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04-10-2006, 01:02
PEOPLE!! It is baffeling how it remains that many here have never heard of CWE!!

Or is it that people are lazy?

Here is the simplest CWE I can think of. It is easy and it takes less than 1 minute:

All you need is: 2 glasses (or anything that can hold water); Tissue paper; Spoon (or your finger, anything to stir with); Water.

STEP 1. Put pills in the first container. Pour enough COLD water to completely submerge pills (from the sink, no need to cool it in fridge). No need for excessive water. Stir untill all pills are completely dissolved.

STEP 2. Take 2 pieces of tissue on top of each other, hold them on top of the second container like a filter; gently pour contents of container 1 through filter into container 2.

THAT'S IT! drink the water, discard the stuff caught in the filter.

It is THAT easy. Of course, this is the bearbones of it, just to show how easy it is so that you have no excuse not to do it! For a more refined process, do a search. But this as-is WORKS. Not only will your liver thank me for reminding you of this and saving its life, but also you will when you find your drugs are hitting you faster and harder!

Mods, I beg you to make this a sticky...

04-10-2006, 03:10
considering how many threads are STILL being made on how to CWE, i'd definately concur on the sticky suggestion

04-10-2006, 03:17
I used coffee filters, crush the pills beforehand, make sure to squeeze strongly after the majority of the liquid has gone through. Also adding some strong cordial to the water makes it much more tolerable to get down.

Good thread :)

04-10-2006, 04:18
i use t-shirts when doing a squeeze on them. Coffee filters always rip on me.
and take too long to filter. I wana get high NOW.

Get a buchner funnel if you really want to be filtering shit well and fast.

paranoid android
04-10-2006, 05:13
I always use the coffee filter method. Im too paranoid to use something like tissue paper.

If you live in canada you can get the aspirin with codeine pills OTC. They only take about 5 minutes to filter through coffee filters. It varies with different brands though.

Unfortunatly the liquid extraction from the aspirin with codeine pills tastes much worse then the extraction from acetaminophen. It's fucking awful.

04-10-2006, 05:48
considering how many threads are STILL being made on how to CWE, i'd definately concur on the sticky suggestion

I agree. It's one of the primary harm-reduction mechanisms that applies to many who browse this particular forum. Sticky it (or another thread, doesn't really matter, just sticky any decent applicable CWE thread)!

Edit: "Please" (best to use manners ;) )

04-10-2006, 06:04
What drugs can this applied to? Certainly not all..

This is just for pills containing codeine?

04-10-2006, 06:11
The idea here was to show the simplest possible CWE so that people have absolutely no excuse not to do it. People seem to think, from the way it sounds, that CWE is some sort of involved chemical operation when, in fact, it is simpler than a cocktail!

I personally use a piece of cloth as my filter, but tissue paper works when I dont have cloth in handy. A key thing to do is that when done filtering, squeeze the gaak in the filter, usually whatever water drips from here has the most goods in it.

Another thing I always do: I actually do not drink the resulting filtrate. Instead, I make sure I use a minimal ammount of water, so that I can suck up the filtrate in a needle-less syringe and take it rectally.

Antithesis: This is mainly for opiates that come with APAP or Aspirin, so Codeine, Oxycodone, Dihydrocodeine, and Hydrocodone are the most popular candidates. As mantioned above, here in canada there is OTC codeine in small dosages, so I do a CWE on it every time I use it.

04-10-2006, 07:17
I like the simplicity, but personally I'm going to keep putting the solution in the freezer until just before it freezes; that way the APAP precipitates out completely and is easier to see. The more physical and tangible gunk I get, the more confident I am that I got the majority of the APAP out. I understand that people want to get high right away, but you might as well taken the time to do it right instead of doing a half ass job and putting your liver in any danger. For filters I like to use an old button-up shirt from Banana Republic I have; there are thousands of tiny threads packed tightly together, which works perfectly to filter out the APAP.

04-10-2006, 07:37
I may as well post my CWE question here....

From what I've read on this site and elsewhere, I should be using approximately 2ml water per pill. However, I keep ending up with sludge that never seperates and won't filter properly. Even with the liquid I get, I'm obviously doing something wrong because I'm feeling virtually no effects.

I usually end up with (significantly) less than half of the water I originally used. The rest just seems to be sucked into the sludge.

