Thread: For those who snort oxycodone...

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    For those who snort oxycodone... 
    i have posted this information before via reply to a previous thread, but it did not seem to be widely acknowledged or accepted....well, now i have found yet ANOTHER reliable site confirming what i had said; oxycodone HCL is absorbed less effectively when snorted.

    for those of you who arent familiar with me, i used to abuse oxycodone on a regular basis(daily lol) for a couple of years...before i went onto methadone, i was using over 400mg of crushed oxy or oxy-IR at once to get high. before my tolerance got to that point, i did sometimes ingest my oxy by snorting some or all of it. however, when it got over the 200mg mark, i started noticing that it was seemingly not as strong when i snorted my dose verses taking it completely crushed orally. i thought it was in my head or the fact that the high amount of oxy i was needing required many more pills and therefore had alot more fillers/binders that were probally not water soluble and were clogging up my nose preventing full absorbtion of the oxy when snorted...maybe a combination of both lol.

    then i finally came across a reputable source a while back that claimed oxycodone HCL was indeed absorbed more efficiently when taken ORALLY by a decent margin when compared to insufflation/snorting. i never got specific numbers but i just happened to stumble across the article on wikipedia about oxycodone and found some good figures that might be of interest to those who use oxy; especially insufflated. basically a good 20% minimum increase....

    snorted=46-47% availability vs. oral=60-87% availability

    see for yourself:

    i admit i am fairly suprised that it is that large of a difference. i always suspected oral was better but for the reasons stated above, i never could say for sure. now im glad i not only saved my nose the hassle/pain of snorting all that oxy, but also helped my wallet stay a little fatter by getting the most outta every pill.

    so i hope some of you will take this information to heart and stop snorting your oxy if possible...i know some people just simply prefer the slightly quicker onset and feeling, but with a significant efficiency advantage taken orally, it may convince some of you to just crush and swallow your OCs/oxy/percs/roxis/whatever from now on.

    hope this helps,


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    from the wiki article:
    Oxycodone can be administered orally, intranasally, via intravenous/intramuscular/subcutaneous injection, or rectally. The bioavailability of intranasal administration averages between 46-47%, but can be as much as 75%. Oral oxycodone is the most efficient means of administration, having an absorbtion of 60-87%. Rectal administration yields the same results. Injecting oxycodone will result in a stronger effect, and quicker onset, with a bioavailability slightly higher than oral administration
    now note where is says "Injecting oxycodone will result in a stronger effect, and quicker onset, with a bioavailability slightly higher than oral administration"

    by definition, when a substance is injected the bioavailability is 100%. bioavailability is a reletive measure of drug effectiveness against injection. so basically what im tryin to say is that shit is wrong. wiki cant always be trusted as the gospel.

    with that said, its still very possible that oxycodone is more efficient to eat then to snort, i have no clue.

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    ^The figures aren't wrong, check out the bioavailability mega-thread stickied at the top of this page. The nasal bioavailability of oxycodone is listed at ~46% from a few different sources...

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    Rapidity of onset is what lures users who stray from IV use, to snorting.

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    and theres a rush, which you don't get by taking it orally.

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    Damn dude, ive always sniffed my oxys and roxies, next time I get some I'm chewing them bad boys.

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    thanks for the info ktx. you just proved why, in my day of doing oxys, that I would swear up and down to my friends that snorting them was possibly a waste and that the high just wasn't a good quality high compared towards eating them.

    it's nice to have some proof next time this convo comes up

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    Thank you for starting a decent thread, but I don't see this information as absolute proof, although it could be accurate. All this means is that someone made that wiki entry and no one has disputed it yet. I don't always trust wikipedia for drug information.

    I interpret the nasal availability of 46-47% to mean that is how much actually gets absorbed by your mucus membranes. If my interpretation is correct, that wouldn't count all the powder that ends up dripping down the back of your throat. It would be interesting to know about how much powder ends up getting clogged in your nose from an OC80 (on average). After I snort I usually irrigate my nose, and it doesn't seem like very much gets wasted.

    It might be slightly more efficient to take oxycodone orally, but I'm not entirely convinced it is 20% more wasteful to snort oxy.

    EDIT: One thing I have noticed about snorting oxycodone is that the high doesn't last as long as it does orally. This would explain why you might prefer to take it orally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic
    It might be slightly more efficient to take oxycodone orally, but I'm not entirely convinced it is 20% more wasteful to snort oxy.

    same, anyone thats done both will agree that its not a HUGE difference, other than the duration and the onset.

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    I think the reason behind the similar effects is that bioavailability does not take peak plasma concentrations and time into account...

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    see this lol:

    ''Also, chronic medical use has been shown to slightly decrease testosterone levels in men. Misuse or long-term medical use of the drug can cause temporary impotence as well as a significant prostate enlargement in men.''

    i never had the pleasure of it anyway haha

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    I'll agreen hat it causes temporary impotence.

    on oxy, I think my dick actually shrinks, but goes normal when I'm not on it.

