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The Big & Dandy 25I-NBOMe Thread

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May 20, 2010
Continued in thread 2 here.



This is a newly discovered group of chemicals, with little history of human use.
It has already become clear that these substances carry substantial risks that must be highlighted.

Examples of chemicals belonging to this family include 25i-NBOMe, 25c-NBOMe, 25i-NBOH, 25c-NBOH.
Nicknames include "25i", "25c", N-bomb, N-bome etc.

Some facts you should know about The 25X - NBOMe series:

25x NBOMe chemicals have killed at "normal" recreational doses.
  • We don't know how it kills.
  • People have died from doses that are smaller than ones they've taken in the past.
  • We don't know the reasons why it is so unpredictable yet.
Doses can lead to psychotic episodes and ER visits
  • If you or people around you must take these drugs, avoid combinations and advise others to avoid it as well.
  • If someone appears to be overdosing, it is important to get medical attention quickly to minimize chance of death or injury.
These chemicals are sometimes mislabeled and sold as LSD or "acid"
  • If in doubt about your drugs, learn how to test them using testing kits/reagents. Don't have blind faith in the reputation of your source.
  • A good rule of thumb these days is "if it's bitter it's a spitter"
  • If you take blotters sold as LSD, swallowing them may render NBOMe type compounds inactive while swallowing LSD will work just as well!
25x is difficult to dose properly
  • Tolerance builds quickly, but toxicity may still occur.
  • Doses can often be unpredictable and uneven, even from the same sheet.
  • There is an unknown but narrow margin between a fun dose, and an overdose.
  • Reactions may vary wildly between individuals, but can also be inconsistent for the same person. Previous successful experiences offer no guarantees.

NBOMe substances are cheap and widely available, however they are not well understood, and have caused a number of deaths. There are safer and (arguably) better substances to begin with than these. Know your drugs, do your research, and spread the word!

And finally information for people pushing the dosage with NBOMe's:

The NBOMe series is known to be more dangerous than other psychedelic drug families. High doses can easily result in severe reactions such as seizures and HPPD. It is possible to get away with high doses because the mental component of the trip is mild so it may not feel as intense as other psychedelics even though there are powerful visuals. In order to try and overcome this some users take several doses to get a more intense/spiritual experience. While this does work for some, for others this is where the serious side-effects emerge.

As a result of this it is recommended that if you are seeking an intense experience, something more than eye candy, you select a different psychedelic with a higher natural intensity and better safety record such as 2C-E or LSD.

It is strongly advised that users do not take more than 1.5 doses of this drug, with one dose generally agreed to be x.x mg (xxxxu g).

Insufflating doses further increases the risk.

So what do you guys think on this chemical, i tried to search for a thread 25I-NBOMe but i couldn't find it so i'm taking it this is the first?

There was only a thread for 25C-NBOMe not "25I"

Taken From Wikipedia

25I-NBOMe acts as a highly potent agonist for the human 5-HT2A receptor, with a Ki of 0.044 nM, making it some sixteen times the potency of 2C-I itself, and a radiolabelled form of 25I-NBOMe can be used for mapping the distribution of 5-HT2A receptors in the brain

Sixteen times the potency of 2C-I - Sounds crazy

Here is the wiki link please reply on what you think of this RC which is being developed



500mcg dosage - Half a miligram dosage sounds ridiculously strong

Trip Reports

not yet available my sample will be arriving next week
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Here's a couple of excerpts from the 25B-NB (n-Benzyl-2C-B) thread in ADD.

Erny said:
David's NBOMe-2C-I is a true gem. Basically it resembles PEAs, but is much like acid in some of it's effects, especially in the emotional area. It is full with the deep glowing LSD-like empathy that is uncommon within phenylethylamines.

The activity of bomamines in humans are sometimes inverted: NBOMe-2C-I requires 500-1000 mkg for a trip. When insufflated or injected i/m, they need a full hour to come up, even 1,5 hours in the case of NBOMe-2C-I.

tryptamineded said:
Not so long ago I have tried one new compound that was presented as BOM-CI to me
I could not find the formula for this one, but I think it was one of these N-benzyl-phenethylamines (2-meo)?
It was a small pill with only 1mg of bom-ci in it, and it was told to me that it works only if you snort it. I have very high sensitivity to all PEAs, so I decided to try only half (500mics).
So I made a powder from pill and snorted it. I didn’t have any discomfort in nose and effects started to come up after about 10 minuets.
The trip was very intense with a lot of multilayered visual patterns, strange, but some of them reminded me my usual tryptamine visuals, and people were looking very grotesque. Both OEV and CEV were very colorful and multidimensional.
The mental aspect of the trip was also very intense and I even started to have a small paranoia about myself and people that was surrounding me, but also there were a lot of productive thoughts and personal insights.
Body feeling – usually I have a lot of unpleasant muscle tension on PEAs, this time it wasn’t that bad, yes, the general “PEA feeling” was present, but comparing with other PEAs the body feeling was pretty smooth.
The trip lasted about 6 hours plus some after-effects.
All in all I was really impressed with this compound, it gave me some insights and visuals that are uncommon for other PEAs and it has the feeling of freshness in it.

