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The Big and Dandy DMT Thread - The Rebirth (Archived 3-19-08)

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I recently extracted DMT from MHRB and I'd have to say it has been great, my 4 experiences. Can't compare to my first real trip ever, but is a completely different tool. I get the feeling that it will help move on to my next mind-state and help me heal my past errors. It is a little maddening though, like riding a bronco.
The light bulb and Tinfoil

Light bulbs work well for smoking also and are easy and cheap to make. Here is a link to a good instructional post about it.
You should try to get a clear one or you can rinse the white coating out with salt and water.

Tinfoil work very well also it takes a little more practice to get good hits. Shinny side down.v
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Finally did a breakthrough dose....wow 8o 8o 8o =D <3. It was fucking awesome! I loved it! Also got to combine my three favorite things, lsd + amt + dmt....oh man...words can't even describe that shit. I just felt like I was floating around my room through thick air.

I <3 <3 <3 DMT!
lsd + amt + dmt

Interesting, I don't like AMT, but I can imagine it enhancing or bringing about a rather bizarre flavoured DMT trip....

Oh yeah, I loved DMT..... :):)
I bet AMT + DMT is fantastic!

Willow, if you ever do decide to try AMT again, try it rectally... it's far smoother. By a lot.

I wonder if I should try to break through again tonight? Maybe I'll save it for the weekend.
This weekend I'm taking the remainder of my deems in the mountain
Part 1 will be oral, and I will be smoking the rest throughout the weekend
God I cant wait to do DMT, though, I dont understand why sub break throughs are no good. That sounds like saying that drugs like LSD and PSilocybin are no good becasue you dont Breakthrough into the space.

I am definately going to do a few Sub doses before I breakthrough, it just sounds so much safer.

Sice everyone here likes pretty much likes psy trance, I have this CD form Germany I love called Insane creation, its slower than psytrance but its sooooo much more trippier than regular trance its totally great. Psy can be way to fast for me, if anyone wants to listen to it let me know and Il post the link to it up, or send it to you.

God I cant wait to do DMT :) :) :)
Finally broke-through on this stuff about a week ago.

It was on the tail end of a DOC (5mg) trip, which I dosed 22mg 4-Aco-MiPT (freebase) at about the 4-5 hour mark after the initial ingestion of the DOC. Towards the end of the night, I was coming down, and supplemented that with 60mg IR morphine (fucker was supposed to give me 2x 20mg ER oxymorphone!), needless to say if I was going for 40mg of Opana, 60mg morphine wasn't going to cut-it. So I ate a good bit of valium too.

Anyway, the setting was me and my GF on DOC, and my buddy and his GF on LSD (weak but good liquid). When I ate the 4-aco-mipt, so did my buddy on L, and the girls both split my remaining 45mg of 4-Aco-DMT.

Anyway, after all this night of tripping, we're finally coming down thanks to some valium, and my buddy finally decides it's time to try the deemsters, though I told him he would enjoy it whilst on just the LSD. We all try a few times, I'm about the only one who can hit it fine and not cough or whatever. Go twice, both sub-breakthrough and fantastic, not that I remember any of them. Then, after they try it a few times but not as successfully as me, I try and 'show' them again, go for the last one.

All I remember is taking 3 rips, and being told a few days after the fact that I exhaled the last rip, and just rested my head on my buddies chest, essentially 'collapsing' forward (though I was sitting next to him), and was sitting there doing nothing but an occasional light jerk and a mumble, and then 'came to' about an 10 minutes later.

Grr! I can't believe I finally brokethrough, whilst not even trying to, and because of all that damn valium, I can't remember a thing! I do remember coming to with a great sense of contentment, so it must have been good, but damn, what a shame.
Xorkoth said:
I bet AMT + DMT is fantastic!
The suspected synergy of intramuscular DMT+aMT is probably the number one reason I obtained synthetic DMT (in other words, as good as it sounds on the face of it, it's probably a bad idea to combine the MAOI component of ayahuasca with aMT). I have yet to try it, but I'm thinking winter break is going to be the time. Mescaline+ayahuasca, aMT+4-aco-DMT, and aMT+DPT (three of the best combos I've ever done) all utilize the the same positive push power channeling philosophy that I imagine would find its ultimate expression in an aMT+DMT combo.

