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News Mega Merged Drug Bust Thread v. "Drug Wars" a Bust

Getting rid of solvents becomes 'solvent management' in which you work out what you can reuse, what you can clean and reuse and what you have to throw away.

There are cooks who worry that someone will run a GC-MS/NMR on their solvents and find actives..... mate, if the DEA have reached THAT point, tiny amounts (that could have ended up in solvent in 1001 innocent ways) then you have bigger problems. Yes, I know Italy has a particularly dubious culture with Camorra outbidding anyone legit and then dumping solvents in rivers and so on.

But there is no developed nation in the world that doesn't have a large chemical industry and can recover most of your solvents and destroy (in high temperature incineration). In fact, any company that is ordering 1000s of L of solvents and yet doesn't have a contract to have solvent management carried out is VERY suspicious.

BTW I would have NOTHING to do with anyone who had a pocket knife, let along guns, swords and all of that stuff. Soft power works better. An example? Friend of friend had skipped with 1oz of someone's paste (uncut amphetamine sulfate). This person was an addict and used it all.... but after that day, NOBODY in the whole city would serve him. From having a range of contacts to NOBODY speaking to you in 8 hours must be a shock.....
did some formatting changes and moved this thread into the drug bust mega.

More than 92 pounds of fentanyl seized in California​

Tori B. Powell
23 Apr 2022

California detectives seized around 92.5 pounds of illicit fentanyl in a massive drug bust, the Alameda County Sheriff's Department announced Saturday. Officials showed images of the synthetic opioids seized in the operation on social media.

According to spokesman Sergeant Ray Kelly, raids on Friday revealed a major fentanyl manufacturing lab, CBS San Francisco reports. One suspect has been arrested in connection with the operation while a second is at large, according to CBS San Francisco.

Full article here.
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Amazing to see that the DEA is quite regularly finding fentanyl labs with over 50Kg of product/enough precursors to make 50Kg or some combination of the two.

I have concluded that it's the short duration of fentanyl that makes it the most profitable opioid. I can think of a few compounds that are of similar potency & are similarly complex to make... but last significantly longer.
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I can think of a few compounds that are of similar potency & are similarly complex to make... but last significantly longer.

I’d say long duration can also be a downside. I’d go for compounds with a duration of 5-8 hours from a recreational point of view. How long is the duration of a fentanyl high? The last opioid I experimented with was 2-me-ap237 and this was clearly too short in duration.
Did some formatting changes and moved to drug bust thread

My fault - I didn't know that their was a 'drug bust' thread.

It's interesting that people are scaling fentanyl production and now switching to a more potent opioid. Although reports on dihydroetorphine are not great, neither, frankly, is fentanyl.

The Chinese actually use DHE in 20 & 40µg tablets (to give you an idea) and there are actually much more potent homologues in the series. I often wondered why the more potent homologues were not used and concluded that it was because their potency varies too much between people... but then I found a counterexample.

So maybe it's the complexity of the chemistry? Yes, it IS very complex, but I mistakenly thought SOMEONE would invest in the synthesis because it would allow labs to be tiny.
BTW their are much safer prodrugs. I guess this is just commercial expediency.
28 July 2022.

The last days of June saw the roll out of the 2022 version of the Interpol-managed Operation Pangea XV – a global initiative targeted illegal trade with medicines and medical devices. The Danish Medicines Agency managed the operation in Denmark jointly with the Customs Agency and the police.

Buying illicit medicine online can pose a health hazard and could be potentially life threatening. If you buy medicines and medical devices outside of the established system, you are gambling with your health since neither production, content nor effect is guaranteed for medicines and medical devices sold via social media or in webshops without a licence to trade in these products. Nevertheless, illegal trade in medicines and medicinal devices is a persistent issue at global level and in Denmark.

The Danish Medicines Agency cooperates closely with the Danish Customs Agency and together the two agencies regularly perform control operations of illegal shipments throughout the year. They also make an extraordinary effort in connection with the annually recurring Operation Pangea which is conducted simultaneously in 94 countries all over the world and is managed by Interpol. The objective of the Danish operation this year was to get an overview of the current threat landscape; which types of medicines and medical devices enter this country, which countries do they come from, and which quantities are being identified in the customs.

