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22-06-2004, 02:53
I was recently the victim of a mind game that involved people whispering and looking at me making faces and gestures than looking away when I looked, clearing the room when I walked in, talking shit about me indirectly by changing my name so that when I would say something about it they'd tell me I was paranoid and even splicing in someone saying "you fucking smokers" into a song. The reason was unclear maybe cause they hate the smoking method maybe cause i was up for awhile and they thought i wouldnt know what was goin on. All I know is I witnessed a whole gathering of like 15 people turn against me a bunch I thought were friends. The way they went about it was very organized scripted almost and i've heard one other girl talk about these "mind games". More like a hateful mental assault that was unprovoked and left me so shaken that I dunno if ill ever trust or open up to anyone ever again....

22-06-2004, 04:25
Hey man, just calm down. I have gotten to the point while on various drugs that I thought people were conspiring against me, or putting words in place of my name so that I wouldn't know they were talking about me; are you sure that it wasn't just you thinking that they were talking about you? The mind is a powerful tool, and can really confuse the user when drugs are involved. Play it safe man, keep a solid base.

22-06-2004, 04:28
Just the fact that you say it seemed scripted and planned is a dead give away that your mind was going loopy.

I mean... from personal experience... tweakers usually have better things to do than talk shit about each other secretly in front of other users in a scripted hollywood style plot to upset someone... come on now...

tweakers have much better things to do, such as... tweak more.

22-06-2004, 05:25
Get some new friends. Drug abuse often requires support and that sort of pathetic behaviour can be very damaging. Fuck 'em.

22-06-2004, 05:27
To those who say it was a psychosis - it could be, but it might not be and if it isn't then it's despicable behaviour. I've witnessed this sort of thing before and had to be the one to help the victim when he truly began to lose the plot.

22-06-2004, 06:44
It's all in your head, or at least most of it is.

22-06-2004, 07:02
I've had similar thoughts before where I thought all my 'friends' had some sort of a massive plot against me. I was really fucked up over it for a while. It would seem like they would aviod having conversations with me, and when they would speak to me it would be very un easy sounding. It got to a point where it was really fucking with me and I couldn't tell what was really going on and what was just in my mind. It seemed like it was way too strange for it to all just be paranoia. This was around the time that I first started using amphetamines, and while I didn't know for sure whether that was the cause, I figured it was much more realistic that I was feeling this way from using a new drug. I decided that it was almost impossible that all these people I considered my friends were really lying to me on such a massive scale, because at the time, it just seemed like I was completely surrounded by deciet. I had a lot of trouble determining what I should actually be worried about and what things I was just making a big deal out of. I eventually just decided to attribute it the drug use.

Oddly enough though, as it turned out my paranoia wasn't completely unfounded. Several of my 'friends' were all trying to hide that my 'best friend' was with my ex girlfriend. It wasn't as bad as I originally thought, though. There was only about 4 of them who had been flat out lying to me about the whole thing, but the way I saw it at the time, I felt like basically everyone I knew was involved.

aunty establishment
22-06-2004, 07:15
Welcome to methamphetamine psychosis 101. Now would be a good time to go and get some sleep before you flip out permanently :)

22-06-2004, 13:45
Dude happens to me EVERY sunday :)

What I do is look at everything from an outside perspective and think logically "these people are your friends and you are way too cool for them to be saying shit etc etc" :)

Another way to test is go somewhere where there is absolutly NO WAY you could hear someone (like outside or something) - if you still hear your friends talking about you its a fair indication most of it is in your head.

However there is probably a little bit of truth in what you were hearing - just deal with it and try to determine what is real and what isnt - its hard but if you can wrap your mind around it and if you have a sick, twisted sense of humor it can be enjoying.. if you have a really sick really twisted sense of humor you can also have fun with people (not friends - theres lines you dont cross) who are in the same boat as you :)

Most of it was probably in your head

22-06-2004, 15:23
Are you the only one out of them that was smoking- as you say they hate the smoking technique. It may be mostly in your head but if it does happen again just confront the bastards.

