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Doctor Love
27-05-2001, 03:57
Subject says it all, what are some things you like to do while in the world of opiate bliss?
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27-05-2001, 04:35
Depends on how you react to opiates... some like to just kind of melt into a chair and enjoy life, others (such as myself) will unload the rig and be as full of energy as a Peurto Rican looting durring a riot .. YMMV .. you're either they type who just melts away and is content just being a blob of bliss, or you will want to do something...
As I have said MANY times - IMO, opiates are the most dynamic of any drug... there are few purposes they don't serve..
My favorite pastime? I get on my computer and go ape shit.. be it coding, tweaking stuff out, or spending hours on IRC ..
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27-05-2001, 04:49
I like to withdrawal!

Good Corruption
27-05-2001, 06:47

27-05-2001, 07:16
Looks like tonight my husband found it quite thrilling to clean my house!

27-05-2001, 10:57
relax, enjoy life, and watch friends play 007!

27-05-2001, 12:37
well a good bit into the dargon chase i get somewhat energetiz wanting to do stuff and just have fun, then after chasing some more i tend to get caught in that "soft just wanna sit and chill stadium"

Bry Bry
27-05-2001, 20:20
OPIATES pretty much make EVERYHTHING TOLERABLE,if not ENJOYABLE..thats the best thing about these drugs,ya really dont have to do anything to have a good time..i usually just sit around and chill and be CONTENT and RELAXED..if something comes up where i need to get "FISSIKAL",thats cool too...OPIATES make me LAID BACK,but ENERGIZED at the same time..

28-05-2001, 02:40
How long does this usually last? I was thinking about it.. and all I've ever heard was that it's "the best feeling in the world"...
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28-05-2001, 03:02
I still say that MDMA is the most powerfull and pleasurable drug experience one could have, but for daily use and an all-purpose drug, opiates are it... feeling sad? they make you feel better... feeling tired? they will wake upi up and motivate you... feeling bored? they will make you content with just being alive...
I am convinced that opiates truely are one of, no, THE greatest of all chemicals... NOTHING is as diverse.. I am writing a proposal for a study I would like to head - I wrote a very rough draft, submitted it under the name of a doctor, and a psychitrist actually liked it... so I am spending a LOT of time in the library and hopefully something will come of this...
Am I an addict? No, I don't think I am any more of an addict then someone who takes Prozac every day...
Opiates have been proven to be SAFE, and when they are not ABUSED they can GREATLY benifit the user...
I would LOVE to hear success stories... I have a great chance to possibly get some people to listen who have the power to start some shit... PLEASE, mail those stories to me, you could help... no, I don't expect my report to result in the prescribing of narcotics for depression, but IT'S A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!
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28-05-2001, 03:03
I've always found speed to be incredibly nice when mixed with opiates

28-05-2001, 05:01
Jacuzzi. And just relax in a lazy boy.
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28-05-2001, 18:19
"denial is a sign of addiction". heh, heh. =)
good point about prozac, especially considering we have no idea what long-term, chronic prozac use might do.
so, a fun thing to do on opiates (although it's pretty e-tarded, in a way)... find an object that can cause minor pain if played with in the correct way (like a key), and play with it. =) opiates are quite good at making minor, just-above-threshold pain somewhat pleasurable.

28-05-2001, 18:24
Opiates are good news.

Bry Bry
28-05-2001, 21:36
dont understand ROCHE
i very much think OPIATES are much better for DEPRESSIOn than ANTI-DEPRESSANTS..i honestly do..
OPIATES are great...too bad they are expensive though..

29-05-2001, 04:14
PhreeX, you are right on.
And for all users of opiates - how is sex? and which opiate is best for sex?
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29-05-2001, 08:37
i like to scratch my whole body.
i don't get itchy on opiates, but i scratch myself fanywys cuz it feels so good.
and hot tubbin' with jets on and stuff sounds like bliss, i needta try that now.
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29-05-2001, 09:51
i like to go rent a good movie i've never seen and chill with friends.

29-05-2001, 17:19
Phreex Im curious as to which opiate is ur fav right now. As a matter of fact what is everyones favorite opiate?, Mikey

Bry Bry
29-05-2001, 19:19
my fav OPIATE is by far OXYCONTIN...havent taken anything that compares to it...
SEX???OXY makes ya feel more like fucking,but it takes FOREVER to NUT on it..thats the way most OPIATES are...

30-05-2001, 00:15
I prefer fentanyl (hospital grade) or IV hydromorphone above all else.

30-05-2001, 00:31
I like rx fentanyl too, but it sends your tolerance through the roof, dillies are good too, but my fav, is 5 lortab10 and a sniff of 40mg of oc right as the lortabs kick in.

Bry Bry
30-05-2001, 19:05
well,never trid FENTENYL,but would love to,BUT then again the AVAILABILITY of it seems NIL....no one i know has even heard of it damn near,much less have a hook up for it..
without this getting blocked or closed,whats the cost of FENTENYL??

