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03-01-2010, 22:00
Ugh, last nite was intense as fuck... I had like my first really REALLY big smokeout with some meth :0 i enjoyed myself until today :0
Yes, the horrible terrifying comedown from a stimulant and/or upper....
The sweats.. twitchys.. Headaches.. Fucked up stomach >.< LOL
Anyways getting back to what i wanted to ask....
i used the search engine about help with comedowns but all i get is the same things: weed, opiates, or benzos......
Like myself now, i know there are quite a bit of people that cant get those on hands you know?
So out of curiosity... How many of you guys use other things to help ease a comedown??
Like a "home-remedie" kind of thing you get me? :)

The Chemist
03-01-2010, 22:05
It's not healthy, but when i wanted to come down i used alcohol to force myself into sleep (or rather, jut passing out).
I don't recomend it, but if it is the only thing you've got around, try it.

If you have any benadryl on hand you could take 100-200mg instead of drinking yourself into a temporary coma.

03-01-2010, 22:17
Mmm ive tempted the alcohol before but i have to pass on that.. That sounds way unhealthy lol! :P

The Chemist
03-01-2010, 22:20
it is quite unhealthy, and the first time i tried it i had to drink a half-liter of UV (vodka) to get myself to finally crash...but the best part is you'll never wake up with a hangover!

you could try something like Kava-Kava, Melatonin, Valerian...any natural "sleep aids" may work for you.

03-01-2010, 22:22
diphenhydramine hcl
doxylamine succinate
hydroxyzine hcl
benzodiazepines (alprazolam, lorazepam, diazepam, many others)
opiates (to some extent)

Go to sleep and sleep as long as you don't feel right.

Make sure you're drinking enough water and eating a proper diet after the experience.

04-01-2010, 00:59
thats great advice you guys.. but your kinda missing the point... like i meam home remedies like all natural... like for me a warm shower and a home cooked dinner is essential for a less harsh and easier come down.. get it? :)

04-01-2010, 01:03
thats great advice you guys.. but your kinda missing the point... like i meam home remedies like all natural... like for me a warm shower and a home cooked dinner is essential for a less harsh and easier come down.. get it? :)

I see OTC Meds as "home remedies". However, there aren't really many "home remedies" which are reliably going to lower your blood pressure, heart beat rate, and simultaneously relax/sedate you.

04-01-2010, 01:35
Quick answer....there really is nothing in the "home remedy" category that will do what you want it to for these purposes. I could rattle off a dozen "home remedy" type things which can help to induce sleep, but these things work under normal circumstances (as opposed to being used to overcome sleeplessness due to meth stimulation).

So sure, valerian might help you sleep if you are a bit stressed from a day of work and are having trouble falling asleep, but it would be beyond useless to use to combat meth stimulation.

To put it in perspective, I dont use meth, but use adderall in moderate doses sometimes (50 mg or so). Now 50mg of adderall is obviously a far smaller dose then a recreational meth dose. And even with adderall, I find that benzos are the only thing that will actually bring me down and allow for sleep. And even these dont always do the trick.

So unfortunately, u are shit out of luck-DG

04-01-2010, 04:37
Damnit >.< i guess its a effin sleepless night for me :/
But yeahh thankss

*mods you guys can close this

04-01-2010, 04:48
taking a really hot shower always makes me feel a whole lot better.

04-01-2010, 05:14
more meth

04-01-2010, 06:06
I really don't wanna start a new thread on this sooo I was wondering .....

The fucked up stomauch thing ! How to relieve it somehow ?

It happens on all stims I use ! MDPV , speed , etc .

It's weird .

Anyone got any good remedies ?

04-01-2010, 08:11
diphenhydramine hcl -

doxylamine succinate -

Just in case Bubbles wasn't clear on the trade names of these easily purchased, over-the-counter medicines....They may have different names in different countries, so www.wikipedia.com is your friend.

I really don't wanna start a new thread on this sooo I was wondering .....

The fucked up stomauch thing ! How to relieve it somehow ?

It happens on all stims I use ! MDPV , speed , etc .

It's weird .

Anyone got any good remedies ?

"Fucked up" like how? If you have the squirts for some reason, take anti-diarrheal medicine (Immodium). If you are constipated, drink lots of water. If your actual stomach (not intestines as much) is hurting, then make yourself eat something. Stimulants can increase anxiety which can give you stomach aches and what not. Antacids might help with that.

04-01-2010, 10:27
Everything Captn said + a really good blunt. That always helped me.

04-01-2010, 11:31
I tend to get a pretty icky feeling stomach as well after a amp binge, best you can do is force yourself to eat something, even if its just some toast and a piece of fruit, and have a couple of antacids.

After forcing myself to eat something i'll usually make sure my room is as dark as possible, and have a hot shower and try and crash...

I also find sleeping with socks on makes it a little easier to crash, I don't know what it is.. It helps when I have insomnia too..

04-01-2010, 20:35
opiates, benzos, or 100mg (Or even more) of Seroquel....Really the only thing to do when you are coming down is to take something that will make you go to sleep until tomorrow , then you'll wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

25-11-2010, 14:32
>So out of curiosity... How many of you guys use other things to
>help ease a comedown??

