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22-11-2003, 02:55
any suggestions?

22-11-2003, 03:01
wtf is your question?

22-11-2003, 03:04
gosh bluelighter, im sorry to offend if i am. my name is naiveone for a reason. i have no idea what im talking about, so im asking questions.

i read somewhere that meth is used to help ppl lose weight. how much do i take?

22-11-2003, 03:07
any my last thread was closed. i stored it in the bag it came in... little zip-type bags. then put in another bigger ziplock. put in a cloth bag and put away in my drawer.

is that not good enough storage?

22-11-2003, 03:10
actually the problem was that you didn't clearly ask a question...
so you wanna use meth just to lose weight and not get high?
remember, all the weight you lose on meth (and possibly more) is most likely gonna return once you stop using meth, so unless you wanna be a meth addict for the rest of your life, i suggest finding other ways of losing weight (especially ones that dont permanently damage your brain)...

your other thread was closed:

Reason: utfse

this means "use the fucking search engine" and if you actually do that you will find the answer to your question :)

22-11-2003, 03:13
yes, i know. we can get into that later. but i would still like to know about 'expiration' of it. any ideas?

22-11-2003, 04:10
I'm sure meth would be a decent quick fix type of solution to losing weight, but you are not going to make permanant progress. Plus, this is probably the most unhealthy way you could go about losing weight. I'm sure this is not the answer your looking to hear, but you definitly need to have a good diet and exercise plan before you should even think of taking something to help you lose weight. If thats not enough, maybe you could look into an ECA stack. Many people that lift weights use it to lose fat, and its easy to purchase. Somehow the combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and asprin synergize well and increase your fat loss. I've seen the mechanism by which this works somewhere online if anyone is interested in looking.

22-11-2003, 04:25
i am interested. eca stack? i do workout and try to diet. and im not a heavy user or anything. its actualy just very very tiny amts b/c that is what i read that dr's use for obese persons.

22-11-2003, 05:01
Do a web search, or a google groups search for ECA stack. You should be able to learn all you need to know about ratios and effects. Even this is not the healthiest method and Im not sure how effective it is (ive never tried it) so be careful.

22-11-2003, 05:02
Your meth is not expired.

And I wouldn't suggest using it for weight gain; as was said it will just make you gain more when you go off the meth.

22-11-2003, 16:13
I don't see any way that you can use drugs to lose weight without gaining it back. Are you overweight or are you simply looking to lose a few pounds? If your reason for being overweight is compulsive overeating, then you're one of us lucky ones who looks outside ourselves for happiness or to fill a void, and so you will most likely use drugs in this way. I've been through food binges and I've been through drug binges and I can tell you that no matter what it is that you use, addiction is the exact same thing. If somebody who has no control over their diet or weight tells you that you have no right to use drugs and get high, you can either try to inform them about addiction which will most likely fail, or leave and snicker at the fact that at least your addiction gets you high. But seriously, both of them are horrible and can make your life completely miserable. Please don't use meth for weight loss, find out whats making you overeat in the first place and slowly start a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain forever, as opposed to a crash diet that will not last and will most likely leave you with extra weight when you binge after feeling guilty for not being able to stick to it.

I seem to do a good job of projecting me personal experience and expecting everybody else to be the same...oh well...

23-11-2003, 01:13
Using meth for weight loss isn't a very good idea. You'll most likely re-gain the weight after you stop doing meth. In fact, you may end up gaining more in the long run, since the body's reaction to less food may be to try & store as much as possible since food has become 'scarce'. Using meth can result in eating very little or nothing and getting less sleep than normal. This can really take a toll on you, both physically and emotionally. As well, meth can also be fairly addictive.

Using meth for weight loss could easily turn into a dangerous cycle. You go on meth, lose weight then go off the meth and gain a bunch of weight. Then you turn back to meth to try & lose the weight again & the cycle repeats. Considering the potential for addiction and the stress is places on your mind & body, its simply not worth it, especially when the results don't last.

