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Opioids Zomorph advice NEEDED please !!!!***ASAP***!!!


May 27, 2017
The 5th dimension
Long term opiate user here for genuine chronic corroded discs, i have been on numerous opiates/opiods in the past. Tramadol, codeine, dhc, morphine, promehtazine with cod among others. Anyway i not taking next to no tramadol, just 2 per day 50mg caps along with my normal daily dose of 240-300mg of codeine, now i have 2 days without my codeines and i have got some zomorph to replace the 2 days i am going without. I am starting to feel very edgy nd withdrawing from the codeine, i have mixed the powder with 10ml cola to dissolve anything and awaiting to drink the solution..... But at the moment waiting for a reply from someone to confirm anything, im not being impatient just hope that someone can please give me ANY advice on this ASAP ! I dont want to cause myself harm in any way

Can anyone here with some knowledge in this field tell me roughly the dose i would need to achieve roughly the dose i use for codeine, like what would 240mg codeine convert to in zomorph ?
I dont want to go taking loads, i do get quite impatient and know these are extended or slow release so i have crused 5 10mg and maybe this would be a good starting point ? Can someone confirm or give advice please ????/////

I have 100mg in 10mg capsules extended release form (the beads inside). I have crushed them in the past and was told that breaks the time release ???????
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Jun 14, 2016
United Kingdom
Well Oral Morphine has a very low bioavailability. Also ZoMorph is controlled release isnt it? Try crushing up 50mg worth of ZoMorph. 50mg should equal to 25mg of Morphine once it's gone through first pass metabolism. If that doesn't help add more.