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22-11-2004, 21:45
I used the search engine and most speedball discussion is "No a speedball can be snorted" or "my sudafed + vicodan is a speedball" and that wasteful type of discussion.

Speedball = heroin + cocaine IV'd from the same rig.

You can argue what you find in the dictionary or what your dad told you, but the dictionary and your dad dont' always have the best definitions on slang and drug lingo.

Now, for my questions

What ratios of heroin to cocaine do you use? How do the effects differ if the ratio is changed?

And, what ratio of cocaine, and of heroin, do you use for a speedball, relative to how much you normally use to IV just that drug (ex. "for my speedball I use 1/2 the heroin I use for my standard H shot and 1/3 the cocaine I normally use for a coke shot")

22-11-2004, 23:18
I had the impression that a speedball was not necessarily cocaine and heroin in the same syringe. But, if you want to define it like that for the purposes of this post, be my guest. Anyway, the only speedball I have experienced was not the simultaneous administration of c and h. I snorted the coke, then threw on a heroin blanket to ease coke's comedown. As for dosages, I took my normal amount of each drugs. This topic has been covered...and seems pointless IMO....

23-11-2004, 06:24
Well, I offically tonight i tried one.

24-11-2004, 23:03
speedballing can be a myriad of mixtures, Glass (crystal methamphetamine) and pharmacuetical morphine is my fave speedball..the glass insuffalated, and the morphine taken orally.... then theres the IV'ing, ive never iv'd but im sure u can iv coke/meth, and H or morphine for a more intense speedball... for harm reduction purposes, any form of speedballing is very dangerous, BE CAREFUL!

24-11-2004, 23:20
I suppose morphine can be counted, because heroin turns into morphine in the brain. And coke could be substituted with meth, since their similiar.

Basically, I don't want people describing how their speedball involves ritalin or oxys. And I'm not talking about mixing heroin and coke, or doing coke then some heroin to cover it up. I mean coke (or speeds) and heroin (or strong opiate) IV'd from the same rig.

Christian Soldier
27-11-2004, 07:33
dude once i had a speedball with 5 coffee's (strong) and 200mg of codiene, omg i've never buzzed so hard.

27-11-2004, 21:05
I usually use half of my normal H dose and the full cocaine dose. In the first phase the cocaine is so predominant that i would call injecting c and h within a timeframe of 30 minutes too a speedball.

28-11-2004, 05:10
Originally posted by Christian Soldier
dude once i had a speedball with 5 coffee's (strong) and 200mg of codiene, omg i've never buzzed so hard.

A speedball is heroin and cocaine, not fucking coffee and codeine. A speedball is not a generic term for any stimulant + any depressant.

28-11-2004, 05:32
Originally posted by Christian Soldier
dude once i had a speedball with 5 coffee's (strong) and 200mg of codiene, omg i've never buzzed so hard.

dude, that 's so lame.

28-11-2004, 05:39
^ some peoples sarcasm detectors don't seem to be working too well :P

28-11-2004, 07:21
I would watch out for the dose your taking. I OD'ed last weekend speedballing all day with coke and heroing, then finally put klonopin in the mix, which i suppose put me into a fatal situation. Just be VERY careful when combining uppers/downers as one can diminsh in effect fatser than the other, leading to problems...

28-11-2004, 15:01
I have always felt that it was stupid to argue about a slang term where life didn't hang in the balance...someone calling coffee and codeine a speedball would not risk life and limb for doing so...so let them have their fun as you offer a rueful nod and chuckle...

Now for my 2 shekels...A speedball has traditionally meant: Cocaine and heroin injected from one syringe, at the same time. I have of course heard other definitions over the years. My favorite is the one I heard in prison many years ago. People would buy potato chips [crisps] and bags of peanut M&Ms. They would crush the candies by repeatedly slamming the bags on the concrete floor. When the candies had the consistency of talc they would add the pulverised chips and thoroughly mix the two...voila...Speedball, prison style.

Now for the serious question: You take 1 dose of heroin for every dose of cocaine...very simple. What's a dose you say? Well that depends on the individual consumer. I cannot tell you what's good for you. You prepare the doses in the following manner: Prepare the heroin first. If you cook your heroin wait about 30 seconds before adding the coke. Add the coke. Drop your filter in and draw up...Ping the air and boot...

I have to tell you that the combination is a dangerous one and really shouldn't be taken ...

29-11-2004, 18:29
If, like in my fantasy, I acquired a sealed ampoule of say, Demoral, or Morphine..Would it be better to inject first, then rail some coke, or vice versa? I probably wouldn't inject coke..