22-06-2004, 15:38
could it be that they were playing a mean joke on you?

How long were you awake for?

23-06-2004, 00:58
The thing is I was only up for 2 days. That MAY be enough to make the average person tired but trust me im not the average person. PLUS i didnt even start the wheel spinning until the second day. The earlier post sounds like your typical case of psychosis i know the drill. But what i endured that night was pretty damn shocking. Shocking enough and done well enough to make me wonder many people out there are doing the same thing to others and enjoying it. Basically i've got these people that despise me for smoking tweak i dont even know why. One of the kids tells my friend i've been up for days smoking tweak without even taking the care to find out himself. I've got this friend who recently did have a really bad case of paranoia. It was with the same group of people but his case was a little different than the one I supposedly had. He started with hiding from non existent helicopters and swore to everyone everyone on the road was following him. Got home flushed all the drugs he had (wich are quite a few) down the toilet. 3 days later hes telling me how his cars been bugged and that star over there is really a helicopter hovering. People blame me for "making him" smoke it. I guesse he also got fucked with hardcore too cause he vowed never to see those people again.

Basically they thought I was a little more out of it than i really was and decided to fuck with me. I didn't think people were talking about me or suspect it i heard it blatantly and obviously. I sat and listened as they talked about me and the various things I do that piss them off. They did it a way that i could have been stone sober and it would have not mattered. If I were like fuck this man why you guys being such assholes, they'd be like what are you talking about nobodys talking about you. "Oh than who are you talking about" nobodys talking about anybody your hallucinating" oh than you guys aren't really here who am i talking to then and so on and so forth. I knew there was no winning this so i thought it best to just remain silent so they would have nothing to feed off or be entertained by. The insults got more and more uglier in attempt to rile me into doing something. I almost caved when they started making stabs at my sexuality and getting guys to walk by and bend over to se if i'd look. It was the worst experience of my life seeing a group of people I called friends behave like this to me. I told my friend who had the real bout of paranoia about it and he said he'd talk to them. Supposedly they told him nothing even happened and I accused them of talking shit about me. Since they are backed by the whole group that was in on it my friend thinks I really was just paranoid. The more I try to convince him that these are bad people the more he thinks im just delusional. It is the most frustrating situation i've ever been in and quite genius on the bastard mind game players behalf. If there are some out there reading this that have indulged in mind games I just want to tell them that they are low life scum and hypocritical bitches. I guess i lost a bunch of friends I never needed anyways so it works out on my behalf.

23-06-2004, 03:05
wow bro... you need to lay off the meth...

either that, or go smoke it with some other people and kill them when they turn against you as well.

one option will ruin your life, and one will make it a whole lot smoother. But everyone knows which one you will choose, because they're all against you too.

aunty establishment
23-06-2004, 03:16
Seriously, the probability of you manufacturing this scenario in your mind is a lot higher than of your friends spending time and effort to piss you off in such a coordinated way. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, it's just convenient that the manifestation of their "mind games" resembles *exactly* a common paranoid delusion - i.e. "they're all talking about me".

Also, I've seen psychosis come on very rapidly, less than 12 hours in some cases. I really think you need to take some time away from the pipe to think about what you're saying about your friends - they're probably really worried about you and hurt right now!

23-06-2004, 03:27
You probably need to talk to your friends and ask them if the impression you got was the correct one. It probably isn't if these mates have been mates for ages and you know them well. Just get straight for a while because it doesn't sound like you are enjoying yourself that much anyway.;)

KaNdii kiSses
23-06-2004, 06:36
I have also experienced this sort of thing in the past. I actually feel that it was all in my head. I would like to think that my best friends would never talk about me like that. I have never confronted them about this.. i think that it would be too awkward. I just went on with what i was doing. I still was having fun and if they wanted to talk about how i was... so be it. As long as you are having a great time it doesnt seem to matter much. And i really dont think that you have much to worry about once i stopped doing that shit those weird moments when i thought people were talking about me stopped. Who would figured that!! LoL. Well be safe and just enjoy yourself!