There is only one thing that really works well for amphetamine hangovers, l-tyrosine. And it is natural in a way (it is in all meats and beans, peas and such). I bought mine here and was very impressed: http://scahr.info/psychological.htm

25-11-2010, 15:02
drink alot of water(i kno its impossible but try)smoke some weed , its goin to return the effect abit

25-11-2010, 22:59
Just don't sleep. At all. Forever. Just keep burning and you will be a winner.

No, not really, lol.

But seriously, I find valerian helps me, or just some nice chill music to listen to with my eyes closed.

26-11-2010, 01:27
Hot bath.
Multi vitamin + Vit C tablets + Garlic tablets + 5HTP + Valium

The multivitamins and garlic tablets etc may not do much but, hey it can't hurt to take them anyway!

That's the only home remedy I got, whatever you do stay chilled, don't get mad for not being able to sleep, second you do that you've lost the battle my friend =(

30-11-2010, 17:29
it's odd, but i find the hair of the dog works with AMP quite well. for example, let's say i go on a D-AMP binge and consume ≥200mg. of Dexie over a 48-hour period. i'll be sleep deprived something awful yet too irritable and uncomfortable to fall asleep. sometimes i'll take a small dose of D-AMP, something probably around 10mg. - 15mg., and i'll fall right to sleep. just make sure you've got a pretty good grasp of your tolerance as this will not work all that well if you do not. oh, and of course, if you have the means, throw a benzo or two in there as well and you're money.

30-11-2010, 17:38
Opiates or benzos are definately the best..but as you say not always available. Others I use:

Ketamine - I find this the best if you're having a headfucky comedown rather than just struggling to sleep. When I've been really down/paranoid and/or aggressive this completely anialates the above moods and I find gives you amazing and distinct trippyness. Maybe not a safe option though. I once overdid it and spent a LONG half hour unable to remove my head from the toilet and feeling like I was going to fall asleep and my heart was simultaneously going burst through my chest.....Small amounts!!

Alcohol - Again not the safest option but really calms you down and helps you sleep (so long as you've not been drinking all the way through the high - I find it has no effect when I do this).

Others I've tried when desperate - antihistamines, whatever is in drowsy cough medicine, sleeping tablets

30-11-2010, 19:04
i once drank isopropanol and passed out on a adderall crash.

30-11-2010, 21:07
I have always be thankfull that my comedowns are minor compared to most. Mainly just cant sleep. But i find drinkin a lot of water while doin meth help so much. You will pee probably every ten minutes but a lot of chemicals will go out wit it. Less to sweat out and make you all stinky. Or i figured out smoking weed threw out the whole thing help make you tired. I was hittin the foil all night and smokin weed. in the morning my cousin said i looked tired. Which i was

01-12-2010, 03:23
relax and eat some food
I eat some food, drink a beer and take an advil pm and I'm able to sleep
I never understood the bad meth comedowns
I feel like crap, yeah, but its nothing unbearable, even after a 5 day binge, I'm just tired, irritable, hungry.

before yesterday I had been on meth for 8 of the previous 10 days
I'm fine now, just tired.

I take good care of myself when I'm high too though

04-12-2010, 05:51
For someone who takes a small does of dextroamphetamine to go out dancing through the night (25mg) once every two weeks, how much diphenhydramine hcl or doxylamine succinate would you guys suggest in the morning to fall asleep?

I normally Have 3-4 shots of vodka and that does it. Would diphenhydramine or doxylamine be a "healthier" alternative?

03-05-2018, 10:04
I learned through phentermine. My list will alwaysgive me best relief. OTc and prescribed.

opiate(poppy seed tea)( small amount for 3 days max) and if ur not in wd from opiates
Weed(only if u enjoy smoking, makes you hungry)
2 or even 1 of these will greatly help, most of there in stores near you.

....along with vitamins, 5-HTP( AND ANY OTHER SUPPS/VITAMINS/ PLANTS)?

If you have acess to these pharms.
Ambiance(or other z drugs.)
2 or possibly 1 of these can help. Whatever combo u got, it will help!

You know you the best. So use ur tools as best it works for you.
Continue eating, drinking water(most important part for recoverying) and move around no matter what ur doing. Walk up and down the street of backyard. Small things. You will eventually do more and feel better. Remember this crash lasts NO LONGER then a week to be %100 normal no batter how ur binge was. Longest i crashed was 3 days.

Treat urself good. Lay in bed and watch movies. Take a long shower or bath. Eat easy healthy things like fruit, mixed unsalted unroasted nuts. The best way i recovery with NO s get pot and benzos. Both will make u tired and hungry.Ay is a little herb and benzos. But if you have no access to prescriptions, the OTC stuff will do amazing masking(phenibut+weed+clon) and I cant stress enough that eating and drinking are super important.
Hope this helps even tho its old

Easier said then done, i know. But if u hate stim crashes like me, ud do anything to get passed the drawed out minutes, hours, and days.