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Rio Fantastic
10-07-2009, 06:42
I'm going to try a CWE on some generic codeine pills in a few hours. I'm gonna post the method I'm gonna use - could you guys tell me if its efficient?

1. Crush the pills with a hammer on a breadboard

2. Put pills into water at a ratio of 2.5ml/tablet.

3. Stir for 2-3 mins.

4. Leave mixture to settle for 15 minutes.

5. Stir mixture, and put it into freezer for 30 mins.

6. Pour half of mixture into one coffee filter, the other half into another coffee filter

7. Drink filtered results

How is my method?? Is it worth doing a second wash on the sludge left in the filter? Whats the best way to wet the coffee filter beforehand whilst ensuring it doesn't break apart during the extraction?


10-07-2009, 06:53
it seems a bit excessive, just make sure the water is chilled to start out with and skip the freezer stage, and I'd use two filters stacked inside eachother to ensure it doesn't break.

10-07-2009, 06:54
^^ For the sake of convenience I wouldn't bother crushing the tablets. Just throw them in some water, stir and forget for half an hour. I'd also filter through cloth or somesuch material *before* bothering with coffee filters to remove 90% of the binders/gunk.

You should wet the coffee filters first but shouldn't ever have to squeeze them so they shouldn't be breaking.

I hope this helps?

10-07-2009, 06:57
Crushing depends on the brand. Some brands will dissolve on their own in a minute or two, others (generally the capsule shaped ones) often take half an hour or more and still won't fully dissolve. If you aren't sure, it can't hurt to crush them, or at least break them into smaller chunks.

10-07-2009, 08:05
I have 19 panafen plus extracting at the moment to make a dose of 243.2 obviously minus how much is lost during the CWE. I have some promethazine tablets that I plan to use to potentiate my codeine.

Basically I want to know what is the best time to take promethazine? Like an hour before codeine? Just swallow the pills with the solution? Or do I have to wait so as to avoid inhibiting the metabolism of codeine.

If anybody can help me out here I would very much appreciate it, I would hate to fuck up my buzz tonight.

10-07-2009, 10:40
You guys weren't kidding about the nurofen+, I figured it might be an idea to crush them up first, fuckers are like rock, I've been going at it on and off for half an hour and there are still solid chunks in the bowl.

Will see how the actual extraction goes, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

The powder seems pretty insoluble as well. I had to use 100mg water to get it to dissolve 28 pills properly, usually I only need 50mg.

Rio Fantastic
10-07-2009, 12:07

i accidentally froze some of the codeine/apap mixture

i left it in the freezer too long

what do i do?!?!?

10-07-2009, 12:16

I imagine it would be fine if you just melted it and filtered it as normal.

10-07-2009, 12:26
It should be ok, just let it warm up to room temp. Don't microwave it or anything though.

As belarki suggested, I would filter through a tshirt or similar first, you can squeeze as hard as you like and it won't break. You can then use the coffee filters but I usually don't bother because I use material with a tight weave and the coffee filters hardly catch anything.

Also regarding the promethazine, I find that taking it before the codeine or at the same time significantly reduces the buzz. I usually just wait until the body buzz has gone and you're just feeling the warmth in your stomach then take them. Either that or take them earlier if the itching is too intense! For that though I'd take a different antihistamine that doesn't react (no 'first-generation' anti-histamines). Something like fexofenadine works well.
Oh, and promethazine doesn't potentiate codeine, in fact it pretty much does the opposite by competing with the codeine for the metabolic enzyme. It's effects synergise with the codeine though because it increases the sedation. I'd take maybe 25mg if it's your first time. Be safe, the whole point of this is to reduce potential harm (not to sound like a Dad :)).

Just dosed about half hour ago with a brand that I've used before and had good results with. For some reason though I had a much stronger histamine reaction than normal; itching really badly and my neck coming up red. Only thing I did differently was mix the filtrate with Red Bull which I've never done before. Given that the tablets and process is exactly the same, I reckon that must be it. Not going to do that again!