The pills are nurofen plus (200mg ibuprofen, 12.8 mg codeine).

This post (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?postid=3283349#post3283349) outlines what I've been doing, although I've been letting the pills dissolve without crushing them first.

Any suggestions? Is more water needed to extract codeine from ibuprofen, compared to APAP/aspirin? Or am I doing something completely wrong?

04-10-2006, 11:29
ok, i take it if your using nurofen plus for your codeine you are from australia like me (i dont think they sell it overseas? but i may be wrong)...

anyway i consider myself fairly experienced in CWE's

dont use nurofen plus, 1. its more expensive than other available codeine products, 2. it is SO HARD to filter.... clogs everything up! just like your saying

buy products with APAP (paracetamol) instead, they filter better, and u can get cheaper brands

if your worried about filtering thru a shirt or cloth, try this:

try filtering through the shirt first, then squeeze the hell out of it to get all liquid through, then run it through a coffee filter, this will greatly speed up the process because i find that all the pills tend to clog the filter very easily.

also a method iv been using, simply put water in a glass, (out of the fridge, so cold water) then i throw 2 ice cubes in there 2 keep it real cold, then let the pills dissolve, through then thru a towel / cloth then run it thru a coffee filter to be sure, then drink!!!

oh and iv found that cordial works wonders to help get it down.....

pour about the same amount cordial as the opiated water, then add a splash of water, goes down so much easier than anything else

04-10-2006, 12:27
Yep, I'm from Australia. I've only tried this with nurofen, but I'll look into some other (non-ibuprofen) options. Thanks for the tip.

It must still be possible to do a successful CWE with nurofen though, because there's so many threads around on it. It seems to be more a problem of the liquid not separating from the sludge, which I've assumed to be related to quantity of water/length of time in the fridge/temperature, all of which I've manipulated with no real improvement.

Is this separation supposed to happen at all? I'm only assuming it is based on what I've read around here - it seems other people get a separation of liquid and sludgy sediment after cooling it. Maybe this doesn't happen with nurofen to the same extent as with other pills?

I've been filtering kind of like how you suggested, but using coffee filters for both. One to get most of the gunk out, and one to properly filter it.

04-10-2006, 12:38
I don't think that codeine CWE is the sort of thing that you should 'bodge' togethor. If your doing a large quantity of co-codamol (for example) it would be quite easy to do serious harm to your body.
When i CWE i do 100+ 8/500 co-codamol, thats at least 50 GRAMS of apap! Like fuck would i allow a significant portion of that to go down my throat!

04-10-2006, 13:20
also man tell me, what colour is the filtered water that comes out the bottom when u use nurofen? is it white? i found mine was... always made me very wary...

but with paracetamol products, its almost clear

CWE is very important... if u eat too much APAP death is a very high possibility so everyone, be very careful

but yeah, go to the pharmacy and get a paracetamol / codeine product and try that instead, i find the best brand is a brand called "chemists own" (its a cheaper brand, called "chemists own pain tablets"), they disolve very quickly in very cold water, roughly about 5 minutes to completely dissolve, and they filter alot easier, they dont clog the filters near as much

have fun, stay safe, and enjoy!!!

04-10-2006, 13:39
Initially it's very white. it gets clearer with repeated filtering, but never completely clear. It's made me pretty wary too, which is why I've been doing it with relatively small amounts - also probably the reason I'm not feeling much of an effect, but I don't want to do myself any damage.

Cheers for the advice :D

05-10-2006, 10:22
yeah mate go get ur hands on some paracetamol/codeine tablets and have a blast :D

let me know how it goes ;)

05-10-2006, 21:15
Seeing as how there are many CWE threads made daily im gonna go with your advice of stickying this topic, this definitely needs to be advanced a little further though, putting it in the fridge actually helps a little.

07-10-2006, 01:33
can i plug the end product ? how much more potent will it be ? lets say 250mg with grapefruit feels good. How much should i plug to feel about the same ? is the cafeine and remaining acetaminophen going to get absorbed at a dangerous level ?

07-10-2006, 02:05
^ I just mentioned above that I personally plug it, and it works very well without GFJ (I have a problem in that I only get an increase in the side effects with GFJ, but thats just me). As for dosage, I'd say treat plugged dosages as you would treat a snorted vs oral dose just in case, and then increase from there in small increments if you need be.