Erny said:
Apropos of this, 2 mg of NBOMe-2C-I or B can lead to a confusion and/or delirious state, and as little as 4 mg can kill you. This is not an average lethal dose, rather it can be lethal for a sensitive person. I am not one of these, as I have actually overdosed myself by error with 30 mg NBOMe-2C-B once. Not only I am alive, but had no consequences of it at all. But I am certainly not the person to follow the example of.

Taking all that into account, one should never, under any circumstances, take more than one milligram of NBOMe-2C-I or B, if not familiar with the chemical. One third or one half of a milligram is a better idea to start with. Some people may have lover sensitivity, but for the most the doses I have given in my previous posts are reasonable.

Erny said:
While literature states NBOMe-2C-I has higher 5-HT2A affinity than NBOMe-2C-B, their potency in man change in inverse order from some point. Possibly at the point where hydrophobicity of the molecule becomes so high that it starts to impede it's ability to reach the brain fast enough. Trifluoromethyl is even more hydrophobic than iodine. NBOMe-2C-I also have the longest onset, generally 1,5 hours.

Strangely, not only quantitative, but also the qualitative potency increases when going from I to Cl. NBOMe-2C-I effects are comparatively mild even at heavy doses

Schlaang said:
At a festival i saw one guy who snorted 4 mg of NBOMe-2C-I within 1 hour and didn't feel any effect at all.
With same stuff some other people shared 2 mg for 5 persons and all of them was tripping quite intense.
Trip Reports

not yet available my sample will be arriving next week

Hi... Did you receive the sample and have a chance to try it?

Please provide any information that you can about this compound, when you have a chance.

Thanks! :)
Hi... Did you receive the sample and have a chance to try it?

Please provide any information that you can about this compound, when you have a chance.

Thanks! :)

I second that, very curious about these compounds & looking for BL reports while I try source them =D
I think there are some TR's on that russian site
There are. And there is one from Erny in the Trip Reports section here. Seems to be his fav N-Benzyl PEA....
Just a little bump

Has anyone tried this one yet?

I have an order on the way, been very impressed with the Chloro version,its a huge amount of fun but it does feel somewhat superficial and lacking in depth, I'm hoping the Iodo is slightly deepe , at least that is what I have been able to ascertain from reading as much as possible
I'll have some of this by the weekend hopefully. I've heard 500ug as a good dose for this substance, any tips on a good starting dose?

This will be the first time I'm doing any NBOMe, but I have experience with many other psychs.
This particular NBOMe sounds right up my ally. I think I'll try to find this bad boy to start my NBOMe career.
So i insuffilated 500ug of 25I-NBOMe about 25 minutes ago but feel hardly off baseline. Although I accurately liquid measured it, I let the liquid evaporate thus leaving only a tiny amount of powder but also increasing my chances of improper absorption.

How long do you recommend waiting until I attempt to dose again?
I think Erny said NBOMe's cause notoriously strong tolerance effects, you would probably be best off waiting two weeks unless you don't mind a drop in reaction of unknown proportion. It could really be feasible that even if you had mild effects, you would still get tolerance since they have such incredible affinities.
Wow, two weeks!

So you're saying that even if I redosed 45mins to an hour after initial dosing, that tolerance could already be affecting the 2nd dose?
No I'm not saying that. Actually not sure about rapid redosing. Desensitization might occur that fast but I don't know, in general I would say that by the time you get a good feeling of the level of the plateau you have reached it is too late. If I were you I would not try to say too fast that it's not enough, for all you know it might hit you like a bag of bricks a little later.

My recommendation is treat this responsibly and see what happens from the 500 ug. If it is disappointing go higher next time. If you redose now another drawback is that it will be harder to predict next time what kind of bolus (instant/at once) dosage you ought to take for similar effects. It will mess up your certainty of titration.

I say wait it out...

Looks like it's been a little over an hour since you insufflated. Any first alerts yet? Apparently this can take 1.5 hrs to kick in even with insufflation; see some of the quoted posts above by erny....
Well I spoke too soon lol. What I mistook for little effect was just a slow come-up to substantially strong effects. My impatience came from comparing this to 25C-NBOMe I think, so its a good thing I didn't redose any further.

I am the 3hr mark and effects are still building, but I'm doing great! Won't be able to make any conclusions till its over though. so I'll leave it at that as I don't wanna taint this thread with live trip-updates ;)
... I was just about to say "just do the lot", then I read the entire post (so far). Ive never snorted anything that took more than 10 mins too kick in.

Me thinks I'd better keep my trap shut.

Good Luck mate, enjoy ! :)
... I was just about to say "just do the lot", then I read the entire post (so far). Ive never snorted anything that took more than 10 mins too kick in.

Me thinks I'd better keep my trap shut.

Good Luck mate, enjoy ! :)

Then you've never snorted MXE, but that's a whole other story :p

I just wanted to say that I am following this thread with great interest.
As it turns out I will getting this one first as far as the NBOMe's are concerned. Would like to wait and try it at the beach soon but will probably do a few allergy tests leading up to it. High hopes for this one.
So I prepared 10 25I-NBOMe gel tabs at 500ug each.

Question I have: While cooking the gelatin down, the 25I/gelatin solution got close to boiling, 180-190 degrees F (It was in a double-boiler set-up). Would that have destroyed any of the 25I-NBOMe? Does anyone know safe temperatures with this compound?
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