10-07-2009, 12:41
On the plus side, red bull would almost taste foul enough to cover up the codeine :p

Ok, the nurofen+ extraction just went down the hatch, I'll let you guys know if it works. I had quite a full dinner beforehand, so it may take a bit to kick in.

The whole process was a lot more effort compared to other brands. There's some kind of thick coating on the outside of the pills that's very hard to break through, and even beneath it they're very compressed and hard to crush. It took 3 times as long to crush them, then when I put them in the water they seemed to almost drink it up, I needed to use twice as much as normal for the same amount of pills. And even then, it took forever to filter out and I had to squeeze it through twice, with the final filtrate ending up very foggy.

My new favourite flavor concealer is 1 part filtrate, 1 part red cordial and 1 part sprite. Still has a nasty aftertaste, but it's much more tolerable.

10-07-2009, 14:10
^ Yeah Nurofen+ suck. Even Panafen Plus need more water than a generic brand to dissolve into a decent viscosity.

You're right with the cordial. Recently I've been mixing with orange cordial; it needs about a 1:1 ratio to completely mask the taste but it's worth it!

10-07-2009, 14:17
Oh yeah. The cordial does wonders, I wish I'd tried it earlier instead of sticking to juice. The sprite is nice, adds a little extra taste. It's much more liquid to drink, but you can get away with sipping it slowly instead of gulping the whole thing down before your taste buds catch up and kick in your gag reflex.

I can feel the codeine start to kick in now, it definately works, but it's 10x the effort of any other brand. It's not specific to the ibuprofen, because I bought a 96 box of generic ibuprofen/codeine and those worked wonderfully, nurofen specifically must have something weird they use as a binder that makes them such a chore to crush and dissolve. Stick to panadeine or home brand.

10-07-2009, 14:28
Firstly, hello all. I have skulked around these forums for years without really contributing, but after going back to codeine recently and experimenting abit i believe i may have come across a method that is as close to perfect as can be achieved.

Secondly, im sorry for avoiding protocol and making an entirely new thread on the subject, but from what ive seen everybody is still using paper or cloth gravity filtering and coming out with liquids ranging from almost milky to pretty clear. This method produces a cup of water, looks exactly like water in every respect. I almost thought the codeine wouldn't be in the water when i took a sip to test it, but it was incredibly bitter as always. It was also quite nice to find that it got me very fucked, seemingly more messed up than i'd normally get.

Also, apologies if this has actually been mentioned elsewhere :S

Ok, so here we go. In short... - 5.0 green wheel filters and 50mL syringes after CWE as normal (can be sloppy as you are filtering through a wheel filter anyway)

Now, i may have jumped the gun as i have not tried the greens, i was using yellows (.45's) as i had one from use with bup. But ive been assured that greens will work better, and not clog up as fast while still filtering out all of the ibuprofen.

Articles needed:
2x 30 or 50mL syringes (no tips needed)

A wheel filter, used for filtering pills for injection. Size 5.0 green should work best but if you find it is not fine enough you can move down to the red. These cost $1.50 from the community health center or usual syringe outlet :P (many posts on these already, dig in the crates)

2x Clear glasses

1x Filtering cloth or paper. These are well documented, I have found that the fine fabrics used for cleaning of reading glasses work well. Just make sure you get the thick weave ones. When you wash them out, use warm water and wash the chalk off of the fabric instead of squeezing it through it. Stretching the fabric will destroy your filter cloth. Alternatively use coffee filter paper. :)

1x freezer.

1x rubber band

1x ice cube (optional: can be used to speed up the process after you mix in the pills properly, add the ice cube and mix, levelling out the difference in temperature between the cube and the liquid before storing it in the freezer. Just be careful you dont end up with too much liquid)

Ok. The Method..

Do your CWE as normal - Add room temperature or luke warm water to a cup to your desired fill level, generally you want to only have to swallow one mouthful of liquid at the end.