07-10-2006, 22:06
In an attempt to clean up the top of the forum I have to unsticky this. ANyone can just find a CWE on a search engine.

07-10-2006, 22:12
May I suggest:

You know how on PD they have "essential reading"? Maybe we can do this here as well with threads like the bioavailability, CWE and Coke-cleaning...etc... in one large sticky instead of scattered ones...

I'd be willing to help with it.

But of course, in the end it is up to you :).

07-10-2006, 22:17
Alright, I can do that. You really have to revise the original post though because that is not a full CWE. Here is a reference. You can revise the list on that site to make it a little easier to do for the average person and then ill resticky it. http://adhpage.tripod.com/coldwater.htm

08-10-2006, 00:48
I like the simplicity, but personally I'm going to keep putting the solution in the freezer until just before it freezes; that way the APAP precipitates out completely and is easier to see. The more physical and tangible gunk I get, the more confident I am that I got the majority of the APAP out. I understand that people want to get high right away, but you might as well taken the time to do it right instead of doing a half ass job and putting your liver in any danger. For filters I like to use an old button-up shirt from Banana Republic I have; there are thousands of tiny threads packed tightly together, which works perfectly to filter out the APAP.

right on. i find it to be the purest when the top of the water starts to frost. not a big fan of getting half the pill's dose of of pure caffeine into my final product 8(

08-10-2006, 01:29
Just as a side note; the filtrate will never be completely clear. Some binders and trace amounts of APAP will still be dissolved in the liquid. After all, APAP is not insoluble but "Very slightly sol in cold water" (Merck).

09-10-2006, 08:01
Thank you! If a mod says putting it in the fridge helps, then it must be true lol.

Seeing as how there are many CWE threads made daily im gonna go with your advice of stickying this topic, this definitely needs to be advanced a little further though, putting it in the fridge actually helps a little.

10-10-2006, 00:32
Can I use the CWE with Propoxyphene, which is in Darvocet?

10-10-2006, 09:36
Ok, the paracetamol tablets work WAY better than the nurofen. I got a much clearer seperation of gunk/liquid, and the final result was a lot clearer than the nurofen ever got.

I'm still bemused as to what I was doing wrong with the nurofen though. Can anyone shed some light over why it doesn't seem to seperate properly or filter into a clear solution (or what I was doing wrong)?

10-10-2006, 12:17
from my experience, the ibuprofen in nurofen is just really bad to work with... clumps up like hell and never filters properly, since i started using apap products it became a hell of a lot easier without doing anything different, so thats the only thing i can come up with

however, i never tried any other ibuprofen products so its possible that it could be a binder or something just used in Nurofen Plus tablets, but i dont know

moral of the story: use paracetamol :)

06-12-2006, 23:58
I have heard that certain types of darvocet do not work for CWE. I have the darvocets made by vintage. The imprint code is 5113 and there is a cursive V below the numbers. On the other side it is blank and has no score. The tablet is oblong and white.... my father doesnt believe it is made in the US, and I have heard that the foreign produced darvocet works wonderfully with CWE while other darvocets dont work at all with CWE.

13-12-2006, 08:28
why did i ever read about cwe :\ lycra-blend boxershorts work well for filtering. Doesn't absorb much liquid.

love the consistancy once you squash the filtered stuff

14-12-2006, 04:37
does this extraction work for hydrocodones?

27-01-2007, 17:25
Yes, it will work for hydros. My question is what is the exact solubility of hydrocodone (mg/mL, g/L, or whatever) and would it work to boil off the water after CWE and be left with pure hydrocodone powder or would the heat effect the chemical? Thanks.

27-01-2007, 21:46
Nurofen Plus - I used this for two reasons. The first, it has the highest concentration of codeine per pill than any other OTC codeine product on the New Zealand market. Secondly, ibuprofen is - I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I've read up on this - considerably less toxic than APAP.

That means that, yes, although ibuprofen can't be completely filtered out, so you'll never had a clear solution like you should always aim for with APAP, it's not too serious a deal. Just get it as clear as you can.

I would filter first through a clean while cotton tshirt, then through three coffee filters layered together. I assure you, this works just fine. However, I also left the dissolved solution in the fridge for at /least/ two hours, but sometimes as long as overnight. This lets all the gunk settle to the bottom and separates everything else into a clear fluid floating on top, and probably makes a difference.

