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15-10-2000, 09:31
This has probably been asked before, but I was wondering what the major differences between Crystal meth and speed is?
Also cost difference if any? Is it cheaper/more etc?
Better time on Meth or speed?

15-10-2000, 09:47
okies, my experience on meth is limited, i have been sold it before under the guise of speed (there's a thread i started on it somewhere), whether i'ma lucky sod or not is hard to tell.
There's a wealth of info in the US threads on this, you could use the search maybe...
But anyhoo, its more expensive, longer lasting, it looks different, tastes different, it gave me very intense come-ons, something i don't have with speed, and *usually* you have to ask for it by name. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Hope that helped...

15-10-2000, 16:12
well IMO meth is better than speed. If i got sold meth by mistake instead of speed i'd be pretty rapped. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
If my memory serves me correctly, its also known as 'ice' as before it has been cut up and ready to snort, it looks like chunks of ice or crystal. Hence the name.
In my experience with the stuff, it does the same thing speed does, duh, but to a much larger extend but it also gives u a massive high for the initial period after taking it.
The catch is though, after the initial rush you might think that was it and go,'Hey!!!! Let's do some more."
When in fact ur buzzing off your dial. So be careful.
Meth can be fun but dont over do it. I STRONGLY advise that you read up on it before u touch it.
Here's a good link: http://www.erowid.org/index.shtml
whoops my bad, meth isn't known as ice. eh.
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15-10-2000, 22:30
Thanks for the information, is there much price difference between normal speed and meth/ice?
The Erowoid vault was informative, basically similar to speed, with a few more added in http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

15-10-2000, 23:29
Just watch out for the meth comedown.... it's harsh, very harsh.

16-10-2000, 04:49
Like what Finn???

16-10-2000, 04:50
Like what Finn???

16-10-2000, 06:44
Like i said, be careful how you use it. I've never had a bad comedown of meth.
Buuuut i pretty have only a little bit in conjunction with a good pill.
If u get the timing right, the pill will mask any sign of a bad comedown from the meth and blends in pretty well. eg, A white mitzi turbo and 3/4 of a line of meth and i was set. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif mmmmmmmmmmmm... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
The reason i say be careful with meth is, dont take too much of it, but when i say that i mean in the long term.
Because a friend of mine was telling me about his brother's mate who took meth on a regular basis and was taking rather copious amounts of the stuff and ended up in a psych ward suffering from a good case of psychosis.
Not trying to scare anyone, just lettin' ya know.
Oh yeah, and to answer your question, yep its more expensive than speed cos' of its purity. Its stronger, if u've done wiz and u then try meth, you'll know what i'm talking about. wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
I'm not sure what a g goes for now, but a point can be from $35 - $50.
But like any drug u get, it depends on where u get it from and who u know. My philosophy on this is, only get stuff from a reliable source or someone u know.
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16-10-2000, 06:54
As Orion said if you use it in conjuntion with a nice,clean mdma pill you'll be fine.
The trouble with meth is that the high is so awesome that you just want to stay up there for as long as you can and you take more and more and more.
When you do come down, you come crashing down. Of course it all depends on how much you do. Do it in moderation and you'll be fine. Do it to excess and you'll pay the price, physically and mentally.

16-10-2000, 14:24
meth is in fact cheaper than pure speed, but is sold by most DDs as more expensive bcos of pple's perception that it shld be more expensive than speed.
ice is NOT the same thing as meth.
ice, meth and speed are in the same family of crystals, but they r at different stages of "process"/purification/treatment.

16-10-2000, 19:08
- the meth high is not a really euphoric high, it is an alert, energized high
- people continue using it because it prevents the comedown and prolongs the high, at the expense of eating, sleeping, and general sanity
- the comedown is very harsh for people. Cramped muscles, anxiety, paranoia, popping, or 'tweaking' facial gestures, withdrawn sociability, depression
- it makes people go on 'speed runs', where they will go multiple days without sleeping and eating. it really takes a visible toll on a person's soul, but to them, the confidence of the meth high masks this. people that have been tweaking for days are usually only fun for other tweakers. they are also prone to acts of violence and agression.
- speed is typically amphetamine, crystal is methamphetamine. Meth is common in the US, amphetamine is rare. It does not give as much 'bang for the buck', so black market economics preclude amphetamine's prescence. Of course in Oz the situation is reversed.
- i personally prefer amphetamine to methamphetamine. I think meth takes the excesses of cocaine and blows them out of proportion, while amphetamine holds a moderate middle ground.

Big D Man
17-10-2000, 05:49
I much prefer crystal meth to speed.
The high from crystal is much much clearer and focused then what I experience with speed. I find crystal hits me alot like coacaine...but for much much longer.
I don't take crystal by itself, ordinarily after I've been E'ing for a while and my energy levels are getting low, I like to top up with a line of crystal to get my motor running and my mind sharp like a laser beam.
In my own mind I feel that I am probably better off hitting a wee bit of crystal later in the evening than going down the path of constantly popping another pill down my throat.
I am fond of saying that I use crystal as a tool and E as a toy. The E is for the good vibe and the crystal is to see me through the night.
One big word of warning, most recreational drugs have a pretty well defined duration. As such, taking three biscuits wont keep you going three times longer than one pill (you will get hit alot harder obviously!) With crystal, if you take too big a dose on Friday night, you can still be racing on Sunday...this is bad.
So be very careful about dosage, I recommend starting very slowly with a tiny bump, and redosing as required. I actually often cut my own crystal with whatever inert powder I have on hand if I am taking some out with me. This makes accidental over-indulgence less likely.
Prices I've come across in Melbourne are usually $50 a point or $280 a gram...it pays to buy in bulk and save!
I've found the comedown on crystal to be pretty OK, not as cruisy as a good bikkie come down, no where near as bad as an acid comedown. If you hit the crystal 2 or 3 nights in a row...it will however, gang up and f#@k with you in a big way. So don't http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
NB: I have noticed a recent increase in crystal availability/usage in Melbourne. That can't be bad.
Toeing the line vs. the "E-Conspiracy"

17-10-2000, 08:23
u should not be paying $50 for a point!

