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04-01-2002, 05:04
ON JANUARY 26th, 2002
True Productions & Miss D' Exxit make you get...
~ for those that remember "Whipped" (1/27/01)
this will be New england's 2nd annual "fetish" event..~
- S I N -
(room 1)
-RON JEREMY "Special guest host"
(aka- the "Hedge Hog"- Coast to Coast ent., LA)
We at True Productions and Miss d' exit are very flattered to have this adult film star gracing us with a special guest appearance. He will be making his presence known by doing a short comedy, as well as announcing some of the
main room dj's!! He will also be making his way through the crowd to sign autographs and meet all his fans! PLEASE Be sure to not miss your opportunity to meet one of the worlds most famous "adult movie stars" as he helps us
create party history. P.S.- THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!
-SCOTT HENRY (2:00-3:30)
(buzz/ ultra records, DC)
*Release party for "Buzz: The Polotics of Sound"- available on Ultra records*
-DJ ASSAULT (1:00-2:00)
(the detroit network/ intuit-solar/ www.getatric.com/djassault, (http://www.getatric.com/djassault,) DETROIT)
******!! Featuring Booty Dancers !!*********
-the booty house/ ghetto tech master is here in a very rare north east performance!!
-PLEASURE...HEAD (12:00-1:00)
(park rave/smoovegroove/pleasurehead.com, NYC)
-DREAD- (3:45-4:45)
(vr productions/ shy, CT)
-MADAME BUDDAFLY- (11:00-12:00)
(columns of knowledge/ k:cid:x trax/ CT)
-WEEZ (10:00-11:00)
(true productions/ lost angelz, MA)
-DJ SHY (4:45-close)
(shy productions, CT)
"welcoming him back from his west coast tour and debut of his new track "Break it down" which is being dropped by some of the US's top house dj's..
-LEAP (9-10:00)
(fortune 500, NH)
- P A I N :
(room 2)
-SLIP & SLIDE (1:45-3:30)
(vinyl syndicate recordings, orion, TORONTO)
Dj's Slip and Slide are one half (along with Djs/Producers Sniper and Mystical influence) of the internationally acclaimed drum & bass collective Vinyl Syndicate.-(which Recently having won an award of the highly acclaimed
Knowledge Drum & Bass Awards for Best International Drum & Bass Label
2000). As well, they are infamous for tearing up drum & bass crowds world wide, and have three international smash hits to date. Their involvement ranges in all facets of the music industry including hosting their Renegade
Airwaves radio show on www.1groove.com, (http://www.1groove.com,) running various club nights at venues in Toronto, and even managing their own record labels Vinyl Syndicate, Orion Recordings, Crunk Vinyl, and Crimsyn Records. Their last remix entitled
Party's just begun (Nelly Furtado) on Dreamworks USA was released in 2000.
This mix was Slip and Slide's first major record label contracted remix, and it is licensed to Freaky Flow's Moonshine Mix entitled "World
- ILL CRACKAH (12:30-1:45)
(ruffneck playaz crew, NC)
One of the South's best kept secrets, this dj will be sure to blow your mind with his flawless mixing of Hardcore and Drum n' bass!
- ENTROPY (3:30-4:45)
(raverporn.net/ne-hardcore, BOSTON)
"exclusive 96-99 Cheesestep Set"
- TODD BUCKLER with MC Josiah Intallekt (11:30-12:45)
(Missed the exit again/ columns of knowledge, CT) (Dawn Patrol, 770/ME)
* special free givaways from the dj todd buckler*
- NC-17- (4:45-6:00)
(4-front records, the rinse /BOSTON)
-CAEZAR (10:15-11:30)
(True Productions, NYC)
-MILKDUD (9-10:15)
(intermission artist/ itellectual properties, ALBANY)
- L U S T :
(room 3)
- BON JEREMY (aka dj bon bons) (3:00-4:30)
(Growroom / greenhouse effect/ MA)
*he has also starred in past films as "Bon Holmes" and "Long Bon Silver"*We were trying to think of exactly who we were missing on this lineup and then we realized what we were lacking. We decided to make a last minute addition by adding New England's porno/disco funk master, dj bon bons.. Tonight, the smut king will be knockin' your boots with a super exclusive old
school 89-93 house set !!
- WARCHILD (1:30-3:00)
(new england hardcore, ruffneck playaz crew, neverending echo/MA)
*laying down a sexually transmitted BREAKCORE set*
- ST. THOMAS (10:30-12:00)
(Shy productions, CT)
- SHIVA (12:00-1:30)
(Shy productions, CT)
- KNUCKLES & KNOWHOW (4:30-close)
- S K I N :
(room 4)
hosted by: S.L.U.T.
(Stereo Lounge Underground Tecnique)
-Kingsize USA-
featuring DJ's:
- Lounge, down tempo and cool groove are just a few names to describe the phunkadelic atmosphere these guys and girls are gonna bring to the forum
tonight. S.L.U.T is a collection of DJ's rounding off a unique sound that is no longer exhibited in the New England Scene. They are not only going to be providing a truly educational sound for the ear, yet they will also be smoothing it out with a very sensual atmosphere for you to escape to. You are cordially invited to come up and pimp it with them from the hours of 10:30pm - 5:00am
G E N E R A L I N F O :
COST: $27 in advance
$30 @ the door
$27 @ the door before 1am (if wearing FETISH gear)
HOURS: 9pm - 6am
AGES: 16 +
(please bring positive ID)
ENTRANCE: We will have two active entrances into the venue in order to speed up entry. We strongly encourage that you buy presale tix to guarentee your immediate entrance. Ticket holders will enter through the jungle room entrance located at the corners of Maine & Worthington streets.
Music Center-413-214-6108
Spiritual Emp.-860-524-9719
Lunasea- 401-272-5862
(ME & NH)
Any Bull Moose Location
www.bullmoose.com (http://www.bullmoose.com)
Satellite- 212-995-1744
(Up. NY)
G-Spot- 518-432-0370
www.TrueCrew.com (http://www.TrueCrew.com)
*TRUE's upcoming events @ the Asylum*
FEBUARY 9th, 2002:
"Be Mine Again"- (2nd annual all Male vs Female event)
March 16th, 2003:
"True Luck 3"- March 16th