Add your pills and stir, continue stirring and crushing until the pills have completely disintegrated into the mixture. Optionally, add an ice cube and stir some more before storing in the freezer for fast cooling.

Write a poem.

Come back to the freezer, your mix is now cold. If you use a cloth for filtering, dampen it first, else just fix your filter the top of one of your glasses with the rubber band, allowing maximum capture.

Slowly pour the top layer off into the filter, allowing some to filter through before adding more. Maintain a settled mixture so you can extract as much clean liquid as you can. Sometimes i just dump the remaining gunk, however, with wheel filtering it doesnt matter as much except to clog your filter faster.

So now your codeine has been normally filtered cold water extraction style and we likely have a glass of liquid with ranging clarity, depending on what brand of pill you purchased. (Panafen plus is great, but once again, the wheel filter takes care of much)

- It is important to maintain the solution at a cool temperature, make sure it doesnt become warm as you go about your work. -

We then draw 1mL of standard water from the tap into one of our syringes and attach the wheel filter to it, inject the 1mL of water into the filter to dampen it. Remove the wheel filter. Now, draw the entire syringe full of your CWE solution and attach the wheel filter. Proceed to filter the liquid through the filter and into a new cup. The filter will dictate your pace. Every now and again you can unhook the syringe full of CWE solution, hook your secondary syringe on and draw luke warm water back through the wheel filter to unclog it.

Warning - You can blow a wheel filter into several pieces (half landing in your cup) with too much force. :) Be somewhat patient. Or use two sets and run two filters at once.

Anyway, i hope this helps people out there wanting to get a better filter out of their cold water extraction. Harm reduction is the key, and its simply unsettling to be drinking glasses of milky like solution, when logic says that it should be clear.

Bottoms up ~

10-07-2009, 16:13
^ Appreciate the method, but to be honest I don't really see the point of going to all that trouble.

Your solution will be slightly cloudy as some of the ibuprofen/fillers/binders will dissolve into the mixture. However with a decent filter using the normal method there shouldn't be much more than a recommended dose of ibuprofen in there.

Let's say you have 48 tabs and are using 2.5ml water per tab. That's 120ml of water. Wikipedia says that the solubility of ibuprofen is less than 1mg/ml. So using a perfect filter you're getting less than you would get by taking just one normal 200mg tablet! Of course you need to allow for some to get through the filter undissolved but I don't think it's much. Ibuprofen is available in 800mg Rx tabs, so even if you're getting another 600mg of ibuprofen making it's way through the filter, this should be ok occasionally.

If you're really paranoid about the ibuprofen or are dosing regularly then this might be useful if you can spend the time on it. However for the casual user, the standard CWE technique should be fine.

Sorry to rain on your parade. :)

10-07-2009, 16:26
Yeah I'm kind of inclined to agree, it seems like a huge effort to go to to get rid of a few hundred MG. Unless you're using it daily those sub-recommended doses are pretty harmless.

11-07-2009, 07:41
Ahh. Yeah, i was unawares of the 1mg/mL absorption into water by ibuprofen. That makes it significantly less damaging. That isnt so bad.

My only problem is impatience, so i squeeze liquid through the filter reasonably fast and then run it through the wheel. :P

11-07-2009, 08:23
Just an fyi for everyone out there, you most definately can extract nurofen+ with the same effectiveness, just be prepared for the considerable effort of crushing them first, and use twice as much water as normal.