The thread did need a rebirth. Or at least it should be cut from its fast growing parthenogentic bastard child, the as of yet unnamed, "Big and Dandy DMT Extraction Thread".
Beenhead said:
God I cant wait to do DMT, though, I dont understand why sub break throughs are no good. That sounds like saying that drugs like LSD and PSilocybin are no good becasue you dont Breakthrough into the space.

You can enter space on shrooms, you just gotta take enough. If i sat down and ate 15 grams, I bet I could breakthrough into mindfuckland.
Beenhead said:
God I cant wait to do DMT, though, I dont understand why sub break throughs are no good.

sub break throughs most definitely are good
At first it may not seem so but after a break through or two I've found you appreciate the smaller doses a whole lot more
i think that sub break thrus are just not the point with DMT, I also think that there are different levels of break thrus. I believe that DMT can teach us things at a certain dosage while at low dosages it can not convey those messages. I also "like" small doses, i just think that they are a waste of dmt lol. To each his own tho. Its all good with DMT, I would just recommend people to AIM for break thrus first then enjoy the lower doses later. Just from personal experience :)
^Yeah, it's not that smoked sub-breakthrough doses are no good, it's just that what they accomplish qualitatively is, for me at least, done better through oral, insufflated, or intramuscular routes. Though I find it is of course possible to get "really fucked up" simply by taking high doses of DMT through oral, IM, etc. routes, I really do believe there are distinct qualitative aspects to the smoking or IV trips that are entirely contingent on these latter route's speed of onset, i.e. even on a purely pharmacological/physiological level it's clearly not just the peak plasma levels that count. I know when I smoke DMT, it's invariably accompanied by a jolt of adrenaline and a spike in blood pressure that doesn't accompany slower onset methods of administration to anywhere near the same degree, and these are just a few of the things unique to smoking/IV that may influence the mental trip.

Also, for people looking to "breakthrough" who haven't yet, I've found that by smoking salvia extracts during an ayahuasca trip the result is much closer to a DMT breakthrough than it is to a salvia breakthrough (extra-spatial perception/Klein bottle stuff over gravity effects/identity substitution stuff). Strangely, this is true even on a fairly low dose of ayahuasca, though I've only done the combo twice (it's really jarring).
I realize this question may be a bit hard to answer for someone else, but if you guys could give me your opinion, I'd really appreciate it. I've previously had experience with salvia (a couple moderate, dreamy doses and one in which I forgot most everything but the English language), 2C-I (one lower dose trip), and LSD (one one-hit trip). With my last experience (LSD), I found that I was really happy at first, but really disappointed with the last 2/3 of the trip. I think this was a result of the setting and my attitude. I'm at college right now, and I'm not as close with my acquaintances as I am with my friends back home, I'm not particularly happy with college life in general, either. One of my friends from home and I have been talking about extracting and smoking some DMT for about a year now. I have Organic Chemistry lab this semester, and extractions and crystal purification have been a part of many of our experiments (not that the process couldn't be done by most highschoolers). Too, this Christmas break may be the last time I'll get to hang out with this kid for awhile.

Anyway, what I'm trying to ask is how much does your general attitude on your life affect a BREAKTHROUGH DMT experience? I am by no means a happy dude in my day-to-day activities, but am definitely happy when with my close friends. Do you feel, based on your own experiences, that if I was very excited about trying DMT and very happy with my surrounding at the moment, that I'd still be at significant risk for a bad trip? Let me also clarify that intense confusion is nothing I'd consider "bad" (I loved having to rediscover everything around me on salvia), I'd be worried more about entering a hell where
some alien tells me all about all the messed up things I've done in life.
^TO PSOODONYM-Breakthrough is so subjectvie- to me its when the senses are overwhelmed, or DMT-brain takes over more then 50% cerebral functioning :)))- ie. hallucinations and reality are harder to distinguish (30-40mg smoked). And it just goes up from there....But a lower dose can be fun; put yourself into what would be a strong +++ LSD state, lots f morphing and tangential thinking, plus the ability to talk, fuck, walk, write etc. One can puff away on DMT for hours keeping one in a basicly static level. But the temptaion to go all out usually overtakes.

Yes Xorkoth you should break on through again this weekend, I may meet you there. I found AMT gave me the heebie-jeebies, ssped up, giggly and really nervous and kinda creeped out. Was in massive trance club though and having boosters constantly.
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