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Apr 30, 2005
Senior Moderators - What Do They Do And Which Forums Do They Cover?

Here at Bluelight, we have a small group of staff called Senior Moderators. These 'smods', as they are often called, have a responsibility to oversee several forums in addition to their own, a role which typically involves:

  • Actively encouraging staff to communicate and work together
  • Liaising with other senior staff to resolve issues raised in their forums
  • Mediating serious or unresolved disputes between staff and/or members
  • Supporting projects and sharing ideas to help improve their forums
  • Helping out directly when regular staff are offline or absent
  • Facilitating forum recruitment rounds and encouraging applications
  • Handling bots, spammers and attempts to solicit drugs across Bluelight
Senior moderators are, nevertheless, generally expected to avoid interfering in the day-to-day running and management of forums, unless their input or arbitration is specifically requested. And so, in the event of any problems or issues, members should contact the forum's regular moderators first of all, involving smods only after, if those initial efforts fail. And to avoid any confusion as to which senior staff oversee which forums - and ensure they only act where assigned - the following lists are updated regularly.

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