23-11-2003, 01:22
thanks for all ur help everyone.

so you think my meth isnt expired? why do you say that? its been quite a long time, remember...

and when i say 'use it' i mean really small small amts. not even lines. ive heard dr's prescribe it for obese persons and they use TINY amts. so i was just going to have very very little. tho even that tiny bit makes my body buzz.

and i workout too. so im HOPING that i can use meth as a supplement type of thing... and then continue to workout and keep the weight off...

im just so desperate.

and aphmeta-me... i know what ur saying about addiction... i didnt think i had an addictive personality... but i realize that im more that than i realize...

but again thanks everyone.

so you think tho its not expired? =\

23-11-2003, 02:36
Originally posted by naiveone

and when i say 'use it' i mean really small small amts. not even lines. ive heard dr's prescribe it for obese persons and they use TINY amts. so i was just going to have very very little. tho even that tiny bit makes my body buzz.

To my knowledge AMphetamines are no longer used to suppress appetite. It was used in the past and worked with Dr's prescribing the drug because the patients had no control over the drug dose. But Addiction was a bad side effect. Besides, In your situation you would have the ability to change your dose at any point. And that's easily done when you don't get the results in a week and you increase it based on your disappointment. And besides, do you know the "tiny dose" that doctors used?
But addiction is the major issue here. If your looking to lose weight, then I'm sure you don't want to become addicted. If you're using it recreational, then you already assume that responsibility (as we all have on this site). excercise, it will give you a rush and you'll feel better; eat better and try to come up with a schedule for excercise that you know you will be able to keep up with. Make it reasonable so that you won't quit.
Good luck and be safe.

23-11-2003, 04:08
Just quit eating so much......

ECA stacks will work for a few months, 25 mg eph, 200 mg caff, and an asprin will do the trick. Dont work out on it though, your heart will explode one day. Give yourself four hours before working out or don't take it until four hours after your work out.

You are working out right, because taking meth to lose weight is really stupid. Unless your too fat for a treadmill, in which case, do lots of meth.

23-11-2003, 05:12
Take it from a long time meth user(reformed, have not touched it in 5 years). It probably has not expired though i am NOT telling you to use it. sense that seems to be your only real question. It will realativily stay good for a long time. Now what you don't want to hear. I do not care what your reason's are. Meth will end up consuming your life. I have watched people OD off of it and the withdraws are not a pretty sight. My ex gf was the one who got me into doing it, and she was the one who got me out of doing it one night when she overdosed. Now I get to visit her at her graveside. You never know when some dealer is going to be running a little short and dump some crap chemical into it. or the guy making it is so f'ed up that he screws the batch up. Now I know what your thinking. Allot of junkies telling me not to use a drug. well if a bunch of Junkies will tell you not to use this drug for this purpose then you should probably take it to heart. And there are alot of ways to loose weight. If you are seriously over weight then go to your doctor. They perscribe simulare medications that can help you loose weight, riddlin is sometimes used because of its stimulate nature that will cut down on you cravings. Just please take this advise. Do not use meth. I have had 3 people die close to me from this drug. One over dose and a brother whose ol' lady was so wacked out on it that she shot him and her self. And as far as the weight loss goes. you will eat so little that it will make your bones brittle and your teeth rote out. Not to mention that long term use in this way will also lead to anarexia. So either you overdose, loose your mind, or die from health complications. You can take this how ever you want. just passing it on!

24-11-2003, 04:45
Get up off the couch and excercise. Starting a meth habit because you're to goddamned lazy to work off that cheeseburger you ate for lunch is moronic.

24-11-2003, 05:32
Originally posted by andrew-james
Get up off the couch and excercise. Starting a meth habit because you're to goddamned lazy to work off that cheeseburger you ate for lunch is moronic.

Why do you assume somebody is lazy because they are overweight?

24-11-2003, 08:12
Activity = burning calories = loss of weight/maintaining weight

Inactivity = not burning calories, gaining weight

24-11-2003, 11:08
Originally posted by Ampheta-me
Why do you assume somebody is lazy because they are overweight?

I think it's a reasonable inference.

24-11-2003, 22:57
Amphetimines helped me lose weight, but I had a plan BEFORE I started taking it. I asked a couple women what they did to lose weight and keep it off and both had the same answer: cut down on saturated fats. Most women should ideally have around 26% saturated fat intake in order to maintain a healthy weight. Have plenty of protein in your diet and/or diet supplements as well as greens such as lettuce, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, any dark green leafy veggies are good as well as a couple peices of fruit. Finally, the best way to maintain weight loss is by eating 6 small meals a day instead of 1-3 large ones.

25-11-2003, 03:15
Originally posted by CynaKill
I think it's a reasonable inference.

