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Rest In Peace, Nurse Ratched

I was wondering how she was doing earlier today, as it had been a while since I saw her online. So sad to see she's already gone :cry:

Rest peacefully Claire
She’ll be greatly missed. She really seemed to care about this place
nurse ratched made an impression as a mod

I can't believe that! 😱
She was like a granny for me. The good spirit of Bluelight who took care that everyone feels comfortable here. We even had a short but pleasant PM conversation recently about a topic I have forgotten, but I remember it was always nice talking to her.

Bluelight won't be the same anymore without her presence. I will greatly miss her 😭
Fuck man! This is terrible news indeed. May she rest in peace and condolences to her family 😥
Wow. RIP NR. Much love. Speechless. Truly a smart comforting presence. You can almost feel it ripped away. I hope she is rolling around heaven.
RIP, she was constant good force here and needless to say helped, gave comfort to a lots of people. condolences to her family
This is some truly devastating news to break guys. I have just spoken with her mother on the phone. @Nurse Ratched passed away last Saturday. She was like a distant online mother to me. I'm utterly heartbroken. We haven't seen a BL staff member as helpful, thorough, and hard working as her in a very long time. She had a tough battle with leukemia and ultimately fell to congestive heart failure. I know she was greatly loved by so many, and she will be missed by a great number of us.

I'm personally greatly distressed that there wasn't more I said to her in the past couple months. I wish I could've said how much I loved her and how much she inspired and supported me through my own personal trouble. She had her struggles with addiction in the past, but made an amazing recovery and put in a ton of work and her own free time towards helping other people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. This should inspire all of us.

I will be saying some prayers for her. Rest in Peace, you will be greatly missed ❤️❤️💔💔💕

June 2, 1958 - November 11, 2023
I’m really sad to hear this. I really liked her…
This is devastating to me.
I feel a loss of greatness and a friend.
Real connections are like freakin ieds.
Always my love but I suppose you actually know this and who I really am now. See ya soon, love.

Oh hell here it comes...................
This is so sad, i had no idea she was dealing with this stuff. No wonder she didn't post anymore in the invega thread.
This is terrible.

This has to be one of the hardest ways to go. The suffering, the fear, the dragging out of it. Life is so cruel.

All I remember about Nurse was a very professional and polite person that never had a negative thing to say. Rip.
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But, I loved her.
Only interacted a few times, but I already did.
RIP. And I hope her passing was easy and full of love.
I haven’t said anything yet so I at least wanted to give my condolences.

People think that you can’t tell much about someone by just interacting with them online. But I disagree. Once you’ve been stereotyped as a drug addict this world becomes a different place. Your own perception becomes guided by the consideration of that. You learn to notice different cues that help you determine who is real…who you can trust…who has genuine intentions. I have no doubt that she encompassed them all. When this happens I always get mad. I don’t want to be mad but I can’t help it yet. It stirs up a lot for me. I hope she wasn’t alone. I hope she was treated great like she deserved. I hope she really knew how amazing she was. I hope there wasn’t any negativity around her. I hope she had peace.

Oh I hate this so much

Thank you @deficiT for ensuring that we got the facts❤️
I liked Nurse. And I don't say these things frugally at all.

She even invited me for kava on her outside porch I was incited (for visit)

Not being insensitive but even though Charlie was younger by a way, it might feel more bitter sudden and unfair to lose Nurse, albeit those knowing more of her health state.