fingers. They should've at least kept that part for the American version!

The Network
02-09-2011, 08:12
In your opinion, is The Ring a good movie? Personally, I think it's the only American remake that's ever gone right. It's a bit disturbing in a few areas, and I'm surprised it hasn't given me nightmares. The Ring 2, however... is not a great movie, it's acceptable, but not half as good as The Ring.

If you think any American remake of a horror film has gone better, feel free to post ideas.

Sadly I do not see an option to post a poll. So just take that extra 2 seconds and type "it sucked" or "it was pretty damn good".

02-09-2011, 08:57
^ I hated both Ringu and The Ring (it scared me when I was twelve, bores the hell out of me now). Personally, I think The Grudge is the best American remake of a Japanese horror movie.

The Network
23-09-2012, 04:01
I swear in the beginning when Katie and Becca are conversing and Katie (Amber Tamblyn) says she "saw it with Josh last weekend", Becca says "You a ho Kelly". I'm almost 100% sure she says Kelly and not Katie. Why has no one else noticed this?

23-09-2012, 04:12
Cool story bro

23-09-2012, 06:22
Maybe you're almost 100% wrong?
This movie is supposed to be asian, with asian people and funny sounds.
Not Western with white people and boring sounds.

The Network
23-09-2012, 16:53
Maybe you're almost 100% wrong?
This movie is supposed to be asian, with asian people and funny sounds.
Not Western with white people and boring sounds.

The Ring honey, not Ring 2...