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    Better ways to crush pills? 

    im definitely a beginner to taking pills and such, and thats why im here. i've popped several different kinds before (vicodin, adderall, xanex, etc.), and im getting tired of just popping them, so i want to try railing or parachuting. the only problem is that i'm HORRIBLE at crushing my pills up! are there any easy ways to do this? i have a good supply of adderall, so im most likely going to start with that. thanks.

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    This belongs in BDD.

    I always used a Zippo lighter to crush OC's.

    I retitled your thread. They should be descriptive. 'a noob question' wasn't cutting it.

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    crease a piece of paper. put the pill/contents of gelcap on the crease. fold the paper up around the pill so its sealed. take anything dense and heavy and press down with a scraping motion. unfold the paper and enjoy.

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    A pill crusher (available at any pharmacy)? Get a decent one, I've broken several cheap ones.

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    What you will need:

    a) 1 lighter
    b) A small piece of paper
    c) An ID card, or credit/debit card

    Place the pill or contents of a capsule in between a folded piece of paper so it's concealed. Crush the pill with the lighter and roll the lighter (on its side) over the pill. Once crushed enough and now into smaller pieces of the pill use the credit card to smooth out the pill contents by usings its thin edge and sliding it over the top of the papers outer surface until the contents inside the paper are a powder consistency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunwich
    crease a piece of paper. put the pill/contents of gelcap on the crease. fold the paper up around the pill so its sealed. take anything dense and heavy and press down with a scraping motion. unfold the paper and enjoy.
    Good point. You gotta be careful about those flying OC pieces!

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    You can put a pill between two spoons and crush. and use a ziplock or something around it so hard pressed pills don't fly away in pieces. Or perhaps something stronger than a ziplock to put your pills in and use a hammer to crush em

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    Hire an army of monkey butlers to take your stash and bang on them with coconuts. Retire to your lawn chair with a pina coloda and enjoy living the good life.

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    I heard you could hire illegal aliens at Home Depot that'll crush your pills for you.

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    Pestle and mortar, duh,
    32 pills in 30 seconds

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    Shifting to BDD. Mods, do what you wish.

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    I usually just crush them between 2 spoons. I find I can do 2 at a time pretty easily, and if you're doing more than that, you could put them in an envelope and go at them with a hammer...

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    once the pill is in small enough pieces you can put one end of your id card between your thumb and fore fingers and push down on the other end of the card with the rest of your fingers and drag the pill across a surface, much the same way as is done with coke. It breaks the pill into a really fine powder suitable for insuffilation. Of course this depends on the density and consistency of the pill your crushing, not the best for a really hard press.

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    put the pill(s) inside a cig pack's gelatin cover and crush them

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    metal grinder for me. it's shit for weed but makes powder out of pills

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    Yea, I know a few......
    -Take two spoons, put the pill between them and crush.
    -Take a quarter and put over the pill and press down, simple one
    -Another one is to put it in your walet in a little bag and then forget about it, sitting on it crushing it through school all day, only to find it a few days later saying, "Shit! Thats where it was. lol"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slay
    put the pill(s) inside a cig pack's gelatin cover and crush them
    Thats the method i use and it's the best one ive found so far. That way parts of pills don't go flying all over the place. I always save my cigarette packs so i hardly even run out of those plastic wrappers.

    The 2 spoons method is a disaster waiting to happen. I once had to lick a morphine SR pill off the floor because of that.

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    if you need directions and cant figure out a way to smash something on your own, maybe you dont need to be killing any of the braincells you have left

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    im suprised this hasn't been mentioned yet... there is a video on youtube of a dude using a metal hose clamp. The ones with the rectangular holes. you unscrew it and use the other side and just slide the pill across it. Im addicted to using that shit as much as i am oxy, it gives you a fluffy powder. Makes a pile of powder about 2wice the size as crushing it. BE SAFE! -Spaz-

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    I chop on a mirror with a razor, then crush finely with a spoon...

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    thanks a lot guys, i found that putting it in a ziplock bag and then crushing it with two spoons worked great. and to sense504- bite me.

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    Put it on a marble type surface - put a glossy paper over it - then crush (if a hard pill) with the reverse of a spoon (get all the big / hard pieces - and do so by applying constantly more pressure) then with a credit card scrape - what sticks to the paper or marble and then finish off chopping with card !!

    Remember clean card !! - Don't sneeze !! Or perform in front of a fan if it is 40 degrees outside !!

    Creative thread !! hahaaa

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    Perfect pill crushing 
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    I've triad most of the above methods, all have pros and cons. My preferred method is to purchase a small aerosol can, no wider than 1 inch diameter (so glasses cleanser, travel-bug spray), make sure the bottom is only slightly concaved, but with enough of a 'rim' to avoid losing anything, and is obviously metal. Place pill underneath (1-6 ritalin 10mgs will work, press down hard with a twisting motion, use card to 'scrape-out' any rocks and you have fine powder in seconds. Works for me with Subutex, Ritalin etc. Hope that helps

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    I always use my drivers license, or a similar non-textured card (one with imprinted or raised numbers is a bad idea). Works well that way- the card bends down, around the edges so you don't have powder flying everywhere, and then you just press down on the center.

    Now slide it back and forth and bingo- a very fine powder.

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    Use a coffee grinder.

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