I'd always smoke a bowl with it as well, helped bring it on. I moved on to bigger things, so I don't use anymore, though it's also worth noting that my most horrific constipation episode (two hours - I checked the clock - in the bathroom in bite-down-on-my-sleeve agony most of the time, honestly thinking at a few points I really might rupture something or have a heart attack and die, and being left with a bleeding ass) was due to codeine. If you're going to use it regularly - and I was really only doing it most weekends - make sure that you're taking fibre supplements with it and have laxatives on hand for when you notice you haven't been in a little while... I've had an episode nearly as bad on smack, but nothing has ever beaten that that.

28-01-2007, 00:37
Gotta agree with that constipation point, codeine also gave me the worst time, almost word for word as above, when your arse is half open and your muscles have got stuck in push mode you know your in trouble and it's finger time 8o I ended up shoving three supositories and the whole street knew when they worked, Deffo take a laxative with a dose.

28-01-2007, 06:14
Yeah, my experience was back when I was new to it all and a bit of manual assistance never occurred to me - but there was no 'going back' once things started coming like you can sometimes get away with. I was stuck in there come hell or high water until it was over, and oh god, the pain... I had an episode nearly as bad recently with smack but was able to cut it down to half an hour in there since by then I'd learned that it's better to just say fuck self-respect and wash your hands really, really well afterwards than suffer through it naturally.

And they try to tell you drugs aren't glamorous.

28-01-2007, 19:47
Codeine doesn't even constipate me anymore. Now Oxy's I'm starting to get used to as well.

That's without laxatives but tons of water and some exercise/stretching daily.

30-01-2007, 05:44
Constipation sounds like heaven after the bloody liquid turds I've been having for the last few months due of excessive alcohol and GBL abuse.

30-01-2007, 06:08
i guess im more of a perfectionist when it comes to doing cwe, unless im in some hella bad withdrawls then its more of a race against time lol

anyways i like to crush up the tabs before hand on a mirror or somthing then scraping it all into a folded peice of paper with a card or somthing big then using a razor to get all the fine powder thats on the mirror, then cover it with water like the initial post, and stir and all that the same, only switch up tissue paper with coffee filters

and the container u put ur tabs and water in i usualy put in a bowl with water and ice to keep it nice and cold

and somthing else i make sure to do (not sure if its already been mentiond here i skipped to the end to reply after reading about 4 posts) is prewet the coffee filter with some ice water so it dosent absorb any of ur precious opiates, u litearly gotta soak it tho, dosent reallymatter if u get extra water in with ur extract if ur drinking it but if ur gonna evap it ur gonna wanna be alot more perfectionist mode mainly on how much water ur using

i also run a bit more water with a straw or over a knife or somthin in the first glass and pass the contents of the filter just to make sure ive got everything and if u have the paitence to wait for the coffee filter to naturaly do its thing with gravity casualy adding a bit of crushed up ice every now and then to keep it cool ur liquid should be totaly clear, look just like water, buuut it still taste like u took a crash landing at mach 10 into a poppy field and took a bunch of pods to ur mouth and started chewing lol

anyways just thought id contribute a few notes from what ive learned over the years being addicted to opiates

peace and may all your livers live long :D DOWN WITH TYLENOL DOWN WITH TYLENOL!!

30-01-2007, 06:48
hey guys just finished reading the entire thread

yeah constipation used to be a really big problem for me but now that ive been addicted to opiates for a few years its nothing anymore, just gotten used to it and i go every day or second day too with healthy eating and alot of bike rides and walking ect ect a whole lot of crushing pills up too, gotta work out them arm muscles lol jk

anyways ive only done cwe with tylenol 3's tylenol 1's (the otc codeine/tylenol tbs in canada, 325 apap, 15mg caffeine, 8mg codeine) if memory serves me right... and ive done it with percocet too thats 325apap/5mgoxycodone

but basicly u can do it to any apap/opiate combo tab, pref just those 2 and if u got somthin with only opiates in it already then dont worry bout cwe :D

anyways good luck with all ur extractions guys :)

08-06-2007, 05:54
sorry to dig this Dinosaur up, but is there any way to get the colored impurities out with out Act. Charcoal? I want to make 180 or so mgs of percodan Snortable, but I get the Aspirin out but there is still a couple of grams of red shit that comes out with my final evap! (the pills are red, so its probably some fuckin filler material)

08-06-2007, 06:31
according to wikipedia, percodan also contains food colouring ingredients so perhaps that's just the dye binding to trace amounts of ASA or just leeching into the final solution on it's own... I'm not sure there's much that can be done about that with a simple CWE since food colouring typically dissolves well in water of virtually any temperature, so if getting a bit of red dye in your nose is safe then it should be ok

29-03-2008, 03:14
Is there any way to turn the liquid hydrocodone into a powder form? How would this be done?