04-01-2002, 22:43
Phatty Ron Jeremey....every guys hero...heh. He should def bring some of the ladies with him. This party looks DOPE!!! Im surprised the line-ups at the Asylum have been doin pretty good. But I just wish we could rid of the E Ocean in there. Ah well its still gonna be fun. Peace!!

06-01-2002, 07:04
ahhh! so so this is *kinda* like Whipped 2... my friend told me that there was gonna be Whipped 2... but uuh so yea I guess this is it. yayaya ahhh! Whipped was my first partee. That was a bangin time, good partee for me. SO yea I'll be running around there and bringing losta peoples. Oh boy Im lookin forward to this. :) Maybe I'll get ta meet some of you wonderful peoples?? yes? no? maybe so? We'll see. I would love to. Keep it real.

06-01-2002, 07:14
Last time my man got his ass kicked by tha pigs for *just standing* near the 2nd entrance door. Even got it on video. Tha asylum sweeties said no one was allowed in, and that the firemen were goin to use that door. (hehe, dear Jared had to go all out when he was dancin)
Well shit!
No firemen used that door and they let people in afterwards chargin full price for 2 hours left for the party. Some people had to pay cause they needed to meet up with their rides already inside....
Luvly nite waitin for the bondsman...
mebbe thats why i haven't attended the asylum much since then ;)
Wished i coulda rocked my fetish gear, i looked damn hot...

Speekah Phreekah
06-01-2002, 07:26
Whipped was my first party too! I had a blast at that party. I remember I was all candied out and shit....hahaha
Anyway, this should be a fun party.... but good lawd, Ron Jeremy? ewww!!!
I'm sorry... but am I the only one who thinks he's gross? LOL
Wouldn't mind meetin' ya Alice.....
[ 06 January 2002: Message edited by: Speekah Phreekah ]

07-01-2002, 04:42
w00t w00. Your first partee too? Hah nice nice. Hell yea that partee was wicked. Some friends took me to it and they dressed me up all kandied out n everything cuz I didnt know what I was doin. Dressed me up and glittered me up wore the kandy, the whole sha-bang. Heh damn I remember most of that nite like it was yesterday. Cept an hour of it... in between 1 and 2 I dont rememeber anything. I know I was dancing the whole time.... but I have NO memory of that hour.
hah no Ron Jeremy is DEFFINTLY gross but it'll be funny to think back "I went to a partee that Ron Jeremy was at" hahah That'll be a story to tell the kids ;) Anywho.... yay Teddy that would be wicked. Well we should def. figure it out then and met up.
[ 07 January 2002: Message edited by: comEmEEtAlicE ]

