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The Big & Dandy 2C-G-X Thread


Frumious Bandersnatch
Nov 3, 1999
Welcome to the Big & Dandy 2C-G / 2C-G-x Thread


2C-G Pihkal Entry
2C-G-3 Pihkal Entry
2C-G-4 Pihkal Entry
2C-G-5 Pihkal Entry
2C-G-N Pihkal Entry

The current discussion follows from Psykaps inquiry about 2C-G - starting from page 2, here is the quote:

Hello , in any time I will receive 1 g 2C-G , in the internet there is not many informations about this substance , so Is here anybody who tried this compound? Is it similar to any 2Cx in effects ? I would be grateful for more details .

[original post:]

Has anybody ever heard of any trials outside of PIHKAL with these compounds? They sound extremely interesting to me. Let's hope someday we get our fingers into this cookie jar. Here's 2CG3 and 2CG5 entries from PIHKAL.

Shulgin on 2CG3 said:
DOSAGE: 16 - 25 mg.

DURATION: 12 - 24 h.

QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 16 mg) It came on in little leaps and bounds. All settled, and then it would take another little jump upwards. I am totally centered, and writing is easy. My appetite is modest. Would I drive to town to return a book to the library? No ever-loving way! I am very content to be right here where I am safe, and stay with the writing. It does take so much time to say what wants to be said, but there is no quick way. A word at a time.

(with 22 mg) I walked out for the mail at just about twilight. That was the most courageous thing that I could possibly have done, just for one lousy postcard and a journal. What if I had met someone who had wanted to talk? Towards evening I got a call from Peg who said her bean soup was bubbling in a scary way and what should she do, and I said maybe better make soap. It was that kind of an experience! Way up there, lots of LSD-like sparkles, and nothing quite really making sense. Marvelous.

(with 25 mg) There was easy talking, and no hint of any body concern. Sleep that evening was easy, and the next day was with good energy.

Shulgin on 2CG5 said:
DOSAGE: 10 - 16 mg.

DURATION: 32 - 48 h.

QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 14 mg) I was well aware of things at the end of two hours, and I was totally unwilling to drive, or even go out of the house. I was reminded continuously of 2C-B with its erotic push, and the benign interplay of colors and other visual effects. But it is so much longer lived. I am a full +++, very stoned, and there is no believable sign of dropping for another several hours. There is a good appetite (again, 2C-B like), and I managed to sleep for a few hours, and all the next day I was spacey and probably still a plus one. The day yet following, I was finally at a believable baseline. Both of these days were filled with what might be called micro doze-offs, almost like narcolepsy. Maybe I am just sleep deprived.

(with 16 mg) The first effects were felt within one hour, and full effects between 2 1/2 and 3 hours. Tremendous clarity of thought, cosmic but grounded, as it were. This is not at all like LSD, and is a lot mellower than the 2C-T family. For the next few hours it was delightful and fun and I felt safe and good-humored. I got to sleep without much difficulty while still at a plus three, and my dreams were positive and balanced, but I awoke irritable and emotionally flattened. I did not want to interact with anyone. The first 16 hours of this stuff were great, and the second 16 hours were a bit of a drag. Just twice as long as it ought to be.

(with 16 mg) I was at full sparkle within three hours, and I continued to sparkle for the longest time. The tiredness that comes after a while probably reflects the inadequacy of sleep. I was aware of something still going on some two days later.
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Sounds sparkly. :)

I don't know of anyone who's gotten their hands on any of this, as it simply hasn't been available AFAIK. Shulgin's noted durations are a definite turn-off for me, especially the g-5.

2c-g-n doesn't sound very promising based on his comments.
I agree 2CGN doesn't sound that great from his comments. I'd still like to try them eventually.