12-07-2009, 02:06
Also regarding the promethazine, I find that taking it before the codeine or at the same time significantly reduces the buzz. I usually just wait until the body buzz has gone and you're just feeling the warmth in your stomach then take them. Either that or take them earlier if the itching is too intense! For that though I'd take a different antihistamine that doesn't react (no 'first-generation' anti-histamines). Something like fexofenadine works well.
Oh, and promethazine doesn't potentiate codeine, in fact it pretty much does the opposite by competing with the codeine for the metabolic enzyme. It's effects synergise with the codeine though because it increases the sedation. I'd take maybe 25mg if it's your first time. Be safe, the whole point of this is to reduce potential harm (not to sound like a Dad :)).

right on the money there. i got a little too eager a few weeks ago and took a big dose of phenergan before i drank my extraction and realised what i'd done after i did:\

doxylamine is a great potentiator that you can take with the codeine at the same time. and seeing as theres tablets with codeine/doxy it's too easy not too do.

i;ve found drinking a nice big glass of grape fruit juice about 20-30 mins before i dose the extraction with the doxy in it works perfectly. if i feel like it i will take some promethazine when the fuzzies hit me. it takes a long while for promethazine to hit me though, but when it does the sedation is nice.

12-07-2009, 06:03
Well I fucked up another extraction the other day. The one I mentioned earlier doing an extraction on 19 panafen plus. I did the extraction friday but ended up going out on friday night so didn't down the liquid until last night.

I used 19 pills crushed them fairly well, there was a few small chunks here and there but nothing crazy, added roughly 40ml of water and stirred well. I placed the resulting mixture in the fridge for exactly 25 minutes.

I put two pre wetted coffe filters inside another glass and tipped my codeine/ibuprofen mixture into the filters. After half an hour to 45 minutes there was about 20ml of water passed through the coffee filters and absolutley no more was coming through. I left it for another half an hour or so to make sure everything that was going to come through had and sure enough no more had filtered through.

I have a few ideas on what I may have done wrong. First I think 50-60ml would of been better than the 40ml I used. I think maybe I didn't quite wet the coffee filters enough and they absorbed some. I think that possibly I should have siphoned off the more watery part of the solution into the filters and let it filter through completely before adding the thicker gunky part of the solution into the filters. Possibly the gunk hardened up a bit and prevented some of the water coming through.

The water that I did get had the distinct codeine bitterness to it and drank with 2 whole panafen plus definately had codeine in it, but it really wasn't the buzz I was after and it is irritating to have fucked it up.

If anyone could offer any criticism and/or advice I would appreciate it a lot, I have 54 panafen plus left and I will be damned if I don't have the technique down pat before they are gone.

Also, is promethazine better for using with tramadol then? (the only other opiate I have access to at the moment, other than heroin which I can't afford) I have read a lot about opiate potentiation with antihistamines and most people tend to think promethazine is a better one to use than doxylamine but there is little elaboration on dose, timing and different opiates/opoids to use them with.

12-07-2009, 06:27
The big recommendations I can make are

1) use more water. I'm generally in the 60ml range.

2) Once you've let it strain through for a while, ball the coffee filters up, wrap them in an old tshirt, and squeeze them out into another filter (placed over the same cup), then wait for that to drain through. It's the best way to get the entire thing through.

12-07-2009, 06:55
Sweet, I will try that next time. Is it also advisable to let the more watery part of the solution to filter before dumping the goop in? I can't help but feel as though some must get trapped in there, I suppose if I squeezed it through the shirt as you said it would probably solve that problem anyway though.

I can't help but feel kind of stupid for the amount I have read on doing CWE and the fact I can still mess it up. lol

12-07-2009, 08:38
Yeah I find if I squeeze it through a tshirt into another filter afterwards, you end up with almost exactly as much water as you used.

I left the white gunk in my drawer once instead of throwing it out, and it went rock solid by the next morning, so there's not too much liquid trapped in there.

Don't feel silly about screwing it up, it's a process that takes a few attempts to get down pat. My first few were pretty awful.

12-07-2009, 08:46
Yep Crakinit pretty much has it. Panafen Plus seem to need more water than some other brands; 2.5ml/tab should be about right.

I can't comment on the use of promethazine with tramadol as far as the enzyme inhibition goes because I don't know how tramadol is metabolised. Though I imagine promethazine would be nice with it, if you're after increased sedation.