Lazy people can be thin, average, and overweight. Stereotyping overweight people as lazy is like saying all pot smokers sit at home all day playing video games and eating cheetos.

26-11-2003, 00:08
hey everyone ~ thanks for the comments. some were quite amusing... even made me laugh...

and chronicpain ~ im sorry for ur loss... and actually i do take what you said to heart...

just in case anyone is wondering... im not fully turning to meth. its just an option in the back of my head. ive had it for a year just sitting there, in case i wanna use small amts to help me lose weight. but i havent touched in it that year. i've been working out more consistently for the past month. but i havent really cut down my food. im not over weight but im not as skinny as i wish i was. :o(

anyway... point here... i dont want to do a lot... not even lines or anything... jsut little tiny bits. but then i think... that isnt really going to help me anyway. so for now, im passing on it. but im still holding onto it.

does anyone know when it will expire?

26-11-2003, 03:36
i think its bad cause you dont realize how much weight your losing until you have lost to much! and when you dont do it even for a week you gain all that weight and plus back!thats really bad for your body exp your heart!

i have lost alot of weight over time using but i always gain some back! my weight is always going up and down !

26-11-2003, 09:09
Originally posted by naiveone
... im not fully turning to meth. its just an option in the back of my head.

Just be careful honey... meth is not a drug that most people can use temporarily "in just tiny amounts" - you'll think you can control it, then it will spiral out of control. It's really not a smart option imo.

I understand your pain though - losing weight is fucking tough. And to all those who said "just get off your ass" or "stop eating so much", fuck you, REALLY... unless you've had a weight problem you have no idea. Often it's not that simple.

I'd recommend seeing a nutritionist. Because sometimes even if you *think* you're doing the right things, your ideas may be wrong. Just having some sort of professional guiding your journey is very valuable, even if it's just the mental aspect.

There's no quick fix to weight loss. None. So many studies have been done on crash weight loss that prove that losing weight quickly usually results in putting it on again - and more. This is absolutely the case with meth as well. Plus in addition to the extra weight you'll put on once you stop (because you'll have to stop) - you may have also done yourself long-term damage. Your looks will suffer in the process as well (skin, hair, etc.).

There's only the hard road unfortunately. But don't try and do it on your own....... it's much easier with someone to guide and advise you. There are even internet weight loss forums if you can't handle fronting up to a gym or a nutritionist.

As for your meth expiry date, I suspect no-one's answering your question because SO many people have asked this before. Meth is an *extremely* stable compound.. it will last AGES..... years. I'm not sure if it's the same as pills, but I've heard it said that if the ancient Egyptians buried a pill in their pyramids, it'd still be just as potent today. So that just goes to show you. You will have nothing to worry about with your meth. If you're still unsure, type the word "expire" or "expiration" into the search engine and you'll find other threads on the topic.

Best of luck :)

26-11-2003, 11:45
The drug angle > There are stimulants designed for weight loss, although still illigal would work much better. Clenbuterol and T3 (Not the tylenol variety) the thyroid kind. T3 is quite dangerous though, but causes a large loss when combined with a beta-2 (clen) but is immensly catabolic so you can lose as much muscle as fat. Clen is better and can be used for 2 weeks ED (36 hour half life) - there is no comedown to speak of and also no euphoria - just an notably increased heartrate and body temp (10% + BMR). More powerful than an ECA stack. Its also fairly muscle sparing (+ nitrogen retention). Also try natural things like Green tea (extract only) & ALCAR - they make a difference.

These are just aids though. The most importaunt thing with regards to weight loss is DIET. You will NOT loose weight with meth/clen/T3/DNP if your caloric imput outweighs your output. Simple as that. The reverse obviosuly applies when gaining weight / muscle. That is why people tend to 'bounce back', amoung other reasons.

Calories IN (eaten) > Calories OUT (Burned) - Weight GAIN
Calories IN (eaten) < Calories OUT (Burned) - Weight LOSS

Trust me, I went from 14% bodyfat to 6% in six weeks. Roughly 3lbs a week, with only 2-3 lbs (est.) muscle loss. I put myself in ketosis though which is very extreme for most, but there was absolutely no bouncing back / weight gain after I resumed eating maintinence calories after 6 weeks without more than 2-5g of carbs a day.