23-06-2004, 17:45
"Dude, it's a cop."
"Shut the fuck up!"

And that ends a nice evening. Listen kids, it may seem 'cool' to cover up your own paranoia by provoking someone else's, but it can cost lives.

23-06-2004, 23:03
Jesus christ guys I know for a fact it wasn't me suspecting or thinking they were talking about me. My friend talked to them and confirmed it was indeed a sick joke. I already knew in the first place but like alot of people here people just want to point the finger and say "paranoid!". I like to feel as though I can have faith and trust in my friends and the nasty tweaker underworld is the last place to look for that. I think im gonna be putting the pipe down forever and avoid the vicious twisted super egos of those that used to be good people. i've watched too many good people go to a shit filled shell of their former selves. The point of this post was to see if anyone here has ever played a part or been a victim in these games, not to be handled like some paranoid kid. I know how real paranoia feels and its definitely not fun.

24-06-2004, 02:20
Sorry man. Why would that group of people do that to you? Were they friends of your friend or friends of yours directly? My friends have never and would never do that to me either. I have also been pretty paranoid too- just the other day I thought a ladder leaning against my house was an intruder and I bashed it good. Just avoid fuckwits like that.

24-06-2004, 03:51
So the whole group insulted you directly in the face? How can you call these people friends, for how long did you know them? I would have made ugly things with them. :)

24-06-2004, 04:28
Sorry to assume it was in your head buddy; I guess its just so far out of the spectrum of anyone I would consider hanging out with that I wouldn't assume it was them. I make it a habit to NEVER hang out with anyone of vicious mind. If I get the feeling that someone would even be capable of doing the things you described, I avoid them.

So it made more sense to me that someone who had been up for 48 hours might interpret mostly random events to be centered around him. Sorry for the speculation, find yourself a new group of people to hang out with; and though its not up to me to judge what drugs you do, I would recommend putting down the pipe. There are other, more natural ways of feeling right.

Good luck ForTheRush, hope it turns out for the best for you!

24-06-2004, 05:08
I feel you bro, I know what it's like to be fucked with. Some of my friends were jokenly fuckin around with me one time and it about made me go crazy. I don't think they understood I couldn't tell what was a joke and what was real. I ended up staying up until 6 in the morning watching QVC when my friends passed out at like 11:30 cause I couldn't fall asleep cause I kept trying to figure out what the hell happened that night. Haha, looking back at it makes me laugh though. I was so pissed/confused/pissed/high that night. That was a couple years ago though, and I still have the same friends now, really good friends that I still chill and get high with all the time.
It wasn't really like what your situation sounds like though, sounds like you just need to get new friends. Don't worry about it too much though, friends come and go, and if they did really pull that shit and meant for it to be mean, then ya, they weren't real friends. Fuck them. And yea, take a break for a while from the meth. You'll be glad you did man

24-06-2004, 05:38
Well only a few were friends and friends that I had just met and have only known for about 4 months. Im relatively new to the meth seen so all the people i've met through it were the people that I was chillin with. Everyone in that seen is very against smoking meth so I get shit all the time about smoking it. This kid I was kinda cool with thought i had been smokin meth cause my mouth was pretty dry and chapped. They also assume with smoking meth comes instant crazy paranoia so he goes and tells my other friend from the group who supplies the shit. The dude who supplies it and his friends who i don't know are all 27-32. Im only 18 and I get the impression some of em thought I was some stupid kid who didn't know what he was doin. It started off with the suppliers friends looking at me and telling him to cut me off.
Then I start getting weird glances and looks from everyone there and some dude comes up and asks me what im on. He talks to me like im in some other world asking me what i took telling me not to worry and i calmly tell him im fine. Thats when everything pulls a 180 and people start being really hateful towards me. Even a few supposed friends start talking shit to my face. I remember looking them in the eye while they were doing it and seeing no trace of warm friendliness or playful joking. It scared the living shit outa me and I wanted nothing more than just to leave but my friend had driven me there. Finally I get my friend to drive me home and the whole way home I prod him for answers on why the fuck that just happend. He played it off like it was no big deal even blatantly denied some of it. From what I know they think I reached a certain point in my meth usage and where trying to teach me a lesson/ scare me straight. I think they could have done it in a nicer more direct less confrontational way instead of trying to mindfuck me into insanity. Anyone know of this going on elsewhere or played a part in such a thing please pm post a reply or something.