29-03-2008, 05:10
Yes, it will work for hydros. My question is what is the exact solubility of hydrocodone (mg/mL, g/L, or whatever) and would it work to boil off the water after CWE and be left with pure hydrocodone powder or would the heat effect the chemical? Thanks.

That is a great question Fire! The Brits and Canadians are off there arses on codeine, need more details on solubility of hydrocodone. and by the way, warm water extraction seems to work better in terms of solubility and efficiency, at least with the Vics.

29-03-2008, 05:17
SWIM turned the liquid hydrocodone into powder by putting a plate over boiling water and placing the liquid on the plate until it solidified. Then scrapped it for powder. Great stuff

29-03-2008, 05:57
SWIM turned the liquid hydrocodone into powder by putting a plate over boiling water and placing the liquid on the plate until it solidified. Then scrapped it for powder. Great stuff

Has SWIM really done this is SWIM repeating what SWIM has heard from other SWIMs

dude we know who you are we are watching you we want to eat your vics.

No seriously, does that method really work?

29-03-2008, 14:39
no really it works haha

29-03-2008, 21:54
can you do a CWE with oxycodone? or is it just codine products? (I take oxy with no apap

29-03-2008, 22:05
^ Yeah. You can. codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone. It works for all of them.

But if you take oxy without APAP why would it matter?

29-03-2008, 22:26
great thread. here is my method

time needed: 5 minutes
material: 2 glasses, 1 rubber band, 1 hair brush, 1 coffee filter (basket style), and 1 cigarette
yield: Possibly High

Preperation: Before you do anything, put your pills in the first glass, and add cold watter, to give them some time to soak.

* Now, take the filter and put it over the 2nd glass, and keep it in place with the rubber

* now, look for your pills, swish them around a little. they are either disolved or not. if they are not, add a bit more watter and see if that does the trick. if not, use the back end of the hairbrush to crush them up as fine as possible. That will be easy, since they are just a blob of binders now.

* Swirl around, dump the whole thing in the filter. Go and enjoy your smoke.
Now. There are two possibilities. It filters FAST (like the ASA + C kind), and by the time you come back in it's already just sludge in the filter. Or, as i noticed with everything that has APAP in it, it will take for freaking ever. If it filters SLOW, you just have to wait.

* take of the rubber band. Now here comes the "tricky" part... Twist the filter on top, so it looks like a bundle. make sure the top is 100% twisted and sealed shut. now, GENTLY squeeze the filter to get any remaining moisture out. Open the top just a tad, so you can add a tiny bit of watter on the filter cake. twist it shut again, and squeeze once again. This way, you get ALL the remaining stuff from the filter cake. You can repeat that once or twice.

* Why is this tricky? The filter tends to rip without any announcements, and then it kinda squirts out and you have a big loss. In that case, i have a method to "save" whatever got lost.
If whatever spilled happen to spill on a solid clean surface, don't worry. we can get all of that. just make sure it doesn't drip on the floor. Now take a bit of toilet paper, and soak up all the shit that went beside the glass. Wring out the toilet paper, and voila. take the wet lump, pur a bit of watter over it to get all the remains, and squeeze it out one more time. That invention led to my 2nd technique %) ....

CWE Revised: Now even faster, the 2nd method. TOP SECRET http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/customavatars/avatar90944_2.gif

* Add the pills to your beaker, add watter and make sure they disolve. Let the whole mixture stand untill all the sludge settles to the ground.

* Here comes the tricky part: Take a huge blob of toilet paper, and submerge it in the solution. it should soak up all of the watter, and leave the cake in the bottom. you can repeat that step if you have to, untill there is just the sludge in the bottom. add more watter, do it one more time to get it all.