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    yea i realize that wiki is not the end all be all of information and stuff, but it DOES go to show that i wasnt making up my previous statements about snorting oxy being less effecient than orally....

    again, if you do want to find some more information on this, do a search, as a poster above me said, its listed at other sources very close to the figures i posted.....

    and no where did they say that IV was not 100% efficient just that it WAS more efficient than oral use, which happens to be true.

    the article is accurate and so are the figures, but i know some people will always insist that its not or that its only slightly less efficient(which IS very likely due to the fact that a huge pile of powder from a crushed pill whether its an OC or oxy-IR, will indeed, make its way to the stomach eventually...).

    like axl blaze said, i would ALWAYS swear when i got to the point of very large doses that i was not getting the same high when snorting my oxy compared to my usual route of taking it orally on a completely empty stomach with a glass of water....i think this was due to the fact that not only was it less efficient when snorted, but much of the oxy DID make its way to the stomach but only about 30-45 minutes AFTER insufflating it....therefore it was not hitting me all at once like it did when i shoved a huge amount of oxy into my stomach in one or two gulps....

    please please please...for those of you who like to snort your oxy, fine, i have NOTHING against it, but just one time try taking it orally, completely crushed all at once on a empty stomach(no food or calorie-heavy drinks like soda for ATLEAST 4-5 hours), and tell me you dont get a much more intense high along with a STRONG "rush".
    i know ur laughing when i say the word rush with oral oxy, but just try it like i said above....its not a rush in the since of an IV dose or anything, but its certainly as good if not BETTER than snorting it since no matter HOW quick you can manage to snort your pile of oxy, it will never ever hit you all at once like it will when properly ingested orally.

    please believe me about this, i spent over 12grand on oxy in less than a year and used opiates daily(mostly oxy) for atleast 2 years straight!
    i do not benefit from giving anyone false information...i just truly believe that many of you who usually snort your oxy, especially if its a large dose, will greatly appreciate this information and the experience when taken the proper way IMO, which is orally!!

    thanks again guys and if you truly want more sources showing these figures on insufflation vs. oral ingestion i will find them again and post.


    PLEASE TRY MY ORAL METHOD I TYPED ABOVE HERE JUST ONE TIME...IF IT DOESNT HIT YOU HARDER AND "BETTER" THAN A SNORTED DOSE ATLEAST YOU GAVE IT A SHOT...THERES REALLY NOTHING TO LOSE!!! lol sorry for yelling i just feel very strongly about this subject and i feel that people always assume snorting will hit you "harder" and "quicker"...i can agree that it may sometimes kick in quicker when snorted but certainly it DOES NOT produce a better "rush"; atleast in my very experienced opinion!

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    I always enjoyed railing a couple of pills, after I'd munched a few. But just snorting it, a waste, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphexAcid93
    I always enjoyed railing a couple of pills, after I'd munched a few. But just snorting it, a waste, IMO.
    ditto. if i rail it, effects seem to last only for a few minutes and aren't any more enjoyable anyway.

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    For me snorting 40mg of OC gives me the same high with a nice rush, as eating 40mg.

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    ^lol i agree too...

    strangely, that was really the only way i did enjoy snorting any of my oxy....

    so near my peak of tolerance, id have to take 4 crushed OC 80s and then while waiting for it to kick in orally, id sometimes snort a half an 80 or a whole one....

    that was the only time i got any real results when snorted....

    and i completely agree, i could snort 5 80s(400mg) and it would be nothing compared to eating the same dose...really it sucked. and snorting a generic was 10X worse so i'd NEVER ever consider insufflation unless it was an ABG(watson generic) or the normal purdues

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    Quote Originally Posted by TokinDerrick
    same, anyone thats done both will agree that its not a HUGE difference, other than the duration and the onset.

    Agreed. People aren't taking into account the drip or snorting water to wash it down so to speak. I'd say insuffilating lasts for me around 3-3.5 hours and a nicer rush than oral which lasts closer to 4 hours and feels slightly stronger but with much less of a rush, which is why I rail them unless the gel up, but I have some nice brand name OC 80's . I love them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crunk_Cracker
    For me snorting 40mg of OC gives me the same high with a nice rush, as eating 40mg.
    I don't have extensive experience with snorting/eating OC's.. But I will say that there is a term called "placebo"...

    Your brain will tell you that you are just as fucked up just because you believe it....

    Logically, I could see more of a rush IF some of the OC was absorbed by your mucus membranes, however, I would think more would just trickle on down into your stomach at a slower rate..

    Be careful, opiates are dangeros.

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    this thread is old dawg

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    Yep old thread. Not to mention, plugging it works better than either of the previously mentioned methods.

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    ^ what about IV?

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    it depends on your definition of "better." IV will be an intense rush, but very short. plugged will give a decent rush but much longer its really a toss up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enoughorangejuice?
    ^ what about IV?
    When I said "previously mentioned" I meant insufflated and oral. Like the guy before me said, plugging vs. IV is up to the user.

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    46-47% intranasally according to that's poppycock...


    60-87% orally


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