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    Whats the "codeine" HIGH like? 
    WHats the high like? Is it like a "baby" heroin kinda comparison? WHere can i extract it from? I read something bout advil or sumfin, is this correct? whats the correct dose?
    Thanx in advance,

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    I've made a few posts on this subject here recently and still haven't tried it, but everytime someone does describe it they say something to the effect of: slight warm and fuzzy feeling.
    For an opiate virgin, as I am, someone suggested about 120 - 150 mg as a starter dose.
    Codeine isn't available OTC as far as I know, but it can be found in Tylenol 3 and 4 available by prescrition or internet pharmacies (or so say some of the more knowledgable BLers, I've yet to even make inquiries).
    I live to learn and learn to live.

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    To be honest, if you're going to put all the effort into an internet pharmacy, I'd reccomend getting an opiate a bit stronger. I'm pretty sure it would be more cost effective, and I'm positive you'll enjoy the effects more.
    For an opiate virgin, I'd say try to get some Hydromocodone first. (Lortab, Vicoden, Lorcet, etc).
    If you can't get any Hydro, then Oxycodone is probably out of the question.
    If you're deadset on getting an opiate, (and there's nothing wrong with that ), and you have no other choice, go for the T3's or better.
    Describing the buzz is like trying to describe any buzz that any drug provides to someone who has never done it.
    The closest comparison available is that of being drunk, without the "I have mashed potatoes for brains" feeling". And that comparison does NO justice to the feeling opiates provide.
    You may itch a little bit, but that's good. It puts hair on yer chest
    If you get the T3's, start with 3 or 4 of them. Once you have perfected the dosage, and you see just how wonderful opiates are, move on the the next step, Hydrocodone.
    -Oh. And leave the alcohol out of the mix. At LEAST for your first time. Get a feel for the un-adulterated roar of an opiate buzz first. Then you can ruin it with the legal drugs.

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    hey, i have codeine pills, 30 mg's each... i took em twice (two different instances) once by mouth, the other time i snorted... it did a whole lotta nothing for me... which is pretty understandable cos of the dose... could 2 pills do anything? or maybe 2 pills and some weed??? anyone have any thoughts? thanx!

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    I really enjoy codeine. I've found that anything under 100mgs is a little on the weak side. Codeine is nice on its own, but the real beauty, IMO, is in its synergy with other drugs. Codeine has the potential to combine nicely with any of the following:
    - Alcohol (if you have codeine sans APAP)
    - Muscle relaxants (carisoprodol, meprobamate, cyclobenzaprine... I've tried the first one, heard about the second two, plan to try the third one soon.)
    - Amphetamines
    - Benzos
    - Caffeine (does anyone else sometimes enjoy a large amount of caffeine after not partaking for at least a day or two?)
    I have not tried combining any psychedelic drugs with it yet.
    Snorting supposedly does not work well for codeine. Unlike many drugs, oral is the way to go!

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    I heard codeine is available OTC in canada, I live in the detroit area and i go to downtown windsor sometimes, what kind of store would it be in? some type of drug store? Anyone have any experience getting it in canada?

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    It would be in a pharmacy but its probably only got 8mg or so of codeine,you need t3 or 4 to get higher amounts i think and you need a script for those. Order some online
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    i dislike the opiates i've tried (codeine and morphine). i really didn't like the high at all. in fact, i wouldn't have called it a high.. the closest word for the way opiates make me feel is 'slippy'. i also get really itchy, and even antihistamines don't help much.
    just adding my two cents to show that although loads of people love it, it may not be for you.
    don't do too much the first time in case you hate it

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    just did 2 30 mg's, and smoked a lil and drank some wine, did very lil for me... i just got really really REALLY TIRED! and im about to pass out rite now, so off i go, peesh

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    that "itching" or burning sensation you may feel after taking codeine isnt just a sensation, it means your allergic to it. Taking it a few times with these effect shouldnt be any problem for an occasional use, but if you plan to make it a more frequent thing then other complications can occuur. Im not too sure of all the fun details, but dont pass of being allergic to something as "just and itching feeling."
    i could be wrong, thats just what my lovely doctors told me. I mean hey maybe they just really wanted me to have more perscriptions.

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    Codeine is an opiate.
    One of the *side effects* of opiate use is an itching sensation.
    If you itch, it does not mean you are allergic.

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    hmm, just relating what my doctors told me. Maybe its just an evil plot to reperscribe insoent little girllies more drugs.

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    If you're allergic, you'd probably get some mild to severe vomitting as opposed to a little bit of itch which is very normal. Most all opiates cause the spontanious release of histamines. Something we all hafta deal with.
    "If we could sniff or swallow something that would, for five or six hours each day, abolish our solitude as individuals...and make life in all its aspects seem not only worth living, but divinely beautiful and would become paradise."

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    SPEED LIMIT55, "hydromocodone" was a typo right?

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    i'm not down with codeine. the itch isn't that appealing and the mild feeling of well being is ruined by nausea. try something like heroin where the nausea is worth it and the itching blocked out by the intense good feeling.

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    I found codeine by itself felt wonderful. just very happy, numb, relaxed, definately warm and fuzzy.
    However, i advise you not to drink alcohol when dosing on codeine.
    One night, i stupidly drank a bottle of codeine linctus (about 350ml i think), and 3/4 of a large bottle of smirnoff. initially i just wanted the codeine because it's oh so nice, but friends were drinking and i guess i just got carried away!
    the experience was very bad to say the least. basically, i was sweating like crazy, eyes rolling around in head, kept passing out, spewed, spent the next 2 days in bed with the most insane hangover you could ever imagine. my voice was so hoarse i sounded like a man it was scary!
    anyway, do as u please, just a little warning from me!

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    SL55 --
    Though it is incorrect to refer to the normal opiate itching as an allergic reaction, both have their roots in the same mechanism of action, thus causing a confusion on some people's parts.
    It's basically a question of semantics. both work to release histamine. but it's not a hypersensitivity to this opiate by a particular individual
    "exaggerated or pathological reaction to substances, situations, or physical states pthat are without comparable effect on the average individual"
    It's a "normal" side effect.

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    Spark- Thank you for that wonderful speech.
    Remind me again why you made it?
    me <~ not trying to be an ass...just wondering.

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