Simple advice:
* Use an online caloric calculator to find how much (est.) you burn each day.
* Eat only 500-1000cals below that.
* Technically it doesn't even matter if ^ consist of chocolate bars & cheeseburgers. (but obviously that ain't too healthy).
* Take a multivitamin to make up for any deficiencies.
* Spread your meals into 6-8 smaller feedings / day.
* Weight train (not absolutly required) - but will speed up your metabolism for 20+ hours. Moreso than cardio (2-4 hours). Also less catabolic.

Don't use meth. In short; supression of hunger = less food intake = body going into a 'starvation mode' = metabolism greatly slowing = less weight being lost. Plus when you stop your metab is still heavily inhibited so your hunger is increased and weight 'bounces back'. You will loose much more (long term) doing what I said above and consuming 2500cals than using meth and consuming 1000cals.

Edited for Spelling

27-11-2003, 13:10
Bamboozle it's the same story about ephedrine ?

27-11-2003, 14:11
Originally posted by Neptunium
Bamboozle it's the same story about ephedrine ?

Be more specific? What part ..

Ephedrine is quite comparable to clenbuterol. Clen is more cost efficient but its also harder to find. Both work through simular mechanisms, sitmulating the beta-2/3 receptors. But clen is a generation-2 beta-agonist, ephedrine is not. That means it (clen) targets the proper receptors, and is more specialized than ephedrine, so it works better with less sides. For best results people often cycle them (2 weeks / clen - 2 weeks / eph) use only for two weeks at a time or receptors will downgrade and you greatly will lose it's effect - after two weeks going back on for two will be just as potent as before.

Eph still works and is much better than meth if thats what your asking. Meth messes too much with the neurotransmitters in the brain and if you used it for a duration (like 2 weeks for example - or long enough for fat loss) than you have a high chance of perm. damaging many neurons in the brain. Beta2 receptors are located on a number of tissues; blood vessels, bronchi, GIT, skeletal muscle, liver ... In a nutshell, meth stimulates your brain - clen/eph stimulates your body .. which do you think will yield more results?

27-11-2003, 16:11
slm ~ thanks for ur understanding. its amazingly hard to lose weight. i managed it last year during the summer, but then i gained it all back and more during the winter, and ive had this nastiness on me ever since. i hate it. so yeah im looking for anything that will help me. i am exercising, but yeah my eating... its just so hard to control!! i really do think im doing the right things for the most part, but ur probably right. i should talk to someone who really knows what they are doing... just to be sure. AND thanks soo much for answering my expiration question!!! (im curious tho, what pills? meth in pill form? or other pills of something else?

and bamboozle... wow you know a lot about weightloss drugs. ive never heard of clen or T3. i have ephedra products (they are so hard to find now) ... but those are all i know about. and i know the simple math of it. its jsut amazingly hard for me to stick to it. makes me sad... and pisses me off. so you did atkins then if u were in ketosis. and it worked for u? and why arent you going to gain the weight back... even after adding back carbs? or you just arent adding back carbs?

27-11-2003, 16:29
When I was in high school, a lot of my friends did meth. I only did it twice, it was great.. one of the best highs ever, plus I feel like I lost weight after each dose. I'm naturally skinny, sometimes I just have a little pudge on my tummy but that's it. I've seen these friends a few times when I was in college they were off meth but still very skinny, they never gained weight plus more like I keep on hearing.

In college I was a size 5, then I started taking adderall, which I was prescribed and I went down to a size 0. That all happened within 3 months. Now that I graduated and have a job, its been a year since I stopped the adderall and I'm still at a size 0.

To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with losing weight with meth or any drug. I know its hard to lose weight, and many people use crassh diets to be skinny. How is that better for you than using meth? You get high and you lose weight, thats a great fucking deal. It's good that you admit you are overweight and want to do what you can to be skinny.

Nothing makes you lose weight better than methampethamines or ampethamines.. I say go for it! .. Just don't get addicted.

27-11-2003, 18:23
pilldrazzzed... thx for the advice. hmm... i dont know what adderall is. i did a quick search... adhd something? attention deficient something? and that helped you lose more weight?

see my thing... i want to use meth to lose weight and then stop using it. and workout and diet to keep it off. but this meth thing would just be a jump start.

but also, yeah... its like i need directions or something. i dont know how much to do. and its not really for the high. i dont want to be sitting around doing nothing. i want to be up and aware and knowing... i cant be too out of it b/c my boyfriend wont know and i have to be able to hide it from him.

aaahhhh, i just dont know.

but yeah so i guess i do enough... and then just dont eat all day.

i WISH i could just use it and then still eat what i want. damn, i just love food and eating...