17-10-2000, 14:40
Ghost : could you clarify the differences between crystal meth n "ice". What exactly is ice??
Alot of my friends take it and they usually "chase" it what is it and what does it do?? They're explanations are kinda weird and I don't really understand.
Thanks http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

18-10-2000, 06:00
i have a feeling that ice is just a different way of turning the free base oil into a salt/powder/crystal etc.
I think ice is methamphetamine-hydroxide and hence looks like ice - its chunky, like sodium hydroxide.
Whereas crystal is methamphetamine hydrochloride - which looks like salt, small particles, just like sodium CHLORIDE.
From what i understand ice can be smoked, the hydroxide would be more easier to melt, volatise etc.
I may be wrong.

18-10-2000, 11:06
i agree with finn.. afta meth i am soo scattered and "blerrr" its hard to put 2words togetha..
i find it simular to speed in that both make me not shutup and make my heart faarkin race n i get all anxious however i prefer speed (pure) jus cos it dusnt make my head as messy http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif thats jus me http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

18-10-2000, 13:08
this is what a meth-head friend explained to me. ice is processed into meth which is processed into speed.
ice is the unpurified form of meth, and comes in solid lumps.
ice and meth have similar effects, and r in the same chemical family together with speed.
chasing it - put a few lumps on a piece of foil and heat it up with a lighter from below. use a rolled up note or paper to inhale the fumes. do not hold in your breath, inhale and exhale straight away.

18-10-2000, 16:17
Ghost : thanks alot http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif Really easy to understand your explanation. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif So basically, Ice is unpurified (is that the right word??) meth http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Biscuit : thanks alot to you as well man, I've just been offered some meth and I've never seen/had it before so what you said was really helpful http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

18-10-2000, 16:34
ok im back to clarify my previous post bcos i realised i didnt phrase it the right way, although u did get the right idea.
i found this on erowid:

What is often misunderstood is the relationship between speed and
crystal meth. The common reference to speed in the rave scene is the
methamphetamine salt (HCl powder), whereas "crystal" usually refers to
the free-base form of methamphetamine. Another form "Ice," a
higher-grade, purer form of crystal meth is smoked, a single hit creates
a high that lasts for hours and several hits can wire a user for days.
the only thing i disagree in this is that i think speed more commonly refers to amphetamine here in aus. probably different "rave scene" from where erowid gets its info from.
so in terms of strength, i guess the family tree goes like this -
1. ice (strongest)
2. meth
3. amphetamine (speed)
another thing, good pure speed is often more expensive than meth bcos of the quality. u can get pure speed which is better than meth and will cost more. market price-wise, meth should not be costing more than speed.
the method of producing meth easier than speed, and pple do make it in their bathrooms.
ive edited this 3times!
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18-10-2000, 16:35
I may be wrong in saying this but isn't the difference in effect between methamphetamine
and amphetamine due to the fact that one effects the central nervous system and one effects the peripheral(sorry bout speling) nervous system. anyone want to clear me up on this? by the way meth seems to grow on trees where i live>pity i cant find mdma http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif

18-10-2000, 23:24
You might be thinking of the difference in effects between d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine, which seem to have a more profound effect upon the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, respectively.
BigTrancer http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
I don't want to sound paranoid, but just consider how much of what you're writing could help send you to Jail.

18-10-2000, 23:34
i was in the gold coast and i got to try some unstepped meth- fresh from a 10 day bake. let me say that rocket fuel is an understatement and thank christ i had ghb to put me to sleep. i had the tiniest touch of a knife edge and was off it for 15 hours.
the meth or base they usually have is in almost a jelly form, and is best kept in the fridge.
apparently, if someone wants speed (frowned upon by these guys), they mix one point meth with six poiints of glucose to "powder it out" and it is now in a consistency suitable to snort, although nice and rocky. This is what they call "uncut speed". Of course, then it is stepped on by everyone that handles it since.
So, if you are on the gold coast, a point of meth is about 6 times as strong as a point of speed. And that is the best you will do, assuming you get the uncut speed base.
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20-10-2000, 02:44
So what would be the closest thing to
Dex-amphetamine? I had a steady supply and now would love more. Any suggestions?
The say its the music. It gets down into you, rushes over you, and beats apon your brain.

20-10-2000, 15:30
Here's my take..
I've found that in Canada, almost all pills in my city were cut with methamphetamine. Why? because its cheap in certain parts of canada, in plentiful supply, and it greatly extends your roll for many hours (I've gone over 10 hours on one pill - only because of the meth content.
Now living in the UK, I have found that no pills contain methamphetamine, and as such, don't bring on the same feelings, even when I've tried to substitute regular amphetamine, its not the same.
Meth is making its way back in here, and people are liking it (ALOT). It does have an effect on seratonin, and it certainly does enhance the loved up, happy and chatty feelings of E, where speed doesn't.
Plus, I don't really "Rush" without meth.
I'd take meth over speed any day, but I wouldn't do it straight, I would mix it with MDMA of course, and if you do the same, you'll have a very happy weekend