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    Best cure for coke nose? 
    Hey all. Let me give you some background. I have begun using coke probably too often, but every time I do for a night or so (usually a little less than one g of some quality stuff), the next 3 days my nose is completely clogged up; I'm talking no air movement at all, its unbearable. Afrin works well, but its habit forming, and if I stop using it, it clogs up twice as bad. I was wondering if any of you have any good ideas for ways for me to clear my nose up. I have tried hot sauce, nasal saline, and decongestants. I am desperate. Thanks for the help.

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    try using a nasal spray after you're done snorting, it might get rid of the irritants before they get bad.

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    hell i just use water, seems too work

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    or quit using cocaine you tard

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    ...or quit judging people by the drugs they consume...

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    Originally posted by Texas
    or quit using cocaine you tard
    yeah stop snorting and start shooting(j/k) (only half way kidding) ...why stop for a minor side effect weight the pros and cons and then decide what too do.

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    Try using some saline. I find it works much better than H2O...

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    Originally posted by Texas
    or quit using cocaine you tard
    Can you say douche? Just curious....

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    yea thanks Texas, big help that that post was. Obviously if this annoying nose was overweighing the benefits I get from coke, I wouldn't use it. But enough flaming, back to the topic at hand.

    Saline is definitely more helpful than H2O, I find that pure water burns my nose pretty bad. Maybe if I use the saline more directly after the coke, it would be more effective. I will have to try that next time. If anyone has any other PRODUCTIVE comments, they would be appreciated.
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    I used to break open a capsule of Vitamin E and put on a q-tip and stick it up in your nose where it is it several times a day.....
    Uggggghhhhhh I don't miss those days at all!!!!!
    Best bet is to take a break from the coke for awhile

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    use saline to wash the irritants directly (or soon) after using. then, the vitamin e (from a liquid tab, or another liquid solution) would be a very good idea for areas that are already irritated.

    you can also use things like a&d ointment, as long as the irritation isn't too deep within the nose.

    good luck. i hate that tore-up nose feeling. i've only had it from very prolonged usage, and the one time i ever snorted x. omg, that was THE worst idea i have ever had in terms of drug administration.

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    hey huntmich,
    fuck you. Texas has its fair share of dumb asses like all the other states

    Productive comment I find that saline gel works the best

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    Saline will work the best as Vico said, but if you dont' have any saline or can't get any at the time, try putting a drop of water on your fingertip and snorting that. It helps a little until you are able to get the saline solution.

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    I don't do coke, but I know for speed or meth nose, saline after snorting is very useful, because water just seems to make the acid or base (depend in form) worse. If I leave any shit up there, I tend to wake up in the morning and blow the nose to find blood mixed in with the mucus.

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    You could get yerself hooked on Afrin (like moi). At least you'll be able to breathe, and 2 addictions are always more fun than one.

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    While snorting lots of water, and then blowing my nose a lot seems to certainly help me out, and let me get to sleep with a clear nose, I've never been able to wake up the next day and have my nose be in fine shape. I don't know if it is at all possible for this to happen, hte clogged nose is simply the price one pays for snorting lots of powder. Otherwise, the water/saline snorting will certainly keep the damage to your nose to a minimum, even if it doesn't keep it clear. And yeah, that Afrin works wonders, until it wears off.

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    You could get yerself hooked on Afrin (like moi). At least you'll be able to breathe, and 2 addictions are always more fun than one.
    That damn Afrin thread got me hooked on Carmex, I'm furious

    Not really though, I could probably switch back to Vaseline at any time, but Carmex is just soo nice... so cold and tingling when you apply it

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    unless you have super sensitive sinuses...

    you could try to get better quality coke.

    Maybe its just me but i only seem to get a stuffy nose if i ended up with poor quality coke. The cut in it irritates my sinuses and makes my nose stuffy and runny and all around yucky.

    if you have to blow ur nose constantly (producing nasty discoloured snot) and it remains stuffy then cut coke may be the product.

    thats just my opinion though!

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    Yes Afrin works really well for a stuffy nose. Yes it is incredibly addictive. When it says on the bottle, "Do not use from more than 3 days", they're not lying...

    I wouldn't recommend using it directly after a coke binge. Your nostrils are probably hurting enough, the last thing they want/need is oxymetazoline HCL...

    Really, try using some saline. Whenever I do cocaine, after each line or two I shoot some saline up there. I never have problem with nosebleeds or irritation...

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    I suggest dissolving the coke in distilled water and putting in a nose drop bottle. Search for this method on BL and you will find lots of info. No more powder in your nose.

    Edit: go here
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    well, I just got this saline spray that has some advanced mister that really shoots it up there. Fills my sinuses with saline; it helps out a lot, but after around 15 minutes, my nose is full of yellowish snot again. Who knows, I suppose it could be that my sinuses are simply overly sensitive, I have snorted some stupid things while drunk/coked. I think its just my body's way of telling me to take a break, let it heal.

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    snorting water always got the coke down, but it seemed to clog up my nose as well afterwards. Saline is better than water, Afrin works but I suggest you read the "resolved most addictive drug thread", and time in between usage is the real best way to clear up your nose.

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    I think he bumped it a day a nd 10 minutes after the post, notice th3-6-04 as opposed to the 4-6-04 date.

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