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27-02-2007, 21:48
SWIM recently dropped a 10th gram or so into some bleach and found the expected oily-yellow surface residue as well as trails that dissapear as they drop to the bottom of the glass. However, a significant portion of powder did not dissolve but rather remained as solid yellow powder sitting on the bottom of the glass of bleach. There was no red powder or trails indicating amphetamine presence.

Any idea what kind of yellowy powder remains undissolved in bleach? Is this likely an inactive cut that will be removed in the acetone wash?

21-06-2007, 16:10
SWIM has done quite a few bleach tests on various batches over the course of a couple years or so - and never come across any yellow powder present at the bottom of the glass. But - White powder residue (inactive cuts, etc.) has precipitated and collected at the bottom of the glass if the stuff is really cut to hell.

Sorry I can't be more informative, but thats just not something I've heard of before. SWIM has done Le Junk's acetone wash a few times and it's basically gotten rid of most impurities, particularly leftover manufacturing chemicals. Cleans it up real well.

If you decide to go with the acetone wash -

Make sure to buy REAL anhydrous Acetone from a chemical supply company. Just make sure it's ACS Reagent grade, 99.5% pure. 1 Liter bottles aren't really very expensive considering how long 1 liter lasts. Glassware is necessary (just two cheap 50ml & 150 ml Pyrex beakers), and some medium-fine particle filter papers (No. 5B). Try Hi Valley Chemical (http://www.hvchemical.com/), they've got it all. Acetone requires extra Hazardous Material shipping fee though, which costs like half the order.

K well that was a big tangent, but wanted to clarify that procedure a bit because it takes alot of time/patience, although worth it in my opinion.

Let me know if you find out what the yellow powder indicates. Good luck.

16-04-2009, 00:41
i think yellow indicates amphetamine or meth.

16-04-2009, 00:46
FYI: We don't use SWIM here.

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Can you evaps the bleach and snort the 1/10th back ??

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29-09-2010, 22:26
Please, what does it mean when u got a yellow/orange/brownish residue sitting on the surface

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Don't listen to them. Swim and other third person narratives/verbs/words that imply a hidden meaning CAN cover you from a legal standpoint. The law does not "assume" anything. This is however taken with a grain of salt, and varies by Country, State and finally local laws. It is not a silver bullet, meaning it will not completely protect you if there is mountains of evidence. Any attorneys or moderators care to embark on that quarrel and vocalize exactly why this theory that the use of these third person narratives/verbs will not provide legal protection in the broadest sense??

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what does swim mean...i been lurking for alot but no one ever says what it means

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stands for Someone Who Is Moronic usually used in place of their name at the beginning of a sentence and then they forget and refer to themselves as "I" after that.

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it actually stand for, Someone Who Isnt Me.. But Someone who is moronic is more the case

31-10-2011, 10:46
Anyone know anymore info they can post in this? I've searched for info, haven't found much. Can anyone explain the chemistry behind it or anything?

05-04-2012, 04:31
how do you do the bleach test? or where can i find more info on bleach testing?

easy e
25-10-2012, 13:00
Testing cocaine with bleach is mentioned in the cocaine handbook. This is a very inaccurate test. A better option here is to use EZ Test for Cocaine Purity.