12-07-2009, 08:47
I have to confess that was atleast my 6th attempt, I have got it right before and fucked it up since. I guess its because I always vary my method because even when I have gotten it right I feel I could have gotten better results.

I will attempt another extraction tommorrow or maybe Tuesday and try squeezing it through a shirt. If I don't have a consistently good method by the time I finish this pack I may just have to give up.

Blau, I most definately am after increased sedation, I really only use drugs these days to chill out in the evenings so I can enjoy a buzz before I sleep then actually be able to sleep. I find tramadol to be quite enjoyable but I need to combine it with doxylamine succinate and either some panadeine fortes or valium to make it sedating enough to suit my purposes. Do you think promethazine would be superior to doxylamine succinate for this purpose?

12-07-2009, 09:05
I'm not sure which is stronger in terms of sedation. I've never taken doxylamine, but 75mg of promethazine on it's own makes me quite tired. 100mg pretty much puts me out. I imagine someone in BDD would be able to answer these questions. They would also be able to tell you whether there is any interaction between tramadol and promethazine.

What sort of effects have you gotten from your successful extractions? Are you always using about 20 tabs?

12-07-2009, 09:34
Just the usual opiate warmth, itchiness, mild nausea and general feelings of wellbeing. I have used anywhere from 15-20 tablets but usually they only have 10mg of codeine as opposed to these ones with 12.8mg of codeine.

I also have some experiences with panadeine fortes where I will take a little more APAP than I should but nothing dramatic and be able to enjoy the effects of codeine.

I made a thread in BDD about promethazine and codeine and nobody really gave great answers. It is thanks to you that I know that they compete for metabolism. I will likely make a thread in regards to tramadol but I am not that hopeful.

Most people in there seem to hate tramadol and there are a lot more people in Australian drug discussion with extensive codeine experiences, I find BDD has a lot more users of stronger opiates.

12-07-2009, 11:48
Yeah it's weird, this thread has been much more informative in the past than the codeine threads in OD, etc. I guess more people use codeine in Australia compared to the USA or UK. Which is actually a good thing in a way - as you say, other communities are tending towards the harder opiates.

If you're comfortable with the amount of codeine you're using in an extraction, I would suggest perhaps trying one without using coffee filters. Use 2.5ml or 3ml of water per tab, make sure it's thoroughly dissolved then just filter with a tshirt that is tightly woven. You'll get a little more ibuprofen in your solution, but I don't think it's too much. I use this method all the time, and the results are stronger than coffee filters, I think because I can squeeze as hard as possible on the filter and it doesn't break. I think you lose some with coffee filters. It's also quicker doing it this way. If you do try it, let us know how it goes! It's a pretty reliable method, I find I can do the whole thing in 5-10 mins and it works every time.

12-07-2009, 11:51
^ You can get the best of both worlds by squeezing it out into a coffee filter. It takes a bit longer, but you get both all of the liquid by squeezing it out, and as much filtration as possible from the coffee filter.

12-07-2009, 12:14
One of the extactions I did with paracetamol I used a T shirt and I squeezed it. I noticed considerable pain in my liver and it freaked me out a lot, that was the last CWE I did before my renewed interest.

Maybe I need to use a tighter woven shirt? I can't really remember how tightly woven the one I used was but I am pretty sure I folded it over once so it was 2 layers. Since the pills I am currecntly experimenting with have ibuprofen instead of paracetamol I might give it another whack, because it takes a lot more ibuprofen than paracetamol to OD anyway.

I am currently unemployed and have the house to myself through the day, I don't really mind a more time consuming method anyway because I struggle to fill the time as it is.

12-07-2009, 13:04
^ You can get the best of both worlds by squeezing it out into a coffee filter. It takes a bit longer, but you get both all of the liquid by squeezing it out, and as much filtration as possible from the coffee filter.

