Thread: How many MG of Alprazolam (Xanax) do you usually take?

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    How many MG of Alprazolam (Xanax) do you usually take? 
    I recently got about twelve .5 mg generic Alprazolam and am wondering how much to take for a relaxing night in. However, I know this is subjective, so I figured I'd ask what others do with these and how best to enjoy them.

    So, in a hypothetical world, this is you. How many do you take, and how gone do you expect to be afterwards? A mention of your estimated tolerance would be good, as we are speaking the hypothetical you and not the actual me. Is 12 even really enough? I remember I used to take clonazapam by the fistful, but that was a long time ago and I'm sure my tolerance has dropped considerably by now.

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    you got 6 total mg of xanax, take 3mg, drink a beer and smoke a joint. and that will have you relaxed. then, the next day, id do the same thing with 1 more drink and 1 more joint.

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    Then I guess I'll save it for this weekend when I should (hopefully) have some of the ol' kinebud to round out the trinity. Thanks.

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    you dont need alchohol or bud, they both potentiate the xanax though in my opinion.
    you can easily relax off just xanax, take too much though, and you wont remember what you did

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    I would say on any new drug (even in the same class as what you have had in the past) you should go easy. Benzos can be VERY powerfull and have very differant effects on differant people. Start with 1mg and see how you feel. I would also not combine with weed just becuase it does have a blunting (no pun intented) effect on many phams. Some people think that you get more of a "weed" high this way but if thats what your going for then it's kind of a waste of good benzos. Just smoke more weed... it's cheeper.

    Also a word of warning about alcohol.... Most of the time the general rule is not to mix drugs with alcohol BUT benzos are a REALLY BIG NO NO. Nearly every death that occurs with benzo use is becuase the user mixed them with alcohol. Your basicly mixing one antagonist with another of the same type and I am very serious when I say that this could KILL certain people. That combined with the weird memory effects of benzos could make you forget how many drinks (or how many pills) you have have had. If you must have a drink keep it down to one or two max and be carefull. You DON'T want to fuck around in this area unless you don't feel like waking up in the morning.

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    i always preferred klonopin and ativan (i know, weird) over xanax for recreational use but it seems like they all hit me about equally. i find that just 2mg is perfect for chilling out, smoking weed with, and/or even having a couple drinks with. benzos hit me unusually hard though, odd because i have a naturally high tolerance for opiates, alcohol, and marijuana.

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    I take 4-6mg, and I expect to be asleep.

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    I would start out taking 1mg and go from there... 2mg can knock me the fuck out. Be careful, though, it's tempting to just keep popping them and that's how I usually end up not remembering anything. Not to mention waking up and realizing you went through all your Xanax. It's frustrating.

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    1mg was too much for me, i was sedated as a motherfucker.

    keep in mind most bluelighters are pretty heavy users.

    if you have no tolerance (havent used for 6months + ) then id say start with 2 or 3 tablets and maybe a beer. go from there. you can ALWAYS take more, but you can NEVER take less. xanax aint exactly deadly but if youve only got 12 you dont wanna throw down 4 to start with and then find out u forgot ur night. what a fucking waste.

    stay smart brother, and enjoy

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    Im not proud of my history wit benzos but I order 100 1mg tablets at a time.

    I have a major tolerance so it's not uncommon for me to take over 10 1mg tablets. This used to put me on my ass but I had 9 3 hours ago and feel fairly nice.

    I had been taking alot of nitrazepam the previous week though so tolerance prob sky high.

    Has anyone heard the thing about eating a grapefruit when taking benzos to enhance effects? Im assuming it works by helping the liver metabolise it more quickly.

    It works so Im told!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSilver
    Has anyone heard the thing about eating a grapefruit when taking benzos to enhance effects? Im assuming it works by helping the liver metabolise it more quickly.

    It works so Im told!
    yea it works, its more effective if you drink the grapefruit juice before fyi

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    Actually, it would work by inhibiting a liver enzyme so the drug would be metabolized more slowly--and thus the drug would exert its effects more intensely and/or have a longer duration.

    My alprazolam sweet spot (assuming little/no tolerance):
    2 mg for sleep only
    3 mg for a shot of euphoria with that

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    I had zero tolerance and took 2mg with some wine and felt very relaxed. I took it while in bed watching a movie so sleepy was ok. I would say 1mg would have allowed me to stay awake.

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    Anywhere from 1-3mg. It depends if I am taking other drugs along with the xanax.

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    Never more than 1mg unless drunk then I have no clue ... a handfull ... that's history though as I have much less than a handfull. Guess I'll need to stop getting drunk

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    Well i can tell you that back when i was rookie to benzos . i could take 2 mg bar of xanax and i would pass out and wake back up about 3 or 4 hours later .. and i had no tolerance .. i definatly wouldnt recommend that this guy drink on it considering you have no idea how hes going to react to it .. thats just stupid ..

    and i was well into other things at the time so i wasnt "completely sober" . but not at the time i took the bar.

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    Thanks to all, I'll definitely keep that in mind.

    Luckily, I'm not really a heavy drinker to begin with. The only time I'll have more than one (or very occasionally two) is at a party. So that manner of death is likely not in my future.

    I've taken 1mg before and felt very little effect, which is basically why I decided to ask some advice before wasting what little I have.

    Kadaj: believe me, if I still had klonopin, I would need very little else in life. If I took just a couple of those and then smoked a bowl, I was in heaven.

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    With Xanax i always went overboard..20-25 blues..and out i went.Last time i did that punched my dad and got a almost permanent black eye for my troubles.

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    This is a little too basic for OD. I'm going to move it over to BDD. Personally, I take anywhere from .5-2mg. I wouldn't recommend taking more than 2mg to start just in case you have a negative reaction to it. 2mg without a benzo tolerance will probably knock you out. Xanax is pretty safe to take occasionally by itself, but when you mix it with other downers it's not safe at all. The withdrawal from it can also be horrific. I don't really care for xanax in comparison to most other benzos. The effects of benzos are very subjective. A lot of people do like xanax.

    -> Basic Drug Discussion

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    i take 6mg ativan a day, so personally id go with about 6mg of xanax
    but if you rarely take it start with 1mg then redose by .5's every half hour as needed

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    Im afraid Im a bit of a monster. I'd been taking Nirtrazepam all last week so my tolerance was up. I've had a break from benzos for a few months but have been using them since the 90's.

    I'd agree with xanax-man with 4mg-6mg for a non user. As it's a short acter it works quite well for little 2mg bumps throughout the day too. Plus if its too much for you get some rest and you'll be fine in a few hours.

    I myself took 12mg yesterday and another 8mg this morning with a nice cocktail in bed. - I know, I have a probelm- dont worry Im in great treatment and this was a slip-up (although theres still 80mg in my drawer :s) Will be ordering Valli's next time I think... although I can only get over-priced 5mgs from the site I trust.

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    take all twelve duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude......nah dont

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    You guys are crazy

    With no tolerance, 1mg of xanax is plenty. 2mg and you will forget what the hell happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INFaMaS
    You guys are crazy

    With no tolerance, 1mg of xanax is plenty. 2mg and you will forget what the hell happened.

    Yeah everytime i take at least 2mg of alprazolam i wake up thinking how the fuck did i get here??

    Start with 1mg, it's enough for a first timer, trust me.

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