24-06-2004, 05:45
Maybe your friends didnt mean for it to go so far, or be so cruel. Maybe they really are worried about your drug usage and are trying to get you to stop.

aunty establishment
24-06-2004, 06:57
I've never heard of anyone doing what you described - but I have been accused of doing things like this to people who were psychotic at the time.

The scary thing about "real" psychosis is that you can't tell what's real and what isn't. Sorry to have insisted it sounds like paranoia, but from rereading your posts you'll see where we get that impression. Your posts are all we have to go on but it sounds like you're OK, just avoid those friends in the future.

24-06-2004, 11:03
Sounds too familiar to me too....in my case it was half true as well, like it lets you see the truth you'd normally dismiss as bullshit. Let's just say that 2 people involved have been found out and too scared to come near me for over a year!!!

24-06-2004, 11:18
I think i answered you when you pmed me. Anyway, yes this is a common occurence, unexpected and sucky as it is. First of all, it may not be all delusional...what you experienced was just an exaggeration of actual events...and this has happened to me in the past as well (a loooong time ago...) Lesson? Know who your real friends are. If you're partying with a huge group, open your mind to the possibility that it will be fucked with...or that you will get more paranoid than usual. These experiences also help you to know and appreciate who your real friends are, in the long run. I personally do not get myself in a vulnerable state when i am in a party where there is more than twenty people engaged in a substance smorgasbord. WHen me and my close friends play mind games and fuck around when were fucked, its always fun and never hurtful, or rather, we know when to stop getting at the others goat. You know what im sayin? its better to let yourself hangloose with people you trust and know, and not with a roomful of "acquaintances" and shit.

and i quote:
--->More like a hateful mental assault that was unprovoked and left me so shaken that I dunno if ill ever trust or open up to anyone ever again....---> you will learn eventually to trust...and WHO to trust too. IT happens dear.....you're too young to get scarred for life. Take this shitty episode as a learning experience (wait, didnt i say that already?) and fuck those people who made you feel bad. Nobody can do that to you except yourself. :)

24-06-2004, 13:35
Originally posted by sinitron76
Don't worry about it too much though, friends come and go, ....

I still have a few friend of my childhood, that now live in other parts of the country but we are still best friends and i dont belive that i will ever trust anyone like this. I would lay my life in their hands. But maybe thats just me. Get yourself friends in your ageclass...

24-06-2004, 13:53
Dont get insulted when people suggest that most of it could be in your head. Its *natural* to get paranoid and imagine people are saying shit about you.. it happens to me *all the time* its nothing to get cut over

If you are going to smoke meth you *will* get paranoid - everyone gets it - you have to take the bad with the good :)

25-06-2004, 06:48
Age is just a number, and given my age to theirs thats still not a reason to fuck with someone like that. Most of the things they were saying to me applied to them as well and most if not all users of the drug. I could help but smile a few times as I sat and listened to them contradict themselves. Again if they had a problem or a concern about me they could have adressed it the right way.

*Princess Borski*
25-06-2004, 18:09
Quite a group of tweekers you've gathered there ;). Pay no attention to their silly mind games. Although that was quite a mindfuck they played on you, they probably meant it as a joke or perhaps weren't talking about you at all. I'd steer clear of this group if they find fun in playing with people's heads. Take care.

25-06-2004, 19:52
i had an 8th of mushrooms the other night, and had a similar experience. however, i automatically chalked it up to paranoia, and just went on about my business as if nothing was unusual. i know that amphetamine paranoia is more convincing, especially when you've been up for a while. chances are, you're thinking too much.

if they are fucking with you, don't let them think you're even noticing. they'll probably give up.