True but I can't usually be arsed. :)

My trusty old pair of boardies works perfectly, I'm ok with the amount of ibuprofen that gets through. A couple of times I've done the extraction with the boardies then put it through a coffee filter just out of interest, and it barely trapped any solids (like less than the size of one tablet). So I'm fairly confident that's its a safe level of ibuprofen when done through my boardies :)

12-07-2009, 13:43
Yeah, tightly woven cloth definately does the trick, but I wasn't comfortable with the amount of paracetemol getting through when I was using a tshirt so I swapped to the coffee filter. Don't mind the extra wait at all.

13-07-2009, 13:16
^ That's why I use ibuprofen tabs :)

13-07-2009, 13:32
I find ibuprofen harder to filter, even if I run it through a coffee filter multiple times it's still very cloudy, whereas with paracetemol you can end up with an almost crystal clear mixture and still get almost every drop of liquid through. It's a trade off I guess, you get more through, but it's less likely to be harmful. Personally I just take whatever I end up being given at the pharmacy, or whichever is cheapest.

Tolerance is shooting up again :( I've doubled my doseage in the last month or so, gonna have to cut back a little maybe.

13-07-2009, 16:26
Personally I've never had a clear filtrate; it's always a little bit cloudy.

I get Panafen Plus because it's going to be easier on my body than paracetamol, and because the 48 packs at 12.8mg/tab are pretty much exactly the dose I want.

14-07-2009, 05:13
Alright, I have just had another attempt at this.

I used about 60ml of water for 20 panafen plus tablets, I crushed them fairly well and then stirred them thoroughly into the water. Put the mixture in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

I had 2 coffee filters folded over one cup and one in another and a big piece of tightly woven fabric I cut from an old T shirt. I was going to put all the liquid in the 2 filters then squeeze it through the shirt into the single coffee filter.

It turned out I had a fair bit of shit left when the 2 coffee filters were full, so I dumped that straight into the shirt and squeezed it into the single coffee filter, then got the doubled up coffee filters with solution in them and put them in the shirt and squeezed it.

It is about halfway filtered now and the liquid is very white, I had a lot of white shit left in the shirt and filters but this is the whitest CWE I have ever come out with.

Is it okay for me to drink this? I mean the least filtration any of the solution has gotten is 1 coffee filter and a shirt, and some of it got 3 coffee filters and a shirt. Is a very cloudy solution typical of squeezing through the shirt and/or using panafen plus?

I have gotten back nearly as much liquid as I used and I don't particularly want to have to run it through another filter, basically I just want confirmation that this is normal of doing an extraction this way and/or that it would be safe(ish) to drink regardless.

I also should mention that I wet all the coffee filters and the shirt before hand to avoid them stealing any of my codeine. I only used the fabric as is, I didn't fold it over to double up how much shirt the solution passed through. Should I have folded it over or is it fine to just use one layer?

14-07-2009, 05:48
My iboprofen filters always end up much whiter than the paracetemol ones, if you've filtered it twice and ended up with a fair amount of leftover you should be fine, especially with ibuprofen, since it's much safer. If you want you could filter it again through the tshirt just to be sure.

14-07-2009, 07:19
the other day i did an extraction and for the first time ever i had a crystal clear solution. this worries me as ive always had a cloudy solution and i didnt change my method or amount of water used AT ALL. I was using chemists own brand like always, has this happened to anyone else?

14-07-2009, 07:47
I think I might do another filtration through a single coffee filter just to be sure. I will post back tonight when I have drank it.

14-07-2009, 09:41
I reckon you'll find that not much is trapped in that coffee filter. Whenever I filter Panafen Plus through just fabric it will catch everything, bugger all would get trapped in a coffee filter.

I had a weird experience this afternoon, I asked for a 48 pack at this chemist I've never been to before, it was like a small one man deal, not like a chain or anything. He handed me the pack then gave me a 5 minute spiel about tolerance and dependence. I think he was just suss because I asked for the larger size. Strange though, that's never happened to me before, I've only ever been asked the usual questions (are they for you, have you used them before, do you have asthma etc).

