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Hey everyone!

Bluelight wants YOU to apply for the staff team and help us moderate the following subforums:
(Click the links for each forum’s respective application thread)

Due to increasing activity in certain subforums (as well as Bluelight as a whole), we are looking to recruit some fresh blood for the staff team.

While moderating may seem intimidating to some, I can promise that it is fairly straightforward and I have the utmost trust that those of you who choose to apply will be able to learn the ropes fairly quickly.

The technical side of modding, while presumed by many to be difficult, is easy enough that anyone who is able to navigate around the forum comfortably should be more than fine. It’s all UI based, just like the forum. No coding or anything like that is involved.

The minimum required time commitment is about 5-25 minutes per day depending on the subforum you choose to moderate. Many of you are already surpassing that requirement, so this shouldn’t be an issue for most of you. To be a mod, you just need to log on near-daily and let us know whenever you need some time off.

Several members of staff will be sharing their own experiences on the team in the coming week or two to help illustrate what being a staff member is like for them.

We look forward to seeing your applications, and we thank everyone who chooses to step up and apply to help out Bluelight.

The Bluelight Staff Team
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