Significant changes to Links Database

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Mar 16, 2001
There have been some significant changes to the Links Database to make it even more useful than it previously was.

1. Bluelight has converted from a standalone flat file database to a more stable system that is incorporated into the vBulletin software. This will allow for greater integration in the future.

2. All links must now be validated by Links Database moderators. Anyone can still enter links, but the Links Database moderators will make sure that links are put in the appropriate category and that there are not so many duplicate links. Links that violate the Bluelight User Agreement will not be added to the database. Otherwise, please be patient and the moderators will validate your link within 24 hours. While a short term inconvenience, it will create a more organized and useful links database in the long run.

3. The database is now searchable. You can search for words to match the name of a link or something that is in the link's description.

4. You can now see how many "hits" a link has received.

5. The most frequently used links are available in the "Top 10 Visited Links" list.

6. The ten newest links are available in the "Last 10 Added Links" list. The ten most recent lists are displayed in a box on the front page.

Credits: Medi57 had the original idea of upgrading the Links Database. chr1.5 and Jase did a significant amount of technical work to install the new system and imported 600+ links from the old system. forgotten did additional work to make sure the new links database was ready to go live.
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My thanks to all who made it possible

Attention Relevant Moderators.
Please integrate all threads in Aus Social "Amusing links" at

into the Main Link Database.

I ask this for several reasons.

A.The name used "amusing links" is simply not true or honouring for some quite serious links.
B.There has been some abuse and let us call it "unreasonable juvenalistic, rude and non decent behaviour" and links supplied within that thread and I believe putting all the valid links from that thread into the main link database would stem this problem.
C.People are getting off on posting links that are quite abusive and demeaning of the fellow human being.

I ask of you, in the name of Dr Martin Luther King Jnr.; The advocate of respect of the fellow human being to close the above listed thread immediately and to close this loophole within Aus Social that is letting abuse of our brothers and sisters occur,thus causing me much sadness for this offense against humanity.

Please close the above listed thread ,I beg of you,

In Hope and Goodness,
Yours Sincerely,
Oceanboy, thank-you for your concern. The thread in question does not offend anybody except you and the wide majority of bluelighters enjoy it. It will stay open.

If you like, you can enter the links contained within the thread to the links database yourself by using the submit a link feature.
Sorry, but I only enter serious links into the database. You are more than welcome to enter the links yourself, as mentioned previously :)
Is this website really that corrupt ;shiny face, murderous interior?

So is that saying that Dr Martin Luther King Jnr's emancipacition striving of 50 years ago go here unoticed? Shame on you and you know it.
I be not the only one that is upset by the abuse of the fellow being,and you know that also.
Thanks for the link. Perhaps we have to add it to the Links database for you? :\

I be closing this thread. Catch be able to clean and re-open if need be.
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Okay, so the Links Database is now rolling along....

When the database was new, the Links Database moderators added lots of old links to help get things started. People are now expected to add their own links and the moderators will approve them.

The database holds links that range from very serious to completely trivial, all set up in different categories to keep things organized.

Oceanboy, you have reported that thread in Australian Social three separate times. I do not have time to look at it myself, but three staff members have gone through the entire thing and did not find anything that was abusive or degrading.

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