07-01-2002, 04:53
Ron is gross but he was realy funny in orgasmo -=]

09-01-2002, 21:43
i'm bumpin this not cause i'm goin, but because ppl fail to check to see if threads already exist

10-01-2002, 01:45
Someone wants ta be a mod.... ;)

10-01-2002, 02:20
Do you think the picture on my bluelight profile is sexist? ;)

10-01-2002, 03:04
twins??? seen it, yumm Jamal. ;)

10-01-2002, 04:10
actually no, i think i'd rather kill myself before i was a "bluelight mod"

10-01-2002, 06:48
:o fiesty one you are Ms.Angelick, i like it ;) If ya ever need a ride to a Party drop me a line. :)

10-01-2002, 06:54
haha, werd. thanks girl.

10-01-2002, 08:10
yumm? Can i watch? ;)

10-01-2002, 09:28
Kristin's going to be the new mod. of the "Postwhores Anonymous" forum.

10-01-2002, 15:52
yes yes, i do admit. but only cause i know it'd make you just that much more happy dave :) aww look at me, always lookin out for you and stuff.
kristin (add one more to the PW list!)

12-01-2002, 01:24
Well On Your Knees" will be my first !
Looking forward to it so much !
I still cant decide what to wear !!! i own a vinyl cat suit from a halloween costume but i dont wanna sweat to death . Any ideas?!?!?!?!?
And Icey what do u mean get rid of the "e ocean" ?
My AIM SN is CaffeineFun4U if any one wants to talk about "On Your Knees"

15-01-2002, 05:25
caffeine, if this is your first party, then you have yet to expeirience the "e-ocean" at the asylum, i swear to god the kids are gonna take up that entire half of the main room, it's hard sometimes to get into the new room and the jungle room. but anyway, ron jeremy, bonus!!! and yes i'm still addicted to trance so pleasureheads set is gonna be nice

15-01-2002, 05:48
hey i hang out by the black lights and i'm not a puddle >=[
what i can't stand is all the people in sweat pants and jeans that go just to eat pills and then try and buy more pills...
i can't wait to see WarChild and the other hardcore/gabber people ;D warchild's burning me a few CD's and hookin' me up at the party
[ 15 January 2002: Message edited by: ScaryRaver ]

16-01-2002, 06:04
hmmm, im pondering this, considering the shutdown of the luna, cancelation of the party this sat. and im def not giving stuck on earth $45 for hammerstein. ill prolly end up here that night then. :) im always down for a meetup, me andvpaul arevusualy hte only ones who make it there ;)
ill let you know when its official

17-01-2002, 02:52
i'm always up for meeting BLer's to i'll definaly be at this party i'm already planing my excuse for calling in sick to work -=]
here's me at break fast i'm in the black shirt
[ 29 January 2002: Message edited by: ScaryRaver ]

17-01-2002, 03:32
I am sooo excited to go to this party!!!Like you don't even know...Even though I hit every Asylum party! I was bummin when i didnt think i could go..I thought it was an 18+ party! but it's not! YYEEESAH!

17-01-2002, 04:19
ooooo! So who else is ready to spark up a meetup? I sure as hell am!
I still haveta call my work and tell them I cant come in on the 27th. Ahhh Im so excited. And Maui you ARE goin!! Im gonna make you! So there you are goin end of dissucssion :Þ!

17-01-2002, 18:27
i'm sure me and babygurl will meet up with you comEmEEtAlicE just aim me... i leave my computer on 24-7 so if i don't get back to you right off i'm most likly not home and i'll get back to you soon. AIM: ililrageil

Phreel0ad err
18-01-2002, 02:54
[quote]Originally posted by ScaryRaver:
i'm always up for meeting BLer's to i'll definaly be at this party i'm already planing my excuse for calling in sick to work -=]
Here's me and some of my crew i'm on the back of the coutch -=] (http://www.raversonlypicturearchive1.com/_breakfast/031.html)
thats me laying on the back of the couch and the one to the right of scary, with the caffeine shirt on
[ 29 January 2002: Message edited by: Phreel0ad err ]

18-01-2002, 03:52
damn right -=]

18-01-2002, 03:58
And that is me next to scary with the blue visor on!!!!!