26-06-2004, 03:56
What if music was one tone, and every song was just a tone in a differnt pitch, and the pitch was what made it unique to all other songs, and if you played the songs in order from the beginning of time, it would played the song of time itself?????


aunty establishment
26-06-2004, 08:45
^Oh. Good to see you're doing better, then :p

26-06-2004, 12:11
Hard to say... was it your friends... or was it your Methed up delusional state??
If you're really suspecting they're taking the piss out of you, maybe you should consider kicking it with them when you're sober.

If you notice that things still seem a little bit "strange" and that they're conspiring against you man... even if you're not under the influence of drugs, well, assess the situation more than once.

And if things don't appear to be getting better at all, well open your mouth and let them know how you feel, then (shew) if things don't make progress for the better after all that, tell them to get the fuck away from you. Real friends don't do shit like that.

26-06-2004, 14:28
Originally posted by ForTheRush
What if music was one tone, and every song was just a tone in a differnt pitch, and the pitch was what made it unique to all other songs, and if you played the songs in order from the beginning of time, it would played the song of time itself?????


Maybe you are trying to play mind games with us??

27-06-2004, 03:33
yeah wtf was that? ?

27-06-2004, 04:04
Explain yourself ForTheRush *stares evilly through corner of my eye**. Has this thread been bullshit or what?

27-06-2004, 04:28
Although it's quite probable that some/all of the stuff actually happened, most paranoia involves an exaggerated sense of intention rather than hallucination (especially after only two days).

Find different people to hang out with, at least if you're tweaking.

(for the record, I once deliberately fucked with some ex-friends by going through their apartment and stealing only absolutely random stuff... but they REALLY deserved it)

27-06-2004, 10:41
If the care bears really are conspiring against you keep less stuffed animals

And come on "the sound of time" Just try and explain what the hell that is

27-06-2004, 16:43
fortherush, just to be safe in case they were conspiring against you, i recommend you nuke the country

28-06-2004, 09:26

28-06-2004, 09:33

28-06-2004, 13:30
Whatever dont take speed/meth and drop several trips at the same time while going to a massive event with thousands of people..

When the paranoia sets in and the trips enhance it and *all* the people are there its really hard to handle - especially when theres cameras and police everywhere..

I've learnt my lesson

28-06-2004, 14:13
You're suffering typical methamphetamine induced psychosis / paranoia. Have a sleep, maybe munch some anti psychotic medications (the sedating ones that make you hungry, like Zyprexa or Seroquel), have a sleep for once and get a decent meal. You'll find people will then get bored of playing these mind games (funny that) and things will get normal again.

Then next time they're wired for 5 days straight, haven't slept and are freaking out, plot your revenge. Get a few of your mates over to hang around in their back garden. Get them to wear lab coats and carry clipboards, and pretend to take notes of their every move. That's always interesting. You can also switch their newspapers every morning with tailor made newspapers, with weird headlines like "Speed Limits Hit Fast Lane Drivers" or "Presidential Paranoia Affects Policy Makers". Make sure the words "Paranoid" and "speed" recur often in the articles. Make the pictures have weird colour codes - get the posers to wear red scarves, so the reader believes they are actually witnessing a secret communist revolution of which they are unknowingly a prime protagonist.

02-07-2004, 15:29
Next time they are wired for 5 days give them a microdot or four (not real advice! :D)

02-07-2004, 15:54
Fortherush hasn't been back since that last weird post. Maybe he is full of shit. Or maybe the reason people were being assholes to him was because he was spouting off shit that made no sense.

02-07-2004, 17:16
For the Rush, I've read a couple of your posts, and I really think you need to take a break from all drugs for a while. It seems like you might be gaining a serious mental problem, and halucinations, and feelings of persecution are common with people beginning to have mental problems. Really man, give your head a break.

11-07-2004, 03:25
Maybe what Geez-a said is right who knows, in any case if people have problems with the things I say than they need to learn a bit of tolerance and acceptance.....

11-07-2004, 03:27
Oh and Geez-a you were pretty quick to question my intentions, are you not a little PARANOID yourself?