* squeeze out the wet toilet paper over a filter. This way it filters WAY faster. of course, make sure to add water to the squeezed out toilet paper, and squeeze once more to get all the remains.

This still needs some work, but the day i find out a reliable, fast and efficient method, i will let you guys know.

Here is something i wrote in a journal somewhere. It is a step-by-step from Codeine+Aspirin+Coffeine pills untill the last step, the plugging of the solution. Just thought i share :)

Rectal administration of Codeine from ASA + C + Codeine 375/15/8mgs

Things you need and how much they are:
* Codeine tablets (ASA+C+Codeine) - $ 7,50
* Rectal Enema bottle (Fleet) - $ 5,00
* Coffee filter (one) - $ 1,00
* Piece of rubber string - go find it
* 1 glass or beaker - from your house

* Take a healthy crap to begin with
* Unscrew the enema bottle, empty out, rinse and wash with warm water. keep the nozzle on the tip, it has some lube on it.
* Put 35 or so tablets in the enema bottle.
* add water for about 2/3th of the enema bottle. USE COLD WATER
* put the filter over the glass, creating an inverted dome, keeping it in place with the rubber.
* Swirl the tablets around in the enema bottle
* Do this (swirl, wait a minute, swirl, wait) until the pills are dissolved. You notice when you don't hear them sloshing around anymore.
* Pour it into the filter
* add a *tiny* bit of water to catch all the leftovers from the bottle, pour it on top of it
* wait 5 - 10 minutes. When you can just see the moist ASA Crystals, loosen up the sides of the rubber string, take the filter, put all the sides together to form a bundle and twist it at the very top so no solution can come out unfiltered
* Keep on twisting in gently, until all moisture is pressed out. Be carefull not to let any solution escape through the top. twist and squeeze gently, otherwise it will rip. If it rips regardless, use 2 instead of 1 filter.
* Pour the liquid in the clean enema bottle.

Now the fun part:
* Pull down your pants, close the door, make sure you are alone and don't get interrupted.
* Also wash your hands before and after the procedure.
* Bend over, stick your butt up, just like you're doing it doggy style (or get done doggie-style...).
* Stick the nozzle carefully in your anus, about 4/5th of the way down. Press a little on the bottle, and it should come out easily. At this point you might notice and odd cold sensation inside you, that is perfectly normal and just fine.
* If it doesn't come out that easy, don't press the bottle too hard. Pull back a cm or so, wiggle a bit left and right and try again. that should work for sure. If not, increase pressure. It will come out eventually.
* Squeeze all the bottle gently into there. Once you notice air coming out, you know it's empty. It kinda feels like an inverse fart when it does. Don't worry about it too much, it will be just fine.
* Pull out, clinch for a sec, pull up your pants and relax. nothing will just squirt out. Don't try to fart for the next 5 minutes or so. It will be absorbed within minutes, and the Codeine is highly constipating, to counteract the enema. It really works, and doesn't give you liquid shits from hell or something.

* clean or dispose your rectal enema bottle. Warm water works fine, and some alcohol swabs afterwards are even better. Make sure you put on lube when you use more than one time
* Dispose of all the filter-gunk. You can flush them down the toilet without a problem.
* Clean out the glass
* Store the pills in a proper place, away from children or animals

Now you see i have a good routine here. It takes me no more than 10 minutes from the first to the last step, and it is possible to do it living together with someone without them even noticing your trip to the bathroom. None of the supplies i listed can't be kept in the bathroom. It is a highly addictive method that brings some benefits. For those with a weak stomach, this gets rid of the taste and most irritation that occurs. effects set in between 5 - 15 minutes.

Take care!

If you're not plugging it, it doesn't really matter how much watter you end up with, as long as it's not a whole gallon. A glass or even two is fine. Use more water, wash your filter residue, and you will get good yields.

29-03-2008, 22:42
Codeine doesn't even constipate me anymore..

No shit =D

Same here. I am taking roughly about 400 - 600mgs of codeine a day, and all i notice is that it takes longer for the bowel movement to occur. but it will come. and when it's there, it comes out in one big *swoooosh* and i wish i had toilet paper with a local anasthetic like lidocaine handy or something, but yeah, it comes out allright ;) Just takes longer. After a while codeine lost it's power.
Stronger opies still plug me up allright.