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[DMT Subthread] First Time


Jul 29, 2009
What do you guys like to do on DMT ? My friend has tripped on it 5 times now, so he has a good feel for it, I'm real excited. I'm kinda nervous too , the thought of smoking and being full blown tripping is insane lol.
Well, I like to do nothing on DMT actually. Just tripping and meditating and being baffled. It's pretty involving if you do it right, as a basis you shouldn't need anything more than a peaceful, safe and harboring environment. I'm not talking wall closet of course but a place you really feel good and at home.

One time I walked upstairs and to the balcony when I was tripping and I just felt free to roam around that time (not the case every time!), I saw building around mine dancing in the form of gingerbread men :D that was awesome...
I've read about others who had a fantastic trip in nature as well.

But I'd be quite careful about my set & setting for a first time, seriously.
Thx mate, yea - my friend and I have tripped numerous times on lsd together , we have a good setup so I'm not concerned about that :D - should be a blast, I'm real excited :D :D
lucky, i had a chance to get dmt but never got around to getting it....now that dealer supposedly doesn't deal anymore but i know that's bullshit.
Dmt is very powerful and short acting , your going to be totally overwhelmed by the beauty in hyperspace

Its not the kinda trip where you plan activity's ahead time , its a very immersive experience

you should smoke it someplace where your not gonna be bothered , like in someones room or secluded in nature

I really loved DMT alot when I tried it and im sure you'll feel the same way , Enjoy your tryp :D<3
Smoke as much as your lungs can hold, roll over in a bed or couch, exhale, enjoy!

No need to be doing anything else than lying down while you fly through hyperspace :D
DMT 1st timer

Hey guys,
I have the opportunity to try DMT (crystallised, so it'd be smoked I assume) and wanted ppl's opinions / experiences as I am somewhat of a newb when it comes to psychadelic drugs.

Some quick background:
Have never used any psychadelics really, other than MDMA/MDA (or another phenethylamine taken unknowingly in an 'ecstasy' tablet). Have never done acid or mushrooms or peyote etc... I've used marijuana very sparingly, and lots of ketamine induced K-holes (love em!).

Is DMT something that should only be used when you have more experience w/ psychadelics? I guess the horror stories of bad trips and whatnot kinda scare me... but I suppose the relatively short halflife (~30min, yes?) of DMT is better than the long halflife of LSD.

Anyone care to comment?

I just tried smoked DMT last week.. and it was pretty nuts. But in a good way. I have fairly extensive experience with psychs and am somewhat of a hardhead but DMT rocked my world. I took a medium dose of about 20 mgs.
You should be fine because it is so brief that you will start popping out of it before you can actually bad trip. Try starting at small doses (sub 15mg).
Don't get fooled by the short duration, if something goes wrong it'll be the longest 10 minutes of your life ;)

DMT has always been very gentle to me though, so if you start low I wouldn't worry. I don't think you can rank psychs like you must have done x so you can try y. They're all good for the first time.
DMT in a joint is a nice mellow way to enjoy it. (i just learned this)
I guess DMT can be your first psychedelic but I wouldn't go so far as to recommend it as such. If you proceed, just start with something like 15-20 mg because the trip is qualitatively overwhelming. As soon as it becomes really interesting there is a good chance the brevity will prompt you to think that you've gone insane all of a sudden.
It takes a strong reminder from yourself just to go with it anyway and personally I think that learning to go with it can be practiced better with orally taken psychedelics with a longer duration but with a story to tell. A longer comeup like an introduction, a peak, plateau and comedown. With DMT you're so fast at the peak even with experience you might not know how to deal with it. Depends on what you're looking for but prepare to be stunned by disbelief and awe.
DMT will show you stuff that is both beautiful and terrifying, but it will not harm you. The underlying feeling is one of hope and beauty though, once the sheer surprise is over. No one can really prepare you for the extremely crazy imagery and conceptual phenomena. The words are hard to find (But I find it's worth trying). Your first time will probably be either a dud, or a moment of absolute surprise - I mean surprisingly surprising surprise. Then if you want to go again - you won't be so - er -surprised by it all, which is your opportunity to try to relax/observe/interact. Try moving with the energies you feel - your mind and visual field will engage and feedback with you.
After a few more goes at it you might experience continuity between the seperate sessions/hits you have. It's like a kind of dialogue between you and these parts of your mind/imagination/memory that you don't usually get to look at.
Oh and get a turbo gas lighter and a bulb vaporiser, and don't get the flame too close to the bulb - to hot and you will cough your precious spice into the atmosphere.
Good luck, Peace - Pipp
I agree with everyone, dmt is pleasant and sort of mellow in lower end doses but its a great little coimpond it will cleanse you mate.
The underlying feeling is one of hope and beauty though, once the sheer surprise is over. No one can really prepare you for the extremely crazy imagery and conceptual phenomena.

Thats about right.

I did a TON of reading on DMT before I first tried it. Nothing I had read or done prepared me for what happened, it is something I really cant put into words. I would recommend a small (20mg) dose then if you're ok with it go for a larger one.

A common emotion that I feel on psychedelics is the feeling that what I'm doing is somehow important or sacred in some way. I have never experienced that emotion more fully then when I have just smoked 30+mg of DMT. I usually feel very much like I am taking a journey and seeing otherworldly things.

The hard part about it is being able to let go of what you know. Having your physical body disappear and completely loosing touch with your surroundings can be unnerving to say the least. When you first try it I'd recommend being completely sober and in a good mood.

Its a drug that definitely isn't for everyone, but I would say everyone that has an interest in it should try it once at least. As strange as the experience may seem it cant hurt you and you always come back to reality in a relatively short amount of time.

Good luck.
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It's hard for me to really imagine a DMT blastoff going wrong - despite doing quite a bit more DMT than any other psychedelic, it's been the only chemical with which I've never had a truly uncomfortable experience. The worst it's ever done is just really confuse me - but, looking back, even that was beautiful in a sort of bizarre and humbling way. Enter the trip with ease - it shalln't do you harm. :) <3

I'll ditto Care - the literature I read on DMT had a totally misleading effect on me as well - trip reports gave me the impression that the experience would be some sort of journey through an alien world, a drugged-up phantasmagoria. It didn't strike me that way at all - to me, it's more of a spring-loaded evolution of the consciousness I already live with... a spectacular, explosive expansion of self.

The significantly intense part of a smoked DMT flash is really short - expect to be mostly down after six or seven minutes. I prefer to sniff about a breakthrough-bowl's worth of freebase five or ten minutes before smoking a bowl - really lengthens the experience (and makes it easier to bombard your serotonin receptors with an appreciable quantity of DMT).
You can never prepare yourself for a dmt experience imo. Even people who have experience with psychedelic drugs can be rocketed into an uncomfortable zone. If you respect DMT like you would any other psychedelic than there isn't any reason not to indulge in DMT if you feel like it is the right time for you.
Sorry I don't have nay input butI realized we didn't have a designated thread for First Time DMT and my OCD kicked in ;)
seriously DMT has been the best experience - I trip once a month on it now. With other trips, muushrooms - lsd - w/e - I normally plan things to do, or what not - with DMT I feel being open and not expecting anything is the best way to let yourself experience everything =D. Happy dreams fellas.