Well I didn't figure many people would have tried this. Hopefully somebody will have tried it and one day search google and find this thread and share with us :)

Can a moderator please edit my thread title to add a parenthesis containing (2CG3 and 2CG5) to aid searching?
The one that's related to these, but not a 2C-G-x as such is the one with only one methoxy group and is effectively the IAP derivative that corresponds to MMDA (5-(2-aminopropyl)-7-methoxyindane aka 3,4-trimethylene-5-methoxyamphetamine) as I'd imagine it'd be somewhat similar to MMDA, but has the advantage of not being illegal under UK law.

Chances of seeing that on the market are probably less than the 2C-G-x's though!
yes there seem to be only a few of us weirdos out there willing to munch some of these! :!

what you describe sounds lovely to me though cheers FB :)
there is a german report that appeared on BL sometime ago, it was generally non descriptive and the user said the duration was too long (no big surprise). MGS has mentioned that he has 2C-G in his collection, but i dont thinks hes tasted it.
It was available at some point, where and when i dont know but i suspect it was one of the early 2000s american suppliers, and thusly 2C-G and its family are now gone.

I would LOVE to work with it.
I managed to get some 2C-G back in the day, but I've never tried it. If I'm going to take something that lasts that long, its going to be DOM or maybe 2C-P.
DOM doesn't last that long unless you take as dose like those dished out free in the 60's (10mg +). A much more sensible 3-5mg lasts a bit longer than LSD; if you're OK with AMT you'll be OK with DOM in terms of duration.

Worst I've ever had in terms of not knowing when to pack it in & piss off were DOC & DOI. Had 2mg of DOI and at the 24 hour point it stopped being funny even in that 'you've got to laugh or else you'll cry' way. DOC was very similar in outstaying it's welcome
I must be one of the very few that enjoyed DOI's duration. Although it was a very physically exhausting trip, so I would certainly think long and hard before taking it and plan for the post-trip fatigue.
S_S: Changed the title. :)

Riemann Zeta said:
I must be one of the very few that enjoyed DOI's duration. Although it was a very physically exhausting trip, so I would certainly think long and hard before taking it and plan for the post-trip fatigue.

I love long duration chemicals if they're good. DOC is perfect for me, and I usually wish AMT would last longer.

I agree about DOM's duration... it seems the shortest of the DOXs I've tried. Well, DOT/aleph-1 is actually shorter.

If anyone has any experience with these, please post about it, as I would love to know! I hope to one day get my hands on some, especially G-3 and G-5. The descriptions in PIHKAL sound promising indeed!
DOSAGE: 10 - 16 mg.

DURATION: 32 - 48 h.

wow that is a long duration for the G-5, i would love to get my hands on some of that and take a trip out camping in the forest in the summer
^ A whole fuckin' weekend - more than I'd like to experience (I'm quite willing to take the word, regarding descriptions of the effects, of those brave souls willing to take 2C-G-5 on trust!)
i would love to get my hands on these, too.
i love long duration.

i wouldn't mind a bit of non-disabling hppd, either ;P
but that's easy for me to say - not having to live with it.
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I had a few hits of DOI a couple years ago, was always too leery of the 30+ hour duration to use it. Eventually, I lost them. Probably for the best. :\
did he explore any of the amphetamine analogs of the 2cg series?

if they made a psychedelic that lasted days on end do you think the potential of death would be posible out of the lack of sleep and exhaustion?

there was a chemical that was related to aniracetam that they are still studying (and whos exact chemical formula isnt yet given away) that they claimed to say makes the need to sleep almost vanish, with reports of people only geting one to two hours of sleep and being able to function perfectly for multiple days in a row. i dont know why i just thought of it...
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it would. from what i remember reading about ganesha it wasnt that bad, with the increased durration of the doxs i figured it would be hell
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morninggloryseed said:
I managed to get some 2C-G back in the day, but I've never tried it. If I'm going to take something that lasts that long, its going to be DOM or maybe 2C-P.

2C-P is well worth trying at least once.

Id love to get my habds on some of the 2C-G series. whether theyd de tested or not is another story...