14-07-2009, 09:50
Yeah I think they sometimes assume that you're popping them like candy if you're buying larger boxes. Every pharmacy is different, some places will shove the 48/96 box on you, some places will treat you like scum if you ask for them.

I always just say they're not for me when they ask the questions, say they're for my GF or my Dad's back or something, much easier than going through the spiel and they seem to react better to asking for larger sizes.

14-07-2009, 10:29
Funny I never seem to get asked shit when I buy codeine containing products they just give them to me. I have had to show ID to buy restavit and also another place wanted my name and address.

I just checked my mixture and that last filter definately was pointless, it did trap a bit but not heaps. I suppose at the end of the day it wasn't much effort for peace of mind.

I plan to take 50mg of doxylamine succinate when I down the solution and then dose 40-50mg of promethazine about an hour after it kicks in. From what I gather that seems like the best way to make use of the promethazine.

14-07-2009, 11:16
fuk cwe, just dropped a few nurofen pluses haha

I never got asked anything when buyin codeine. There are like about 20-30 chemists around here in a 1km radius so i try to go to diff ones all the time. Its never suss if u buy something else with it whether its a pack of condoms or tic tacs or something haha

14-07-2009, 11:24
If you wanna take a decent dose you have to extract, sadly :(

14-07-2009, 14:40
My solution actually wasnt as cloudy as i thought when viewed in good light, i downed it about half an hour ago, definately worked :D.

Thanks for the help guys, I have got it working now all I have to do it tweak it to perfection. Next time I am definately using more than 20 pills though.

14-07-2009, 14:58
Good to hear you got it to work, enjoy :D

14-07-2009, 15:46
drug_mentor, what dose of promethazine would you say is the equivalent of doxlyamine in terms of sedation? I'm interested to try doxylamine because apparently it is not metabolised by CYP2D6 and therefore wouldn't kill the buzz like promethazine tends to.

15-07-2009, 03:02
^i find them pretty much equally on par, maybe with doxy being a little more sedative. so 75mg of promethazine would be equal to 50mg of doxy i guess. my tolerance to both of them has started to get a bit up there so i'm having to back off a little. when you start adding up the cost of a box of 25mg doxy tabs, a box of 25mg prometh and a box of codeine it starts to get pretty pricey:|

fuk cwe, just dropped a few nurofen pluses haha

I never got asked anything when buyin codeine. There are like about 20-30 chemists around here in a 1km radius so i try to go to diff ones all the time. Its never suss if u buy something else with it whether its a pack of condoms or tic tacs or something haha

they'll only start asking questions when you buy the packs that are 48+ tablets. or maybe ocassionally they'll just ask "have you taken these before?" that's all i've ever been asked. oh and "what other medications are you taking?".

i usually ask for a box of the 25mg doxy tablets and a large box of the tabs and never raise any suspicions:)

15-07-2009, 04:27
drug_mentor, what dose of promethazine would you say is the equivalent of doxlyamine in terms of sedation? I'm interested to try doxylamine because apparently it is not metabolised by CYP2D6 and therefore wouldn't kill the buzz like promethazine tends to.

I have found promethazine and doxylamine to be pretty equal in potency dose wise, maybe doxylamine a little more so. What I tend to find is that doxylamine definately has a stronger sedative effect than promethazine though.

Doxylamine had more of a KOing feel to it where promethazine has more of a synergizing chilled out feel with the opiates. I can see why opiate purists prefer promethazine as it works with the buzz more than changing it but doxylamine definately creates a harder hitting buzz.

I usually take 50mg of doxylamine with my dose of opiates, I think it would take atleast 70mg of promethazine to match the strength of that dose. Doxylamine is definately worth buying as an opiate potentiator imho.

Hope this helps :D.

17-07-2009, 01:56
does doxy have that same fucked up rls side effect that prometh can sometime have ?

17-07-2009, 04:09
^i've never had that problem with either of them.