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The Big & Dandy BOx Series Thread


Feb 12, 2011
Has the BOX series of compounds found in PIHKAL ever been available in the market? It seems like an interesting series to explore, especially BOD. I have searched around but haven't found much info on this series. Are these hard to synthesize or maybe not worth exploring? Anyone have any info on this family of compounds?
really? not one of them is free of a report of bad body load. most of which sound almost unbearable. i cant picture too many people would be interested in these with you man. too scary for my blood. ill stick with boring old 2c-x =P
A lot of Phenethylamines and even Tryptamines have a body load associated with them but does that mean they aren't worth exploring? There is a lot on the market right now that cause discomfort for some. I was thinking that BOD would be worth exploring anyways. What is it about these compounds that make them 'scary' for you?
For myself, the unknown can be a bit scary when it comes to drugs. Don't get me wrong, I love 2c-e but when it comes to the lesser knowns, there isn't anything known about long term effects. Besides 2c-e or say, san pedro, body loads tend to bug me because I hate feeling nauseous or weird while tripping. It tends to distract me from the trip. When it comes to unknown chemicals, I worry about my health because in all honesty, I would rather trip on something like LSD where I know physically, I will come out completely fine every time whereas, say, if I'm throwing up, I will worry about my stomach, my liver, my kidneys, etc.
^ Yeah, plus while your tripping your worrying seems to multiply.
it's like 80% of the bad trips on shrooms, the stomache cramps lead to the thought of poison, next thing you know youre trapped in a circle of thoughts that you're going to die.
Now imagine a chemical that has little long-term if any data on it, heh.

As far as the BOX's go.. shulgin has experimented with many of these phens and he seems to tolerate the body loads on some substances that I can't stand the body load on, but I generally can find an ROA to avoid the bodyload (such a vaporizing 2c's)
Point being, if shulgin can stand the bodyloads that I personally can not, and can't stand the BOx's, then why would you enjoy it?
Maybe you like that kind of thing, I don't know.. but I tend to prefer smoother trips so I can focus on the trip itself instead of asking myself constantly "am I going to live through this?" "why do I feel like this?" etc etc.
Yea the BOX series just sounds really taxing on the body. So much so that it becomes taxing on the mind. I'd rather see more exploration of phenethylamine related compounds. Look at the NBOMe derivations. I wonder how much more there is yet unexplored... probably very much!
speaking of which, I'm going to have to try 25I-nbome at some point soon.
Sounds super promising.
I was offered a nasal spray with 25E-NBOME but I declined. It was at a fest and I was already high as a kite on a handful of things but if offered in the future, I might consider it. I just feel like I get so much out of LSD/2c-e/MDMA. I guess I just like to stick with what works for me. I'm not as adventurous as I was when I started using psychedelics. Probably in part that people think I'm weird for not liking mushrooms.
theres a few people around here who have 25c-nbome and 25d-nbome, I still have yet to try any of them.
The BOx series all have methoxy groups at the beta (or, benzylic if you prefer that nomenclature) position, which is going to lead to the desmethyl derivatives ie. ring-substituted ephedrines (beta-hydroxy) upon metabolism.

These are all likely to induce hypertension, as the ephedrines do. Even before demethylation to the beta-hydroxy, the beta-methoxy moiety is likely to confer significant extra affinity to the adrenergic receptors, increasing blood pressure.
Thanks MattPsy! I do respect the other posters personal opinions and views on this series but you presented what I was looking for on why this series wasn't explored any further. just seemed odd to me that this was one of the very few series that ever made it to the market and wanted to understand why. BOD, to me, had some promising characteristics besides the bodyload and I created this post more out of curiosity than anything.
You could perhaps get away with the BOx series when taken in small amounts, however I feel like it would be more of a "dirty" stimulant rather than a psychedelic.

But then again it's very doubtful anyone on this forum has actually tried one of the BOx, so I guess we will never really know besides what we can read from Shulgin's findings.

Just stick to the 2c-x's and DOx's
can't go too wrong with those :)
Nah, I'd rather also enjoy the HOTx, MDMx (MD), TMAx, and other chems as well ;)
Maybe you're just adventurous or already got bored of the other phens.

2c-C could easily pass for an MDMx to someone with little knowledge.
if one were interested in MDMx then surely some of the 2c's would be appealing.
I have done little investigation on the HOTx compounds, but they seem interesting, as well as TMA's
but since their availability is much more rare I've yet to actually try them
Shouldn't HOT-7 produce the effects very similar(if not the same) to original parent 2C compounds?

The BOX series seem interesting, especially BOD, although not very promising. I would try them anyway. :)
Shouldn't HOT-7 produce the effects very similar(if not the same) to original parent 2C compounds?

I believe so...HOT-7 was anyways. HOT-7 was VERY similar to 2C-T-7 in effects and at around the same dosage too. Very nice substance.
it's like 80% of the bad trips on shrooms, the stomache cramps lead to the thought of poison, next thing you know youre trapped in a circle of thoughts that you're going to die.

although intense fear of death can make you appreciate life more... but then again eh could go the other way and leave you a bit 'shaken up'

are there any possible generalisations to make between effects of the BOx series in comparison to effects of the DOx series? or maybe generalisations are a foolish thing to make with new compounds, in the first place?
Bod is now availble to me and i was wandering if i sould get some or not. It's apealing but scary at the same time
It is available to me as well, however the cost is high. Does anyone have any idea if the dosage in PiHKAL is sound? I know that Shulgin is frequently off.
It is indeed more expensive then 2c's for exemple. In pihkal dosage is between around 15 to 25 mg if i remember but i wouldn't go for more then 5 mg after an alergie test on first trial