01-12-2004, 20:44
Why wouldn't you inject coke?

And rachamim, nice reply, but what ratio is what I meant. I know dosage is different for everyone. Unless your not experienced in this field...

trip407, that sounds great. 1/2 H dose and 1 coke dose for 1 speedball. Thanks, thats what I was looking for.

To others, does that sound right before I try a speedball? Or do you use different ratios?

01-12-2004, 21:50
every tried having two buddies pin coke into one arm (full dose) and H into the other arm (full dose)

now that, my friends, is a motherfucking neardeathexperience speedball :D

01-12-2004, 23:48
I wouldn't inject cocaine until I was well versed with IVing drugs (practicing with ampoules of strong opiates first of course:) )

02-12-2004, 01:24
The ratio is 1:1. Very simply, one dose per one dose. Again, the dose is subjective, depending on tolerance, metabolisim, purity of both substances,etc. As far as experience, too much I'd venture.

02-12-2004, 01:49
I lied. Now that I think of it, I'd probably definitely inject cocaine. And probably will some day. Yay me :/

02-12-2004, 02:00
Originally posted by rachamim18
The ratio is 1:1. Very simply, one dose per one dose. Again, the dose is subjective, depending on tolerance, metabolisim, purity of both substances,etc. As far as experience, too much I'd venture.

what he's asking is if he is supposed to take a FULL dose of each, or if that's getting too dangerous. Say for example he normally injects 500 mg of coke and 100mg of the heroin he gets, is he supposed to load the 500 mg of coke and 100 mg of H in the syringe, or should it be like 250mg of coke and 50 of H, or whatever ratio.

I'm not sure if you just keep misunderstanding what he's asking, or if you're response is that he should take his entire normal dose of each drug in the same rig.

That said I have no clue as to the answer :)

02-12-2004, 02:05
Do you mean?: If he normally injects 100 mgs. of heroin by itself without a problem, and 50 mgs. of cocaine without a problem, is it alright for him to inject those same doses - together, at the same time? Yes, it sure is...Speedballs by themselves are a crap shoot and it's never actually safe to do them, but still people persist...I was one that persisted for over 20 years. If you insist on doing it, it is not going to have a synergistic effect and kill you [if that WAS the question].

02-12-2004, 02:13
damn, rachamim, i thought I was old, but you must be 100. 20 years speedballin', 15 years on methadone and god knows how many years you were a kid.


speedballs are the russian roulette of drug use. you may never die, or you might die your first time out. just know that you are taking that risk every single time you give it a go.

02-12-2004, 02:25
Although it was only half sarcastic I'll take the bait: I am 37. I was born in 67. I first did heroin in 80 or 81, first injected it in 83. I started on cocaine the year before I started on heroin. I started on methadone in 94 but like most on, it continued to use sporadically. It's almost 2005...and there you have the" timeline of a dope fiend."

The last sentence in NaturalOne's post is right on.

02-12-2004, 07:10
you guys are having so much fun i wanted to chime in! i like what headsup said about having two friends do the injection for you. my first speedball was chinese new years, 1991. right after the dead shows in oakland, i spent the whole day having a friend shoot me up with speedballs.( i remember being surprised that there was so much heroin in the dead scene, not just pot and acid.) there really is something to be said for having other people do the injecting.
i think the speedballs are so fun because you know how risky it is. i put it up there with skydiving in terms of excitement. as far as dosing goes, i always used my normal amount of each that i would use for either individually. but like i said before, it seems that in my junkie group, usually you would do one speed ball and then a shot of just coke every 20 minutes or so. the h lasts.

04-12-2004, 01:26
Thanks, toolazy2think also has my question perfectly understood. So just 1:1 eh....

Why is it considered such a russian roulette? If you can take normal dosages then it shouldnt be in the speedball thats dangerous, but maybe what youd do on the speedball (like redosing).

If it IS a russian roulette, that means the two are synergestic in danger factors....?

04-12-2004, 10:07
Boy do I love the argument on which lingo is correct. Over here, I reconise along with everyone I know, a speedball as a stimlant done with a downer. Heroin and cocaine most well known.

Hell, even smoking a cig while having a beer is a speedball to our definition. Not something we usually reference though.

What makes my definition more correct than any other one? It's a slang term similar to how "meth" or "ice" is in areas. No particular group is correct.