18-01-2002, 15:10
ok i'll add something....And thats me holding the camera taking pics of all these crazy kids. I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see you all at this one should be a balst....Mike you'd better go you ferry..LMFAO, and Pat i know i'll see you there.
I;m always the one with the black KANGOL visor and the digital cam taking pics and handing out my infamous RAVERSONLY.COM flyers...
Find me!!! i'm intrested in meeting as many BL'ers as humanly possible......SEE YOU THERE!!!

18-01-2002, 17:34
awww.... I think somebody wants a cookie!
*passes out cookies to those who have singlehandedly hijacked the forum for the sole purpose of becoming posthoes... now THERE'S a goal*

18-01-2002, 18:13
[quote]Originally posted by oOo:E :o Oo:
ok i'll add something....And thats me holding the camera taking pics of all these crazy kids. I LOVE IT!!!!
I;m always the one with the black KANGOL visor and the digital cam taking pics and handing out my infamous RAVERSONLY.COM flyers...
You wouldnt happened to be the infamous smoke would you? ;) if so i remember you from happy holidays with your big doofy hat :P you took a picture of me and my freinds. good night indeed.

18-01-2002, 19:44
don't pay attention to badrelgrrrl she's just crabby and hates green lighters it's not like she's a mod tho she's acting like one :-P

Phreel0ad err
18-01-2002, 19:58
Im a former bluelighter from long ago that moved and got back into parties.

18-01-2002, 21:25
Well you know what....I HATE LABELS!!!! but newayz...This isn't smoke. This is Eric..I'm staff at raversonly and I covered happy holidays, Tru Luv3, Western Massive, Breakfast,& all Asylum parties in the future. Smoke is great....Much appreciation...

19-01-2002, 03:27
ScaryRaver's just pissed cuz he asked me to be his valentine and I said no... sorry Scary, I wasn't gonna bring it up but you made it personal, hehehe. Oh, and it's called a joke.
*sigh* where's the plur? ;)
Peace ~Katie

19-01-2002, 04:23
i just checked out your pic scary raver and bare a striking resemblence to this boy colin i knew not too long ago. and well.... forget it, waaaaay too easy of a laugh for myself. katie knows what i mean. hahahaha.
[ 19 January 2002: Message edited by: AngelicK ]

19-01-2002, 12:31
HELLZ YEAH Kristin... hahaha so THATS who he reminds me of! ohhhhh I'm amused :) I think that just made my night :) hahaha
Peace ~Katie

20-01-2002, 02:11
:::in a stupper:::
judging by the lafter i geuss that guy was a loser too... oh well and i'm not mad bout the valentines thing anyways i'm taking my X now... blah it sucks but oh well lol i get to premote for jeff now so i'm happy -=] i geuss you just win some and ya loose some.

22-01-2002, 08:31
well who's going this weekend ?

22-01-2002, 21:34
Not I, said this guy.
Somethin about 98% of the people who frequent the asylum being in fetish gear that just does NOT do it for me.. Of course, there is that 2% that I'd really dig seein in fetish gear, but that's not enough to outweigh the other people.
PS - Jamal, lemme know how that pleather g-string you got for this party fits you.

22-01-2002, 23:34
Ill be hitting this one and reppin ct with mad heads as always. and no I will NOT be in fetish gear. Sorry folks ;) you get none from me! :D I say we host the usual meetup times, 11:00 and 1:00 over by the coat check and kart(if you dont know kart hell be over by the speakers near the coatcheck) if you dont know where this is, from the main entrance of the asylum, take a left and its right there. Right at the beggining of the main room. If you enter from the jungle room entrance(at the corner of main st) then youll have to walk to your left when you get in go all the way down past the big room and past the bar to the right, and it will be on your left with a couple of big speaker cabinets. peace.

Speekah Phreekah
22-01-2002, 23:50
I'm with TopRocka on this one.....
I guess I have no real desire to see the insanely gross Ron Jeremy either.
I'll be at the Asylum for "So Fresh and So Clean" in feb though. Hopefully then, Feelgood will do a much better job than he did this past weekend at "IHAD4"...
You guyz have fun at this though.