This year, the operation took place in the period from 23 to 30 June and was conducted for one part at the International Post Center where about 500 pharmaceutical packages from 27 countries were taken out for control. For another part, the Danish Medicines Agency did a thorough search of the internet to identify illegal webshops targeting their sales at Danish customers without authorization.

Controlled medicines and medicinal devices

Of 501 controlled shipments 58 packages were submitted for further investigation and, if relevant, analysis. These 58 packages comprised a total of 8,000 dosages of medicines contained in tablets, capsules or vials. The substances seized included antibiotics and substances against depression and metabolic disorders, among others, although these were far outnumbered by medicines designed to treat impotence and sleep disorders. In addition to this, the Danish Customs Agency identified 32 shipments holding illicit doping agents and 31 instances of illegal euphoriants. All of these cases have been passed on to the police. The remaining shipments have been released to the recipients together with information about how to take the proper precautions when buying online medicines and medical devices as a consumer.

Webshops reported to the police

Based on its search of the web, the Danish Medicines Agency has identified 35 webshops trading medicines and medical devices illegally. All of these have been reported to the Special Crime Unit under the Danish police with a request to investigate them and close them down, if relevant. None of these webshops display the compulsory green or blue EU logo which demonstrates that the shop is authorized to sell medicine for human use (the green logo) or for animal use (the blue logo).

Most of these webshops sell erectile dysfunction medicines featuring names such as ‘Generic Viagra’, ‘Viagra Super Active’, ‘Viagra Professional’, ‘Generic Cialis’ and ‘Cialis Super Active’. There are no approved medicines by these names. Other erectile dysfunction medicines are sold such as ‘Kamagra Oral Jelly’, ‘Fildena’ and ‘Tadalista’ although none of these have been approved for sale in Denmark and consequently selling them to Danish consumers is illegal. A single of the webshops reported to the police advertise that they sell the euphoriant Ecstasy (MDMA).

The international operation

In addition to the reports made to the Danish police about illegal websites and the medicines and illegal substances seized by the customs, the results of the Danish part of Operation Pangea XV have been submitted to Interpol. As part of the overall operation which embraces 42 countries, Interpol seized 8329 packages with illegal medicines and medicinal devices of which about 40 percent contained erectile dysfunction medicines. Interpol also investigated trade with illegal medicines and medicinal devices through social media and found that most of the illegal trade takes place through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

SoMe trading is a point of particular interest for the Danish Medicines Agency.

“We are witnessing an increasing volume of illicit trading through social media involving in particular performance enhancers, commonly known as ‘study drugs’, and other medicines and medicinal devices such as illicit slimming products and erectile dysfunction medicines. This is a hazardous trend because of the absolute non-existence of controls and safety precautions for medicines and medicinal devices sold in this manner. Prescription medicine must always be prescribed by your own doctor, and if you buy medicines and medical devices online you should always buy it from a webshop advertising the green or the blue EU logo. No medicines and medicinal devices are sold legally through social media,” explains Karen Juul Jensen, chief consultant with the Danish Medicines Agency,

adding that this year's Operation Pangea XV point to the “usual suspects”.

“Fortunately there are no surprises, which means that there are no new and unexpected threats. The operation clearly shows, however, that regular controls are still required. We also need to continue to make the Danish population aware of the health hazards you are facing if you buy illegal medicine online – besides breaking the law.”

Also the Danish Customs Agency emphasizes that the operation supports the need to maintain a regime of regular controls for the sake of patient safety;

“Together with the Danish Medicines Agency we target illegal attempts to import medicines and medicinal devices from countries outside the European Union. The Pangea Operations provide us with important insight into the smuggling patterns at national and also international levels, which helps us improve our customs controls at the general level. In view of the increasing volume of online trading, it is essential that consumers pay attention to what they buy outside the EU. If you buy illicit medicines and medical devices the consequences may not only result in customs duties and VAT to be paid but the medicines may also present an actual health hazard,” says Michael Lund, director of controls with the Danish Customs Agency.