04-12-2004, 19:43
Neuron hit it on the head. For example, if you regularly take 70 mgs. of Valium and have no negative experiences, it's safe. If you regularly drink half a pint of 80 proof rum than that rum is considered safe. Take the 2 together and you enter an unknown area. It's like the Chem 101 trick. You take 2 substances that sare incredibly corrosive by themselves but when combined with each other they very simply produce water. It can go either way. With this paticular combo [cocaine and heroin] you have the benefit of those that have gone before you. It will not always kill but it IS a crap shoot. If they were here, you could ask John Belushi, Chris Farley, and River Phoenix [among others].

05-12-2004, 00:59
I realize it is very dangerous, and speedballs are much more dangerous then either alone at relative dose ranges. But, I stated the question towards rachachim18, who, said

If you insist on doing it, it is not going to have a synergistic effect and kill you

According to this statement, people who've died on speedballs died from an overdose of one chemical that they wouldve died if they IVd the same amount of coke or H by itself. So, Belushi/Farley/Person died because he had X mg. too much of H (or coke) in his rig that his body could handle. Meaning, the other chemical was completely irrelevant to their death.

Or, coke and H both at the same time DO have synergistic dangerous effects... This would make rachachim18 wrong or I misunderstood/misinterpretated his statement.

OR, these people died because of what they did under the influence of a speedball, such as redosing thinking they needed more when their body was very near their limit, but they did not feel so because this pushing the envelope feeling was masked.

But my questions on the dangers of speedballs refers to speedballs themselves, and not what you do while on them.

05-12-2004, 01:50
My quoted answer was simply addressing whether or not the dosages would in them self present a risk. The answer is no. A person does not overdose from taking 2 doses that would have otherwise been fine [by themselves]. The main problem with "speed balls" is the change in heart rythym. This is due to both classes of drugs being consumed together, not because of the amount of drugs consumed.

You are wrong about my statement concerning Belushi, etc. They all died taking [according to published reports] doses that they had taken before without a hitch. It was the consumption of the 2 together that caused their demise.

05-12-2004, 08:44
I see. Well thats obvious rachachim. Of course using 100% or less of your normal dose of a drug will not kill you. It was assumed that you didnt use any higher than 100% of either drug (C or H) for a speedball.

06-12-2004, 03:08
My speedball experiences are just with coke and H, and I usually use a 1:1 ratio, or slightly less coke. The affects of the coke seemd to be prolonged by the H, and I iv of course.

06-12-2004, 04:06
thanks, good reply Dicetylmorphine. And to everyone else who replied.

What occurs when more H is used / less coke used, or more coke is used / less H is used?

06-12-2004, 18:33
Originally posted by naturalone

speedballs are the russian roulette of drug use. you may never die, or you might die your first time out. just know that you are taking that risk every single time you give it a go.

Very well said, and true. I agree with the original poster, that a true speedball is coke and smack loaded into the same rig. This is my prefered way of doing a speedball for obvious reasons. However, for those that do not IV drugs, snorting a semi-large dose of heroin (depend on user's tolerance), and directly insuflating a large rail of cocaine (~300mg) can be a quite pleasurable 'speedball'. Its not exactly the best way, or correct way...but it definitely does the trick. This is important, because some people refuse to use needles, or are truely scared of injections...and they deserve to feel the graces of a speedball if they so desire. Speedball...the ultimate high, with an ultimate price to pay.

And for the user saying that he won't IV cocaine, but would IV opiates...thats weird. Cocaine is almost MEANT to be IV'ed. You'll know what i mean once you try it. IV cocaine is so clean and blissful...an amazing high. 8o

06-12-2004, 20:28
So I never figured out why do they call it a "speedball"?

07-12-2004, 03:58
Cocaine is definately meant to be IVed. You can't get fucked up on snorting coke; at most your body feels overloaded which is a fucked up feeling. But thats alot different than fucked up. Intoxication might be a good word to use. Its like sipping bear or taking shots of everclear. Sipping coffee to rolling face. You'll never get fucked up from sipping beer or coffee.

Heroin seems to be a IV drug completely as well. You could use 20 times the amount you IV, smoke it, and not feel near as high, nor last as long. Both coke and H use extremely relatively small doses to IV, feel much stronger, linger on longer, and the way to really experience the drug.

"Speedball...the ultimate high, with an ultimate price to pay."

If that's the case, snorting the substances can't be a speedball. Certainly, IV method would be much more "ultimate" of a high, though a higher price could be paid. If you don't take the risk you don't get the high, and it shouldn't be considered a speedball.

Maybe you'd call it a slowball.

Isn't this same setup (IV Coke and H) also called a snowball? Didn't they call it a snowball in Eyes Wide Shut?