23-01-2002, 00:03
last year @ Whipped, not even 50% of the crowd was wearing fetish gear. Dave, I sold that pleather G string to Shawn, cuz he told me he wanted to wear it for you on your honeymoon.
on another note:

strange that he is gonna be at avalon and asylum the same night. unless he doesn't stay at avalon til 2. Because Boston to Springfield is a good 2 hr drive. hmmm... oh well. I am not going to either, so who cares. lol.

23-01-2002, 00:23
The time listings for the main room have a gap between 3:30 and 3:45, maybe that's when Ron Jeremy is supposed to be there? That'd give him enough time to get there from Boston.
I'm not sure if I'm going. I'd like to see Scott Henry since he didn't show at the last place I went to see him, but he's around alot and there's no one else I'm really interested in seeing/hearing. It'll probably depend on how bored I get whether I go.

23-01-2002, 06:04
11 at coat check... i'll try but i don't have a watch, if you don't see me it's cause i'm prolly starting a PIT ;) all the hard core DJ's gonna gimme CD's and shit to start pit's this night not to mention i know who warchild is bringing to the party ;) your gonna like what me and warchild have for you :o

23-01-2002, 06:33
no shit, they're actually gonna hook you up with cds?? aww man, i should really be going to this with you. don't get yourself too hurt in those pits of yours. you want to be in tip top shape for not only the 11pm meetup, but also the 1am also. man, if i only knew about the cds before tonight...

23-01-2002, 10:05
Aw dammit, Kristin ya beat me to it! Hmmm maybe he'll bring us both. I mean c'mon now... free cd's and a PIT? Oh I'm there.
Wait, nevermind, thats what punk shows are for. Hawwwdcore! ;)
Well thats enough sarcasm for one night.
Peace ~Katie

23-01-2002, 10:21
Pit? Heheheh. Can I be in it? I love violence. People here can vouch for that. :D
Anyways this is from BR:
i noticed that avalon is hosting ron jeremy the same night he's supposed to be hosting your event. (i'd hate to think that they're out to screw you, but this doesn't look good!) anyway, they're supposed to be celebrating the film
release about jeremy's life.
so this film is produced, directed, and edited by some dude named scott gill. any relation?
Yea, This wouldn't be the 1st time something like this has happened.. They have screwed me with few potential bookings I had lined up in the past
as well... Somehow, they hear through the "grape vine" that I am potentially doing something cool, and then they simply step into the picture and
out bid me.... People have even gone as far as telling me that they have a "rave spy" that tells the club what my moves are before I make them...... lol. The funny thing is, I am starting to believe it..
As far as this Saturday goes... I had Ron Jeremy booked 1st, and once Avalon caught wind of that, they made a very hefty offer for him to do
a double booking on the same night.. When push comes to shove, I had the decision to make a stink about the whole issue; but after long
consideration, I really didn't have any problems with him taking the double booking anyway... I honestly feel as though my event is going to have a very strong turnout regardless of what Landsdown does.. And besides, both Avalon
and I are doing 2 different things with him. They are doing the film preview, and I am having him out to host our party (basically announce dj's and be a freakshow).... The only thing that slightly bothers me (in this particular
instance with Landsdown) is that this double booking is kind of taking away from the "exclusivity" of True bringing out such a big star such as Ron Jeremy into the New England scene.... But whatever, I have never really
done shows for the "fame" of "props" anyway.. so why start to worry about it now..
Ron Jeremy is still coming to our show, and it will still be funny as hell, and a great time!! So why should I care... Like Warchild said; he won't be here until around 1 or 2am.. But even before Avalon double booked
him, he wasn't scheduled to arrive to our event till around then to begin with. So it's really no big deal...
And as far as my relation to the director goes, naw.. we are not related..... It's just Ironic that we share the same last names, as
well as the same line of work in directing porno's.. heh, joke...
His last name is Gill and mine is spelled with only one "L"

23-01-2002, 18:51
Not to be a jerk but isn't 30 bux a lot of money for this lineup? Anyone else agree?

23-01-2002, 19:30
^ I agree, but im not goin for the lineup, im going cuz i know im gonna have a good time. too many cool people are going and i wanna see everyone :)