27-11-2003, 18:50
new question: should i not take meth and then workout that day? can i take a small bit in the morning-ish time and then workout that night at like 6p? or is that a bad idea?

ah, i should just really not do this huh?

sorry to be such a worry freak... but thanks for all the opinions and advice!!

29-11-2003, 16:46
I dont think working out on meth is a good idea. Just my 2 cents though. Anyways, a good friend of mine was fat until he started using meth and it did work for him. His overall figure has slimed down but he still has very noticeable rolls on his stomach, so he has not lost all of it.,

29-11-2003, 16:50
i dont think working out on meth is good either, but i was curious what more experienced ppl think. i have to plan around things to make it work in my life.

so ur friend lost weight...? (again im a freak) and im curious what exactly did he do ... how much ... tho i cant be exact with measurements. but like everyday lines or less? if you cant help me here, i know how stupid my post sounds. pathetically, i swear im just desperate here.

29-11-2003, 18:34
I mentioned adderall or ritalin one in an earlier post, both are for the same thing. Yes it is for Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder. These kids with ADHD show signs of behaviors falling into three catevories: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Well the give these kids ritalen or adderall usuall. thes medications are stimulates or Amphetamine so if you could get it prescribed to you then it would definitely help you loos some weight.. but its sill a form of sped. For some reason when they give it to these kids, it helps calm them down and make them sit there and may attention, but in people who do not have ADHD it works as a very powerful simulate. Now there are non-stimulate medications available for these kids, but they get this adderall anyway and they become hooked on it.. btw it is addicitive.

29-11-2003, 18:53
so ADD or ADHD... or whatever the case may be... they are chemical imbalances? and adding a stimulant changes the chemicals and thus makes them sit still and calm down.

hmm... i cant say. ive never been diagnosed with it. and if im impulsive or inattentive... i think its probably in the normal range. and i wouldnt say ive ever been hyperactive. but yet... maybe the meth is kicking in differently for me, making me tired...

MAYBE im just making excuses for myself. and maybe my meth is crap. that would make me SOOO sad!!!

Digitally Analog
29-11-2003, 20:17
Well, in order to lose the weight- you would need to have a drug problem- ie. Abuse coke = Weight Loss. Id try exercise, or if you must get some HydroxyCut from GNC. Otherwise, you should get more spiritual... looks are only temporary ;)

29-11-2003, 22:50
thanks dig-ana ~ i know... spirituality... i wish i could get over myself. but im like that. and i know ur right too. gotta have a drug problem to lose the weight. but well i dunno... i jsut want something to work for me. and well the friend who got it for me... she did it for 2 days... i think awake for 2 days or something, i cant remember... but lost 8 lbs. so my freak-self... im convinced i can do it too. but well i cant do it the way she did. i'd be alone and i have my boyfriend to hide it from. yeah, i cant do it that way.

30-11-2003, 07:03
Working out on meth (or other stimulants) is a very poor idea, as this puts tremendous (and potentially dangerous) strain on the heart. It's also rather unpleasant in my experience.

All the meth users I know who have quit, now weigh more than they did before they started using.

Also, meth is far more damaging to your health than a crash diet in several ways!

To be honest, I have kept my weight low simply by:
-eating LOTS AND LOTS early in the day
-barely eating anything later in the day

Try it!

30-11-2003, 07:45
ive read this thread 100x not really im lieing but it dont make sense im on dxm and its doint more than it should... small amounts in the morning should control your appetite all day i say 75mg line

30-11-2003, 17:57
negro kitty!! ~ i will give that a try. ive tried that before, but its so hard for me not to eat at night. but really i will will will try!!

geetered ~ so just a little bit in the morning will help me all day? i dont know what dxm is.

02-12-2003, 09:26
Firstly, I agree with most of the posts here. Meth can work both ways, it can increase your body fat over time, or if done properly, it can be effective in helping you lose weight.

When I started a regimen of meth, I snorted it for about 5 out of 7 days in a week. Before that I was doing about a 30min cardio workout 5 days a week, and resisitance training about 3-4 times a week. I had a high protein diet, having shakes during the day, and always before going to sleep.