Facts about Operation Pangea

Operation Pangea is an annually recurring global operation targeting illegal sale of medicines and medical devices. The objectives of the operation, which is coordinated by Interpol, are to:

  • Combat the illegal sale of medicines and medicinal devices
  • Control shipments comprising illegally entered medicines and medicinal devices
  • Raise awareness of the potential risks of buying medicines and medicinal devices from illegal online distributors
  • Intensify the collaboration between the government authorities of the participating countries.
This year's operation, Operation Pangea XV, took place in the period from 23 to 30 June 2022 with 42 countries making active contributions.

In Denmark, the operation was coordinated by the Danish Medicines Agency with active participation by the Danish Customs Agency, the police/the Special Crime Unit and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The Danish part of the entire operation comprised: Customs control in collaboration with the Danish Customs Agency at the International Post Center at Copenhagen Airport Reporting to Interpol of the number of shipments seized

  • Internet searches with the purpose of identifying webshops/websites trading illegally in medicines and medicinal devices Reporting these to the police/Special Crime Unit to investigate and, if possible, close these webshops/websites and report them to Interpol.
  • An awareness campaign in the form of information material which was enclosed with the released shipments, a Go Card campaign in weeks 29-30 providing information about medicines and medicinal devices, and the awareness campaign at the SoMe platforms operated by the Danish Medicines Agency about safe trading in medicines and medicinal devices.

link for those who are curious

also moved into drug bust mega thread

Okay so raids have their own partition and what else doesn't?
Okay so raids have their own partition and what else doesn't?
If we had a new thread for every drug bust this subforum would be incredibly cluttered up

Every local media outlets runs stories on “Local man arrested while driving with marijuana and methamphetamine”. Probably dozens every day.

Restricting drug bust stuff to a mega thread just allows the other (much more interesting) articles to shine
NSW Police seize record 1.8 tonnes of ice at Sydney's Port Botany

NSW Police say they have seized Australia's biggest known ice shipment, which they suspect was organised by a major international criminal syndicate.
More than 1060 kilograms of methylamphetamine was found concealed in marble stone on 19 shipping containers that arrived in Sydney's Port Botany.

This follows last week's seizure of 748kg of ice in 24 containers that were part of the same shipping consignment, meaning this is the largest-ever seizure of methylamphetamine at the Australian border.

The total street value of the drugs is $1.6 billion.

Three men, aged 24, 26 and 34, have been charged over the first seizure and remain before the courts.
Detective Acting Chief Superintendent John Watson said the syndicate allegedly behind the shipments has international connections which are now being investigated with the help of Australian Federal Police.

"The Middle Eastern region is probably our main focus, but I certainly wouldn't restrict the investigation just to that region either," he said at a press conference in Sydney.
The intended final destination for the drugs was a factory in Homebush West, which was dedicated to the speedy dismantling of the pallets and removal of the drugs.

"The capability that this syndicate has demonstrated to us, in terms of volume and size, is enormous.

"These figures are staggering.

"I think we are all better off for these arrests and these seizures and certainly our communities are much better off for these seizures."
Australian Border Force (ABF) officials were acting on a tip-off when they searched the containers, which arrived on a ship from the United Arab Emirates.

Detective Watson said the results of the operation would be felt for weeks by high, mid and lower-level suppliers.

He described methamphetamine as an "insidious drug" that "rips apart people's lives".

"This type of amount has the potential to absolutely devastate rural or regional areas and had the potential to be distributed right across our nation," he said.

This morning NSW Police also announced a separate drug seizure, with 161kg of methylamphetamine and 30kg of cocaine found in a vintage Bentley.

Again acting on a tip-off, ABF officers examined a shipping container consignment which arrived into Port Botany from Canada earlier this month.

The container, which was declared to contain a 1960 vintage Bentley S2, underwent an X-ray and examination, which identified anomalies.

The drugs, worth more than $150 million, were concealed behind the headlights of the vehicle.

Two men, aged 20 and 23, were arrested at a Rooty Hill home yesterday afternoon and charged with multiple drug-related offences.

Another man, aged 25, was arrested during a vehicle stop where he was found with methylamphetamine and $1.1 million.

All three men were refused bail to appear in court later today.

1.8 tonnes?? holy crap lol