30-05-2001, 19:44
My *personal* favorite? Simple, without a doubt it would be Oxymorphone - only done it twice, but I would be willing to sustain some SERIOUS injuries for it...
Second would be Hydromorphone - nice and fun, a K4 up the arm makes for a good few hours...
Enters Fentanyl - the Duragesic patches makes for a day of joy and bliss...
I could name 20 other narcotics that are just INCREDIBLE, but there is only one narcotic that I use as a medication - Oxycodone .. even compared to heroin, I find that Oxycodone gives a VERY theraputic sensation ... taken up the nose..
If I am munching pills, this might sound strange, but ORALLY I enjoy HYDROCODONE more then OXYCODONE ..
Either way, if it's as strong as hydrocdone or better, I like it, I want it, I don't bitch about price, I take it, I enjoy it, I live it!
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30-05-2001, 21:17
mmmmm opiates...
My personal fave... Vicodin 7.5 two of these babies and a bowl of green.. hmmmm
i usually just chill... i like to get nake, turn up the AC, and watch some tv under a light sheet.
those of you that get energized... i'm jealous. i just get SUPER lazy
"never underestimate the power of denial"

30-05-2001, 21:39
maybe you wouldn't be so lazy if you quit smoking the weed with the vicodin, weed will just make you a worthless hungry lump of shit. take the vicodins alone and you will get energized.

30-05-2001, 23:52
OUCH!!! I may get lazy but i wouldnt say i'm a big lump of shit...! (vicodin makes you constipated)
Besides, i've tried the vic alone, i still zone out...
In any case... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif peace man!
"never underestimate the power of denial"

30-05-2001, 23:54
OUCH!!! I may get lazy but i wouldnt say i'm a big lump of shit...! (vicodin makes you constipated)
Besides, i've tried the vic alone, i still zone out...
In any case... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif peace man!
"never underestimate the power of denial"

31-05-2001, 01:58
i've never felt lazy on hydrocodone, with oxycodone i sometimes do at high doses but NEVER with hydrocodone. it wakes me up and makes me more productive and concentrate better.

31-05-2001, 06:53
I love to do different things, opiates are what you make of them, the perfect drug as far as drugs go.
If I'm chilling enjoying the hazy euphoria, I'll listen to music just letting myself melt into the music.
I also like to take them at parties or outings they mellow me out, I become very open and tend to talk a bit more than if I wasn't on them, just really relax me.
Accually I'm planning on taking 50mg of hydrocodne at a wedding this weekend(not drinking), should make out for a fun night who needs alcohol at a wedding, not me http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
What weddings need are Narcotic bars with drugs for all tastes, ahhhhh but that's only a dream.

31-05-2001, 07:21
What weddings need are Narcotic bars with drugs for all tastes, ahhhhh but that's only a dream.
enigma, if you ever have a wedding and do that. fucking invite me. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif hahaha.
I like hydrocodone orally, need to get ahold of some more oxy, I'm not sure if i really prefer one over the other.
I really would like to find one of those duragesic patches of fentanyl. Anyone got a picture or link of some pics of them? Or any more information?
I assume its just kinda like a nicotine patch, but what a cool concept!

DJ Wannabe
31-05-2001, 07:25
Although my experience with opiates is
limited, I agree with PhreeX in that I
prefer "lesser" opiates to oxycodone.
I've snorted 20mg on a couple of occasions.
First I itch, then get nauseous(sp? I've
been up for 3 days now) puked once, then
fall asleep where ever I land. But
hydromorphone & codiene make me quite
content. I don't like to move, but I like
to remain occupied. Makes for a good
poker night.
~I live to learn and learn to live.
~"I'd rather have 30 minutes of wonderful, than a lifetime of mediocre." - Steel Magnolias

31-05-2001, 10:46
I've got these 60 mg DHC's, but you guys informed me that they were pretty weak, and yeah they are starting to feel pretty week even at 420-480 mg. I keep hearing, I'm missing out pretty bad. I could go to Mexico or scheme it up somehow, but I'm just not real schooled on opiates. Basically I just need some experienced opie heads to give me the rundown...what should I look for first...etc...etc. I like these DHC's, but they're starting to feel a little weak. Anyways, if anybodys got an extra [email protected] Thanks...peace.
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31-05-2001, 10:50
I don't know what the fuck happened...I tried deleting, but my post wouldn't delete. I started over but fuck it too complicated right now...I 'll ask later

Bry Bry
01-06-2001, 18:55
DJ WANNABBEE-bro,if you get NAUSEOUS and SICK off of 20 mg of OXY,why not LOWER the dose to 10 MG???i weigh around 230 LBS,and crush up a 10 mg tab,put it into a drink and drink up,and FEEL GREAT...maybe you are taking too much???

phunky rich
01-06-2001, 22:17
Phreex, Im with you. I thought i was the only one in the world l;ike this, but orally,I prefer hydrocodone to oxy...go figure

02-06-2001, 02:55
what to do on opiates? ANYTHING! I guess my favorite thing is laying in bed at the end of the night...nodding off and slipping in and out of opiate dreams.
Favorite opiate? Easily oxycodone.