The most important thing to remember is diet and exercise first, then meth and help you responsibly lose the fat. I would do a line then immediately go for a run, the rush was incredible, I find snorting gives one of the best rushes. Throughout the day frequent meals are a good thing, having shakes for a snack are great. I used GNC 100% Whey, the BCAAs are good for synthesizing the neurotransmitters depleted from the meth.

Eating a lot in the morning is good, as much as you can, later in the day the meth will wear off and your body will start storing more fat than usual.

Supplementing with L-Tyrosine, also with DL-Phenylaline is ideal, but L-Tyrosine on it's own is good enough, it is essential for any meth user as it is the direct precursoe to L-Dopa, which is the direct precursor to the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Norepinephrine (Adrenaline).

Eating a high protein breakfast like oats is also a good idea, and remember to keep the calories low in the later parts of the day, and exercise as much as you can.

03-12-2003, 02:04
so you actually successfully lost weight with meth? how long did it take?

and you RAN after snorting a line?? are you kidding?!?! you didnt feel like you were going to explode?? i have the regular xenadrines (with ephedra) and i dont even take those right before a workout. i take those at least an hour beforehand, usually 2. sometimes i feel like my chest will explode...

04-12-2003, 09:03
ya loose weight pretty quickly but when ya stop ya just put it all back on

05-12-2003, 22:40
naiveone, may I ask how old you are? You sound really young to me.. if you are, I really suggest you don't start using hard drugs such as meth, especially for weight lost, because there are many other alternatives.

I know everyone is saying that when you stop using meth you will gain all your weight back and more. But I really feel that those are the ones who become lazy after they quit meth. They tend to just sit around and eat, becoming very inactive.

I can only imagine it's really hard to lose weight. If I had a weight problem I would jump right on meth. I didn't grow up in a household that watchs calories and tries to eat healthy foods for the sake of watching weight. I would die, because I love junk food. I just ate a Big Mac, cheese burger and 2 large fries for lunch today with no shame. .. I'm only a size 0.

I know how important looks are to a girl. Life is so much better for good looking chicks. Losing weight is hard, I wish you the best. I would start using the meth and you will be amazed at all the pounds you will be dropping so quickly. Don't excercise while using meth, it is way too harsh on the heart. The meth itself will work wonders on your weight. And when you have achieved your desired weight, quit the meth and start exercising to maintain the weight. Good luck, and keep us posted on how you are doing.

05-12-2003, 22:45
Originally posted by naiveone
any suggestions?

Q: Meth to Lose Weight? Any Suggestions?

A: Here's a suggestion. Maybe you should read on the internet and learn enough about drugs that you can ask half-way intelligent questions. And then, there's nothing like experimenting to find out the rest.

Suggestion number two would be that maybe you try it out for youself? Do YOU lose weight on meth? Mostly likely. Do you LIKE using meth to lose weight? Does it work for YOU?

Suggestion number three. If you wanna lose a lot of weight, shoot-up meth every day. Go several days at a time without eating or sleeping. You will lose weight very quickly GUARANTEED! Fasted weight loss plan available! Lose up to 5-10 pounds daily!

05-12-2003, 22:50
Originally posted by speedygonzales
ya loose weight pretty quickly but when ya stop ya just put it all back on

It depends on YOU whether or not you put it all back on. I naturally have a fairly fast metabolism, but I have quit tweaking for fairly lengthy periods of time and gained very little to no weight, depending on what I did with myself when I wasn't doing drugs. Course I can put the weight back on when I want to, but it is not at all impossible to keep the weight off. Anyway, not that it's that big a deal... just had to state my experience.

Oh yeah, and something else I discovered over time, was that if I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, it was better to try to make sure and eat at least a little even while I was spun. Because by going 2 or 3 or 4 or more days without food while I was tweaking, then when I would come down I would be so fucking starved I would end up binging and also going that long without food stops your metabolism. So overall, i lost much more weight when I made myself eat little bits of food all the time even when spun. Anyway... hope that helps you. And I'm currious too, how old are you?

06-12-2003, 00:03
gothic-t-c ~ im 25, why?

and are u m/f?

06-12-2003, 11:45
There is a Womens board on elitefitness.com. Take a look there for advice.

You're going totally the wrong way about it if you use Meth. Good luck to you, I know how hard dieting is but try to keep focussing on the big picture.

Which would you prefer? the 10 seconds of good feeling and comfort from eating some chocolate? Or a life times satisfaction for achieving the look you want?

06-12-2003, 15:21
=0) i'll take a look at the site. thx.